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  1. SO first i mean i asked someone to exp train 1 million exp on shiny dragonpult, i check on his team it still has the same exp i asked for it back but still he didnt respond. It says he has been on lately but still can i get my dragon back. I mean idk what he is doing but he said it will only take 4 days it been 3 months so yuh
  2. I was bidding for a in pokebay and frasermck (his ign) bid on it at the last second and won , pretty normal but then after I recieved these messages Like what , I don't get it where to report curses like this like it's not a scam but a thing to be reported , all I see is this place to report in the forum , the forum is kinda confusing but yeah That's toxic and needed to be taken care of Or maybe Patrick wouldn't care idk
  3. I just scammed by Guy, ign: combatkiller123 Discord: Hellothere. #4297 I payed him.120m pds for 30m exp train according to rate 1:4 He released my poke tyrantrum Poke id: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/768385349806194718/830077610640801892/IMG_20210409_183734.jpg Pic that i paid 100m pds https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/768385349806194718/830079975276150824/Screenshot_2021-03-15-20-46-36-98.png Pic of another 20m pds https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/768385349806194718/830084430319976448/Screenshot_20210409-194812_Onbibi
  4. i am trading Metallic diglett (Christmas) for exp training. i made deal with user (ign: xX_21Fire_xX). Than send my Metallic Flareon (My OT) for exp training (till 3.4m exp). He trained Pokemon a bit. Than he said me he is sick. He send my Pokemon his friend for training (ign: Kingcool42069). He not train my Pokemon. Now send it pokebay for sale. They stole my Pokemon. Our deal: A couple of day later. Our last talks: Auction:
  5. Hi people I got scammed by nigu he lied and took my mewtwo, rayquaza mega and my xereneas active for a commen pokemon don't know what to do. Plz ban nigu I looked hard for the mewtwo and I paid a lot for the rayquaza mega and xerenas active.
  6. Hello everyone my main ig is abhiramv My alternate account is abhiramv2 I trusted one person ig ursawarrior3825 But he cheated me and took all my 5 Necrozma and one metallic Necrozma of my ot abhiramv That Necrozmas even have experience And I have screenshot of every Necrozma I had Currently they are in nammakam01 trades which were offered to a shiny Pikachu jedi
  7. hi my account has been hacked by a player named Rv2156 he took my 2nd my all and my my and my many more pokemon please help this is the proof https://paste.pics/51ed080c81c4df828923121cdb056b5d
  8. This account named AryaPlayz_Pokemon was trying to get my password. I was asking a question in the forums in the Ask Question section on how to reset your account. But this post appeared: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UDwc5hbEDoeQwwBSzF7zi-wOSObOsaAr/view?usp=drivesdk I wasn't selling my account. I just wanted to know how to reset. So now, i'm not interested resetting my account. I consider that other topic closed. The topic: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/topic/23574-pokemon-vortex-account-resetting/
  9. Hi friends XxN1CKxX is a scammer he took all my pokedollaras he told me that I have 12 mystery boxes do you want I told him yes then he told I will trade all mystery boxes to you then I said ok and I told him that you take all my money and give me all mystery boxes then he told me that I will put a great ball auction then you bud all money on it I bidded and I saw his trade nothing was there. I am a little bit new on Pokémon Vortex so that's why I didn't know that we can't trade mystery boxes
  10. I was on discord and realized I was accidentally live streaming after another user entered and told me I was live streaming. Fudou was watching my stream before I knew and wrote down my codes and redeemed them along with Fred111 (I guess he gave him my exp boosts). I never was giving them away. I never said it was a giveaway. Fudou admitted to taking them and justifies his actions by saying that I said it's a giveaway. I spent $50 on 70mbs and I'm a new user. And I support this server a lot. I wasn't giving them out. It's a shame that these users think their actions are ok. I'm upset that some
  11. Hey Everyone, This is sacheth.master9876. Hope this message finds you all in the best of spirits. A person, IGN: Freaky_Imp, Scammed my Guzzlord. I gave Freaky_Imp to train my Guzzlord to 1 million on Wednesday. We had deal that he would train 1 million for 800,000 pokedollars. His rate was 80,000 pokedollars for 100,000 exp training. Yesterday, I texted him regarding the training and he is like pay Two Million or the Guzzlord is mine. He had is rate " 80,000 for 100,000 exp" four days ago i.e Wednesday. Now it says, "200,000 for 100,000 exp". Could I please get any help regarding this?
  12. Hi everyone, when I was checking my shinies, I found out my shiny zoroark is missing. it never happen before 'cause i just start playing. so can anyone help me because it is hard to find shiny zorua and to evolve it annd zoroark is my favourite. Please help me
  13. On behalf of my sister, Eeveecuteness, I want to say that Whosane13 hacked his account and stole 6 of her pokemon, 3 Alcremie (Star) and 3 Alcremie (Love). Please help my sister, she had been scammed by many people.
  14. here is proof: link one https://ibb.co/yqB7k2F link two: https://ibb.co/ypC29vx link three: https://ibb.co/g3RcjW7 IGN scammer:Ajitno.1 my witness that shiny pikachu (Halloween) is my Pokémon from a trade: (levic1234) Lost around 30mil but it’s fine as long as admins see this report and do something about this! (APPARENTLY THIS USER HAD BEEN DOING THIS MULTIPLE OF TIMES TO OTHER USERS!)
  15. So there is a 12 year old kid named @Shiny_Sylveon and this is our conversation https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/760807978327867403/816724941835730964/Screenshot_20210303-225457_Chrome.jpg This is like the biggest scam I've ever heard Can we help this kid ?
  16. a user named SweetPain logged into my account and stole my pokemons
  17. Hi administrators, I am Kevin, Peruvian player, owner of the account "solovino", I want to report a theft of my Pokémon. A friend contacted me because he received a message from my account with a rude word and he wrote to me by mesenger, asking why I had written that to him. It is when I entered my account to verify and saw that everything had been stolen from me and I had some of my pokemon in trade for 10 hours, which would be 10 pm in Peru more less (20/02/2021). I would like you to verify who stole my Pokémon and if it is possible to recover them all. I
  18. So, here is my story. I hadn't played in 2 years and i start playing the game This guy added (pokebro83) me and acted like he was talking to me and then he asks for my shiny mewtwo armor, and i didn't know that it was worth a lot. So, i asked him how much it was worth and he said about a million pokedollars and since it was shiny about 1.5 million pokedollars for a shiny mewtwo armor. but we had traded the pokemon 1 shiny mewtwo armor for a and a . And i belived him because he said he knows all about this game. So, i did the trade and right after i did the trade he blocke
  19. Hi guys I'm RawXthunder, and I'm reporting a big scam which happened with me today. A discord guy named : stifler#4114 has scammed me for 200m pokedollars the deal was for the following promo code : shiny volcanion and shadow complete. His Pokemon vortex ign is - Ac_dc I request @flamescapeand @Patrickto please look into it. As soon as knew that I was giving the pds , he transferred his valuable pokes form Ac_dc to arceusdios15 account I hope both the account gets banned. Here are the proofs that I have collected. All the scam report :
  20. This guy named Hillsbro, he made 3 accounts one named Pinda12 and he other gamznightmare2, he tried to scam me on his alt accounts saying that if I give him a shiny naganedel, shiny katana and a metalic kubfu he will give e a shiny necrozma. He said that his friend has the shiny necrozma (he didn't give me the name) he also said that I have to trade my shiny kartana, shiny naganadel and metalic kubfu for his Nihelgo and then he would give my pokemon to his friend and finally give the shiny Necrozma back to me for his Nihelgo; this was when I started to believe him so I made the trade. He then
  21. @Patrick and @flamescape someone wanted to trade passwords with me, name is jakn.. he said he's new, and when i saw his profile, it was true that he just joined about a week ago or so. he add friend me and messaged me, saying that he's poor, and needed money from me,.. he asked for 100k, and i said if you want money, you should battle and do sidequests. But then in reply, he said i was stupid. I remembered that before you login to your account, it says never tell anyone your password right??just for our safety.. so I thought I better report this to you guys..just in case he did it to someo
  22. Hello, Today, 08-fev, I was login in to see some things in game and i notice all my ingame money was gone. I don't know how that happen but somehow a purchase with my account was made buying a Deoxys (Defence) for 52'938'493 ingame money 4weeks ago (I don't have many time to play so I notice it only today) and I'm sure I did not buy that pokemon for all that money... How it is possible to something like this happen? How can i get back my money? I don't want that pokemon. I want my money back... Please help me... an image of the purchase below
  23. It happens on Sat Jan 23 2021, When username 'Pinda12' told me one of his friend can use a Shiny Necrozma to trade My Shadow Nagadel(pokemon id: #804), Shadow Kartana(Pokemon id: #798, Metallic Guzzlord(Pokemon id: #799), Normal Necrozma(Pokemon id: #800) and Shiny Darkrai(Pokemon id: #491), but after that, he use my Pokemons to trade a Nihilego (Pokemon id: #793) with a user called 'AncientNecrozma', and he keeps the Pokemon. And now, I wants to get back my Pokemons, and 'AncientNecrozma' have the same idea as me. Please make my Pokemons back as soon as possieble, Thank you so much!
  24. i let TheBeastgam3r train my shiny frosmoth. he said i must give him 2poekmon .after i give him,he said he would give me a gift if i give him 1more pokemon.after i gave him he said someone outbid him.i must give him 1pokemon so he can outbid the person.i think is a scam so i asked him for my pokemon.he said he cannot unless i give him a pokemon. the pokemon is special like togepi halloween,voltorb star wars and pikachu ph.d
  25. Hi all! I am Ancientnecrozma! I made a guy friend named Jesterv786 @jesterv786. One day suddenly, He told me that he wanted to trade with me for my arceus (dragon)! I told ok for him and without knowing asked him to trade for his 4 ultra beasts! as value of arceus dragon was shown highest sold 9m i asked him to trade for his mystic guzzlord, xurkitree, naganadel and necrozma as i love ultra beasts! he then told me that it's not worth it and he told that he would trade if i sell the arceus dragon for 8m and he would give his ultra beasts if i get those 8m, but i told no and he to
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