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Found 166 results

  1. so i fresh started my laptop during lockdown and i went back to play some vortex so when i went to log in and tried my first password it didnt work then i tried dragonball then it blocked me i tried to reset my password to m.sharpe@hfed.net but however no email came through i then tried username reset it didnt come through either then i was thinking to myself who could possibly guess my password my frienemy ali his account is hissan then to prove it all i went to my pokemon and found multiple l.100 pokemon that i didnt have traded for my other pokemon so please can i have some assistance to get any sort of accsess to my first account
  2. Logged in only after a few hours to find the majority of my Pokemon missing. I don't see any trades or auctions that were made on my account. I never have issues with account security. Wondering (hoping) this a is bug or glitch. Thanks in advance. Edit: I was hacked.. I found a pending bid on my account. I would appreciate it if someone could move this thread to the appropriate place.
  3. So I got a msg on my inbox from a guy named hellfire4k .He kept on messaging me and the whole convos is as follows i have listed below the reply I gave to him while his msg is quoted in each of my msg. so after this conversation I traded him the poke for training,he trained the poke for a few days and added a 1m exp to ninetales alolan of 3.2m exp and after that he was not training it significantly and one day on trades channel of pokemon vortex server he posted this I wasn't on atm but i got to know it in a two days when one of my friend told me abt it by then the poke was already with ign hidambaji so I became convinced abt he traded it so I msgd him on mobile chats after I got to know this . even if he is blaming his brother for this, I don't believe him bcoz this guy blocked me after this msg on mobile chat, in game and discord as well so if he wasn't at fault he won't do all these things . also for proof that he sold my poke therefore @Patrick @flamescape please do look into the matter and take any strict action against this guy and get me justice. my account info:- ign : nishant456 discord: COSMOS#9516
  4. I am here to report SecretCitrus,who is an extremely dangerous,possibly mentally deranged individual.Please read carefully,the events transpired over a period of two days(yesterday and today) This is how it all started,I was looking for a shiny arceus(normal) in the trade pokemon section.I was looking for individuals who have this pokemon for trade and also are active players.This is where I found SecretCitrus,who had a shiny arceus(normal) on his trade list. Being someone that doesnt use the forums or discord,I sent him an in game message,with an initial offer of 1.5m,which I later increased(on my own) to 2.5m.He read my message and agreed with the price,and also asked me to add him so that we could discuss the details of the transaction. Here are my two initial messages- https://i.imgur.com/AjCRX9D.jpg https://i.imgur.com/77BUG72.jpg these are his replies- https://i.imgur.com/QFMHK8K.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Yr5qyc7.jpg Later we started our negotiations.I proposed him that I would make an advance payment of 1m,by bidding on a pokeball,followed by which he would accept my trade offer and I would bid on the 1.5m pokeball next,completing the transaction.This way we would distribute the risk,with no individual having to completely trust the other.I tried to convince him a lot,however he seemed a bit reluctant,and claimed that he had been scammed before,so wasnt sure about doing this.Thus the deal didnt materialize,and I bade him goodbye.All this happened yesterday,here are the screenshots- https://i.imgur.com/wrtxWx8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/swLSsou.jpg https://imgur.com/vUNEFCx https://imgur.com/jMEdnB2 https://imgur.com/pqeCK4P note-ignore the "ok i listed the ultraball at 2.5m" and subsequent messages which are a part of the final image as they are a part of today's conversation,about which I will talk later. Long story short,yesterday the deal didnt materialize as he claimed he was scared of getting scammed.So