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Found 283 results

  1. XenonGx

    Idea Mining Feature

    Well i was kinda thinking if there is any possibility of adding a mining mini-game in the game, where we can mine for certain stones (common/uncommon/rare) and sometimes some rare items, also with the increase in level of mining the higher the rate will be for getting the rare stuffs from mining. Also an implementation of a mining shop where we can trade those stones for cetarin pokes, avatar or pds. (sorry for bad english)
  2. Hi, I have an idea of adding more ultra beasts to the game. But my main idea is to suggest that you could add different Necrozmas. Etc=Ultra Necrozma.
  3. dishpart

    Idea Necrozma Event

    I think there should be a Event, similar to the and event where you can buy a n-Lunalizer or N-Solarizer for 500K Pokedollars and use them to fuse or with to make either Dawn Wings Necrozma or Dusk Mane Necrozma. If this is implemented, I will be very happy.
  4. Hello guys. There should be a search bar in the start auctions cause searching the pokemon we want to list for the auction consumes a lot of time ( especially for the mobile users ).
  5. Hi guys, I think there should be an option by which we can delete a content posted by us if we think that something is wrong there. Just like status content delete option.
  6. Every start of the month, it happens that no one plays the clan battles. But, when i go to play it, I see that top seasonal clan win is 0 and one of the members name is mentioned there. I think it should be "None of the members have battled yet ".
  7. For me the game is becoming increasingly monotonous, so I would like to leave this idea: With daily quests where the player could win items and maybe pokemons, the game would be more interesting GO ON!
  8. WarpRogue

    Idea Pikachu Forms

    Now that Detective Pikachu is being released with Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu and Ryan also being the actor of Deadpool can we cross both of these roles and finally have a Pikapool event with PikaPool looking just like the figures available online. Please consider this as I feel the event would be great.
  9. Can't rares, ultra beasts, legendaries/mystical pokémon have different colored names in game? Or sparkles or something.. Like the donater name. It would be a perfect way to add more personalization to the game. Example: - Wild Pikachu appeared (right now) or - Wild Pikachu appeared (green for rares) - Wild Mewtwo appeared (blue for legendaries) - Wild Necrozma appreared (gold for ultra beasts)
  10. How about implementing a "Buy Now" option in the poke bay. if someone wants to sell the item instantly, this would be useful. lets say i want to auction my arceus off. i will put the start price as 50,000 and buy now price 1,000,000 someone can buy it for a million without the wait time. If any one is familiar with the FIFA market, this option is pretty useful
  11. There should be an online pvp in which player can challenge another player. There is this feature but others account is controlled by computer. There should be a feature in which the players online can battle each other and both of them can select their attacks. I have been playing this game since 3 years but this is the only that's missing. I hope you will look upon it. This is best game I have ever played.
  12. How about adding more filter for Pokemon search when viewing all Pokemon or changing teams? Like filter for all Pokemon that are not level 100 or filter for Dark type Pokemons only?
  13. mayank rohilla

    Idea looks

    now pokemon are either 1st edition and 2nd edition (so far) but there is no moving with the poses that are there. so i was thinking that maybe there be pokemon that poses differently. like TCG have a charizard but different cards have different poses. and i know that its like the old original game so changes like these might ruin some essence but i think its a good idea anyway .
  14. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Pokedex Achievements

    For us pokemon collectors, trying to complete the obtainable dex. It would be great if there was a "dex badge" or something you'd call it like that pertaining to getting a badge on your profile as soon as you complete an obtainable dex in a certain region. Because it would be more rewarding for us collectors to see where our hard work trading and training uniques just to complete the dex. So the idea would be, for example I had completed the Johto Obtainable Dex, I should get "Johto Obtainable Dex Completed" badge just under my achievements in my profile, or when you click 'Achievements' in another one's profile on the members tab. So on and so forth with the other regions; Indigo/Orange/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova/Kalos/Alola Obtainable Dex Completed. I think that would be great, and hoping in advance you'd consider this idea, Pat. Thanks!
  15. I think the title speaks for itself. Also, a Creative Content Section in the forums where people can fully express their creativity! That would be awesome.
  16. Tritre

    Idea Group chat

    Hey, how about a group chatting. Instead of the private mobile type chat.
  17. I'm not too sure if such a feature has been asked for before, but regardless, I think with the current state of mystery boxes it would not hurt to bring up again. If possible, I believe a native method of trading/exchanging promo codes should be implemented within the game. Currently, the only way of safely exchanging promo codes within the game is through Pokebay, which provides users with only one form of currency to use, Pokedollars. This completely ignores such a large portion of the game, trading. With the introduction of monthly rotations of events in mystery boxes (the contents of which are given in the form of promo codes), a large number of users who do not have the money for auctions but may have valuable Pokemon for trade are forced to put their trust into other users who have promo codes of their own for trade, opening themselves up to the possibility of an easy scam. This is also the case for users who have promo codes of a Pokemon of a specific variant that they would like to swap for another promo code of a different variant. There are multiple ways through which this feature could be implemented that I can currently think of off the top of my head(some of which I am not sure may be possible to implement, however), for example: - Allowing users to put promo codes up for trade while also allowing users to offer promo codes on pokemon/other promo codes up for trade - Having some sort of virtual/automated middleman that can hold onto promo codes and can accept or decline offers of Pokemon or other promo codes based on the user's action (this is pretty much the same as the previous method except that if the previous method is difficult/not possible to implement due to some kind of difference in the way Pokemon and promo codes are handled, it could be done this way) - Packaging a promo code into some kind of gift catapult that will only deliver to another user if said user has a gift catapult containing the desired Pokemon/item in a promo code (this would probably be too confusing for users) I think the most obvious choice (but I can only assume potentially the most difficult to implement since it isn't already ingame) would be the first method, as it would work with an existing system that does not seem to pose any visible exploits if implemented properly. It would also be the most understandable for users as they would be comfortable using a system they are used to. I probably haven't put as much thought into this as I should have but I think it should be addressed because of the recent mystery box change. Hearing other ideas/methods, criticism, disadvantages etc. would be nice. Sorry for the wall of text, what do you guys think?
  18. mayank rohilla

