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Found 285 results

  1. Prayag_Raj_Rai

    Idea New Pokes

    I think there should be some pokes whose sprite should be made and should become available in vortex . 1.) Rayquaza Primal - since Ray is a part of weather trio,so I thought that like other two , It should also get its primal version in which it evolves through Green Orb.this will gibe boost up to primals as UBs and Rotom forms has reduced there popularity. 2.) Vivillons - I think there should be New Vivillon forms having the design of country flags and should have their seperate pokedex. Since Vivillon trading is getting a little slow, It will help it. It should also be made a DP only of 1$ so that large nom of people could afford it, and should be Specified to the persons country ( An american account cannot Get a vivillon othwr than of his own country) In this way to get all, they have to trade. And Making sprites wont take much time cuz only flags have to be pasted on the wings.
  2. i am creating this idea for some of the trainers out there who need some of the balls like master balls and beast balls etc. so now suppose i release my guzzlord which i have kept in a beast ball because i need the ball alot and so after i release the pokemon the ball that i have kept the pokemon in will stay with me right so that it will be simple for a trainer to release a pokemon which he likes less but he gets the ball and so he may catch aother pokemon of his liking........ what do you say of this idea!
  3. Super_GodVegeta

    Idea Mystery prizes

    This is just a random idea that came to my mind.... There exist long stretches of quests where u keep getting balls for prizes.... I was just thinking about mystery boxes and what worth they would be to the world and the quests if included as prizes for quests ( ofcourse doing that would reduce their worth but there are people who wouldn't mind)....
  4. Angrybirds44444

    Idea Pokedex

    Hey, so I was just viewing the pokedex and realized that once we click on a pokemon on the pokedex, the number "1" appears under the ball of we have the pokemon, so an idea came to mind. Instead of searching for how many of the same pokemon we have on the viewing all pokemon tab, it would be nice if the number of pokemon we have the same of could appear on the pokedex either instead of the number "1" or below it. It would make it a lot easier and would help a lot. Just an idea
  5. BaBass2469

    Idea Ideas

    Idea 1: Bug + steel map Its does't have to be steel or Bug together or even them types at all, but I feel like it would be a great idea to add a new map that has new some pokemon in it and has a cool looking area. Its a long shot considering creating another map would be a big deal to the game, but its an idea that I think would be cool :D. Idea 2: Mega Bosses I think we should be able to encounter mega pokemon in the maps and when you do you have a chance for the pokemon to drop an item, something random nothing fancy unless you decide that but imagine going in the maps and finding a mega pokemon to battle :D. Its a strange request but mega pokemon in the public would be a nice addition to pokemon vortex. Idea 3: Multiplayer Live Battles? I know this is a long shot, and it sounds ridiculous, but if its possible that would be incredible. Idea 4: Side Quests I have a issue, I know that side quests are meant to last hours and days, but for someone who hasn't got the time for this is there a way we can make this go faster for some people like myself? Like a button thats called Auto or something, its a long shot again but I would love it if side quests were quicker haha nevermind... this was a silly idea. Anyways thats my 4 ideas, hopfully Patrick is reading this, and I hope he loves my ideas (mainly 1 + 2) thanks for reading.
  6. Super_GodVegeta

    Idea Login streak

    The title says everything... It's just an idea but the profiles displaying a login streak would look cool...
  7. Sakura Mitsonomi

    Idea Unique avatar count on profile

    Keeping more than one avatar has no benefit right now. Having something simple like an unique avatar count would also be helpful in case there are achievements introduced for them.
  8. deathwardluvdongdong

    Idea Checking what we caught lately

    Yup just like the title. Hopping if they can make a system so we can check what we caught just now or when we caught it. Might not be the best idea but its gonna be cool if we can see what we caught right? or it only me? Pardon for my bad English.
  9. TheBlackHorned

    Idea Rarity

    I think there should be more of a challenge to finding certain Pokemon, and shiny, shadow, metallic, ghost, and dark Pokemon should be a lot rarer. They just seem to turn up too often.
  10. Twice: I selected Mega Metagross to catch a Lvl 7 pokemon because that's first on my roster. Any way to change it?
  11. Hi, i made a mockup of what I'd like to see personally. I am no expert, obviously. 1. More focus on the Pokemon. I tend to miss a few rarer Pokemons. 2. Colour coded Names based on rarity. White/Common Blue/Rare Yellow/Ultra Rare Orange/Legendary 3. Show the Type of the Pokemon 4. Show time of day closer to map to give more context. Time is weird for me as I live in the opposite time-zone. 5. 'Options' can be combined with Account Settings and the drop down next to profile top right. 6. Streamlined top bar.
  12. I have been thinking in the meaning of a mystic sprite, actually it is a mix between the normal sprite and a white background, which in v3 it fitted because the pokes were on a plain background, but hasn't the mystic a 'ghostly' meaning? what if we replace the mystic sprites with the normal ones and set some opacity to the image? here some examples of how would be (opacity 60%):
  13. I understand that having these sprites https://pokemondb.net/sprites show up when viewing another trainer's pokemon page helps everything load faster, but I wish you had the option to view them like this also. https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/national The same type of option you have to your left when viewing your own pokemons (pokemon-vortex.com/your-pokemon/). I think this would be a good addition to the game and not make the view pokemons page look "old". I'm not the type of person to complain, but it's the only thing thats bugged me about the game since its release. The feeling you get by seeing bigger images of pokemons you have caught and own is amazing compared to viewing the sprites...
  14. retro-bite

