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Found 84 results

  1. My is already up for trade, looking for equally good Legendary pokemon
  2. I'm putting my up for trade, make your best offers. ID - R3HAB
  4. Hiii i am currently trading legendaries for legendaries or pokemon i like username is MCX and ill update weekly i hope to get trades cya'll.
  5. hi friends i am new to forums and wanna trade a anybody interseted can give friend request FRIENDS THANK YOU THIS OFFER IS OVER I HAVE NEW OFFER OF ZEKROM AND THAT IS ALSO GONNA GO FAST SO BE FAST AS I SAID SEND A FRIEND REQUEST TO ME
  6. i am trading my legendary pokemon for legendaries show me your offers
  7. Currently looking for shiny dratinire. If you want to trade please message me in game.
  8. I really want , , and so if you have them I'll trade I don't have much, but I have: , , , , , , , , , and
  9. Hi Im looking for / and / Check my pokes IGN: Raikou49 Check my trades and auction as well or let me know what youre looking for
  10. IGN: Raikou49 Trades Link Trading in 4 Lv 6 immunes for a legendary Legendaries (multiple qty) Im offering Lv 6 immunes I'll take Remember Ill take 5 Lv 6 immunes for each of my legendary IGN: Raikou49 Trades Link
  11. Selling: -Tapu Bulu lvl 65 - mew lvl 66 -mega gengar lvl 100 -shiny dragonite lvl 100 -dark diance mega lvl 100 - mega salamence lvl 100 - two reshirams one is lvl 56 and the other is 100 -shadow mega tyranitar lvl 100 - shadow palkia lvl 60 -cobalion lvl 100 -absol lvl 100 - regirock lvl 100 -cresselia lvl 56 -dark lugia lvl 82 - darkrai lvl 100 - Metallic kommo-o lvl 100 - shadow lucario lvl 100 and 4 hapiness. - ho-oh lvl 100 and 100 k exp. -mewtwo lvl 100 - metallic groudon lvl 100 - Xerneas (Active) lvl 100 -shadow deoxys lvl 100 - Shadow registeel lvl 68 - Genesect lvl 56 - Kyurem lvl 51 - Shiny Entei lvl 63 Dark riolu lvl 40 Shadow latios Shadow Suicune So that was my list. I just trade these for unique legendarys and the ones i am looking for. I'll show you the list: - shiny mega steelix - landorus - kartana - volcanion - groudon primal - any kyogre - arceus dark,fighting or water you choose. - meloetta -lunala - latias mega - rayquaza
  12. For Trade: LEGENDARIES Normals: Unique Forms: What I am looking for: Any Form (Normal, Shiny, Mythic, Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Dark, Mythic, Metallic or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Forms (Shiny, Dark or Shadow) Only Certain Form (Dark) Only Certain Forms (Normal, Shiny, Mythic or Dark) (I might accept other legendaries that are not listed, if I don't have them)
  13. Hey guys, I am in need of a Deoxys Speed. Reply back in game if are willing to trade. Offering 2 unique leggie/UBs
  14. YOU WANT A LEGENDARY? I WILL GET YOU THAT LEGENDARY(not event or cost real money tho) SHINY,DARK,ECT =150K NORMAL = 50K BUY 2(or one unique) GET ONE FREE(RANDOM LEGENDARY) also if u have any unwanted premium Pokemon I will trade 3 unique Pokemon for one my username is Cav3man MY business is open!!!!!
  15. hi i am new id like a shiny regigigas please thank you
  16. Have: , Want: Or any other you can offer id : mujtaba_dustox
  18. I will trade these pokemon for a solgaleo. Mega venasaur(100) darkrai(100) zygarde(100)
  19. I will catch what you want and we will bargain on the price. I will level your pokemon up for 250 each level
  20. Hi, I'm offering a variety of Lvl 6 Immunes in exchange for Rare/Legendary Pokemon. I willing to give 3 Lvl 6 Immunes for 1 rare/legendary. Find me at IGN: Pointbreak434 if interested. Thanks!
  21. Hi! You can trade ANY legendary! Now myself in general have NO legendarys but i'm getting a genesect 4/11/2020. Happy Trading! D ) D
  22. So... They're all level 100. I need legendaries, so if anyone wants to trade? I got : ( lvl 100) ( Lapras) ( lvl 100) (Lilligant) ( lvl 100) (Mega Gardevoir) (lvl 100) ( Mega Gallade) ( lvl 100) ( Emolga ) ( lvl 100) (Shiny Sunny Cherrim) ( lvl 100) (Metallic Mega Absol) (lvl 100) (Metagross) (lvl 100) ( Mega Charizard X) Even though I've got all the badges and completed the events and stuff, I'm really lazy and can't find any legendaries soo... Trade with me maybe?
  23. Pokémon Level Experience Moves Offers / Remove Dark Registeel 63 31,500 Flash Cannon Superpower Earthquake Explosion
  24. Whats up guys! Im looking for legendarys and starters. Just those nothing crazy but if you want to see what i have check my profile. I dont have much, im trying to rebuild my account after getting hacked.
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