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  1. This is a scam report, not a joke. flamescape and patrick, pls take notice eduartoordiz scammed pokeaction1 pokeaction gave 2mil to him and eduartoordiz didnt do the deal. i have pics as proof. this is a very serious report. pls give the user warnings and tell him to give th money back to pokeaction1
  2. Amanmodi107 got scammed by Yeetdatboi I got the proof cause aman gave me the password to his account Proof- https://pdfhost.io/v/dFmxTV1H8_Proofconverted The first image is of the rayquaza auction where he is being scammed of 1 mil pds.
  3. hey all as u have heard or might have ...i scammed lonely99 but the truth is i did not scam him and he scammed me . Now u all be like what the hell . is he lying . well im not lying and heres the proof (for all to see and help me be unbanned or for patrick and flamescape to see)-https://docs.google.com/document/d/12IgLHLELQWOevZwIxn4ButVmljXWcJ7F5FCce1UKTqg/edit there now u all can see and the truth can be revealed btwn please go thru the images also as it is important as well . anyone who has seen it please help me .. im so sad that i lost my accnt so please help me and then only i can buy my meloetta promo code when i get online(im a big fan of meloetta ) . so u see yesterday i was about to grind and make 27 mil and buy shadow meloetta i was so excited and then when i tried to log in it showed that i was banned and my heart broke .. not a lie . and guys i would appreciate if u could unban me cuz i did nothing wrong so please help mee
  4. He (lonely99) said me that he will make my account premium in free. And then he send me a link when I click on that it's show a form where it is asking a username and password. And then I write my alternate account username and password.. and gusse what that account password change. But when he understands that this was not my personal account so he keep asking me password... So please ban lonely99 because in future he can hack more account.. https://ibb.co/G7yZD5W. https://ibb.co/37vKJNT https://ibb.co/202WgvH
  5. Me and nakz were having a trade and he told to give mystic hoopa for now and I have to give him some more pokemon but instead he won't give my pokemon back And sold the pokemon he said he will trade I am srry but I don't know how to do a screen shot
  6. In masterjdee bio It says that his 2 best friends is nakz and Thebruhboy_69. Laven alt account are those 2 plus,masterjdee was my friend last time. He didn't do exp train but now he do. It could be scamming players by fake exp train their pokemon. Please ban this 2 account!!
  7. Hello all if u r reading this that means i also known as supercooljj has been banned from pokemon vortex i am saying this so that u guys will get convinced that im not scammer and innocent and lonely99 deserves to get banned and i get unbanned...he has caused lots Of trouble to me.....so recently u have heard that i have scammed lonely99 for a zeraora promo code which actually false .he reported to flamescape that i had payed another person 20 mil instead of him and i was threatening him..which is true .the real story is that he was telling me to bid on a auction ..i asked why on zenno’s auction and not yours . he told just bid and so i bidded on zennos auction and asked him to give the zeraora promo code but he never did. I asked vaibhavr7 why on zenno’s auction and vaibhav told maybe cuz lonely owed zenno some money and we assumed like that . i gave lonely99 many days to give me and he has never given till now ask any of my friends like TROLLU2HELL666 and Immortaldarkcrow or vaibhavvr7 . proof- U see this happened today when i got banned I hope this is enough to convince yall that i was innocent and lonely was scammer Lonley99 told that he’ll send thru gmail but he never sent the promo code i asked him to send thru dms in vortex and he coudnt ..why?? Cuz hes a scammer
  8. Sour pancakes - laven he scammed me and told he will do training for my shiny snorlax but he didnt and now he is telling idk who are you pls help me
  9. ok omg we found the cheater it was a false report omg we got him it was actually like supercooljj was banned for no reason ig bcaus of lonell ig he scammed him so if u can plz un ban him proof lonely is a scam he told u lonely99 sent me msg saying he contacted flamescape and he checked Joshua chat and found out that Joshua got the zera promo but sold it again and Joshua had promised lonely99 to give him 5mill remaining he told u thins and in the link someone reported him that fking skumer proof of a report on him lonley plz check this link https://ibb.co/3c7DNVn ... dont get scammed idk how to report anyone knows @vaibhavvr7#7077 we got him fbi open up ig aam mods can u unbann aam supercooljj pls ig it was an false report ig u should ban lonely he scammed a lot of ppl. dont read what i hv writen very clearly bcaus i wrote in a hurry and thank u mods and the greatfull owner ill be happy if u check bcaus he took all ur poke for exp training and hes an irl soo he had promised us and he even returned most of my poke but some are still left like my bro vaibhavvr7s shiny hoopa unbound for exptraining and he gave 12 mill till now for 2.5 mill and he got banned pls help u
  10. I see eeveecuteness using alt account eeveecuteness_rise to get more reputation in forums i think that is not fair for others they working hard to get reputation and one of them like eeveecuteness are using cheat spam or somethinge to make popular in her main account. Proof https://ibb.co/YNDGFHd Dont offense guys i know more of user in forums are like eeveecuteness But she deserve to reset her reputation because she break the rules Many times.
