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  1. I know this isn’t the place to report spam So I don’t know what I’ve done but this guy Neon_Panther keeps spamming T-rubbishes on my profile along with another account, Mr_chemicals (I think) for some reason. Please make him stop it’s really annoying me and I’ve had enough. All I said is that his rates were too expensive and that was about it until he became rude to me.
  2. Hydraclone took 4m from me some days ago.Till now he has returned only 2m. Today he is saying me that he do not have access to account so he cannot pay me the money. Then I said patrick can ban you so he said okay ban me I don't even play now a days Proof Click here Click here Click here he said me to bid on PrathameshMI3 account so that he can pay the money for quiz coins to him. Click here
  3. Lonely99 is a scammer, he told me he was pranaygamer2009 and wanted to give ne a zeraora promo code then he asked me my password to send me the promo but then he used all my money and hack my account
  4. the scammers name is 'ASHINGE' he said that he would give me greninja(Ash) for my shiny lugia.then he asked me too join his clan,and i did so,then he asked me to give lvl 100 any pokemon to his clan chief.and i did so, when time came to offer me his greninja(Ash) he doesent respond me at all.plzz report this player and his clan. note-i am not able to see him in my friends list.
  5. Player named Laven sent me this Its clearly obvious Laven is not part of this so called "Vortex team" Its a scam. Asking for my password etc if possible ban/restrict them so others don't have to experience it. If your curious about my asking if he's part of the "Vortex team" it was in order to stall. @Patrick, @flamescape Also if theres doubt to if I am Catan
  6. so a guy named pokemonvortexservice is asking my password but it's says the account was made today but also in the top it says this ould be a sca and also he is followig a person could xam_omg who is a regular guy pls answer me who is pokemonvortexservice
  7. My ign shinygmaxpokemon. During the greninja (ash) event, blabaelbalelbal wanted me to train his greninja to 4 hearts. So, he/she offered his/her greninja on my groudon. I then realised that he was not the OT and could not evolve it into greninja (ash). I repeatedly informed him/her about this and asked him/her to put my groudon on trade. A few days later, he/she replied and said,”I gave it to my friend”. Please help me recover my pokemon. Photos:
  8. So you ALL know this stupid scammer, matelinski, matelinska, Yelty etc. Well he made a new account his username is fiore-lla. He friended me because he wanted his Magmortar with over 3.5m EXP on it, anyways here’s what he sent me. https://paste.pics/fb827d3ef82aadd4b1da46af299db5b8 https://paste.pics/80782d4760562763cad84c91b9ec522c https://paste.pics/8c1dca82ace17e271d15d58341ae67e1
  9. he took my shiny greninja! it took hours to hunt!! idk how he got it.. proof-
  10. Greetings, I presume Matelinski, Matelinskan, mateoyt, Yelty, faker_kills, etc, has returned or someone impersonated him to steal a shiny complete (id 0031431282) with the account: ul_tra_kills, currently now on the account fiore-lla. To be brief, one of faker_kills' scams is to steal the complete shiny from Maycolxd through exp training, and then sell it for some Star Wars Pokes to Pokeboy83. When all the accounts of this scammer were banned, ul_tra_kills appeared (I think he is the same faker_kills because he knew all the details of the previous scam and if he was another funny person who managed to recover the complete, he never gave it back to its owner), pretending to be Maycolxd's friend and a member of the PV staff (Patrick's messenger) to ask for the Shiny Complete back and save him from a possible ban, I will attach some pictures of the conversation, it is very extensive, but the admins can verify it (poke chat between Pokeboy83 and Ul_tra_kills, because here I can't upload the notepad I have with all that conversation. I request ban to ul_tra_kills and all his accounts, to stop scamming people, he is in discord as Fiorella#9717 @Patrick @flamescape Some of the text chat: hi hi ul_tra_kills My friend Maicol was scammed and had to create another account since they hacked him asking for the return