far everything went completely normal. Today I made the big mistake of trusting him,I thought he was just a harmless guy who was a little scared so maybe I should just pay him the entire amount before the trade.This is what I messaged him- https://i.imgur.com/Nzb4wbG.jpg He agreed.He put up a pokeball on auction for 2.5m,I bid on it,followed by which I made an offer on his shiny arceus.However this is where things took a wrong turn.He did not accept my offer,instead tried to scam me again.He said that he "accidentally" set the duration of the auction to 7 days,and wanted to change it.I clearly informed him that wont be possible as I had already bid on the auction.He said that he would outbid me on the auction so that would free my money up,however when I looked at his account I was aghast to find that he didnt have the money to outbid me.I clearly informed him of the same,this is when he told me he would be putting up another pokeball for auction at 2.5m for one day,saying "he would use that money to outbid me on the first one".By this time it had become crystal clear that he scammed me once,and had the audacity to try and scam me once again.I made it very clear that I wont be bidding anymore and that he should just accept the offer instead of playing these dirty games.After my threat,he falsely claimed that he accepted the offer,however I found out he was lying,he had rejected it,and also proceeded to block me. This is our conversation before he blocked me(today's part starts from his message "ok i put the ultraball....")- https://i.imgur.com/pqeCK4P.jpg https://i.imgur.com/xpeAcmv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/8bLjgGI.jpg Note that his last line-"i did"(accept the offer) is a lie,he rejected it.After this line he blocked me. Finally I sent him a few messages using the in-game messaging service about the consequences of his action,and also asked him to accept my trade so that I wont report him.However as expected,he didnt reply to any of my messages,and swiftly proceeded to block me there as well.Meanwhile,an extremely shocking thing he did was,he immediately proceeded to clear his trade list completely,and in a matter of minutes,I was shellshocked to see that the shiny arceus,along with a bunch of other expensive pokemons he had completely vanished from his account.To escape action from vortex,It seems he was clearing his account.I dont know what he did,he might have transferred those pokemons to another account,or in case he is twisted enough,might even have released them.This clearly shows how dangerous and twisted he is. Anyway these are the messages I sent him before he blocked me in the in-game messages as well- https://i.imgur.com/9S2JMXA.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1tEFVYG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/XFbZTLL.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5kAzADL.jpg I am an old player of Pokemon vortex,I have been around since the pokemon crater days,also had an account in the old pokemon vortex.I decided to restart playing pokemon vortex last year,and I am a part time casual player,thats why I am not on discord or the forum.However this incident today had to be reported,so I opened an account here. I know Patrick takes all forms of cheating very seriously,and have seen countless accounts banned as a result of that.Thats exactly why I have full faith in him,and have created this long post,knowing that action will be taken. My request is,please take action against this person and all his accounts,and please find out what he did with the shiny arceus and a few other pokemons of his.Meanwhile you can find his auction and see my bid as well.If possible please cancel the bid,so that I can have my money back. I BELIEVE JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. THANK YOU Note 1-I recently bought a shiny arceus directly from the auction,its got nothing to do with this case.Here is the screenshot- https://i.imgur.com/xD7I0zD.jpg Note 2-The scamster's pokeball auction has ended.Here is the screenshot- https://i.imgur.com/EciZqXH.jpg
  5. Hero07 is saying that he is using tampermonkey at the chat. Using scripts is officially wrong at pokemon vortex . I request you to ban him pls...
