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Found 10 results

  1. Starting January 20th 2021, the legacy map system will no longer be available for the accounts that currently had access to them (accounts that pre-date v5) This will mean every player, new or old, will no longer have access to them. It was always our intention to phase this old system out and a new year seems like a better time to put this into effect than any. If you are currently a user of the legacy map system, you do not need to do anything and on January 20th, if you are still set to be using this system, you will be automatically moved over to the superior v
  2. Hello guys! I am tazzer many of you guys know me but some don't know me let me introduce myself I am just a normal and very good in studies kid As you know recent outbreak of COVID-19 my school was closed For the sake of online classes my dad give me permission to use wifi I am a big fan of Pokemon and that's why i started playing this game (Because in Pakistan there is not even one shop or store that have a Nintendo Switch and in Pakistan If you Play Pokemon Go you'll keep getting notice that you are going too fast while i am just sitting) so i played this game for 1
  3. hi my ign is meetqwer i train pokemon for experience at very low price for 100k 30k pokedollars fir 200k 60k pokedollars or 300k 90k pokedollars i can train maximum till 3million exp but remember it can take time if you want to contact then message here at trade forum or add me as a friend and copntact in chat
  4. I already have a idea why my account was banned. but i was just wondering if i could get my account but you wipe it because i like the old format but i cant use it on my new account i have deleted the extension I was running in the background wile I was playing the game.
  5. look everybody these are the upcoming legendaries in game 1. Zacian => other form zacian crowned (BOTH IN GAME) 2. Zamazenta => other form zamazenta crownrd (BOTH IN GAME) 3. Eternatus => other form eternatus eternamax (BOTH IN GAME) 4. Kubfu => evolution depending on type training single strike rapid strike (BOTH IN GAME) 5. Zarude (IN GAME) 6. calyrex (NOT IN GAME) 7. articuno (galarian) (NOT IN GAME) 8. moltres (galarian) (NOT IN GAME) 9. zapdos (galarian ) (NOT IN GAME) 10. Regieleki check on google (NOT IN GAME ) =
  6. As Pokémon Vortex gets older, it's visibly clear by Pokémon IDs and the infuriating "That username is not available" notice that the database grows and grows at a rapid rate. What does this mean? Nothing special really but some of you, like myself, love seeing random little statistics that are calculated and achieved over time so that's what we're here for - Here's some number crunching and milestones reached by Pokémon Vortex in the last 10 years and here's to 10 more beautiful years of Pokémon Vortex! 2009 - 2014 (v1 - v2) 2,817,404 accounts were registered 83,9
  7. Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Badges On Monday July 13th at 16:00 BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours. During this maintenance a new system will be put in to place that changes how badges and legendary Pokémon spawns work on players accounts. In preparation for gen 8 to be added to Pokémon Vortex, you will now only be required to finish a specific region's badges to find legendary Pokémon that originate from that region. For example, you will only need the 8 gym badges from Johto to be able to find Entei, Raik
  8. Scheduled Maintenance & Changes to Eevee On Wednesday June 3rd at 10:00am BST, Pokémon Vortex will be going down for maintenance for approximately two hours. During this maintenance, the only noticeable change upon being able to log in again will be the changes that are being made to Eevee's evolution methods which are the following: Eevee will now evolve into Leafeon using a Leaf Stone instead of a Moss Rock Eevee will now evolve into Glaceon using an Ice Stone instead of an Ice Rock Why are these changes happening? When Leafeon and Glace
  9. This is what is hanging in our Dashboards now. Seen it already? THE SONG YOU ASK FOR? So as the Video begins we see a Ugly New and Fresh Homepage for Vortex with like 10000 Times better looks and finally a Wiki Link. We finally see a new front image. OMG Waited for it so long. Then comes a Floating Login where Chris_ logs in and we fail to know his password ... and then a New Dashboard .... where Vortex claims to still giving for 10$ (Which is now over) and listed new features are Super Secret. WOW a New Pok
  10. We've had a wiki in the works for quite some time now and we wanted it to be a bit more complete before it was actually released but then we thought, it's for the community, why not let them help make it more complete. All that Vortex knowledge cooking up in your head, throw it onto the wiki. However, don't just dive in creating pages for Pokémon than the content reads "I like this Pokémon" - That's not what a wiki is for. Be sure to read our guidelines and about page for wiki editing. If you're an experienced wiki editor already then feel free to jump straight to it and help get some new
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