of the pokemon which the already banned user stole MATELINSKA, YELTY AND MATELISNKI ohh,yes i know him/her i did 1 or 2 deals also ul_tra_kills ONE OF HIS POKEMON WHICH IS CELESTIAL WARRIOR WAS STOLEN AND IS ASKED TO RETURN IT he/she had all my starwars pokemons ohh but i gave MANNNY good pokemons for it i did not get it for free ul_tra_kills I DO NOT WANT YOUR ACCOUNT TO BE DELETED OR ANYTHING THAT'S WHY I ASK YOU TO RETURN THE CELESTIAL WARRIOR IT'S A WARNING wth? ul_tra_kills hola BRUH,I GAVE POKEMONS FOR IT,NOT MY PROBLEM,I DID NOT GET IT FOR FREE LEAVE ME ALONE ul_tra_kills friend he lost his account does not compare with what you lost DO NOT GET ME INTO SUCH MESS,I DID NOT HE WAS A SCAMMER AT FIRST,BUT HE DID A TRADE WITH ME FOR IT,I HAD TO GIVE MANY GOOD POKEMONS LIKE MELMETAL,FOSSILS AND ETC.NOT MY PROBLEM,DO NOT TROUBLE ME! Bruh,if i had got it for free,then i could have given,but i had to lose so many good pokemons too' ul_tra_kills we operated that first he gave you a melmetal and a deoxys speed in exchange for the pokemons from star wars then you said you would give him 80mpds and it was not like that, don't lie HUH? NO! I GAVE HIM THE MELMETAL AND MORE POKES ul_tra_kills you could say that you scammed him LEAVE ME ALONE!!! NO ul_tra_kills friend that was seen by patrick do not try to lie or anything or you will deal with the same patrick I do not know what happened exactly we don't want to delete your account so return the pokemon ul_tra_kills we will let you keep the deoxys speed shiny and the melmetal which was bought by yourself well,i can trade for it,but not give in free ul_tra_kills is the last notice we do not want to delete your acount And,if you do not know,i too got scammed chriswal,he scammed me too,i lost my 33.6m pds too yes we know but the pokemon that was seen in the con is not yours is from maycolxD ul_tra_kills We know about the stoves, we cannot return what was stolen, only delete the accounts of the users who scam can you please delete his account? ul_tra_kills no we send to recover stolen pokemons if they do not return them and they refuse we notify Patrick and he checks the accounts ohh,i see ok,i will give the celestial warrior,but i need something in return,cause i trained exp on it too
  11. this is Rohithruthik i got hacked by someone in my account Rohithruthik just 2 hours before the hacker removed all my valuable pokemons and experiance all combinely worth over a billion pds some few of ids of my powerfull pokemons he released are : #29752418 #33814273 #20065225 #32148244 #31988124 #32148127 #32116099 and many more valuable pokemons and exp and Poke Dollars he removed, and now when i logged in to my alterinate account Sirirvenkat he sent me message from my main account that he gave me the passwrd and telling to enjoy now after removing all. please help regain all my released pokemons by hacker request to Patrick and the Mods.
  12. Lonely99 claiming me I scammed him..... Heres the full conversation.....
  13. This is to say that Kingfootball was framed and is innocent @Patrick Yesterday a guy (ign Kingfootball.) messaged me to collect a giveaway prize but Kingfootball had told in forums that he didn't want the prize as he was banned....when I checked closely the ign was Kingfootball. and not Kingfootball and he had made the account yesterday only this is the proof https://ibb.co/WWR1b2h https://ibb.co/BzXCgM9 he sent this today https://ibb.co/PFfWRNL This proves that Kingfootball was framed There was also another scam report in forums in case of Isy_1997. if u see both Kingfootball. and Isy_1997. have a . in the end so my guess is both the accounts were made by the same user whoever is doing this pls stop cuz many accounts are getting banned because of u
  14. My story is: First dades started a giveaway And also took participate in it Then I give my ign and wrote that hope to win morpeko hangry Then the giveaway ended and I didn’t win anything After that I saw a report made by dades about the scammer I became alert cuz I also started a giveaway and my bro won the giveaway Then my bro tell to keep the pokes with u I told ok they are on trade Then the fake account offer me on my bros poke I have told all this in forums I didn’t done anything Is telling a hope is crime or seeing the report is crime?
