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  1. It happens on Sat Jan 23 2021, When username 'Pinda12' told me one of his friend can use a Shiny Necrozma to trade My Shadow Nagadel(pokemon id: #804), Shadow Kartana(Pokemon id: #798, Metallic Guzzlord(Pokemon id: #799), Normal Necrozma(Pokemon id: #800) and Shiny Darkrai(Pokemon id: #491), but after that, he use my Pokemons to trade a Nihilego (Pokemon id: #793) with a user called 'AncientNecrozma', and he keeps the Pokemon. And now, I wants to get back my Pokemons, and 'AncientNecrozma' have the same idea as me. Please make my Pokemons back as soon as possieble, Thank you so much!
  2. I am Tony-Winning! i got scammed by theo07 just before sometime! i had traded with someone for a shadow necrozma and when i recieved it, it had theo07's ot and there was a nickname on it as theo07! i wanted the nickname to be changed back to Shadow Necrozma or so and i asked him whether he could change it, he told yes and i told him not too scam me and he told he wouldn't! but after he got the poke, he changed all his words and told me that he wouldn't return me the poke. I just want to get my poke back! pls do help @Patrick @flamescape @SpheX @strayaZilas al
  3. Hello all me and my friend @red_wolf_ have seen have seen the user VortexLegacy1337 scamming multiple people. They create 1 pokeball auctions and bid other players pds on them they also steal all of there good pokemon. I have seen to posts on the forums about people getting scamed this happened to @Jefdison and @hookienoop here are the links to there posts. Patrick and flamescape please ban this player so they dont do this anymore
  4. Logged in today to find that 2 of my Pokemon had been traded (Dark Blaziken (Mega) and Dark Electivire), without me putting them up for trade or offering them on someone else's trade. The person who it showed traded with was VortexLegacy1337. I found both of my Pokemon up on their auctions. All of my Pokedollars was also gone, and has been offered on one of VortexLegacy1337 1 Pokeball auctions. Please help me get my Pokemon/Pokedollars back
  5. hello, i did not played for a year or so, and now when i log in i cant find my pokemons.... as a proof i provide video from youtube with showing of my acc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZCDy7hP9GE after the video i got many more legendaries, including mewtwo armor shiny and normal... sadly in trade history i dont see any trades. cant track what happened, i only see normal trades i had, but no suspicious ones :/ also i had like 100m of pokemoney, hard to remember but allot, now i have 200k? i will investigate more but can you see somehow my acc histo
  6. i cant screenshot dont know how but this guy said i was a scammer. he said inappropiate words. i dont tell lies please help his ign: recperoburst. here: yesterday i got 4 dratinice,darkrwon,kangaskhanite,pidgeotie,type null,eternatus,landrous,mega beedril,articuno and a shiny gengar darkrown today i am gonna get two event pokemon and raichu alolan form a gengartite i am ahead of you so dont get in my way get lost
  7. Hi so, when i started out the game 5 months ago ishanlegacy scammed me, i didnt know what to do at the time because i was a total noob, i dmed flay and patrick with no reply. I just slowly forgot about that, then a few days ago me and my freinds were talking (captaincam1, pokemonzayden ect.) and they almost did the same thing with them, or he was a total jerk with them. anyways back to the story i had a deal with him, a exp training one hed train a poke from 700k exp to 2mil for a bunch of pokes, he agreed, then after a day he said he has a family ussue and said hed do only do up to 1.5mil, i
  8. I recently got scammed of a dark and normal necrozma from ign: RawXbolt, I was looking for exp training, so he dm'ed me and said he would train 500k exp for a norm necrozma. After 3 days i tried to msg him and it turns out he blocked me and hasnt sent me the necrozma's yet. So i would like them back
  9. https://ibb.co/9p7Fvyshello @flamescape @Patrick i am here to report a theft of a pokemon mostly done through a security glitch in pv or a bug which has nothing to do with anybody i have lost a dark porygon sword with 98 mill exp. i had iit even yesterday but today its gone, i opened my acc to see a bagon (id 0030626028) ot cobyjen instead of my sword in the team i can assure u i havent tradeda single poke from a while and this is the aftereffects of a serious security breach my poke id-0026566164, status- unknown please resolve the crisis at the earliest regar
  10. Hi,I am reporting a scammer who scammed my friends Rohithruthik's .The scammer who scammed it is sanish4k.He also scammed many pokemons from Rohithruthik's and his alt account srivenkat.Her are the proofs: These are the proof's so please help him, @Patrick and @flamescape
  11. this is urgent please look into this matter A guy called ign: Saitama.onepunchman got into my account which i have no idea about and took 800+ pokemons that included all my top pokemons. He said he will sell them on Monday which is today please stop this from happening. Please. The screenshots related to this are below: his tradespokemons he took from me there are a lot more PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PLEASE Details: this happened on 12th December Saturday. i logged in at 4pm IST to play again and found that my rank had decreased to 79th from 28th