    Idea rename

    allowing users to give pokemon a nick name even when they are not their original trainers. cause its like your girlfriend still having a thing for her ex, and so you cant have all out your relationship. you see i bought a mewtwo armour but i cant call him what i like
  19. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Auction 'Jump to Page Number'

    Since I've been enjoying the auction lately as I'm back for the holidays. I think this idea would help most players who are a fan of the Pokebay Auctions, since it's a bit of a hassle where there's no "jump to page number " after you bid on something and you'll have to click the next best number from where when you stopped from browsing the auctions.
  20. Years and years ago as a young boy I got very excited with trying new ideas, I got a couple things here that I made back then and I was wondering if people would be interested in them being added to the game (unlikely but ya never know). All I want is some feedback on what you guys think about them, they're not state of the art fantastic sprites but simple ideas that could be developed further. Flame Lugia (or fiery or blazed I can't think of a name for this one) Frozen Zekrom Frozen Rayquaza Frozen Charizard Again these are very simple ideas, but any feedback would be appreciated! And yes I know the Lugia isn't finished fully it was a WIP but I'm not sure if I like it and wanted other's opinions first before I finished it. Thanks ~Sirrel
  21. Maybe an option to turn this feature on/off? Thanks!
  22. UnknownUzerName

    Idea Next battle button

    Is it possible to add a button for when after you finish a gym leader battle you could just click it and you go to the next one because it takes a lot of time to go back to the gym after you finish battling and then go to the next one.
  23. So I had an idea I wanted to share because it seemed alright in theory.. I was thinking about how it'd be cool if we had a chance to incorporate and show off some art in-game. For example: - being able to add a small banner or picture into our profile bios - somewhere on the site to display custom digital art done by ourselves or commissioned by others of our pokemon. (maybe a tab in our profile, or a link when we bring up a pokemon or our card in bot commands on Discord) - if it gained popularity, an official pokemon art contest of some sort I've seen sites in the past that have allowed users to buy art commissions from others with in-game currency that have worked really well, where good quality art is a real hot commodity and makes accounts deemed "better". (can direct you there if you wanna check it out). People could offer their events or PD in exchange for nice profile banners, drawings of their favourite pokes, etc. I feel like it would diversify our community and bring in a new artsy audience if it were given enough significance and attention in the game. It would also be a nice little hobby that would give people something other to do than trading to acquire events/wealth in Vortex if their banners and pokemon art are sought after. We've got the forums here for people to put up "stalls", and if it were linked to us in bot commands I'm sure it'd be fun looking at great art and having a laugh at some silly stuff people come up with as well. Just thought I'd share as it could definitely attract a whole different bunch of Vortex players and give people a chance at getting pokemon/money in-game without dealing with the headache of trading and the whole "skemming" culture, which detracts from the enjoyment for some.
  24. Insania

    Idea Fakemons

    (Yes someone might remember me for having posted/asked something similar x3. Yes i do like art and all. Yes i create fakemons... . Yes iam annoying ) so.. since i have noticed a few fakemons like darkcrown or the semi fakemon mewtwo armor or the dratini elements. I thought, Since i REALLY think art can and is fun once you get over the "i cant draw <whatever you are trying to draw but in your opinion just cant draw>" and if one wants to go that way later in life and maybe even be like "yeah.. i got into art because of an pokemon game that held an art contest xD" whilst remembering this game. I thought... Maybe the game could held like.. idk... a maybe 1-2month long contest for artists. This way everyone can join. Even newer people. plus we might attract more artists with more ideas. so.. i thought it couls work like this. 2-3 day-Notifications that in 2-3 days people will be able to post art on a certain site or send something in to a certain email or something like that. 1-2 month-Time to create and draw a fakemon. followed up by 1-2week long-voting by people on the artworks. since i dont see many people usually on. the vote system could allow to vote for as many people as liked. but only once per artwork. This way we could reduce the likely pf people ending up sad because they didnt get an votes. (unless they drew something... not okie dokie.. _-.-.) on the last day- the winning pokemon could be added as an event with the winner getting an exclusive code with said fakemon while other player have to wait for its official release as event code or something. idk if its even something the game doesnt want. but one could also restrict said fakemon to be displayed on pokebay or trade. in a sense of locked till released. If that art contest might get lots of positive replies then pokemon vortex could also host more frequend ones where the theme could be for example related to current holidays. like delibirds for xmas or so x3. togepi and such for easter. u catch my drift. in those players could be awarded a fair amount of money or items like the balls, stones(mega(rare) and evolution), potions etc. just an idea. might post more since im feeling creative. _.
  25. Nastsu.dragneel

    Idea Pokémon moves improve

    Pokemon votrex should add moves like stealth rock and moves that can steal the Pokémon health as in gigantic drain and moves that can heal the Pokémon and holding items like leftovers,focus stash or ability like cloud nine,harsh sun,rain,delta storm,sandstorm just please add these in a future update