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  1. trade shiny kartana i am want another shiny ultra beast
  2. I HAVE A Shadow Xerneas (Active) LOOKING FOR A Shiny Xerneas (Active) im a shiny hunter who only Hunts for shiny Pokémon so im hoping someone out there has an extra Shiny Xerneas (Active and is willing to trade IGN: DTGaming
  3. and i will name the pokemon who Wins
  4. hi im trading shiny zygarde with 1.1m exp and necrozma with 1.1m exp if you have an offer wright down bellow btw i take money
  5. Shiny Lugia Lv 100
  6. YOU WANT A LEGENDARY? I WILL GET YOU THAT LEGENDARY(not event or cost real money tho) SHINY,DARK,ECT =150K NORMAL = 50K BUY 2(or one unique) GET ONE FREE(RANDOM LEGENDARY) also if u have any unwanted premium Pokemon I will trade 3 unique Pokemon for one my username is Cav3man MY business is open!!!!!
  7. i am trading legendry rares first to trade gets free darkrai
  8. I’m trading my shiny phione for something worth it. My IGN is ashketchumthebest. PLZ trade me
  9. I’m trading a darkrai. My IGN is ashketchumthebest. PLZ trade me
  10. I'm looking for offers to my pokemons, i have a lot of legendaries. My ign is : linfi20
  11. Starters- Legendary - Rares- Looking for Also im sry if i didn't put my megas in there i rly want to keep my megas I will also try to update the pokemon every week
  12. Hi, I need the following variants variants variants variants Trading only.
  13. Im asking for a legendary pokemon(preferably mewtwo) around lvl 50 pls cause i cant really find any except that I have latias.
  14. hello i am trading and selling UB for UB pls *2 *3 you can also give money my ign- SEGRYSGF
  15. hi i am trading these pokes -4 i also take pds
  16. i am trading- mega mewtwo x -4 mega garchomp these are my trades hope we can trade
  17. raquaza mega pikachu rockstar missisigo shadow mettagross zygarde dragapault
  18. I'm at Shore's End, have the Alola Ribbon, and have been searching for a while now, but I haven't gotten it, I've only gotten a Mystic Tapu Fini. (can't update the title) So please trade me a Tapu Fini (SHINY) for any of my mons that are not nicknamed. (EXCEPT FOR MY MIMIKYU, IMMUNITY MASTER) Comment your offer. (LUXRAY IS MY FAVORITE POKEMON)
  19. feel free to post your trade over here and people might trade MY TRADES ARE- raquaza mega floette eternal pikachu rockstar
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