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Found 260 results

  1. dropthat

    Idea Trading Request!

    Before I am gonna explain: Patrick,I know you are busy,So this can be a future addition.... In this Case i am gonna Take my trade: I gave + for a I waited for 4 months, he was not a Inactive player. Then he declined (Cruelly ) Let's Say, these are the pokemon he was looking for : So instead of me offering again, there could be a system where an user could say what he is looking for. That would be easy to find and offer what that person wants. Thanks, ~dropthat
  2. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Hold Items

    I've always wished Pokémon Vortex had hold items. That would honestly be really cool. Items such as the King's Rock, when given to a Normal Pokémon, could essentially make it into a Mystic Pokémon. One-use berries would be cool too.
  3. rishivojjala014-2

    Idea IDEA

    1. it gets difficult to ask each and every person their ign , also if i want to know an offline person's ign i can;t so it will be helpful if we have a "ign-" in a persons profile when we go and keep our arrow near person's id we get "content count" , "joined" etc etc , AN "IGN" thing wud also be helpful 2.can we get more emoticons in forums like on discord , it will really felp to experess our "emotions" lol a FACEPALM emoticon will be most helpful 3. remuving the limit of 1 message per minute , how is that limit even helpful to anyone ??
  4. togoodforyoe

    Idea Golden Pokemons

    I thought it was maybe a good idea to make very very very very rare and unusual pokemons and that it would be a golden (Like shadow/dark/mystic etc.) pokemon. The idea is to make it available for every pokemon and that you can find it when you collected each of the type (Like shadow/dark/mystic etc.) of one pokemon. For Example: When you collected Abra (Normal), Abra (Metal), Abra (Shiney), Abra (Dark), Abra (Mystic), and Abra (Shadow) you ''unlocked'' the opportunity to find a Golden Abra. Even though it need to be very rare to find one! Maybe and extra ability for golden pokemons is that you can level them up till 150! Extra special and a extra motivation to get one! (Optional) I think if Pokemon Vortex will implement golden pokemons that there will be much more (collectible pokemons) to catch for a player and personally i like very rare collectible items <3 and i think other people tho So this is my idea! I like to hear feedback so go ahead and write something down. :)))
  5. Tomaz95

    Idea Pre-Saving a Pokémon Team

    The Idea is you can save a Pokémon Team, everyone knows how annoying it can be to swap pokémon in your team all the time to whatever reason Sometimes you want to catch a Pokémon (non-legend) and you need low-level Pokémon on your team to a little battle with the Poke to be able to catch it more easily Sometimes you want your best Pokes to Sidequests or maybe just farm exp with your favorite Poké So.. If you could let a team 'saved' and with one click swap your whole team for that pre-saved team it could save a lot of time of searching and swaping. (Sorry if there's any mistake, English isn't my mother language)
  6. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Negative Reputation?

    Let's face it. Some posts and updates are absolutely atrocious beyond belief. Exhibit A: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/profile/1-patrick/?status=3840&type=status Exhibit B: Literally all of @Haxor69's comments. For these kinds of posts, something more than not giving reputation is necessary. And if we can vote an answer down in the Ask Questions sub-Forum, why not negative reputation? COUNTERARGUMENT: Some people could be trolls and do negative rep just because. However, when you give negative rep, it must be approved by a Forum Mod, along with the reason why you give negative rep. Doing this may keep our us from being annoyed to death by people like yaduamal and BLASTOISE ROCKS THE HEAT.
  7. For version 4 can you add new map/s? Since there is alolan pokemon now there should be new a map that is an island where you can find alolan pokemon. If you do take this idea if possible make it an unlockable/event map.
  8. Mark Thompson

    Idea Gym Battles - Next Opponent Option

    Hey! Well, just wanted to give an idea related to the Gym Battles. Everytime we complete a Gym Battle, there are four options which are as under: Options:Rebattle OpponentView/Modify TeamView All PokemonPokémart Why not add a new option by which we could battle the next gym leader, which can be added as "Next Opponent". Actually, it feels really annoying to go back everytime after completing a Gym Battle to battle the next Gym Leader.
  9. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Greninja (Ash) Event

