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Found 260 results

  1. Hi Admin, I know that you are busy Banning Accounts. In this busy time,I would request you to delete the banned accounts along with the pokemons in those banned accounts. It will make it easier to know the exact amount of rare events like Volcanion,Pikachu cosplays,etc. in the game.And hence their real value can be estimated. With just banning accounts,it makes it impossible to determine the correct value of rare events as most of them are in the banned accounts.And the pokedex counts those banned pokemons too. Hope this suggestion will not over burden you. Thanks.
  2. Talfiro

    Idea Trading System for v4

    It would be nice if you could select multiple pokemon (as you usually do) AND THEN be able to select more than one pokemon to put the offer on (being able to "group" pokemon to trade)
  3. rishivojjala014-2

    Idea A Wonder Trade For Legendaries Only

    How about we have a separate wonder trading machine only for legendaries . Also, in that we should be able to trade normal and unique legendaries seperately!! I think we can even make something like this for events also - ( not really a good idea to wonder trade events I guess ) I know that this is an easy thing for me to say but a big task to implement it in vortex
  4. Nutella Navigator

    Idea E-Mail Address for PV Account

    So, scamming has aroused these past months, so if you'd like to take a piece of advice from me, why not put into it, IRREVOCABLE E-MAIL UPON SIGN UP for one's Pokemon Vortex Account? Well, those who will benefit here are partnership accounts, and most users probably. Or, maybe if one wants to change his/her e-mail, you must do some rigorous steps to change the e-mail if you wish to, (an example of this would through code to change a-mail on your PV Account sent to your mobile. Please give any feedback. And if you'd like, contact me for more info with regards to my ideas. Thanks!
  5. Xelmon

    Idea Fossil ball

    Why dont you make a special ball made only for fossils from sidequests?
  6. Joshua Hambly

    Idea ideas part 3

    I would like to see in v4 exp share be released and i hope we don't love the v3 pokemon when we move to v4. i would also like to see the lottery come back or a point system where they can be used at certain times of the year to get maybe they can be used for supermaps where there are heavy hitters on said map like the creeper or the masked marauder or maybe santa??? i would also love to see the clans come back it was fun having mine and maybe if a clan goes banned it can go up for auction highest person wins of course or their pokemon can go up for auction like arceus fairy bidding starts at 1mill pokemon money or something goes up for auction twice a money maybe the 1st and the 15th or the 1st and 31st ? and maybe the players can have auctions with a min bid of 1dollar to 100,000 pokemoney
  7. The Only Human

    Idea Rule

    This is an idea as well as a feedback I see some trade topics, questions, ideas/feedbacks, many other types of topic in the vortex hub/general conversation subforum So please add a rule not to do this Some topics like that vanish sometimes
  8. sreesree

    Idea idea

    patrick in v4 i would like to have the maximum pokemon level of 150 or 200
  9. ProsmPrime

    Idea Unova Badges

    Will the Icirrus and Striaton Gym be added to the Unova gym battles?
  10. Wilfred Tang

    Idea Sex differentiation

    Are there plans for giving gender differentiation to Unfezant and Pyroar (like several other Pokemon), since for both of them each gender has their own unique look?
  11. 1.) Can we have a better interface for seeing what attacks a pokemon can learn, even if we don't own the pokemon? Also can we have the option to sort the attacks (ie by cost, spelling, etc)? 2.) Can Pikachu learn iron tail? It could in previous versions of this game and it used it in the show ------------ 1.) Can we get more details on happiness? Ie how close we are to obtaining another happiness point
  12. sreesree

    Idea breed

    hi patrick this is just a suggestion from me for you in v4 please keep a live battling option in v4 and sidequests fully completed pleastake this suggestion
  13. Thinger123

    Idea Some Technical Ideas

    Hey guys, I'm new here, but what do you think about these ideas? 1. When you're in the map and you find a pokemon, you could click on their name (above the "Battle!" button) and your pokedex would open. The same thing as you enter a battle, but you wouldn't need to enter a battle to check if said pokemon evolves or their attacks and etc 2. When you're in a battle, your 1 2 3 4 keys could select attacks. I think it would makes thing a lot faster, instead of just using a mouse 3. While changing the attacks of the pokemon, the list could be sorted by attack type. Something like Hyper Beam (price) ] Quick Attack (price) ] - - Normal Type Giga Impact (price) ] Hydro Cannon (price) ] Bubble (price) ] - - Water Type Water Gun (price) ] Anyway, just some thoughts for future versions... I also think that most of you might as well thought about the same thing, but I didn't find a topic, so I created one.
  14. X-86

    Idea Live Battle

    There should be a Live Battle options like the one's we used to have in Pokemon crater
  15. *Pokémon_Mastér*

    Idea Sorting All Pokemon Page

    i have an idea i dont know if anyone suggested it before, when viewing all my pokemon i cant sort pokemon like i want, i wanna be able sort my pokemon by type for example viewing only dark type pokemon so i can choose which one i will put on my team and i can easily look what dark type pokemon can learn punishment move (if we have a game guide that shows which pokemon can learn which moves again im sorry i missed it). so i know admins really busy right now but in the future maybe they can do it. and i'm sorry for my english its not my main language i hope i could explain myself.
  16. #POKEMON

