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  1. YOU WANT A LEGENDARY? I WILL GET YOU THAT LEGENDARY(not event or cost real money tho) SHINY,DARK,ECT =150K NORMAL = 50K BUY 2(or one unique) GET ONE FREE(RANDOM LEGENDARY) also if u have any unwanted premium Pokemon I will trade 3 unique Pokemon for one my username is Cav3man MY business is open!!!!!
  2. Simply offer your Diancie in trade, I’ll get it and Mega Evolve it. Then I’ll place it back in my trades! 5 Star reviews from: @Pokomaster29 @Fluffyz
  3. inteleon's Trade Thread I accept trade offers (if they are worthy) and PDs in exchange for the Pokemon listed below. Legendary, Mythical, and Event Pokemon Mega Pokemon and other Non-Legends LOOKING FOR: Unique and Normal Legends, UBs, Unobs, Events, and PDs. Most of the Pokemon above are already listed and feel free to offer. Happy Trading!
  4. trade shiny kartana i am want another shiny ultra beast
  5. Will someone plz give me 1 Sablenite Promo Code plz.
  6. wanna trade? i can give shiny darkrai pls tell what u can give
  7. Im looking looking for a Shiny,Mystic or Dark Dratinilic which i can trade in for two Dratinilic or Tapu fini ,if anyones interested please do DM me Offering 2 or 1 For oror
  8. I really want , , and so if you have them I'll trade I don't have much, but I have: , , , , , , , , , and
  9. excuse me does anyone have a shiny rayquaza they can trade for my azelf and then I can give it to my friend 32s? He REALLY likes shinies and he is angry 'cause he spent 2 hours looking for shiny rayquaza but did not have any luck at all not even a normal rayquaza please or he could STOP PLAYING POKEMON VORTEX ALTOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. “Oh please, let me stay with Khajari” Me: I’ll see what I can do… I will give someone 400k plus a Zygarde Core for a shiny Mew. And if that’s not enough, I’ll throw in Golbat Halloween!
  11. Check my account Special offer with 1m exp it's only for offer for a week
  12. i have am trying to get a mew or necrozma in route 2 any tips on how to get legendarys? im new here
  13. I need and and I have only 693k a that's why I am only Trading Please let me know what do you want ign sanathandsaathvik
  14. Hi guys plz help i need Ultra Beast to complete my ultra beasts pokedex: PLease try to help me PLz
  15. I m selling items (preferably for pds)....I f ur interested in buying,DM me in discord ab27#1727 or message ign:champ27 in pv.... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PLZ NOTE: >DONT TRY TO SCAM ME! >I WONT ACCEPT POKES! >I WILL POKES FOR RARE ITEM PROMO! >MY EVENTS AND STARTER(MEGA CHARIZARD X) ARE NOT FOR SALE ALONG WITH SOME OTHER POKES... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HAVE A NICE DAY!
  16. I will trade legend for a shiny mew
  17. I HAVE A Shadow Xerneas (Active) LOOKING FOR A Shiny Xerneas (Active) im a shiny hunter who only Hunts for shiny Pokémon so im hoping someone out there has an extra Shiny Xerneas (Active and is willing to trade IGN: DTGaming
  18. and i will name the pokemon who Wins
  19. hi im trading shiny zygarde with 1.1m exp and necrozma with 1.1m exp if you have an offer wright down bellow btw i take money
  20. Shiny Lugia Lv 100
  21. i am trading legendry rares first to trade gets free darkrai
  22. I’m trading my shiny phione for something worth it. My IGN is ashketchumthebest. PLZ trade me
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