    I wasn't there for the Rotom (Halloween) event, but I've read about it on the Wiki. Why not do the same sort of thing with Ash Greninja? Only instead of Creeper being the event trainer you had to battle, it's Ash. The first time you defeat him, you get a normal Greninja (Ash). The second time, Ash should have a harder team, and you get a unique Greninja (Ash). Ash Greninja is already in Vortex, now it's just a matter of releasing it. EDIT: Thank Vortex user RigbyTheHeroKing for this idea: You can only be eligible to battle Ash if you have male Greninja with max happiness on your team with your OT.
  10. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Option to Display Discord Name/Tag?

    We can already display our Forum Username, email address, and Skype in Vortex. Why not our Discord name/tag, too?
  11. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Giving Wiki Editors a Role in Discord?

    People like @iZeus and @Sneezeball do a lot for us on the Wiki. Perhaps giving them a role that really doesn't do anything (like Regular) but is separated from the rest of the crowd online as recognition would be a good idea. They do a lot for us, and are often underappreciated.
  12. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Music

    Music is missing from Pokemon Vortex. The game is great, but sometimes it needs spice. Music can provide that spice. I created some music to use for the maps. You can download it in the links below (I swear it's not a virus.) I would like feedback on these pieces. I created them using Apple Loops in Garageband, so not a lot of talent involved, but still cool. The songs are designed to play in loop. Map Themes: Cave Maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i14yo5rj0y4pftx/CaveMap.mp3?dl=0 Ice Maps:https://www.dropbox.com/s/ssulgeloerztrqg/IceMap.mp3?dl=0 Electric Maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j4p6i2bs3hawr7j/ElectricMap.mp3?dl=0 Fire Maps:https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzfz8pdd8ksqsdm/FireMap.mp3?dl=0 Grass Maps:https://www.dropbox.com/s/gk87iyoptogqh1s/GrassMap.mp3?dl=0 Ghost Maps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvhqhk8artlowwg/GhostMap.mp3?dl=0 Because the grass maps look drastically different at night, I created a separate theme for it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngog9kxwebetykb/GrassMapsNight.mp3?dl=0 Battle Themes: Chris Battle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r8d2x4055tmwk7l/ChrisBattle.mp3?dl=0 Pat Battle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl5ip0rblz619tg/PatrickBattle.mp3?dl=0 Rob Battle: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9njdl7idaae77fk/RobBattle.mp3?dl=0 Tell me what you think in the comments! And if the admins ever see this and want to use the music, yes they can. I won't care if you use the music. Not like it'll happen anyways.
  13. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea A Second Set of Sidequests?

    So, I came up with this crazy idea that will never work, but is worth submitting. So, the current set of sidequests go Kanto-Kalos, with plans to add Holon and Fiore region along with other regions such as Orange Islands, TCG Islands, etc. What if there was a second set of sideqests that took place in the Mystery Dungeon World? It could be accessed after beating the first set of Sidequests at least once, at which point each set of sidequests could be reset individually from each other. All the Continents, as called in Super Mystery Dungeon, would take the place of regions. You would have to clear each Dungeon in the Continent in order to receive the Sidequest reward. To clear a Dungeon, defeat at least one of every Pokémon that appears in the Dungeon. The reward for clearing the Grass Continent could be a Time Gear item, used to turn Dialga into Dialga (Primal) (which doesn't exist yet, but would be cool if it did). It should also have sidequest-exclusive Pokemon to battle- for instance, the Bittercold from Gates to Infinity, and Dark Matter from Super Mystery Dungeon. You wouldn't be able to get them, only battle them as the last Pokemon on level 150 in each continent. But the battle style should also be different. Because there are no trainers in Mystery Dungeon, you battle Pokemon one at a time for the most part. Therefore, you should be able to take only up to 2 pokemon with you into each battle (the player and partner from Mystery Dungeon) until you've cleared the second set of sidequests at least once, and then the limit would be 4 (as is the limit in the Mystery Dungeon games, at least the ones I played). What do you guys think?
  14. eurstin