  6. @PatrickPlz do something he asked me for trading and I said no to him and he talked bad about my parents and me also I was just trading and he called me bad names I was just playing the game Here are the screenshots: https://snipboard.io/ymaR4D.jpg https://snipboard.io/U3prfP.jpg https://snipboard.io/NC3BuQ.jpg https://snipboard.io/ux6FAS.jpg Plz do something about him and he also blocked me too Ign: Bale2001 and @Bale2001 and to escape this situation he tried to blame it on his sibling after I told i have reported him
  7. ive got two accounts and one of them is called thefinalaccount a player called baqir7214 hacked into my account and changed the password just because i was winning a auction
  8. Hello everyone! Yesterday I encountered my first scammer his name was coldmythic. Our conversation went a little like this. I said hi and I asked if he wanted to trade and he said there was nothing that he wanted. But then all of a sudden he said ¨wait¨ he asked for my Lugia and said he would trade his Tapu Koko for it. He also said that he would give a deoxys to me if I bid on a pokeball in the pokebay for 200,000! that may not seem like much but it was all I had. He also told me to bid on his crappy lv pokemon and then I bid and then he keep going on about how that wasn't enough and asked for my friends shiny dialga that I was training and I said no and then he was like then im not giving you Tapu Koko and Deoxys. He then blocked me and I didnt know that you could file reports here so I didn't take screen shots. But a few hours later he sent me a message that said ¨accept my friend request quick¨! and another one that said ¨you dont have to be so mad it was just a prank! Yeah well I didn't buy it but I did accept the friend request and he told me that this was a ¨prank¨ and that I was on ¨Youtube¨ But when I asked for his Youtube he said no. But I understand that he has personal stuff on his Youtube but I didn't believe him about his Youtube account. But then He said he was going to ¨give my pokemon back¨ and I said I just wanted deoxys and he said alright. I finally thought this whole situation was going to turn around but NOPE he then asked for my xurkitree for deoxys. Even though I paid him a lugia lv 100, absol, 200,000, and a aggron which I got the aggron back thankfully. I am posting this for two reasons: 1) I want my money and pokemon back and 2 )I want him banned and I want people to know that there not the only ones and I will be there for them. Please read this god bless. My name: CAPTAINCAM Spammer:coldmythic Took:lv 100 lugia, riolu, absol, aggron, and 200,000 (I got the aggron back) The pokeballs I bid in auction (2) 110,000 each. If you visit his page go to pokemon and click on riolu and lugia both last owners were ishanlegacy the reason why it says this is because I never got to use riolu. I messaged ishanlegacy and told him to back me up with the pokemon.
  9. Hello @Patrick @flamescape @Tyheamma I have been scammed by Nebrets. He said that he will train my shiny zygarde to 5 mil and took 7 mil and a volcanion. then he transffered all of them to other account. Now there are no pokemon in his account. Please check the transaction of where he did send the pokemon and money and try to get it back fast. You can also check the servers if he has made new account on same server. My ign - badman99 scammer's ign- Nebrets I checked my volcanion's id.(0022526113) his (scammer)new id is -- PostMalone (am not able to send screenshot here , screenshot had been sent to patrick and flamescape on discord)
  10. got on my account and sold a bunch of stuff off my account a took my money and took a hell of a lot pokemon
  11. Hi, I gave this person to do a exp job, he had to bring a pokemon that has 800,000 exp to 1.5 mil exp he argreed he'd do it for 2 cosmog so we had a deal, he said by sunday morining I'd get it back but today morning he messaged me saying that he only did it up to 1,000,000 exp and he won't do any more and he said he wants the 2 cosmog or he won't give back the pokemon I asked him to exp train, I asked him why, and told him I couldn't give him 2 cosmog for only 200,000 exp as we agreed for 700,000 exp then he said now you have to give me 3 cosmog or he won't give back my pokemon I asked him to just argree for 2 but he said no then he said He will give it back for 2 cosmog a sogleo and groudon, I gave it to him because I did not want to make me give him more pokemon than what he said, I do not know what to do, I gave him what he asked for but is their any way for me to get all my stuff back or atleast my groudon and sogleo and my exp job? Thanks