  15. Hi. I had hosted a giveaway and it had ended today. One of the winners were lsy_1997 and he won a morpeko hangry when I opened vortex, I got a message from lsy_1997. Who was a totally different person because the winner didn’t have a full stop at the end. I didn’t notice the full stop at the end so I offered the prizes to his trash poke. Some time after he accepted it I realised that it wasn’t the real winner but a con artist, an impersonator. here’s the proof- https://imgur.com/a/Z6b7t8U both the names with a dot at the end are fake, asking for the prize . The other picture shows the scammer having my pokes please, please figure out who is behind all this edit: I got messaged back by him https://imgur.com/a/J8sXYZv after tracing the tag of the given pokemon, it’s in his other alt acc called ‘stolen1’ in that he has many other valuable poke which he probably stole. https://imgur.com/a/iIQWV0p the exact same incident happened to linax, another person who hosted a giveaway
  16. @Patrick you need to see this. I got sufficient evidence that I got hacked. I had a shiny guzzlord that today I saw is now gone. Ohitsrye has it. He hacked it away from my account. Here is my evidence: there in my recent trades I have not traded with him ever I would have seen his username above the remove button. I also have not sold it in pokebay as it is not in my sold. I'm gonna look for my other pokes that I cant find and report the person who hacked me and report it to you. And how do I know that it is @ohitsrye in my recent trades I clicked on the guzzlord I traded for and I clicked on it and it said current owner: @ohitsrye please take me seriously I know he hacked it. And ohitsrye give it back. Kind of got you in checkmate. Give it back man
  18. this guy,Ign:Chriswal,scammed me for his shiny tyrunt,he told me that he would give it to me for 33m pds,i agreed,then i bidded 33m pds on his ultra ball,but then he blocked me,and transferred all his good pokes to his some alt account ig,but then he even told me not to complain as i told him i will,he told me he will return my pds,as he scammed me(he admitted it,a proof of what he did) and then when i see right now,he spent many of them on something.....so this is my story,can i get any sort of help? I also have a few susupects,Itsgalaxy73 has his shiny tyrunt,which he transferred recently,and he has bidded 10m pds to him too,and schoolLaptop is his friend,schoolLaptop told me that chriswal just told him to keep something for 9m in auctions,and he has give Geogredaman 13m pds
  19. Hello , plz pokemon vortex help me I got scammed by hp13. He took my many pokemons. He didn't took only my but he took others pokemon also . You can search hp13 and view his all Pokemon.
  20. i gave her 5 of my pokes to rrian and now she/he only has bad looks like she trraded them text me at jeffpig820@gmail.com for proof
  21. hi guys i would like to report about this guy called kong-zillaisanoob i know who made the account it's iamoss5 even tho he doesn't play anymore he said this to me:you are a kid who lost their parents and now in the streets begging and you are a son of a b***ch and a mother f**cker thats all he said to me i can't take screenshots because my laptop is unable to do that
  22. He told that he will evolve my milceries to alcrime and took them along with Arceus grass and fighting
  23. This guy named MATEOYT said me that he would give pokemon's indeed he didn't and said he wont scam me he took my money now i am poor i need some help pls ban him my request regards patrick My bday is soon i was suppose to be happy now i am sad patrick pls help me in some way or other pls ban this guy ik i wont get my money but this guy will get what he wants. regards QUANTUMthebest also this guy scammed a lot of ppl like stardew and many more like 8 more ppl
  24. IGN Hillsbro Scammed me and gave my pokemon away to IGN Tony-winning. Tony-winning has my pokemon and refuses to return them. I am not sure as to why he refuses to return them, unless he is holding it for Hillsbro. I have already explained to Tony-winning that those are my pokemon and were scammed from me. My message to Tony_winning https://postimg.cc/pyZ82yP9 These are the pokemon he has for me https://postimg.cc/VdF51tRp https://postimg.cc/3dr0k9dY The Shiny Necrozma (Hellraiser) is mine, Shadow Necrozma, Shadow Sylveon, Shiny lugia, Sub Zero, SHiny Ninetales ALolan, Siny SOlgaleo. This is when I traded it to Hillsbro https://postimg.cc/NK7ndsQ1 https://postimg.cc/BtrwsL6T I have requested Tony-winning to return my pokemon as they are originally mine and were scammed from me. He refused. I am hoping that something can be done about this, as I have located all my scammed pokemon-
  25. Hello @Patrickand @flamescape today alpha003 scammed I asked him to sell his kyreum (black) for 950k pds so I bidded 950k pds on his moon ball and now he is not replying me it has been about 2 hours. These are some proofs 1 2 3 4 I also bidded on his moon ball (proof) 5 Today alpha003 has seen the scam report and he has returned the kyreum (black)
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