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Found 248 results

  1. Tritre

    Idea Forums Clan

    Hi guys, I here with a suggestion. How about clan battles in the forum clans too? My idea is that these clan battles can be transferred to the game. The pokemons used by us would be the pokemons from our team, as our account is linked to the forum account.
  2. octave

    Idea Breeding

    Hi, basically the idea that i came up with is to allow pokemon breeding.
  3. Hi, the idea is basically adding keyboard shortcuts to Pokémon Vortex. For example: Alt Gr + t = Your Pokémon Team. Alt Gr + i = Item Inventory, etc. Greetings
  4. Hi, the idea basically is giving a "huge" prize if you log in everyday in the week or the month. I think it'll make players want to log in more often. It could be the same prizes but bigger or anything that the owners want :)
  5. So I remember Pat saying that he had been playing around with a few clan war ideas in the past. Heres my take on it, and I think this could be a really good one. It's gonna be long, so bare with me. The basic idea A clan war is obviously a battle between clans for glory and rewards. Most games with clan wars feature a one on one, head to head system. However, some games have very successfully pulled off wars involving more than 2 clans, such as Clash Royale, and more in particular for my idea, Knights and Dragons. I have an idea that should be able to pit all the clans against each other, WHILE KEEPING IT FAIR EVEN AGAINST CLANS OF 400, to fight for glory in the current war, improving their overall clan score, and earning their members a new, sweet event Pokémon that I'll mention and explain my reasoning for below. Just keep in mind, all members will get rewards, and be able to participate in the battles, so no one is left out. This will take 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. Every Friday, for the entire 24 hours, members of a clan that log into Vortex will receive a pop up box-y thing (I'm not good with explaining) asking them if they would like the chance to participate in the upcoming weekly war. Upon selecting yes, that player will be asked to select a team, out of 6 of their Pokémon, to "apply" for the war with. These 6 Pokemon will be untradeable, unautionable, and unreleaseable until the end of that week's war. All 400 of the members in the clan can apply for the war if they all choose to. The team that they selected WILL be the team that they will use in their war battles, and it must follow a ruleset mentioned below. On the second day, Saturday, the leader will be able to scroll through all the war applicants received from members of his clan, judging them off the team they selected, and their player stats, and select 10 of them to participate. If less than 10 members applied, the war will go on with that clan being at a disadvantage. If the leader does not log in on Saturday, or fails to select his members for war, that clan will be unable to participate in the war. Having an active leader is important. A leader can select himself for the war. Now into the actual war day, Sunday. The 10 members chosen by the leader will be alerted that they are in the war, and that it has begun. The 10 members all receive 3 battles that they can use at anytime during the 24 hour period. They must use the team that they applied with. Now, this will feature real time head to head matches. Live matches may be hard to implement but, the result will be worth it. Upon hitting the battle button, the player will be matched up with an opponent, as quickly as possible, who is also searching for a war battle. *I AM AWARE THAT IT COULD TAKE AGES TO SEARCH FOR ANOTHER CLAN WAR MEMBER, BUT THIS WILL BE COVERED IN THE MATCHMAKING SECTION*. They will play against each other as expected. We all know how a Pokemon battle works... The winner of the match receives 2 "clan war points" for their clan. The loser gets nothing. A tie (as there is no speed stat) results in both players receiving 1 war point. Since each player gets 3 attacks, and a possible 2 points per attack, this means that clans can get up to 60 points per war. As there is not a large number of active clans, and due to the games simplicity, we're not going to ever see multiple clans getting 60/60, so this point system will define the war leaderboard for that war. Now let's get on to the bits that the players want... Rewards So that your clan war efforts are not for nothing, clans should receive a "top 10 finish" for every war that they finish in the top 10 clans. This number will go towards clan points, in the same way that exp and clan battles do. *In my opinion, clan wars should in no way replace regular clan battles*. The point calculation formula could possibly be changed so that the few top 10 finishes a clan receive, will have a relevant impact on the clans points. Why top 10, and not first place?? There's a few reasons. Imagine that one clan, way more skilled than the others, getting first place. Every. Single. War. No other clans would ever be able to get those first place finishes, and would fall behind on the regular clan leaderboard... Making it top 10 is the only way of giving all decent, active clans a chance. And, think about it from the perspective of that extremely skilled clan. Imagine how annoying it would be, if even though you were CLEARLY the best clan, you had one