  12. Hello I have already posted the scam. It seems like moderators have not made a effort to resolve my scam. Slogokop41 scammed me and he got my volcannon from me. I am only posting this to make sure that moderators will actually do something other than allow comments. I am on phone and cannot insert images. I shall do whatever patrick says he wants me to do. Like I said I cannot insert images. I can paste a comment saying everything he and I said. Other than that there is no more proof i could show
  13. Hey ( to whoever is reading this, hopefully someone who can hep. ) A user ( I will mention the name later) had successfully managed to scam me out of my arceus dragon about 9 days ago, on the day the event ended. This only came to my notice recently as I had been busy and the "user" had promised to put up the necessary pokemon. Although a part of it was my own fault for not checking the trade, the trade was made based on the total valuation of the pokes at that specific time (21/06/2020). The trade was decided to be done in 2 parts as the "user" had to give 2 pokemon for 2 of mine. The first trade was put on the Dragon, which I accepted, waiting for the other trade to happen. It did not. It has been about a week now, and I have not recieved the other pokemon. Whoever I have talked to about this incident, and this "user" have told me that this "user" seems to scam a lot of people, either pay less to newbies, or leave trades half done - to his own benefits. I hope someone looks into this matter and helps me out. Further Details are mentioned below. "user" - Pokemon offered from my side ( along with their values as on 21/6/2020) Arceus (dragon) - 2.5m Cosmog - 500k Pokemon expected to receive (along with their values as on 21/6/2020) Thundurus (therian) - 700k Shiny deoxys - 2m I only received the Landorus for my Dragon, and foolishly accepted the trade, believing him to send the other pokemon on my cosmog. There have been many reports of him scamming newbies and others to make some easy bucks. This person has smartly made a new account and transferred all his pokes there, making the stolen pokes untraceable. Such scamming makes the game toxic and drives a crowd away. WHOEVER HAS BEEN SCAMMED, don't keep it with yourself, let it out and let the admin know about it. Thank You for patiently reading my plea. Regards Nishrock This post is for the entire community to post about their scams and helpful replies from other Samaritans. Special Thanks to Flamescape for helping me out. (p.s - screenshots coming up soon)
  14. Hello, a person just messaged me saying that he would give me $300 in real life if I sell my account. I have not replied to him. Please, moderators, help me get outta here. His IGN ; akshatdoshi
  15. Sir i wanted a virizion so "ign: coldmythic" Asked me about virizion i agreed and deal held between us is 26k he putted pokeball in auct ,i bidded the auction id is #0002797594 after bidding he is telling "why did u bidded first omg u r a scammer" etc and not offering virizion on my trades so sir plz help me to get out from this problem thanks.. as a proof i am giving u screen shots refor below links 1.https://ibb.co/4WjwYQM 2.https://ibb.co/pWXBz1q 3.https://ibb.co/5LZJgz7 4.https://ibb.co/kXDRhTW 5.https://ibb.co/LtkgLBw 6.https://ibb.co/C6FxVHk 7.https://ibb.co/55DQ6gs 8.https://ibb.co/tQvXvKZ 9.https://ibb.co/HPDRTZC 10.https://ibb.co/7y6tqjv 11.https://ibb.co/KWcsNgS 12.https://ibb.co/gFQXKRx 13.https://ibb.co/4282nmY 14.https://ibb.co/t294gzS 15.https://ibb.co/tKsqscJ 16.https://ibb.co/gZ7ymT6 17.https://ibb.co/tczQbNm 18.https://ibb.co/z5FTHWL I will be thankful if pokemon-vortex team solve this problem and save us from scammers
  16. Hi Slogokop41 scammed me. He said he would trade a shiny rayquaza mega and a shiny greninja for a volcannon and a kyurem white. He told me to put the volcannon for the greninja and the kyurem white for the rayquaza mega and he only accepted the volcannon getting a high valued pokemon from me
  17. Respected sir , A person blademx scammed me for trade we make deal for dark arceus dragon for 50 Pokemons but he declined on arceus and accepted on other about 31+ Pokemons Below screenshot are there as proof Can anybody say how to attach image so I can show screen shots of scamming