    Idea Trading

    What if we had a more detailed trading engine for V4? Like you can search an amount of EXP. That would make things simpler and easier for everyone. What do you think admins?
  17. MostOfMe

    Idea Posts

    I have been warned for replying to too many topics My idea is that only posts posted under the five subforums of pokemon vortex hub + new topics must be counted as posts Do you like it ?
  18. sas

    Idea Pokemon in Pokemart

    Hi Admin, I remember that there were UNOBS, legends and starters available in the pokemart. It would be great if we can buy all the uniques and legends in the pokemart. Events are excluded. We know that encounter rate of each unique/legend is the same, yet their rates differ widely. Yet some legends like Rayquaza and Mewtwo are priced too high in the present trade system, while certain legends don't get any respect. If all pokemons except events are made available in the pokemart at a fixed price say 50,000 pokecash for normals, 100,000 for uniques, 500,000 for normal legends and 1,000,000 for each unique legend, then their value will become uniform to some extent. Admin may decide different price for each category. And it will also make it easier to complete the pokedex. Hope to get your approval. Thanks.
  19. Xelmon

    Idea Improvements in game

    So i played Pokemon Vortex for quite some time now,and while playing i got few ideas that i wanted to share with you guys. First would be in game music and sounds,i just think the game would be somewhat nicer. Maybe something like this to help us contact other players about trade offers easier ---> Mass mesage You dont need to refresh the page when you change map preference because page will automaticaly refresh ---> Map Preference If i think of something else i will add it here,but i would love to see what other ideas players have of improving the gameplay experiance.
  20. sas

    Idea Glitched Primals

    Hi Admin, I know you are a very busy man. And I don't know whether this idea has struck you. I would like to request you to put some indicator on the glitched primals like some icon near the pokeball or gender area which will make it easier to identify them. Its a bit confusing for some players to identify the glitched ones with the help of pokemon codes. "Up for trades" primals are even more difficult to locate. Hope this suggestion won't trouble you much. Thanks.
  21. marllonflaxDxD

    Idea Safari map

    Hello, I have an idea of a possible safari in v4 or in a future update. The idea is to be able to enter the area Safari by an '' x '' pokémoney price in Pokemon Vortex for '' x '' time and after this ending time, come out of it and be redirected to the dashboard or just not appear over the map and return to the safari menu asking to recharge the time to play on the map. They could create a new type of Pokémon that are rarer than the current (Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow and Shiny) and has only saffari. Being your rate to find him, bigger than the other type, making them more difficult and popular, they all take advantage this new '' method ''. They could enjoy the Saffari and create an '' extension '' to him, with a map where possible capture past events that were released on maps (not including donation or another method events (such as Kyurem B / W, Pikachu (Christmas) and Rotom (Halloween) for example.), with a rate find of bigger than the legendary and new types of pokémon created, making your meeting more difficult. Along with the purchase of '' time '' for us to play in the safari zone, would be good too, we earn 30 (more or less) Safari Ball, in order to capture Pokémon on the map. Only we would be able to catch some Pokemon in the safari zone with the Safari Ball. It would also be good if we won time on safari to advance in sidequest or battles in the future update of the clans, rank and clan's battles most admired and sought after by the players, in order to join to catch the Pokemon and types of exclusive safari pokémon. It would be nice to enjoy the safari to reclaim the ancient pokémon and we can capture it: , for example; just by this '' method ''. I believe that many old players would like your back. It would be nice they are only found in the safari. anyway, thanks for attention and sorry for any spelling error
  22. MostOfMe

    Idea Ignore list

    Some people torture me by offering a dunsparce for my good pokes I suggest to update the ignore list that ignored members can't trade you
  23. StarPonyta20

    Idea Astral/Star Pokemon

    I have another idea: Astral/Star Pokemon! The way it could work is Star/Astral Pokemon could be immune to type advantages. E.g., my Shiny Piplup attacks Star Ponyta (a fire type) with Bubble Beam (a water type move) and only deals 162 damage instead of the usual 284 damage that would be done. I hope you like the idea. I may or may not attach a Star Ponyta picture to this later.
  24. sas

    Idea Beyond level 100

    Hi Admin/Mods, I would like to request you to raise the maximum level to 150 from 100. But it shouldn't be like the regular level up. Now we have a rise of one level for each 500 exp. Beyond level 100, every 100k exp must be required to raise the level by 1. That is, we reach level 100 at 50,000 exp. Then level 101 at 150,000 exp. Level 102 at 250,000 exp. and so on. Or keep 1 million exp for each level beyond level 100. So, we will have level 101 at 1,050,000 exp. Level 102 at 2,050,000 exp and so on. Or To keep the exp even, either make level 101 at 100,000 exp or 1,000,000 exp level 102 at 200,000 exp or 2,000,000 exp level 103 at 300,000 exp or 3,000,000 exp and so on. Hope I was able to convey my idea properly. Waiting for your approval. Thanks.
  25. Fábio Bruno

    Idea Time buffer between battles

    Just wondering if it's possible for you guys to decrease the time between battles to 5s instead of the current 10s time buffer, as I find myself grinding for lvls and even versus a full team of pokemon I can defeat it way below under 10s wich is annoying because I have to rebattle again because the last one didn't count for the exp.