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Found 39 results

  1. I have a lot of Legendaries but I couldn't trade them because the fear to the botted exp so I gonna make some rules: THE VALUE OF THE SHINIES ARE HIGHLY INCREASED (i also decreased the others) BECAUSE U GUYS ONLY ASK FOR SHINIES AND I WANT TO SELL OTHER TYPES ALSO!! THE LEGENDS ARE UFT IN VITOLLEGS Definition of rare Legends: Rates in EXP: Normal Legendary: 100-150K EXP Normal rare legendary: 200K EXP Unique Legendary: 250-300K EXP Unique rare Legendary: 500K EXP Shiny Legendary: 700-800K EXP Shiny rare Legendary: 900K EXP What I have: Normal: Metallic: Shiny: Dark: Mystic: Shadow:
  2. Check my listed pokemons there are tons of legs. You guys can leave your ign with your offer. I will pm you in game if i'm ok with that. Highlights:
  3. pokemonfansclub

    Legendaries Trade Thread

    Trading pokemons Normal legendarys : Unique legendarys : Mega evolution pokemons : Ultra beast : Event pokemons : I am trading these pokemon for dp's ,Events or in unique necrozma's
  4. Hi, I have a few legendaries to offer. Trading legendary for legendary, unless you have another interesting offer. You can look up my IGN, tunings, and see whatever legendary I don't have yet. I can tell you too. All my pokemons are trained to level 100. You can message me in game or here. Normal 2x 2x3x Unique -
  5. Loki

    Legendaries Loki's Trading Thread

    I am only looking for level 100s and I am only trading for non-legends that I don't have. Specials [This does not apply to package deals]: For every two unique legendaries, you will get one free normal legendary (i.e. if you trade for 4 unique legendaries, you will get two normal legendaries as well). Rates: 6 normal non-legends for 1 unique or 4 unique non-legends for 1 unique. Each package deal costs 5 unique and 5 normal non-legendaries. Legendaries for Trade: Package Deals:
  6. Takashi96

    Legendaries Legendary and shiny for exp

    For 50,000 exp For 100,000 exp x1 x1 x1 x1 x1 x2 For 300,000 exp x1 x1 x1x1 There will be more to come (ign takashi96) leave a reply if interested Nothing is set in stone i do negotiate
  7. Allan Alves

    Legendaries CLCAL Trade's

    <Legendaries | Lendários> 1X 2X 3X 1X 1X 2X 4X 6X 1X 2X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1X 1x 2X 3X 2X2X 1X 2X 1X 1X 2X 1X 1X 2X 1X 1X 1X 2X 2X 1X 2X 3X 2X 1X 2X 2X 1X 5X 2X 2X
  8. coldfusuin

    Legendaries trade center

    HELLO ALL. TRADING THESE: 2x 2x2x 2x Interested in : -Specific uniques -Experince -Events Things im looking for: any any i also have pokemoney you can offer me price for these events.
  9. eurstin

    Legendaries Trade Thread

    V4 is pretty nice. Now give me leggies pls comic sans is a good font fyi Here are the rates. Normal Dark=Metallic=Mystic Shadow=Shiny 1:1 for leggies 1:3 for my cosmog/cosmoem for a unique leggy Eons/Megas/"Rare" Leggies are negotiable Things I need (if you don't have these, don't bother asking for my pokemon) Things I have
  10. Trading Dark Darkrown , Dark Groudon , Dark Ho-oh ,Dark Mew , Dark Regirock , Dark Registeel , Dark Shaymin (Sky) , Dark Terrakion , Dark Virizion Metallic Celebi , Metallic Cobalion , Metallic Deoxys , Metallic Entei , Metallic Genesect , Metallic Ho-oh , Metallic Landorus , Metallic Lugia , Metallic Regirock , Metallic Registeel , Metallic Yveltal , Metallic Zekrom Mystic Azelf , Mystic Celebi , Mystic Jirachi , Mystic Kyurem , Mystic Regigigas , Mystic Regirock , Mystic Tornadus Shadow Genesect , Shadow Giratina , Shadow Mewtwo , Shadow Rayquaza (Mega) and Shadow Zapdos For Unique Leggies I Don't Have Need unique leggies from this list : https://paste.ee/p/gUoY5 Rates Your 1 non-rare unique leggy I am missing = 1 non-rare unique + 1 normal leggy from my trades Your 1 rare unique leggy I am missing = 1 rare + 1 normal leggy from my trades I can also offer unique non-leggies for my missing unique leggies ign SuperKool will put the leggies uft as soon as we agree on a deal
  11. I'm trading Dark Azelf, Dark Cobalion, Dark Genesect Dark Yveltal Dark Zapdos Metallic Celebi Metallic Darkrown Metallic Genesect Metallic Heatran Metallic Ho-oh Metallic Palkia Metallic Regirock Metallic Shaymin (Sky) Metallic Suicune Metallic Terrakion Metallic Thundurus Metallic Virizion Metallic Xerneas (Active) Metallic Yveltal Metallic Zapdos Metallic Zygarde,, Mystic Azelf Mystic Darkrown Mystic Genesect Mystic Jirachi Mystic Kyurem Mystic Mew Mystic Regigigas Mystic Shaymin Mystic Tornadus Mystic Uxie Mystic Yveltal Mystic Zapdos Shadow Cobalion Shadow Latias Shadow Tornadus Shadow Uxie shadow Yveltal Shiny Mesprit Shiny Mewtwo (Mega Y) Shiny Regigigas Shiny Reshiram Shiny Virizion Shiny Zapdos for the unique legends I need Also got a few normal legends for trade as well. Discord name: Shinyhelper Here is the list of unique legends I need https://paste.ee/p/z514S
  12. TheLonelySavage

