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Found 18 results

  1. For a leak (rumor), a lot of information on the games have come out. These are supposed to be the next Pokemon RPGs and will be on the Switch, and take place in an alternate time-line after Yellow Version in Kanto. The same companies that registered the domains for Sun & Moon registered domains for Let's go Pikachu & Eevee. Your starters, Pikachu and Eevee are special, and contain unique evolutions (allegedly). Gorochu, Pikachu's evolution, existed during the Green/Red/Blue era but was scraped due to keeping the games balanced. A mockup created by a fan below (Credit: What are your thoughts on the titles, concepts and games in general? If this is real, I'm kinda excited. If this has been addressed on this forum already, I apologize, I looked and couldn't find any topics discussing it.
  2. What would be your favorite pokemon game on each console? I'll start: (Only the ones I've played and liked) Game Boy Color: Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Crystal Nintendo 64: Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 Game Boy Advanced: Pokémon FireRed and Emerald Nintendo DS: Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Platinum, Pokémon SoulSilver and Pokémon Black Nintendo 3DS: Pokémon Y, Pokémon OmegaRuby and Pokémon Sun I'm curious to know how you like to play Pokémon. You do not need to add color, but you can put it in if you want.
  3. Pokemon 801: Things You Might Not Know! Welcome here. This is a list of Pokemon facts you might not know! Now you know. I will be listing down all strange and interesting Pokemon facts here for everyone have a look at and yes, you can submit your own and I will add it to the list. Don't submit facts like Primapes like to eat bananas because we already know bananas do not exist in the Pokémon world. (Looks at the anime ) Also, don't submit your assumptions. Your opinions don't matter. I will start and you can continue . . .
  4. PinkLink

    Pokémon Nuzlockes.

    So, I've been into Nuzlockes for a while now, and I was wondering if anyone else has completed or failed a run? Or what was a crazy catch you landed or the most hurtful loss you've dealt with? If you don't know what a Nuzlocke is, I'll give you a run down. Nuzlocke; A made up game type that you can pay Pokemon by imposing a mental set of rules. Rules are as follows: 1) If a Pokemon faints in battle, it is considered dead. You must either release it, or box it forever, never to use it again. No exceptions. 2) Only the first encounter in any route, cave, water route, town, or area is what you must catch. If you fail to catch it, you cannot catch anything else in the route/area. 2b) Shiny clause. If you already caught a Pokemon in a route, and you use said route to grind or are passing through, if a shiny Pokemon appears you may catch it. 3) You must nickname every catch. It create's a sense of loss if you have it faint on you. A nickname makes every catch more personal. These are the main rules. You can always make more up, like only using one potion per major battle, or using no Pokemon centers for healing. I'm doing a run right now in Soul Silver, and I'm not making this up when I say I actually first encountered on a new route, an . I'm not kidding.
  5. Pokémon Sun and Moon is out finally. Use this thread to discuss your game progress. I completed Moon once, but since it was in a hurry I couldn't enjoy the game play so I decided to restart. I am currently in Iki Town with my Popplio and Pikipek. What about you?
  6. It was just announced that there will be a Pokémon Direct at 7am P.T. on the 6th of June! That's tomorrow! Will we see a 3rd version to Pokémon Sun/Moon? A Switch version to Pokkén Tournament? Pokémon Snap 2? A new Pokémon Stadium? A new Pokémon Colosseum/XD? What do you think will be announced? What do you hope will be announced?
  7. Playing Showdown with Pokemon Vortex Members Well, since Pokemon Showdown has became Popular here, I think it was worthy bringing this thread back This is going to be a place where you can battle other Pokemon Vortex members. Chat Channel Discord: Staff THE TIER THIS LEAGUE IS OVER USED! BE CREATIVE WITH YOUR TEAMS! Rules · Be nice to people. Respect people. Don't be rude or mean to people. · Moderators have discretion to punish any behavior they deem inappropriate, whether or not it's on this list. · We reserve the right to tell you to stop discussing moderator decisions if you become unreasonable or belligerent. (Off topic conversations are allowed, just keep it appropriate). League Champions and Elite Four Challengers Note: As of yet, there are no Gym Leaders. Me and Sneezeball would like to see the turnout of the players, and then determine if a system including gym leaders would be viable. Application Process
  8. iZeus

    Pokémon Vortex League

    Well since Pokemon Showdown has became Popular here, I think it was worthy bringing this Thread back. First of all this is going to be a place where you can battle other Members in preferably OU Matches. Chat Channel : #VortexLeague Owners : Zeus, Rob and Patrick Admin : Anindit and u44151 Moderators : Sportsandmusic69 , Sneezeball, OV0XO and Trollface If you wish to become a Moderator in the Chatroom , stay active and follow rules. Notable Rules · Be nice to people. Respect people. Don't be rude or mean to people. However if you use Profanity during Battles in Showdown, keep it soft. · Moderators have discretion to punish any behavior they deem inappropriate, whether or not it's on this list. If you disagree with a moderator ruling, appeal to a leader (a user with & next to their name) or Discipline Appeals. (We do not mute without reason. If disagree, then pm the person who muted you.) · Don't call unnecessary attention to yourself. Don't be obnoxious. ALL CAPS and formatting are acceptable to emphasize things, but should be used sparingly, not all the time. (Don't be that annoying guy.) · We reserve the right to tell you to stop discussing moderator decisions if you become unreasonable or belligerent. (Off topic conversations are allowed, just keep it appropriate.) You can challenge a Gym Leader whenever you want and decide on a Time where you two can battle. Legendary Pokemon are allowed. As for Elite4, They will change every month depending on the Top Four Members. The Champion only changes when he/she is defeated by someone else. You can only challenge a Elite 4 if you have all the Gyms cleared. If you lost to one E4 Member, you have to start Elite4 all over again. Leaderboards will be reset every month, except the Champion retains there position. Gym Leader and Newbies can't include Legendary Pokemon in teams. However E4 and Champions can. If you are not a Gym Leader or Elite 4 or Champion, you can change your team whenever you feel like. Prizes : As of now there is no prizes in game. However on Occasions there might be prizes given out to you. For now, Online gifts such as Steam/Amazon/iTunes are allowed.
  9. As the date of the release of both Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon approaches nearer... and leaked Pokémon credible sources are releasing new information about the new Pokémon/Abilities, I just want to know: If you could choose between Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon, which one would you prefer? And why? Feel free to argue discuss with your peers Source of pictures:
  10. iZeus

    Pokémon Pokémon Journey

    Pokémon Journey Thread This thread is for keeping a track of your progress in actual Pokémon Games and sharing it with everyone in this community. Well, I have finished all the games till B2W2 numerous times but my PC had to got through a complete Format and I lost all my save files and data. I decided to restart today. So here is my current progress, Pokémon FireRed I have edited the ROM and made it possible to complete the Pokedex. Name : Zeus Started : 20th July 2016 Rival Name : Destiny Current Team : Box :
  11. February 26th 2016 May 10th 2016 June 2nd 2016 June 11th 2016 June 14th 2016 June 30th 2016 - July 1st 2016 July 7th 2016 July 13th 2016 July 19th 2016 August 1st 2016 August 11th 2016
  12. Pokémon Sun and Moon Information will be out soon. What are your views? Are you Hyped? Excited ? Share your views here. Update : It's out !
  13. DarkraiXXX

    Pokémon Fav. Pokemon Game

    Which is your favorite pokemon game series?
  14. DarkraiXXX

    Pokémon Favorite Pokemon Gen

    finally got the poll working!!!
  15. Uncle_Psychic

    Pokémon Showdown Random Battles #1

    I thought it'd be appropriate to post this here all the general clauses apply,all battles will be fought on,at a timing convenient for both parties winner will get decent prizes,I promise post if you wanna join the tournament,I'll enter your name will edit with more details if necessary
  16. Assassin_Creed

    Pokémon Pokemon Showdown Battles

    If you play pokemon showdown post here your best battles.I would like to see them.This is mine name there is WarlockOfPain.
  17. Pheonix Lancing

    Pokémon Pokemon Showdown

    Pokemon Showdown As many of you probably already know, I suck at showdown, but as I'm trying to contribute to the re-making of the forums, I'll do this one! IGN: What Type of Battle's you do: Best Battle(s): Happy Pokemon Showdown'ing everyone! (Once, again if anyone can remember who made this topic originally, pm me so I can give them credits)