  11. Hi, this topic is made to report eeveecuteness for trying to “blackmail” me . This is what he sent to me from his alt ‘mewtheking’ thinking I don’t know him https://imgur.com/a/gGKkU5v He was asking me to give some lvl 5 pokes or he would report me for hacking which is quite funny . later when I confronted him on his main account and told this- https://imgur.com/a/N3PLXmN, he admitted that he tried to blackmail me-https://imgur.com/a/4qz8yaM. https://imgur.com/a/JcXnjqn and this is direct proof that he tried to do it https://imgur.com/a/3C5buEy lol he’s so gullible
  12. Hi I was scammed by Dangly for money, We were agreed to make a trade and then I'll pay him on pokebuy by bidding on his item. We decided that he will Trade Shiny Greninja ( Ash) for my Kricketot and I'll bid on 1 pokeball for 5.5 million. After bidding he blocked me and I can't show you any screen shot chats as I'm not able to open it . If you can do anything it will be much appreciated as I'm not the only one he is doing to many person
  13. Hi I'm not sure what subforum I should be posting this in so excuse me if this is strictly for scammers and thieves. I came across this user who's had a racial slur in his name for the last 2 years and I think something should be done about it because this is unacceptable https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/user/nigward_testicle
  14. Hey, today I got a message from a player named "Exptrain" saying that he/she trains exp 1:2 rates. Now already this is super sketchy hardly anyone nowdays trains for that. And lord behold they asked me to bid 2 mil first and yeah I did not because im stupid but because I already knew what was going to happen. Next thing you know after I said I bid they go offline shocker. Please get this guy off of vortex
  15. soulbeast a good person scammed me using tht he told me we make a mix acc with him on his own acc but he took all pokes and sold em pls report him os
  16. Dear Patrick, recently i found a scammer who made 50+ accounts and transferred the 10,000 pokedollors which is given to the account at the beginning. The username is 333Deutschblaze I have the screenshots of the auctions he put for transferring the money. And also i have a screenshot of the account created. I came to know of the scammer on 20 September 2021 https://paste.pics/3e5738fee9252940af0ce6d912b54890 https://paste.pics/6109cc8cb0b78c9815ee59d98964ad71 https://paste.pics/c61d4896912b37dc77ab004379f9b525 https://paste.pics/1a831ce5a536730f02e4606d1d00b1cc I request Patrick to please take quick action on this.
  17. I was just taking a look at the trade station when I found an account named "H4mst3r" that was probably botting. He had something in his description called VORTEX-BOT-AUTHORISE-C70C4A8F Images: https://ibb.co/0r762wt https://ibb.co/1dnLwt8
  18. Please ban the account Look at the photos: conversation photos: https://paste.pics/0bdc39ae9e19d2db7901e80caaa6070d https://paste.pics/227373dab091f0c6f0f02afdf447a178 https://paste.pics/DOA1Y https://paste.pics/DOA2A my bid photo: https://paste.pics/7c363d6280a776e76db8f2885a7d84a2 I think walkingmaster scammed a lot of people: https://paste.pics/DO9XK This is the invalid promo code picture: https://paste.pics/DO9Y0 https://paste.pics/DOA2N
  19. x-men54 has scammed a lot of people and also is cursing for proof you can ask Yamalye and TROLLU2HELL666 file:///C:/Users/Sumedh/Favorites/scammer%20-%20Copy.png
  20. 26 mill pds scam proof :-https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TGlKOjfTdkKBEq_XPvwJxIeA_xrv22V6/view?usp=drivesdk. 5 mill pds scam proof :- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TK4OZDtKBYkqePfb0Fg6VhadEbk9uneT/view?usp=drivesdk. Pokemon vortex v5 :- take action against vortex666
  21. Sir you can actually see in discord that the account halloweenbluemoon22 is linked to the discord user geezgod and his main account is geezgod in game. I think this is enough to prove that who scammed my account and where all pokes have gone!! As i have no access to discord now, i think the one who linked my account that is ign: geezgod is the culprit. Please i request to enquire and take immediate action. Thankyou.
  22. Sorry i had to edit the content. guys i got scammed on 1st august, 2021 by ign:geezgod. Today morning by requesting him i got back my shadow necrozma with 62m exp from him. He refuses to give my pokes that he scammed from our joint account halloweenbluemoon22. All the scammed pokes are in his new account or might be his friends account ign: future_events. Please need your support and please get him banned from vortex. Thankyou. Waiting for your support.
  23. So this man called Tritre. Took it too far. So as a co-leader of top 17 clan I have to a lot of job some include recruitment of clan members so me and tritre use to be best friends. And I recruited 1 member of Legend stars (tritre's clan) and 3 others were recruited by leader (pokeboy83) so the man tritre got and started saying me bad words nd blocked me. Oh he also said he'll steal all my clan members I was damn angry and was abt to report before he recruited 4-5 clan members of mine including the top 1 highest exp clan member. Guys this guy is mad or what I dunno but he has taken it too far and somehow u guys can help me by supporting me also I know tritre is one of gud guys and most of the ppl like him but he is a devil and don't think that guys is innocent u don't know his real self. Anyways thank you for reading. I am sad tho I can't help myself to recruit the members back.
  24. A guy named quantumthebest was once my friend. One day I saw that most of my top clan members were recruited by his clan. I asked the leader and the leader said quantumthebest does all the recruiting. I asked him first he didnt respond then i took one member of his clan when he got angry. Then he started calling me bad names so i blocked him. Then quantumthebest recruited back all the members and I was ok with it now. And now he says i recruited 4-5 members
  25. Laven and his supposed friends are stealing pds in exchange for fossil promos. And at same time, he scammed a another guy (forgot to save the id of linkin158's great ball bid). And after the bids, he cleared his account (sneax) and passed all pokemon to his other account (drazox). He calculated the wrong value on the first try lol. And transfered his shiny hoopa unbound to another 2 guys too (idk if they are part of his gang). And the shiny hoopa unbound journey to a probably "safe acc" like drazox acc, cause a possible ban to not lose everything. Bonus screenshots. I dont know if i need to say more or if i missed more screenshots about this dude.
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