    Idea custom profile pictures

    there should be a way to add a custom profile picture on the main site or have it linked with your forum account
  15. luisand

    Idea a little idea

    well, since there are a few thousand pokemons here, and all of them have 5 rare types ( Mystic,Shiny, etc) i think the pokedex could be organized by maps, it would be way more easy to track our owned pokemons that way. ty
  16. Hello there Vortex Forums. I have a idea that could make the trading sector better, if items are able to be traded or Pokemon able to hold items. I originally got this idea from the fact I want to make Masterball Giveaways in my Vortex Discord Server as a act of generosity, but quickly found out it is impossible to do as of now. Lots of new possibilities would be in trading if this is made true.
  17. Aidan4.0

    Idea Ideas for vortex

    In vortex under trades you should be able to offer game money on Pokemon And we should be able to donate game money to other players and friends
  18. trboy

    Idea Recent Battles tab!

    What about a "Recent Battles" tab? It displays the trainers you battled most with (or) last 20-25 battles.
  19. Colomatition

    Idea Pokedex Update

    It would be nice if we could sort both "My Pokemon" and "Pokedex" by PokeDex number I personally prefer it to alphabetical
  20. CocaPT

    Idea Offering money for Pokemons

    I there. I used to play the game in the previous versions, I also played this version in 2015 and now I'm back. Being able to offer money for the Pokemons was a big part of the game for me. Back then there were people who grinded and mostly used programs to get there Pokemon a lot of exp, and there were the pokemon catchers. I used to caught every single Special Pokemon I could so I could sell them for 10k and make some proffit of it. And later, buy the Pokemons I love. Without this, no one is willing to give me what I want without making the trade unfair for me. I really loved that feature, and that was a big part of the game for me. Probably you won't put that feature back, but why was it removed?
  21. International Text Channels I've been in a lot of other Discord Servers recently, and I've noticed that a lot of them have a text channel specifically geared towards helping people that do not speak the main language of the server fluently. Despite the fact that Pokemon Vortex is an English game, I think that we can expand the Pokemon Vortex Community though the creation of (a) text channel(s) that are geared towards different languages. We also have a section of the forums that are geared towards different language, so why not extend it to Discord? I hope helped some, and happy Vortex'ing! Pheonix_Lancing
  22. GodsWithin

    Idea Increased Legendary Rates

    Increased Legendary Rates Thought of this off the top of my head. Just like we have Double EXP Weekend and the likes, why not have a week or a weekend maybe where, for example, all the legends on the fire map, have an increased encounter rate. Obviously veteran players who have completed the Legend dex don't need this but it would be a fun way to hook the new players who search on maps right after completing the badges.
  23. Nutella Navigator

    Idea Botted EXP Checker

    Kind of amazed with the Primal Pokemon Status, you get to see if your primal is/was glitched or not. But here's the thing, I was in my bed awhile ago, and it came to my mind. What if there was also a botted exp'ed pokemon checker? Here's how my idea goes. 1.) A topic/thread provided for those who want to check if an exp'ed pokemon is botted or not. 2.) An admin doesn't have to do this, even a mod can. Patrick creates a tool for the checking, then is distributed to mods for their use. 3.) Then from the said thread, members can post asking to see if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, provided the Pokemon's ID No. of course. 4.) And, after the mod checks if the exp'ed pokemon is botted or not, he/she replies to the person in the said thread, saying if the said pokemon is botted or not. Simple as that. (P.S. This idea was out of the blue, but if others like it, I might add a few more details in mind, I just really wanted to get this idea out of the box.)
  24. Alexis_

    Idea Some Good Ideas

    1. Getting to choose when/what moves are changed, I shouldn't have to pay a ton of hard to get money to get a move back my Pokémon just had three minuets ago. 2. Info on the moves your Pokémon has, idk what any of them do now since it leveled up and changed 3. Be able to fight random trainers players/computer that aren't lvl 100+ 4. Easier controls for mobile devices 5. A book like part that lists Pokémon you've captured, like the pokedex but with images and other info. Or all of the Pokémon you have laid out like the Pokémon pc in the games, so I can click on a Pokémon to see its info and when it evolves, it's level, ect 6. A 'buy' button at the top of the pokemart list so when you buy a potion or pokeball you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom 7. The ability to change Pokémon mid-battle 8. Have it say what lvl a Pokémon is when it says how much experience it gained after a battle as well as if it's ready for evolution --- Some more: 9. Have legendary Pokémon unlock on each region completion. Like, complete unova, unlock unova legendarys 10. Have an option after completing a gym battle to go to the next one so you don't have to hit battle and gym and region then the battle. 11. After a battle, have your character be in the same spot as before the battle. It's real hard to cross a map.
  25. MasterNanoFS

    Idea False Swipes

    So i think false swipes should work like it does in the real pokemon games (only brings the enemy down to 1 hp) so it is easier to get pokemon without killing them