  18. Hello Sir, I want to report a scam, I was looking up to buy a Dark Magearna Original, I was asked to offer 12mil PokeDollars on a ball, which I did, and he didn't accept the trade offer, didn't even replied my texts This happened some 12 hours back and I was very much lost and was not able to understand what to do Please help me with this, can I get my money back by any chance...I have the pictures of our chats as a proof, I wanted to DM you the pictures but it says you are not friend with this person below screenshot https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1D-2PgAzO0TvLqy5HefnLd9xmXo4-S2XQ?usp=sharing Thanks for now
  19. I have ask for exp training from him, while we have end up agreed to the 1:3 rate of 9m pds for 3m exp training, after i offered him the poke(just a shiny map poke with my ot) he ask for extra pds since the exp training will earn hearts on my poke which thats not the deal we made, then i ask for cancel the deal as i dont feel good about him, but he did not reply my message while hes still online i both discord and pokemon vortex. @Patrick @flamescape please take action to this, i know its not any rare poke but at lease i dont want others to get into this issue in the furture Discord: dragon on fire #3951 ign: 420dragon
  20. Respected sir, A person named paulnance messaging in mobile chat with ABUSE WORDS AND BAGGING FOR MY PASSWORD I need help For now I don't replying and blocked Please look at messages
  21. Hello admins. My ign is- mia.corvere Yesterday I had made a deal with a guy whose discord id- is munchy3423#5161. His vortex ign is starlord2007. He told me he wanted 24m PDS for his shiny necrozma. So I bid on his pokeball id- #0002616737 After that he didn't respond when I asked him to offer his shiny necrozma! After sometime he said that that wasn't his account but his friends and so he told he would give me the shiny necrozma today. But then he blocked me and I didn't get anything. Now he has transferred all his pokemons to some another account. Also I could just track where he sent all the money which I had bid on his account to another new account - shauryan1387. It's pokebay auction id is - #0002621379 Please admins help me with this scam! Help me get my poke dollars back!
  22. Venom_10 made a deal with me that if i bought his dark deoxys (speed) then he would trade my dark kyurem (black) fir a shiny deoxys (defense). After i bought the dark deoxys speed of him, i asked to do the deal but he says his brother has it and he would do it tomorrow. I waited till tomorrow and asked again, but he said that his brother is not on and i would get the shiny def in a weeks time. I waited a week patiently and asked him again, then he said i would have to wait another day. On the last day i asked and he said his brother is on, so i asked to do the trade and he said his brother would message me. He gave me his brothers ign, i waited a while and he hasnt messaged me. I then messaged his "brother" if he knew who Venom_10 was and he said no. I then messaged Venom again and he hasnt responded. I spent 20 million which i didnt want to spend and was hoping for shiny def https://ibb.co/5r0CkLd https://ibb.co/Ykhhp2M https://ibb.co/QbQP0sN https://ibb.co/HP8xm2K https://ibb.co/LvM6Nff https://ibb.co/QP0rz3D https://ibb.co/RB5f5Pm https://ibb.co/mthZzQ5 https://ibb.co/nw1tH5K
  23. https://ibb.co/QXYwhF2 https://ibb.co/qjJLnVD https://ibb.co/6nrsXwn https://ibb.co/ftd3Zr9 https://ibb.co/cL7XvYy https://ibb.co/6wRDGHR https://ibb.co/Wkd48Lq https://ibb.co/8zt2v8j https://ibb.co/1RXd6H9 https://ibb.co/ZmRN7qQ https://ibb.co/sy8GQdz https://ibb.co/MSG1Fmk https://ibb.co/vq1R56b https://ibb.co/NFDL2hW These are links to screenshots of proof
  24. this guy is my friend his in game is ppppkkkk and he is keep on creating new accounts to sell the charmanders and other starters, masterballs to get more money. The accounts have names such as wwwwpppp,hhhhpppp
  25. Hello! I am power_redd My 10m exp in Shiny Munchlax was stolen from my account. I dont know how he got log into my account but he stole that and evolve into Shiny Snorlax his OT was Haku_Kale and I was the Owner. Username of that guy:9880918700 And the id of the pokemon:24482838 Please Modetar And Admins of the Games Help Me to Get back that pokemon Thanks You!
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