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Found 285 results

  1. shanike11

    Idea Be More Like Crater

    Vortex its extremely similar to crater but like a far down graded version . pokemon crater was a lot more fast paste legendary pokemon weren't easy to find but not as hard vortex , i mean come on 1 in 1000 is dragging it a bit don't you think . and the experience rate is not the same a tad slower . mega evolutions are AWSOME by the way . The same pokemon pop up entirely too often with the lack of legendary's makes it boring . also no single pokemon was completely unavailable unless you donated remember guy selling pokemon is animal cruelty making us pay for hoopa and etc is unfair ash never paid . and as i remember the trading was more open something like auctions but i hope you guy take my memory in to extreme consideration and bring back the original pokemon crater experience for us thanks for the chance to speak
  2. Rickyism

    Idea Venustoise

    In one of the eposides of Pokemon Indigo League season 1, they combine the pokemon venusaur and blastoise in to one pokemon named Venustoise, maybe its a fun idea to add that pokemon to the game
  3. Becky

    Idea Trading money?

    I think this would be a good feature as I am poor (((((: I really do hope to see this feature in V4. Patrick, be nice

    Idea Pokemon Item in maps.

    Well, i want to make the maps a little bit more fun by you can actually find an item by walking around, the "Battle" button will be "Pick Up" button And there are some rare item that cant be found in the Pokemart like fossil, stones, happiness items, and of couse they will be hard to find just like legendary pokemon And if you want the game a little bit hard you can add some stones in some suitable map ( Fire stone in Volcano map, leaf stone in grass map, water stone in water area,.. ) And players can sell item with each others ( That's just a thought ) P/s: sorry for my bad english
  5. kennard11

    Idea Some Minor Improvements

    I noticed that if you select a pokemon other than the first one in your team to battle and then when you kill the opponents pokemon, it will go back to the pokemon selection screen but your first pokemon will be selected again. In short, it doesn't remember which pokemon you selected. I also noticed that hitting enter in a textbox does not perform the action, you have to manually click the button. When I, for example, want to search for a pokemon and I type "Gengar" and hit the Enter key nothing happens, I have to click on the search button manually. Sometimes it's hard to select a pokemon as the radiobutton is so small. Maybe you can make it so that when you click on the sprite it also selects the pokemon instead of only clicking on the radiobutton. When you encounter a wild pokemon, and after defeating/catching it, you get back to the map but you get to a random position. This is annoying if you were in, for example, the water and get spawned on the land. Its a minor annoyance. I also noticed that I can still buy, for example, pokeballs even though I already own the maximum amount of 255. So money gets removed from my account but I don't gain pokeballs. I noticed pokemon can't have multiple status effects when in battle. I could not find out how to remove pokemon that i have up for trade so I can put them back in my team. And last but not least, in wild pokemon battles moves are not remembered. So if I use the third move of my Pokemon's moveset, it will select the first move again automatically when its time to select another move. I know these are small things but I dont think they would be hard to add and I think they would add a lot to the game. And as for a feature suggestion: I would like to be able to organize the moves of my pokemon. I want to be able move moves up and down in the moveset of a pokemon. This is useful if you have a pokemon for a particular move but have to manually select it each time because its not in the top of the list. Another feature suggestion: Sort all pokemon by level as well instead of just name and exp.
  6. kennard11

    Idea Donation Pokemon

    I noticed that donation pokemon are a one time thing, and donations are not always open. I have some spare money and I would love to pay to complete my pokemon collection.
  7. unknown_citizen

    Idea Item for happiness :)

    In the original games (Nintendo/Gamefreak) exists the well known item called rarecandy. This item increased at a unit level the level of one pokemon on your team. In Vortex the level of every pokemon increases easily making it unnecessary. However the issue of the happiness / friendship is something tedious both in the original games as in Vortex. So why not create an item for happiness?......This item may be called candy heart or happy candy or something like that. This object you could buy in the market by 20,000-50,000 pokedollars. On this way, when you use this item at one of the pokemon on your team it will to increase automatically the level of happiness in a heart Please consider adding this item to v4. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Note: this idea would also make that less people ask in the forums every week this: how to evolve my pokemon via happiness?
  8. Mülayim İsmail Süngü

    Idea Special skills

    Hello everyone İ have a suggestion for legendary pokemons, Lets add a new skill slot for only legend pokemons can use this skills, Sample : Dialga = Edge of Time And this skills takes a bit time 1. Meteor Mash 2. Dragon Pulse 3. Mirror Shot 4. Dragon Breath And new slot 5. Edge of Time ( Can be used after 3 rounds) This special skills can be used after 3 rounds Sry for bad english, i hope you understand what i mean
  9. EagerRhino

    Idea Multi - (Custom) Edit

    Seeing that most of the people are concerned only about providing ideas for the game.I want to provide an idea for forums.Just wanted to provide an idea considering the edit function. (First of all,it does not work properly) Well why not add a multi-(Custon)edit function.This feature will provide ease to those who are having a partner with different forum account. Like @GodsWithin and @FadesTrades.Here,only godswithin can edit his thread but his partner cannot. How does this feature work: ●The User Creates Any Post,Thread Or Comment. ●He/She Can Click On The Custom Edit Option And Allow Their Partner To Edit By Typing His/Her Name. This way both could update their thread.This feature could also work for posts,comments,replies (Public Comments Too.)


