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Found 18 results

  1. Current Hunt: Previous Hunts: Rules: 1. Please don't pressure me to finish 2. I only search for unique Legendaries and Commons , I don't search for Ultra Beasts and fossils Format: IGN Pokemon you want me to search for Offer
  2. list the fidget spinner (s) you have I got a led light + magifically 6 sided golden spinner
  3. 1 st prize 2 nd prize Type a number of ur choice I have choosen the number who will win Dont forget to tell ur ign The results will be in some time
  4. price and write a number between 0-100 i will decide a number to and the result will announce Tommorow
  5. first price second price and third price The Result Will Announce on Monday Type a number between 0-100 I have selected a number
  6. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

    Biscuitman's Sprite Thread Hey guys, welcome to my spriting thread. I used to be very active on Pokemon forums between 2007 and 2010 when spriting was very popular, but it doesn't seem to be such a big thing anymore. Nonetheless I thought I'd share some of my sprites, and I am taking requests! Scratch Sprites These are created entirely from scratch. Pixel-Overs These are made by tracing over a TCG image or other art, then colouring and shading like a sprite. This means they take on the pose of the Pokemon in the original image. Further examples of my work can be found on my DeviantArt page. Requesting I am currently only taking requests for pixel-overs as I get back into spriting, but will be offering scratch sprites in due course. If people are interested I may also offer recolours and fusions too. Let me know if you would be keen for these, and I can mock up some examples. When requesting, please let me know the Pokemon you would like a pixel-over of. Furthermore, if you have a specific image of a Pokemon, for example TCG art, an anime still or even your own drawing, I would be happy to create a pixel-over of that. If you are providing a TCG or anime image for me to use, please ensure that the whole of the Pokemon is visible within the image. If you don't specify an image I will simply choose one that I think looks good. As of August 14th I will only be accepting one request per person. Once I have completed your sprite, you may request another right away. Waiting List Shinx Pixel-Over for Mark Thompson Deoxys (Defense) Pixel-Over for Event_Lords123 Mega Charizard X Pixel-Over for Dhananjay Shitkar Shiny Mega Rayquaza Pixel-Over for hhh123 Arceus (Fire) Pixel-Over for TheLonelySavage Umbreon Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Wartortle Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Completed Requests Munchlax Pixel-Over for GodsWithin Blastoise Pixel-Over for Uncle_Psychic Thank you for your time, and feel free to leave a request! Please note: If you would like to share any of my art or use it elsewhere on the internet, I have no problem with that, but please be sure to give credit. Art theft is against the forum rules, and if I find you using my art without credit I will also no longer take requests from you.
  7. Other Monster Ranch?

    Maybe a bit out of the blue question, but in the time Vortex was called Pokémon Battle Arena, there was also a link to a familiar game with Pokémon like creatures called Monster Ranch. Now I know that this game is out of air, but does anyone maybe know a link to an archive or something where you can go to the Monster Library (their form of the Pokédex) to see the creatures they designed, like Aquaff, Nindageon and Acophyte? I couldn't find it anywhere but maybe someone over here who played that also can help me. Kind regards, Henky
  8. Hi I am trading cosplay for Unique complete...
  9. I wonder are there any Diablo players here in Vortex? I really enjoy playing Diablo. Not just a game but whole series. The aspect of farming really reminds me Pokemon Vortex. My favourite is Diablo 1 but I play Diablo 3 nowadays. If are there some Diablo players here, we can play together...
  10. Other Who plays WOW?

    Hey everyone! I wanted to know who else is addicted to the WOW crack like me? I play on Thrall in the Horde and I have a Rogue and a Huntard both in the 100s. (the pets fighting w me convinced me to play as a hunter tbh).
  11. Other Cubone (Vader) Discussion

    Cubone (Vader) Huge thanks to @Patrick for the new event and @Uncle_Psychic for creating it's sprites. Below discuss your favorite type, what type did you claim and how many did you claim. Claiming from a couple of places is fine but abusing the event to get an extraordinary high amount to monopolize yourself if not. I claimed 4 Cubone (Vader). 1 Metallic, 1 Mystic, 2 Shadow and 1 Normal. My favorite has to be between Shadow and Shiny. Shadow has the blue light saber so I'm leaning towards that.
  12. Other Let it wrip

    Hi there I have just joint
  13. Other Pokemon Vortex Nationstates region?

    If you don't know what Nationstates is, look it up. It's complicated. Basically it's a political simulator. Then it gets weird. For those of you who do play it, (not very many, probably) how many would be interested in a region for Vortex members only? EDIT: Created the region. It's called Pokemon Vortex, and the password to enter is Patrick. Please make your country name something similar to your IGN, or put your IGN in your motto.
  14. Here i will start a experimetal project to just give you guys a view of how rare or common a pokemon really is. Pokemons when it is day (In Game): Pokemons when it is night (In Game):
  15. Other Pokémon Music Remix Requests

    So, I'm a musician. I play a lot of instruments, but one of my favorite things to do is remixing. If anyone has a remix request for a song from a Nintendo videogame, I'll create it, upload it to a Dropbox, and share the link with you. All remixes are done in Garageband, a program by Apple. Also, I specialize in PMD2. I love PMD2 music, just saying. JOBS BEING WORKED ON: JOBS DONE:
  16. Find Your Favorite Alolan Starter! Can't decide what Alolan Starter is for you? This 'very short' quiz will help you with your choice! I feel like an advertisement about healthcare now. If you answered yes to questions: 2 5 6 8 Rowlet is for you! If you answered yes to questions : 1 4 5 Popplio is for you! If you answered yes to questions: 3 5 7 9 Litten is for you! Rowlet has won my Vote! If I put this under the wrong category, I'm sorry! I didn't know where to put a Poll about Alolan Starters besides 'Create + Discover'
  17. Other Last App You Used

    This thread was not created because I have too much free time and I want to be a nub creating useless threads... Last App You Used So I was kinda bored, I went on my iPhone and opened a couple apps and then got more bored. My life is boring. Anyways I thought it would be interesting to see what Apps the community uses. Who knows...maybe I'll download one of your suggested Apps and my life might not be THAT boring. Just post the name, and a picture if you're feelin' fancy, of the last Mobile App you used was and what device/operating system it was on. Furthermore, I encourage you to post the Top 5 Apps that you use/would recommend. I'll go first: Last Mobile App Used: Snapchat on iOS (iPhone 6) Top 5 Apps: Netflix Twitter Instagram Tinder Snapchat House Party
  18. Other The PTC

    How many have joined the Pokemon Trainer Club?