  12. Hi everyone, I need a small help one person names DGplayer asked me for trade so I said ok. But after I gave him some of my pokes for a promo so he took them and not replying I atleast want my pokes back so pls help me with this
  13. A week ago I was scammed and then I lost all my Pokemon. I did a few stuff to find out who took it. When I was about to nickname one of my Pokemon i saw in my declined nicknames was the nickname for silvally. When I saw the owner of silvally it was freeknights1. I want you all to help me get all my Pokemon back from him because literally 80 percent of his pokemon are mine. https://ibb.co/DgByb5b - proof
  14. he lost maximumm of his pokemons Please guys please support him And he is very sad tht he lost his favorite pokkemon which is the top mystic giratina with -5mil exp and also lost so many pokemons, Flame or Patrick or any adminstatro of the game please check ovver it
  15. can u help me because he has hacked me
  16. he took many pokemons like , missing no and offered me training exp, as soon as i asked about the exp he shifted all his pokemons to an other ac which is COD1234. after few days he messaged mme tht he will give 2mil exp,so i waited he didnt reply still now,and he is silently continuing his work in his alt acc which is cod1234 Report scammer -COD1234 Somebody please checck this
  17. I have lost all my Pokemon. A dud called hoopaisanoobcake sent me a link about free legends. I did as it was said in the link and then today when I saw all my Pokemon none of them are there there are only my weak ones and also there is a chat with red wolf about "Have you taken the Pokemon" red wolf says " yeah I have" then the dude again says what all have you taken and then there's no reply from red wolf I want red wolf to give all my Pokemon or pls everybody ban him. I still play in the acc so I can catch a few legendary and then give them in the alt BUT RED WOLF GIVE THEM BACK YOU MONSTER
  18. ursa warrior is a liar . he posted a forum telling that i scammed him , but thats not even true . our deal was that he will give me articuno galarian , for my account and 3m exp. training i agreed at first but then he started moving some pokes from my account to his i gave him the account that doesn't mean until the deal isn't complete he will move pokes . then yesterday i took my account back and told him that i am cancelling our deal and then he said that he is going to report me and get me blocked if i don't believe him now it doesn't mean i have done something wrong .
  19. A guy ign: metremer approached me asking for my Articuno Galar saying that he would give his whole account i.e. metremer which consisted of a necrozma and sidequests completed till 1871. I agreed with it if he added a 3 million exp training along with his account and he accepted the deal. I got the password of the account metremer from discord user- loneliest person#7614 and i also sent my pokemon for training. After i got the password i spent my time and completed 2121 sidequests and able to get 2 fossilized drakes and rested for the day.
  20. Hello mods and admin there is player IGN:kurulkar. He took my poke's and I asked give some of my pokemon but not giving it back. I know I am not saying clearly but pls contact me one to one to under stand the matter. IGN:BIVANBLAZE13. "Pls look in the matter quickly pls"
  21. DinglePlayer is inappropriate and swearing because I won 2 auction on which he was bidding. Screenshots for proof: I suggest everyone to block this player as all he is going to do is spam your messages. To all admins, I would appreciate if this player gets a warning.
  22. hi vortex im here because im tired of ashplayz begging for a necrozma and being rude to others heres proof of his rudeness please tell him to stop
  23. Sub_Bro used multiple inappropriate languages to me because that i didn't gift him my pokemon as he threatened me to. Evidence: file:///Users/dominicshan/Desktop/%E6%88%AA%E5%B1%8F2020-11-24%20%E4%B8%8B%E5%8D%885.09.08.png this is the website that he said bad words. If anyone could solve this problem or give him a warning, i will be super thankful and rewarding pkd. Thank you to all @Patrick @flamescape
  24. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago my friend Tony-Winning warned me about some scammers and one of them was Red Ninja Killer. Tony-winning told me that his friend was scammed by him and took most of his friends pokemon. Tony´s friend has screenshots but doesn't have a forum account so he could never report. Yesterday I asked Red Ninja Killer if I could trade for his Mega Charizard X or Mewtwo Y and both had around 2 million experience. Below are the screenshots of our conversation. I hope this is enough evidence to get him banned so please do this. My friend MUSHARAFF also told
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