    return from the sale of Pokemons in Pokemart ù.ù
  11. kennard11

    Idea Bot protection

    You might want to add some Javascript token generation or an open source authentication protocol to the login, because right now there is almost nothing that prevents bots. You could implement many things to prevent botting as cloudflare alone does almost nothing and the Javascript is too easy to reverse engineer. You could do things as Javascript token generation, or if you use any other protocol to login you could make it so when the user doesn't have Javascript enabled a captcha is shown. If you do use a captcha, I suggest SolveMedia or ReCaptcha v2 as Recaptcha v1 can be solved easily using services like Decaptcher or DeathByCaptcha. There are so many things that can be done to prevent botting in general and what I suggested is just the tip of the iceberg. I have years of experience in botting and web automation and I could tell you that a new programmer could easily develop a bot for this site, and there are already many free ones out there.
  12. baddream

    Idea Mega evolution

    I was thinking that in the anime and manga pokemons mega evolves if the bond between the trainer and pokemon is strong. So, even in game it would be great if the pokemon mega evolve via happiness... That way the mega pokemon become more valuable than they are now. I know it might not be possible 'cause there are already so many mega pokemon, but they don't have the value they deserve.
  13. marllonflaxDxD

    Idea Double exp

    I don't remember if already made the idea. But, I would find it cool throughout the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), put double exp for attracting more players.

    Idea Pokemon Nickname

    You could give your favourite pokemon a nickname
  15. kennard11

    Idea Feature suggestion

    I was wondering if it is allowed to suggest features, and if so I have a few suggestions; - When in a battle, it is so annoying that the radiobuttons to select Pokemon with are so small. I was thinking it would be a lot easier if the whole sprite was part of the radiobutton as well. - When in a battle with a trainer, and after defeating a pokemon, you go back to the pokemon select screen, but it will always select the first pokemon and not remember your last choice, while it does remember last move choice. Also, why is the status effect of the enemy pokemon displayed underneath my pokemon?
  16. GodsWithin

    Idea Recently Caught

    How about there is a "Recently Caught Pokemon" page that displays the pokemon you caught recently! It would be just like Recent Trade Notifications only for recent catches! It would help people who have to update their trade thread with what they just caught!
  17. hozukcan

    Idea Pagination System

    Wouldnt be good for "View All Your Pokemon" and "Trade List"? Just type page number and go.
  18. GodsWithin

    Idea Masterball Price

    In my opinion 100,000 Pokemoney is a bit too much for a masterball! I think like V2 it should be lowered to 10,000 100,000 is very costly and I don't think it's very easy to make that kind of money to spend!
  19. DeMerican

    Idea Trade Option

    Just as a idea I'd think it would be a good idea to have a option to make your trade search results go on time, like if your working for a unique and half the results are from a year ago then you could just change it so that they could look from the newest one that has been put UFT so that their trade could be accepted or denied faster and it saves time than just scrolling threw all the pages looking for one that has been put of recently
  20. glaceon001

    Idea Primal Dialga

    Anyone who has played the 4th gen Mystery Dungeon games probably knows what I'm talking about. Primal Dialga is a 'broken down' version of Dialga, as a result of Temporal Tower's collapse. My idea is having Primal Dialga as a donation Pokemon or as an event Pokemon.
  21. 1.CLAN WARS-its going to be the bext update in v4 ever! 2.CLAN PERKS-it can boost clan exp and levels 3.CLAN LEVELS- clans can go up to level (1-10) 4.CLAN(FRIENDLY) BATTLES-BATTE EACH OTHER! 5.CLAN CHAT-chat with anyone in your clan
  22. Joshua Hambly

    Idea new and fresh

    (can there be a full on display of where u can make a background on ur profile page?) (i seen someone had mentioned a synchronize of trade pokemon from your pkmn vtx account to a trade thread like your own thread that updates when your trade page does.) (can we have a exp checker like if we get a pokemon from another player can we be able to check that to make sure it's not botted ) idk how hard that would be to make) like i wanna see if i get a pokemon from ex. maxie_magma is it botted but she got it from someone else can we have like a pokemon auction where certain pokemon can go up for auction and people can bid on them bid starts at lets say 1500 and goes for 3 hours who ever is the highest bidder gets it.) how hard would it be to make a pokemon hatch from an egg? on a map when u click moving around on the game it lags for 2 seconds can that be removed? can more ribbons be added for points it only goes up to 200k? can every pokemon have a male and female sign except certain pokemon and the sign shows up on the map with the pokemon? like example, male or female) can we nickname pokemon as long as it's not vulgar. can we have a thing o our profiles that tells us what the last pokemon we seen and one that says last pokemon we caught it would help out people like me who made books to keep track of our pokemon on paper. in the near future can there be a casino for good players who earn the right to play and win something? can there be something in place where it says you do not have this pokemon cause sometimes vortex goes wacky and doesn't show a poke-ball next to it when i know i have it . thank you for reading my ideas would love for some of these to be considered thank you patrick for making this my favorite game on the web
  23. eurstin

    Idea Battle Cooldown Time

    I am tired of receiving the following message after battling brock: You have already completed a battle within the last 10 seconds. This is in effect to prevent cheating of any kind. Why am I battling brock? To train for happiness on my pokemon. I understand that this in vortex to prevent botting, but I feel that this should be reduced. It is a pain in the ___ for me to not be able to train for happiness as quickly as I would like. I fully understand if this will not be changed. Thanks in advance
  24. Talfiro

    Idea False Swipe

    It would be dandy if the move False Swipe would work (Leaving pokemon at 1 hp)
  25. eurstin

    Idea Syncing pokemon with forums

    I know you admins are busy n' stuff with the stupid hackers, but I have a suggestion regarding the forums. I have recently updated my trading thread with all my non-legendary uniques. That took forever. I think adding a feature where you could sync your in game account's pokemon to a thread would be a major time saver. It would also be much easier to update threads after a trade has been made.