    Legendaries Savage Trades (UPDATED ON 7.9.17)

  13. eurstin

    Legendaries eurstin's trade shizzle

    Shalom I'm not Jewish pls no ban These never work out so well, so here's to this one doing better *raises budew* The rates are simple. I only accept 1:1 unique leggy trades. Shiny Dialga, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza will be negotiable, as people think they're worth more. Make sure the leggies you offer are on this list: https://paste.ee/p/6mLdU Here's what I got: (these are all uft on ign: eurstin) This is a pain in the ___ to update, so check my trades for an accurate representation of my inventory.
  14. TheLonelySavage

    Legendaries Lonely's Legends and Events (UPDATED)

    So here's what i got for trade. IGN Pigniteboy I value Groudon/Rayquaza/Diagla/Mewtwo/Kyogre/Deoxys so they will be more valuable DARK MYSTIC SHINY METALLIC SHADOW EVENTS/DONATIONS/FOSSILS NORMAL
  15. eurstin

    Legendaries Eurstin's Trading Thread

    WELCOME TO MY TRADING THREAD! No, I don't want an annoying CoolText generated title. I prefer to keep this plain and simple just like my girls My previous thread didn't turn out so well due to my notification settings being messed up. That's all fixed now, so I should be able to get back to you within 24 hours. The only thing I would ask is for you not to trade with others on this thread. Take it to the community trade thread please. Here's the important stuff: (all of these can be found on my trades @ign:eurstin. Anything in my account will be harder to get. My Shiny Water isn't for trade.) The highlighted pokemon are worth more. Use common sense please. Some pokemon are valued greater than others. As for Arceus, I'd prefer to just swap my uniques for other uniques. Legendaries Events It's not much, but these are my spares. I reserve the right to be a big fat meanie and reject offers. Thanks
  16. Nutella Navigator

    Legendaries ASAP Wishlist

    CLOSED. LOOKING FOR: OFFERING: (p.s. primals are a bit rarer than catchable legends, so I give them higher value, meaning I'm offering something special for primals)
  17. Welcome to my new trade thread! I am trying to complete my Pre-Evo Dex so check my wishlist for Pokemon I need! Please offer whatever you want! I really need to complete the Dex so I probably will accept it! I can trade my spare Unique Non-Legends for your Unique Non-Legends too! Every 4th-5th successful trade with me will get 1-2 RANDOM Unique Legends!
  18. Introduction: For those who know me well and good for those who dont let me introduce myself, hey guys my name is Scheryar and i ve playing vortex for 5 years now i joined the community late in v2, the purpose of creating this thread is to complete my legendary dex by trading my spare extra legends. Account Is 'event-collector'. Rules: All global and forum rules apply. No foul / vulgar language is permitted. Keep the salt else where as well as the fighting. A no is a no although you can propose a counter offer. Advertising your own merchandise on my thread is not allowed and trading with others is not permmited AT ALL. No stupid offers please they will simply be "IGNORED". What I am Trading: What I Am Looking For : (Work in progress) Thanks For Visiting
  19. GodsWithin

    Legendaries Dem Trades

    Dem Trades Hello everyone,Trying to complete our Legend Dex here. Below you'll find a list of the Legends we need and what we are prepared to offer for it. We also have some Events we are interested in trading for good and reasonable offers. Rules Rates Pokemon For Trade Normal Legends Metallic Legends Shadow Legends Shiny Legends Dark Legends Mystic Legends Events/Donations Legends I Need Non-Legends I Need
  20. WhiteWash

    Legendaries My Legend Dex

    Help to complete my legend dex i am willing to trade event here r my rates My Leggies i currently own
  21. Xelmon

    Legendaries Legendary Pokedex V2

    For some reason my last post got deleted... So these are the legends i am looking for: Metallic Shiny Dark Shadow Offering any legends from ign: Storage_ Also offering xp for any of those legends!
  22. Hello everyone. I have a question. Does someone want to trade with me for a Shiny Groudon Primal? Cause I really realy really want him! Send me on Pokemon vortex. Teunebeun.
  23. Iceflake99109 (Trading Only)

    Legendaries Arceus (Electric)!!

    Hi Everyone Now if you don't know already there is an Arceus (electric) event coming very soon which im absolutely thrilled for!!! But unfortunately i wont have enough time to do ALLL the sidequests in time to get one So im to willing to trade for one PM for more info and have a good day/night Trading:For them (Not all of my events for 1 though)
  24. The only rule is that the random normal legendary cannot repeat Yeah I do accept Zapdos! metallic/dark/mystic = 4 Shadow/Shiny = 5
  25. chingki123

    Legendaries Primals

    Hey guys, Im looking for primals! I can offer 5 from the list below: