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Found 74 results

  1. There is this guy that messages me called "PrinceAzman" and he sent my a website. I clicked on it finding out it was a hack to the game. I wanted to report this if it was legit. So when it needed my pass, I told them and then quickly changed it afterwards. But an hour later it says that someone is accepting all my trades even tho I didn't put anything up. And then it took me out of the game and I couldn't get back in saying that my password was wrong. He hacked my account and has taking all my stuff. When I signed up on another account and searched up my main username "nullioid" it says that player doesn't EXIST. And the player I "PrinceAzman's" account doesn't exist either. All that I know is that he was getting my pokemon with this account called "tranquit" something I can't figure out the full username. Anyway this is the link to the website it showed me. https://nishasengar1981.wixsite.com/mysite Please help Patrick your like the only one that can help. I had lots of awesome pokemon and I would hate it if I couldn't get them back. SOMETHING PLEASE, HELP ME.
  2. Tritre

    Report Hacker

    Hello. I have a friend, Jrxd is his username. He is new so he doesn't know anykwathing about this game. Well, he got his account hacked by Jnmo. Proof → He found his missing one day. He told me everything and a user he suspected. I checked in his account and found an whose original trainer was Jrxd. I asked him about previous trades with him and he said they never traded with each other. Please Patrick sir. Help my friend. Contact his IGN - Jrxd if u still want the proof. Thank u.
  3. Lidermen

    Report REPORT a ShinBlu

    Denounced ShinBlu user for smoothness in pokemon vortex chat Tests : https://imgur.com/I4P18OL https://imgur.com/j40gzdy Well this user every day insults, one must stop the hand Mr. Administrator. That user offends all of us who play pokemon vortex ---------------Detectar idiomaAfrikáansAlbanésAlemánAmáricoÁrabeArmenioAzerbaiyanoBengalíBielorrusoBirmanoBosnioBúlgaroCanarésCatalánCebuanoChecoChino (Simplificado)Chino (Tradicional)CingalésCoreanoCorsoCriollo haitianoCroataDanésEslovacoEslovenoEspañolEsperantoEstonioEuskeraFinésFrancésFrisón occidentalGaélico escocésGalésGallegoGeorgianoGriegoGuyaratíHausaHawaianoHebreoHindiHmongHúngaroIgboIndonesioInglésIrlandésIslandésItalianoJaponésJavanésJemerKazajoKirguísKurdoLaoLatínLetónLituanoLuxemburguésMacedonioMalayalamMalayoMalgacheMaltésMaoríMaratíMongolNeerlandésNepalíNoruegoNyanjaPanyabíPastúnPersaPolacoPortuguésRumanoRusoSamoanoSerbioSesotho meridionalShonaSindhiSomalíSuajiliSuecoSundanésTagaloTailandésTamilTayikoTeluguTurcoUcranianoUrduUzbekoVietnamitaXhosaYidisYorubaZulúEspañol
  4. gana_fuego

    Report I got hacked

    Hello, a guy called "RayRed" hacked me "cheka" and my friend also "chavinero98", I want to report it to recover my account since I can not get it back because I do not remember my email. enter your profile and there are all my pokemones
  5. moneeb159

    Report Scammer

    So I was reading a chat and this guy (KuvanPlayzPokemon) scams some kid who apparently is 8. https://prnt.sc/jkbgi2 I find it quite annoying.
  6. karan_tyson

    Report Scammed

    Iam Karan Tyson. An indo-american. I have been playing Pokemon vortex v4 from January. I saw @PokemonFan (discord user with a profile picture of ash and pikachu) making a good offer for some legend pokes. He was offering 20mil game money for some 40-50 Pokémon (s). He promised to pay money when I offer pokes on his Pokemon in trade list. I did it. Now,he's not responding towards my messages. He blocked me on discord and has his messages turned off in game. When I said to other discord users they tell me that it's not possible to help me out. They say my method was wrong. If that's so please let me know the right method to trade Pokemon with money. I hope I'll be helped by the authorities. I have the proof of screenshot of our chats. His ign:- sunil2100.. https://imgur.com/a/Cd1Ttgh(proof of screenshot)
  7. ShinyChamp123

    Report Scammmed

    bro i m scammed i hv screenshots even to prove to some extent pls guys help me my 20 million exp pokemon has been gone. i now i suck as because i by mistake deleated the Chat.Pls do believe me i am not lying u can even ask some people the scammers as TheMaskedMan and Charlas99 now the bayleaf is with GhostlyPresence
  8. Powerr_redd

    Report Scam

    Please Someone banned Rakir He is a scamer He just scam my 24m exp Please help Patrick Sir Please Do something he is Rakir Please Help. Dont know how to post screenshot please help me
  9. BadBoiMortar

    Report Think I've found a botter

    Foaming. This dude adds millions of exp every day onto different pokes and yet never missed days and claims he's a one man show. This doesn't add up. Adding exp takes lots of effort and no-one can keep adding without stopping. This isn't this most alarming thing though. A month ago he made an account called Scrubs and on this account he managed to do 18,000 battles in the space of around 2 weeks. How can this humanly be possible? He also made the account, kept it for a few weeks and then sent the pokes over and abandoned it - possibly hoping to hide his trail of botting. I suspect a bot. I hope you can investigate into this because for people who actually take their time to train, it's not fair. Thanks.
  10. CLCAL

    Report Hack #2

    One more haker...
  11. -Darkrai-

    Report Guys help me!

    Hi guys , i wanted to say that ive been hacked by @carrliam761 , its not like hacking into account and get my pokes , this is different , okay so lets get started , he was my one of the most best and oldest friends , since i trusted him , i gave him my to train them for me , he said "okay , ill return after 2-3 days or so" he gave me back and never returned the other 2 , i messaged him like a million times to return them back please but he never listened and blocked me (i can show screen shots) i was worried that i lost my events and when i saw his account , i couldn't find my rotom forms , i got more sad , then i asked @WinnerOJD he helped me and told me that he was scammed too and he keep all of his scammed pokes in ign : Blue , when i saw Blue's profile , i found my both shiny rotom heat and wash with the same exp and the same OT , so guys please mods help me get those 2 back , i can show screenshots and can give proof to mods , thank you!
  12. CLCAL

    Report Hacker

    ClickHereToBan is a hacker
  13. Nullioid

    Report Wake up PokemonVortex

    It has come to my attention that this pokemon scammer thing is not working. There are about 3 scammers I have seen that have been scamming for months and none of the mods/admins have taken any notice of this. Even if their names have been posted online with all the information that is needed you mods still don't see the need to help others. This is a real problem and it needs to be solves. Candles, YousufAhmed and anandalex123_- have been scamming countless others for a long time now and nobody has stopped them. I have posted a topic for about almost 3 days now. 70 people have seen it but nobody helps stop it and now all my months worth of work on getting all those pokemon have gone to a waste because this hasn't been taken seriously by such people. I think if we can dispose of at least the scammers we can detect, we can make this game a safer and more fun game to play. And I think everyone can agree. Yours Sincerely, Nullioid
  14. mazking

    Report Pokebay scam.

    hi patrick one person whose name is gabbarsingh has maken deal with me that he will give shiny hoopa to me for 13 million so i maken bid on his pokeball of 13 million and now he blocked me he scam me plz patrick help take some action on scammers thanks in advance
  15. to whom it may concern i have been playing the game for roughly a week and made some good friends along the way and enjoyed the game however it has come to my attention two members have been scamming and causing problems they are Candles and YousufAhmed. in the next few days there will be more reports of these two, they scam by promising to trade pokemon whislt having the victim bid on something silly for a high price and then doesnt uphold their part of the deal taking several $100,000 for something as simple as a pokeball. over the next two days i will aim to get the victims to post there complaints in this thread. i hope you take this seriously and ban their accounts one victim is only 14 years old. YousufAhmed on my very first day of playing toyed with me saying he would make a trade and then not doing it laughing in my face and mocking me to which in much respect other players stepped forward and helped me. kind regards WPGuardian
  16. Got scammed when this guy asked to trade for mystic cosmog code. Unfortunately the guy was really quick in deleting his direct messages before I could take a screenshot so I can only show that I was the one who got the code and he was the one who redeemed it. He used the discord name cooltrainer. The times shown in the pictures differ due to the different timezones Here he asks me for a trade: https://imgur.com/gk5NxTL Proof that I was the one who got the code: https://imgur.com/qlgQ8Sz Here is the Vortex bot showing who claimed the code: https://imgur.com/1VqgOoP Hopefully we can put a stop to him scamming others.
  17. kalippu

    Report Torture

    IGN-Dpowner he said that he will give a metallic origin code. i dealt him with a fair offer. i offered him my Togepi(halloween),shadow kyogre(primal),arceus(ice) and rotom(frost). he said that he will offer in 5min as he was waiting for his friend. i offered on his rufflet and lillipup. he accepted and gave me a code. but it was actually a used code in #free_promos. he send on more like the same. anyway he gave back my Togepi (halloween) and Rotom (frost). but he is not giving my arceus ice and shadow kyogre primal. he is asking my password now. he is a psychopath. he told that he was cheated once in v3. this is blackmailing. he is not even scared of his consequensi kindly request u to take action against him and get me back my pokes thanks. my ign is Pokepikash. https://imgur.com/SjyZBt9 https://imgur.com/mUG7Edx https://imgur.com/7zWhw82 https://imgur.com/BMOd9yk https://imgur.com/ZL7LwzD https://imgur.com/hDiMxJj https://imgur.com/thmydiN https://imgur.com/busAtog https://imgur.com/nkW32rF https://imgur.com/bm4QpG1 https://imgur.com/W5Y6awm https://imgur.com/md7v7kS https://imgur.com/cEk4vhj https://imgur.com/7zWhw82 pls do the needful
  18. BlueKecleon

    Report hopeless case

    Hello ! Everything started when I outbid ceNNap for a Sablenite on Pokébay the day before the auction end. http://upload.dinhosting.fr/y/e/H/unknown.png I'm not good at english, don't know what a "naber" is and if it's a word, I don't really want to know, I suppose that's an insult. The next day (so today) i won the auction at the last second and I receive a pm from the same guy I respond with a "taunty" message because, well, it's pathetic to have a behavior like that : "Don't cry for a Sablenite. :)". Then he (or she, don't know), pm me the same day with two other account just for trying to do whatever in his mind. is the pm from "Genzo", being the name of the clan of "ceNNap" http://upload.dinhosting.fr/m/x/W/unknow4.png Here is the pm from" brazzers" I do not respond since but seriously, it's the stupidest personne I see in my life so far. I don't really know if multi account on PV is authorized, especially if it's for trying to harass someone, all of that just because I outbid her for a Sablenite. So voila, blocking people is a thing, but if the other people is using multi account ... "It's not very effective". x:
  19. SomeoneImportant

    Report Scammed

    http://imgur.com/a/cZoFc i was having a hard time inserting the pictures so I went to Imgur and created a album. From the time stamps you will see I was already interested in his shiny car. But the whole conversation he kept forcing me to bid "high" on it, so he wouldn't take a big loss. We finally struck a deal in one of the pics with me saying " I'll bid 15(m) on it(shiny car) if u open(plume fossil) and sell me the shiny dark mystic for 25m. He then a goes on to agree making it a deal. The minute I place the bid he leaves for an hour, then he says he is not opening the fossil also meaning he is not selling me the Pokémon inside of it was shiny dark mystic. Which I have a picture of me placing the bid of 15m when bids were only 1m. Making him break our terms of service and scam. Terms of service being I place the 15m bid and he opens the fossils(regardless of what comes out) but if a shiny dark or mystic come out he would sell it to me for 25m. From my perspective it was a win win, I was already going to snipe the shiny car. It by bidding high early, he would take a smaller loss. At the same time if he opened the plume fossil as he said he would, I would make a even greater profit. After talking with Wa-g and Sportsandmusic69 I have decided to let you guys decide the outcome. Please let me know, greatly appreciated.
  20. Neor

    Report another scammer

    there is another one day botter oh gods will they really not stop botting and just continue this everyday....

    Report Scammer

    Somebody pleas ehelp me I was scammed, A person named laoboy said he would give me a shiny giratina origin code for my myati.guzzlord, rotom halloween and 10 leggies, I accepted and he told me to offer on his aron, i iffered and he transferres my stuff to his second account and gave me his password PLEASE HELP! His second acvount was called mw21 Please could a mod admin or anyone try to get my things back
  22. sas

    Report Abuser

    Proof Username : Syeds456 Date 12 January 2018 Now this guy is threatening to hack my account. Here's the proof. Proof 2
  23. xMasterKevz_07

    Report Really suspicious account

    Okay, this one's just unbelievable:
  24. Allan Alves

    Report Hacker

    sweetcolors is a hacker: Imagem 1 Imagem 2