really unlucky war (bad rng, maybe one member didn't use his battles), and this costs you your regular first place. That would be really frustrating, knowing that you should've gotten the point, but just couldn't. With it being top 10, the clan that deserves to be get first all the time, won't be missing out on points if they have an unlucky day, and all clans will have a chance to get some points too. Now, the event Pokemon. Oh boy, this'll be fun. I'll have a concept picture down below, but here's the important stuff. What are they? Honedge forms. Similar to the Porygon forms, there will be 3 of these. However, unlike the Porygon forms, they'll likely be just differences in colouration, not in shape. They will be made to replicate the 3 medals typically given to first, second, and third place. Gold, silver, and bronze. While keeping it's normal hilt and silk thingy (who knows), the blade itself will be coloured like the medal that it represents. Honedge (bronze) will be given to the 3rd place clan, silver to the 2nd, and gold to the first. Clan wars will be the only way of earning these forms. Every member in the clan, not just those that did the attacks, will receive a promo code for the Honedge. 1/10 of these (maybe less?) will be a unique varient. The promo codes last for 1 week before expiring. Every member in the clan gets the same chance of receiving the unique Honedge. oH BuT viRuS, shouldn't those doing the attacks and actually earning the clan that place, have a higher chance of the uniques? Yes, but also no. Although I agree with that 100%, if that was the case, good members that weren't selected for wars, would leave frustratedly, to another clan where they will be selected, so that they will get unique Honedge forms in the case of a top 3 finish. This mentality where people desperately want to be an attacker in the war, because it's their only chance for a unique, will make skilled members leave their clan for smaller clans, literally tearing the top clans apart, and it'll be an endless cycle where any clan starting to rise, self implodes due to the player's greed. Just keep in mind that, although giving all members a chance of a unique could mean that a lot of them are available, it is unlikely that a clan will ever have 400 fully active members, so each form won't be claimed anymore than 400 times a war. Yes, this is still 1200 event honedge given a week but, regardless of how many are given, they'll always be a rarity received by the best clans, and it will be very hard (not impossible) to trade for, or buy, all 18 unique honedges without being in the top few clans. https://imgur.com/a/NUMSq9D Concept of the Honedge (Gold). I'm not a great graphics artist, but you get the idea Whether it be shiny, dark, shadow, or regular, the blade must shine in the colour of the medal earned. Rules and Matchmaking To keep things fair and stop a single Pokemon becoming meta, there will need to be some rules for selecting your party and playing the match. A player cannot use multiple Pokemon of the same Pokedex ID. This means, a player cannot have 2 shiny mews. He can also not have a regular mew with a shiny mew. However, teams such as 6 vivillons are allowed, as each vivillon form has a different ID on the Pokedex. Players will only have 30 seconds to input a move. Failing to input in this time will result in a loss for you, and a win for your opponent. Trying to reload the page will not cost you the match, but it will not do anything to reset it, either. For the matchmaking, anyone can match anyone else from a different clan, with a different IP address, and they cannot match the same person twice or more each war. *You do not have to be selected for the war by your leader to be able to do these live attacks*. Anyone can join in the fun, however, wins and draws will not earn you any clan war points. A player selected for the war, can continue to battle after doing all 3 matches, however once again, these extra wins and draws do not earn clan war points. The main reasons why this is a required feature though, is to make sure that people don't go searching for 10+ minutes without finding a match. By allowing those not even in the actual war to still play, players will not have long match wait times, and the remaining members in the clan won't feel left out of the war. They'll still be able to have fun, practice, and deny wins for the other clans. If you read down to here, you're a legend. Let's hope this gets implemented... I spent many weeks coming up with, and perfecting this idea, so any feedback on it will be much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
  6. It would be nice to see the addition of the sex specific sprites. I feel as though it would bring a nice touch to the game. Some to consider would be Pyroars, Frillish, and Unfeazant since they have noticeable and recognizable model differences. Hippowdons may be a good idea as well because of their apparent color differences, but as they do not have different models it may not be convenient for quizzes since they would be difficult to tell apart (although the arceus forms are an example of that not really mattering). It doesnt have to be over the top since there are plenty of pokemon with small feature variations that most users cant differentiate and therefor may be more effort than what its worth in those cases.
  7. LegendOfNemo

    Idea Ash pikachu event

    I believe there should be an event we’re you can catch ash’s pikachu with his hat or have certain pokemon with trainers names like brocks steelix , mistys staryu etc. And make them look unique .
  8. 990295233HEREWATSUP

    Idea Idea

    Vortex staff i have some good ideas. I guess we need to introduce banking system on vortex. 1) You can introduce Fixed deposits where any member puts in like say 1 mil money and locks it for 1 year then his money would be unlocked after a year. Like this players will learn the system of banks and try to save their money. 2) Introduce some pokemons where you will have to pay EMI inorder to keep the poke with u r self.(mimikyu forms) 3) Allowing the users to take credit from bank say 1 mil and the players will have to pay interest to the bank in return.
  9. unknown_citizen

    Idea New type of Mimikyu!!!!

    Hi, in the anime (Sun and Moon series), Alola trial captain & Elite 4 Acerola has a special Mimikyu.... it's not a shiny Mimikyu.... nor a metallic one.... neither a shadow one. See it by yourself: It says that it's a Ghost Mimikyu, and.... by "ghost", I'm not talking about fairy, rock, water, electric, etc.... I mean (literally) a phantom/specter. Idea: Add this new kind/type/"form" ofto the game, please!! Pheraps as event poke, if not as an Unobtainable, in the same way as...
  10. Hi, i think it would be cool that in every attack in the Wiki, you can see all the Pokémon that learn that attack. I don't know if this idea belongs to this forum, but i thought that i could share it here.
  11. skhorus

    Idea Beta Pokémon

    What would you think of adding beta Pokémon to the game? maybe as an event or something. The gold and silver beta had a lot of interesting designs.
  12. My idea is: hour’s event tickets of 6, 12, 24 and 48 hour. With this tickets can you one of old event activate for 6 or 12 or 24 or 48 hours. You can choose which event yourself or an event wheel that comes out is your event for that hour. How do you get it: 6 hours event ticket: Daily login calendar Mystery Boxes If you have defeated all gym you get tree ticket 12 hours event ticket: Mystery Boxes If you have caught 100, 200, 300 and so forth Pokémon you get one ticket If you have defeated all Battle Facilities you get two tickets 24 or 48 hours event ticket: Mystery Boxes If you have defeated all gym and Battle Facilities you get one ticket Year sing up (I mean have you sing up in 1 January 2015 until today is 3 ticket you get one each year)
  13. moltres7

    Idea App

    Hello all, hope everyone doing fine. According to me now a days everyone uses their mobile rather busy on computer, so An user friendly app of vortex will be more preferable to those people who are having interest in Pokemon but unable to play on vortex from PC. I really don't know if everyone will agree with me or not.
  14. Rippe


    Hello! I do not know if this is the right place, if not ask them to teach me where to post this. I came to say about changes that could be good. I say this because I think the game is declining in quality and I do not want to speak badly of the game, but rather to make a constructive criticism. What I think could be done is a better prize in the login of the day: the player would win the prize for each day and have bonuses if he did (2, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days) - is an example. Also the prizes are very repetitive, always giving the same avatars and pokemons. This could be changed. I also want to comment on the fact that the Pokemon Hunt is quite boring. Sometimes I take so long to find a rare one, that it does not even want to hunt and play. I think the appearance of the rare should be made easier, honestly. As far as I remember these are the topics I would like to talk about, I may remember it more. If someone also thinks it's a good idea to make an observation, you can do it at will. We need this to get to the administrators so that changes can begin.
  15. Players should be able to view any local leaderboard via a drop down box. By default, it should be set to their location. I just think it would be nice to view the leaderboards of other countries... a nice QoL feature
  16. Yousy-RT

    Idea Various ideas

    Hey all, listed below are a list of some ideas I've recently thought of - hope you enjoy. 1) The ability to have less than 6 Pokémon in your team 2) Weekly/Monthly lottery events, where you have a chance of getting something other than money. (This would shed light on the forgotten lottery feature itself). 3) The ability for Pokémon to hold items 4) New items such as an exp share and say, a focus sash or one of the different type gems. 5) More healing items such as a Max Revive, Max Potion, and a Full Restore. 6) All the Pokéballs that are yet to be added - like a Luxury ball etc. 7) Lastly, the safari zone - where certain Pokémon can be caught. Thanks for reading this and we'll see how it works out!
  17. Please bring back the old legendaries dratinice dratinilic and dratinice!!!
  18. I saw a member asking if people could battle him to test his team. So i messaged him saying that i was going to just change my team but it took a while and i didnt remember what my best team was SO thats when i got this idea so that people could solve this problem or to help them level up pokemon faster ,not having to go change their teams everytime they finished levelling a certain team. I thought of having ,everytime you got in a battle ,you could choose the team you wanted. !Have a nice day!
  19. For pokemon with different forms (ones with parentheses in their names) , once you nickname them, you can't get their original name back, as nicknames are alphanumeric. A nickname reset option would fix this, so certain pokemon wouldn't be stuck with certain nicknames.
  20. I was thinking about something recently: How about giving players the option to transfer the EXP from one Pokémon into another. This way, the Top Pokemon tables could become competitive again, and people would train/trade for EXP pokémon/buy EXP Pokémon more and more, which will generate several more ways to reward users in return! How could my idea work and be balanced? My idea might need some tweaking, but the basis is adding a new feature area (maybe a laboratory or so) where you can "combine the powers of a Pokémon". What someone would need to do a basic combination: - 1 lvl 100 base Pokémon (who will be the receiver) - 1 lvl 100 giver Pokémon (who will lose EXP until they only have 50,000 EXP) - Pokedollars or maybe a Donation item? One Pokémon will receive the EXP in the combination. The other Pokémon will give its EXP, and go all the way down to 50,000 EXP (lvl 100 minimum). For each EXP point transferred, the player will pay 10 pokedollars for. And you can even sell special discount vouchers in the shop, or give them as event rewards so that each EXP point costs less, or even make them free.
  21. Metallic-Wolf

    Idea Profile

    This Idea is very useful to trainers in the second to the last page,it is also useful for the first page users also... My idea is that our profile bio should be an option in the members tab. when i am training or i am catching pokemons to view my points or total experience or average exp....,i had to scroll down and go to whichever page i am and view my profile. or Patrick can just do this, when we click our username on the top left,it should show our bio opened in the members tab as it was in v3,it was a lot better hope that my Idea is liked by others and the admins just look at it.Thanks
  22. I have an idea of "name changes" that I think many people have problems with names they use now like typos, strange names, retarded names, or their own names lol. (btw I've got that typo one xD) This is the idea I have. - in each account has an option "first name change will cost free" and then if you want to change your name again then you have to pay some money. - the amount of money I recommend is "10 million". yes it's 10 milion :') - for the third use and more will be enforced "cost increase" e.g. my first change will be cost free, my 2nd change will cost 10 mil, the 3rd change will cost 11 million, the 4th change will cost 12 million, and so on. (or free, 10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, etc. to prevent people changes their name multiple time) Thanks. (sorry for my English, bcs it's not my native language)
  23. Versus

    Idea Eggs?

    I saw it was submitted. I would like to suggest a little bit different way of how it should work. Cause its said there that all we need to do is walk. Sure thats the way it works almost everywhere but dont you think here its just too easy. Like lets go on one map and keep the button clicked to move. I would like to suggest this - to hatch the egg we need to for exemple kill 25x pidgey on map. This way you couldnt just go on map and spam one button to hatch the egg what would probably take 1 minute even if you needed 10k steps. This way you would have to go on map, walk but also look what you have found and fight if its good pokemon. Seems more interesting and more balanced for me. What would be in egg? I will leave this one. Probably something that would be worth walking on map and fighting 25x pidgey () with chance to get something really nice like exp boost for x minutes(?)
  24. MrVirus

    Idea Clan Daycare

    Clan Daycare System The clan daycare system allows you deposit your Pokemon into your clan, where other trainers in the clan can borrow it, helping them and earning you exp. When your clan levels up (it is mentioned that clan levels will come in a future update, as quoted below)*, at some levels, the clan will gained storage slots. For every storage slot, each trainer can store 1 Pokemon. Before every battle (except maybe wild Pokemon battles) you will be able to select one Pokemon from your clans daycare, a 7th Pokemon, to bring along with you. You can only use each Pokemon once every day, to avoid a single Pokemon being overused. Using this Pokemon to help you win will not affect your own exp earned, for example, if you defeated a team of 6 level 100s using one of your Pokemon and your clan mates Pokemon, your Pokemon would still gain the full 3000 exp, unlike how using 2 Pokemon would normally earn them 1500 exp each (this is assuming the Pokemon you used were already level 100 themselves). Whenever a Pokemon of yours gets used by a clan mate, your Pokemon gains 500 exp (one level) for itself, and you gain $100 Pokedollars. A Pokemon in the day care can only be taken out by whoever deposited it, and it is still technically their Pokemon, so they do not lose exp or a Pokemon by depositing it (however, it shouldn't be equipable in their party if it is currently in the day care). * "in a future update to determine which perks your clan gets while leveling up." This will hopefully encourage people to get stronger movesets for their Pokemon, so that people want to borrow it, and make side quests and clan battles a lot easier. It'll also give casual players, or all players for that matter, a way of farming small amounts of exp and cash even when unable to play. It would allow clan mates to help each other out, without giving away Pokemon in a trade, in good faith of it returning.
  25. HI IGN KILLERTRAINZ.. ARTWORK(S) 1)Pikapool(Fusion of deadpool and pikachu) Model made by me: 2)Pikaflash model by me: This are models really made by me please @Patrick, @sportsandmusic69 , @Tyheamma And others say about it.... Can.they be used for events????