    Idea Trade Dupes

    There should be a button to put all your duplicates up for trade (button in game). I find it very time consuming to sift through my pokemon to put the dupes uft, so adding a button that would do it for me would help a lot.
  15. R3LOADED1

    Idea New VortexBot Command

    New VortexBot Command for Discord Right now, I am currently trying to complete the Pokedex in Pokemon Vortex, and trying to boost my points. Through the past couple of days, I've been using the extremely helpful VortexBot in the Pokemon Vortex Discord in order to take duplicates out of my account. I just thought it would be useful to have a bot command to give a list of Pokemon that a player doesn't have. This command could attract more users to the Pokemon Vortex Discord as players could use it to help their progression in the game.
  16. himanshu24092002

    Idea Charizard sprite

    Pls change the charizard sprite it looks awful you can add sprite of charizard which is used in crater or any other but not the current one
  17. @Patrick Just got this rare idea in my marvelous brain, IDEA: Hey Pat U should do a weekly pokemon hunting event/competition every week ( sat and sunday r the best day cuz lots of ppl will be free in these 2 days) and just bring the events pokes like etc U know everyone will do the missions for these events pokes and this weekly event/ compettion will attract the lots of new ppl and made the game more popular . Remember hard missions r better than waiting for years for the release of these events. I hope u like my idea,.
  18. Sakura Mitsonomi

    Idea Practical Ideas for new Pokemon on Vortex?

    Just wanted to hear what people's ideas would be for interesting Pokemon ideas on Vortex. Armor Mewtwo is a good example of something they've brought in from the anime. What kind of monsters would you like to see? The striped clone Pokemon? Pinkan Island Pokemon? Pink Butterfree?
  19. Josip Kosic

    Idea New Trading System

    Hello,I git idea obout new trading system, it is sometimes frustrating when you give offer in trade and wait 2 -3 weeks to hear that it is declined, also when player is online and you dont know what he wants, so what if you add live trading system with like chat window and when you press trade other guy get notification do you want to trade with ********* if he press yes you can chat with him wich pokemon you want and wich you dont want and he can add and remove pokemon in offer window (wich is also chat window), so you can add or remove pokemons and make a deal in chat i dont say you should remove old trading system he should stay for offline players but you should add new trading system for trade with online players
  20. HunterAvian

    Idea More like original games

    I think original games better. I want nature, ability, Ev's , Iv's and i want to gain attacks with level. What do you think guys ??
  21. demonstriker

    Idea Big pokedex n.o. count change

    Hi, @Patrick , Lot of rare events such as and cosplays, r in the account which r now banned and only few left, So U should make the the separate portion in the pokedex for these pokemons, Example: ( out of 400, 300 r in banned account, remaininng 100 left) It will make the vortex clean and more attractive, I hope u like my idea .
  22. eurstin

    Idea Idea for Forum Profiles

    I think there should be an option to enter your IGN on your profile (A new box under the Skype username box when you edit your account). It's quite annoying when someone's forum account is different from their in game account, and you have to go through their posts to find their ign. Thanks for taking the time to read this
  23. po08i2

    Idea Reducing the happiness needed

    Even though it is a nice idea to introduce happiness, it is very strange that you need to fight 200 + battles sometimes to evolve a pokemon. Most of the pokemon that need evolution through happiness are baby pokemon and are really difficult to fight with, maybe increase the amount happiness points that a fight gives? For example 4 per fight, which would make it a lot more fair and less time consuming!
  24. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

    Idea Keyboard Select Moves and Pokémon

    Pokémon Vortex involves a lot of clicking- but for some, that clicking gets tiresome after a while. Why not press number keys to select which Pokémon to send in to battle, or which move to use? And for the few mobile players out there who happen to own Bluetooth keyboards that connect to mobile devices, the 300ms tap delay that @VITOL had mentioned a while back wouldn't be a problem anymore, besides making it easier for them to play. Kind of a pointless idea, but it only seems that way at first glance.