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  1. The ribbon had not been given for more than a year.I seems to never get unlocked, I'm confused why. Screenshots: https://ibb.co/Tcmgwfv https://ibb.co/1fWRwJN
  2. I put up an auction for my Kyurem (White) but I decided to remove the auction since it had no bids. The Kyurem hasn't appeared in my Pokemon inventory but I can view it under unsold bids, trying to resist it says " The Pokemon selected to auction does not exist, does not belong to you or is currently in your team". Anyone encountered this glitch before or knows how to resolve the issue?
  3. I found this I refreshed the page but it didn't go https://paste.pics/264502d01679a97850418a4a759ec364 I don't know if it's a bug
  4. So let’s say in a battle, my Dark Scraggy (male) got confused, and accidentally hurt himself, isn’t it suppose to say, ‘Your Dark Scraggy hurt himself’ rather than say he got hurt itself? Because the Scraggy is a male, not an ‘it’. Same goes for females. If a Pokémon had no gender like Metagross, then it would make sense for the game to say ‘Your Metagross hurt itself’ Anyways, this is what I found rude in a way, even though Pokémon are not real but still... Thanks for reading this, have a nice day.
  5. Hi, i bought a mystery box. How do i claim it?
  6. hey pokemon vortex staff pls read my message i really want a lunala and finaly i got a cosmoem now the problem is i cant evolve it into lunala even at night time is only coming from my
  7. I bought a mystery box, it was supposed to end at 10:23 and I bid on it and then I was waiting and after some time I got bored and did something else and after lot of time the auction ended but I couldn't find my mystery box anywhere I checked promo codes and checked my money to see if someone outbidded me but I still had the money I was supposed to have What happened to my mystery box? Proof-https://ibb.co/yk4yMZ1 And other proof-https://ibb.co/cgFwLqD
  8. https://imgur.com/a/NQoWgUi Simisage cannot be caught in the wild right?
  9. This Thing Pops Up Many Times While Training And Exploring Map..... Screenshot- https://500px.com/photo/1033817720/bug-by-k****ij-kediya
  10. HI, i just want to tell that the auction does not end at the time, i have seen the forums and have change the time zone but nothing changed. As a result, I have lost large no. of legendary and megas . And also automatically the end time get changed, all efforts made by earlier members get into vain. Please see into it. Please help. These are the details of the latest auction: Started By: ashgoh1234 Total Bids: 1 Start Price: 50,000 Started: 9:41am on 21-Jun Ends: 9:41am on 24-Jun Auction ID: #0004191850
  11. I was gonna evolve cosmoem into lunala, it also showed lunalas picture and said do you wanna replace the attacks with Lunalas? But when I evolved it ,it just evolved in solgaleo even though it was supposed to be lunala, I did this exactly at 2:27am gmt
  12. I had two metallic Ash Greninja but when I put one on auction the next day it disappeared. No one bought it. I didn't get the money or my pokemon back. There is just question marks on the owner section. Please help me
  13. Catch my shiny rayquaza with an ultra ball, but it appears trapped with a normal pokeball, please if you could change it for me or is there any way to change the pokeball?
  14. Hola como están soy gatito.10 (soy nuevo aquí así que no se como manejar los comentarios perdón si los ofendo y esta es mi experiencia) les quiero comentar algo haber si ustedes pueden solucionarlo: el premio de hoy 26/05/2021 creo que fue de 88,725. Antes de saberlo siempre que abro la pagina me sale el calendario pero me pareció extraño que no me apareciera ahora así que lo abrí normalmente pero al abrirlo me salió que mi premio había sido reclamado en otra cuenta hasta ahora yo me preguntaba si mi dinero había aumentado por que solo tenia 8000 hasta que lo abro y me sale que tengo 17,926 asi que pienso que otro usuario abrio mi contraseña (para sacar de dudas les quiero decir que no tengo otra cuenta mas) ayudenme a solucionar este problema y a recuperar mis 88,725 de dinero pls.
  15. Hey, Is There A Thing Like Shadow Ban Or Something??? I Am Looking For Leggies For Hours And They Are not Appearing I Have Done All The Gyms Etc Required Maybe Its Because I Have Logged In After A Long Time??? ign-IamKK
  16. Hi, I don't know if this is an error, bug, etc xd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knwwIThfSNU
  17. All my legendary and ultra beasts pokemon disappeared ? why? i checked that i didnt trade with anyone pls help me.
  18. mesooprohaha (my friend) [has no forum account] bought 2 armored mewtwo 1 shadow and 1 shiny doing everything correctly...... He was trading one to me for some pokes and today the promo i wanted to trade for dissapeared. for all i know he didn't claim it or sell it........it just simply dissapeared. for 1 thing i think someone hacked him because he didn't do anything to it and don't accuse me , i didn't even know the code according to things something might have either glitched or someone hacked inside his acc and claimed the promo on his account.......... he now says it's a waste of $20
  19. I didnt get my pokemon from pokebay, can anyone help???
  20. I just searched for Garchompite on the pokebay auction using browse auction and I just opened an auction for 1 Garchompite promo code by AlainPBX1 and it automatically bid an amount of 454444 on it without me typing in the price or clicking in the place bid button which is 10000 more than the previous bid by someone else The auction will end soon and I have no idea now to cancel this. Request you to solve this bug
  21. Sorry for the inconvenience @flamescape, I need your help with my next problem, I created my account since 2014 of pokemon vortex v3, I stopped playing it for personal reasons and after a while I am playing it again. I remember having several strong Pokemon, including Shiny Primal Kyogre and Shiny Primal Groudon, and other Pokemon that disappeared out of nowhere. Log in to my account again, I did not find most of my Pokémon including the ones I mentioned before. These two pokemon, which I remember I got at an event and took a long time to get. I wouldn't know why they disappeared, I don't know if it's a bug or they were stolen from me. Please I need help from you, if there is any way to get it back. Please if possible only my Shiny Kyogre primal and my shiny groudon primal, which are the ones that cost me the most to get them. Sorry for talking about this again. I await your response thank you very much.
  22. Good morning , sorry for the inconvenience, my problem is an error or a bug, I'm coming back after a while to play pokemon vortex, I was reviewing my list of pokemon and I realize that my pokemon shiny kyogre primal and shiny groudon primal They are not on my list of pokemon, I would not know why they disappeared, I do not know if it is because of the update or it is because of something else, please if you could return my most precious pokemon to me, because I want to continue playing pokemon. I await your reply, thank you. Browser & device information: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/b/6IM25 Is the issue recurring or has it only happened once? No, this is my first time. Can you recreate the issue? I could not do it. Have you checked the bug report forum to see if your issue has already been reported? This would be my first report and my first forum.
  23. I am in the top hundred of the season top trainers list but I don't handy any VC.
  24. I logged in and now my wild encounter battle thing is on the left instead of being above my trainer
  25. We know that Judgment (Normal) have a base damage of 150, which is quite good. And also Fling having a Base Damage of 130 when taught to either Dark Darkrown or any other Dark (Variant) and Dark (Type) Pokémon deals a total damage of 406. But Judgment deals only 313 Damage. Why? This might be an error or some damage calculation that we still don't know.
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