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Found 7 results

  1. Alright, I'm creating this Topic bcuz u guyz r not posting nothing in the 'Music sub-forum' All u need to do is post a song and a specific pokémon (the poke must be related with the song). Examples: so.... if u get it... I'll start Sunflora
  2. Rate the Song Above Listen to the song given in the link by the poster above and leave a rating out of 10 with some comments as honest feedback. Then, leave a link to a song that the next person should listen to. Rinse, repeat. I'll go first with a song link. chatting in the PMs with Kaylum gave me this idea
  3. Music Beats

    Started learning how to make beats ^-^ My first beat: Hope you guys like it! Will upload more later. Follow me on soundcloud if you can Not playing Dhol or tabla @Patrick
  4. All is in the "Title". You need to write your favourite song. My favourite song is definitely "Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg - Wiggle" .
  5. Recently I came across some amazing singers.Who is ur favorite singer guys and girls. My favorite singer is Shawn Michaels Mendesand
  6. Music Music

    Inspired by the topic on movies. Who is your all time favourite male artist? Who is your all time favourite female artist? Who is your all time favourite band/group? What are your top five songs?
  7. Post what song you're currently listening to. Leave a link so we can hear your sound!