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Found 78 results

  1. Report hopeless case

    Hello ! Everything started when I outbid ceNNap for a Sablenite on Pokébay the day before the auction end. I'm not good at english, don't know what a "naber" is and if it's a word, I don't really want to know, I suppose that's an insult. The next day (so today) i won the auction at the last second and I receive a pm from the same guy I respond with a "taunty" message because, well, it's pathetic to have a behavior like that : "Don't cry for a Sablenite. :)". Then he (or she, don't know), pm me the same day with two other account just for trying to do whatever in his mind. is the pm from "Genzo", being the name of the clan of "ceNNap" Here is the pm from" brazzers" I do not respond since but seriously, it's the stupidest personne I see in my life so far. I don't really know if multi account on PV is authorized, especially if it's for trying to harass someone, all of that just because I outbid her for a Sablenite. So voila, blocking people is a thing, but if the other people is using multi account ... "It's not very effective". x:
  2. Report Abusing

    i asked him fr a trade ...he was blabbering...I tried explaining him .. he repeatedly kept using a word motherf****** .... I tld him to mind his words ...he posting complain on me ... his ign: Deepimpact
  3. Report Scammed i was having a hard time inserting the pictures so I went to Imgur and created a album. From the time stamps you will see I was already interested in his shiny car. But the whole conversation he kept forcing me to bid "high" on it, so he wouldn't take a big loss. We finally struck a deal in one of the pics with me saying " I'll bid 15(m) on it(shiny car) if u open(plume fossil) and sell me the shiny dark mystic for 25m. He then a goes on to agree making it a deal. The minute I place the bid he leaves for an hour, then he says he is not opening the fossil also meaning he is not selling me the Pokémon inside of it was shiny dark mystic. Which I have a picture of me placing the bid of 15m when bids were only 1m. Making him break our terms of service and scam. Terms of service being I place the 15m bid and he opens the fossils(regardless of what comes out) but if a shiny dark or mystic come out he would sell it to me for 25m. From my perspective it was a win win, I was already going to snipe the shiny car. It by bidding high early, he would take a smaller loss. At the same time if he opened the plume fossil as he said he would, I would make a even greater profit. After talking with Wa-g and Sportsandmusic69 I have decided to let you guys decide the outcome. Please let me know, greatly appreciated.
  4. Report box scam

    user was @seekfreed on discord ign Mw21 tried to pay him 9mil for 3x mystery boxes but was never given the codes and said he didnt have them/ would give tomorrow then said i was scammed
  5. Report another scammer

    there is another one day botter oh gods will they really not stop botting and just continue this everyday....
  6. Report Scammer

    Somebody pleas ehelp me I was scammed, A person named laoboy said he would give me a shiny giratina origin code for my myati.guzzlord, rotom halloween and 10 leggies, I accepted and he told me to offer on his aron, i iffered and he transferres my stuff to his second account and gave me his password PLEASE HELP! His second acvount was called mw21 Please could a mod admin or anyone try to get my things back
  7. Report Abuser

    Proof Username : Syeds456 Date 12 January 2018 Now this guy is threatening to hack my account. Here's the proof. Proof 2
  8. Report Really suspicious account

    Okay, this one's just unbelievable:
  9. Report Hacker

    sweetcolors is a hacker: Imagem 1 Imagem 2
  10. Report lost all my pokemon

    sir, i haven't logged into vortex since a week and now when i tried to login it said "wrong username/password" then i had to reset my password and when i logged in i just lost all my pokemon :'( please help
  11. I got abused for bidding at the last moment on an alolan the username of the sender is ultima here is the auction details
  12. I got a message from a player named SYSTEMOTO telling me that he wants my password and username . I know that pokemon vortex doesn't ask for passwords to give any prize,yes he is telling me that i have got a prize for capturing my 100 millionth pokemon while I just have 86 pokemon
  13. Report scammer

    Hey theres a member in pokemon vortex who has named himslef as Patrickvortexstaff demanding password of ur acc and if u dont give him he will ban u . Nexusprimes first acc is zordonic2
  14. Report Scammer: Trinabh402

    He started off asking me. "Hey what about a trade? Please reply." I said sure, what do you want? He then said "Please don't ignore me but password." I simply said nope, and I am gonna report you. So here it is. I don't know how to do screenshots on laptops and post them...
  15. Report Scammer lokithehacker

    I wanna report about a guy who scammed me his ign is ramandramaaram and his other ign is lokithehacker his discord name is murgan he asked me my metallic pikachu libe for his shiny meloetta aria code and he told me to offer my meta libre on his non leggy i offered and then he gave me a wrong dp code and he has blocked me in discord and my metallic pikachu libre is lying in his ign lokithehacker
  16. Report Scammer!

    A guy named panzer-25 got scammed by another guy named 'laoboy' . That laoboy told he would give him a dp code if would give him all his events . And so panzer did it but that guy never gave him the code .help him!!!
  17. Report profanity

    Hi My ign is silverstar2202 as you may see in the photo i have attached to this report as you can see I have please do not beg for Pokemon on my profile. I got a very rude and ignorant message from a user i.g.n 8-0 cussing at me cause of the " please do not beg for Pokemon" I have on my profile please take some kind of action. Please click the evidence button to see snapshot. @Patrick sincerely, Silverstar2202 evidence
  18. Report Scammer: imran48

    forgot about him for some time, that player(imran48) texted me in discord and started to insult me, was not interested in him in the begining but if he wants it so much, so be it! Left some other players as well. those messages were exactly same
  19. Report Botter

    IGN: Maniaa Joined today, already has a starter with over 1 mill exp and is catching only dark and mystic Sableyes.
  20. Report Scammer: lol12345

    My poor luck to meet them so often!!!
  21. Report Scammer: MEWTWO_ARMOR1

    Was playing on secret account just to have fun! and then Told him that i DONE it! For fun Then coppied message in the red about asking for password and changing email and then got this: After that told him that i am reporting him or he should send me promo code for Mewtwo (Armor), who knows maybe will send!
  22. Scammer's Username: Pokemon_Vortex_Team Scam Message: "Hello Goddess the Pokemon Vortex team have had a draw and luckily enough you won. But to make sure you are the real Goddess we will need to know your password" Screenshot(s):
  23. Report Hackers

    Some guy in the username ASSASSINATIONGOD7 hacked my account creators will u not see this pls help he took my shadow mew ,shadow regice and an Arceus