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Found 62 results

  1. Report Scammer lokithehacker

    I wanna report about a guy who scammed me his ign is ramandramaaram and his other ign is lokithehacker his discord name is murgan he asked me my metallic pikachu libe for his shiny meloetta aria code and he told me to offer my meta libre on his non leggy i offered and then he gave me a wrong dp code and he has blocked me in discord and my metallic pikachu libre is lying in his ign lokithehacker
  2. Report Scammer!

    A guy named panzer-25 got scammed by another guy named 'laoboy' . That laoboy told he would give him a dp code if would give him all his events . And so panzer did it but that guy never gave him the code .help him!!!
  3. Report profanity

    Hi My ign is silverstar2202 as you may see in the photo i have attached to this report as you can see I have please do not beg for Pokemon on my profile. I got a very rude and ignorant message from a user i.g.n 8-0 cussing at me cause of the " please do not beg for Pokemon" I have on my profile please take some kind of action. Please click the evidence button to see snapshot. @Patrick sincerely, Silverstar2202 evidence
  4. Report Scammer: imran48

    forgot about him for some time, that player(imran48) texted me in discord and started to insult me, was not interested in him in the begining but if he wants it so much, so be it! Left some other players as well. those messages were exactly same
  5. Report Botter

    IGN: Maniaa Joined today, already has a starter with over 1 mill exp and is catching only dark and mystic Sableyes.
  6. Report Scammer: lol12345

    My poor luck to meet them so often!!!
  7. Report Scammer: MEWTWO_ARMOR1

    Was playing on secret account just to have fun! and then Told him that i DONE it! For fun Then coppied message in the red about asking for password and changing email and then got this: After that told him that i am reporting him or he should send me promo code for Mewtwo (Armor), who knows maybe will send!
  8. Scammer's Username: Pokemon_Vortex_Team Scam Message: "Hello Goddess the Pokemon Vortex team have had a draw and luckily enough you won. But to make sure you are the real Goddess we will need to know your password" Screenshot(s):
  9. Report Hackers

    Some guy in the username ASSASSINATIONGOD7 hacked my account creators will u not see this pls help he took my shadow mew ,shadow regice and an Arceus
  10. Report Botters

    Just a casual player who noticed a couple botters IGNs: Sonali9111 Felicity001 Sonali9111 Felicity001
  11. Report Botters

    Just wanted to report these guys I found who i am fairly sure are botting Tintrsszz BlcrssyZz Glucrqwazz Lytywzzz Ruycrqazz Witcrqzz Kalcrzz Please Check them out @Patrick
  12. Report hacking

    i had put legends(200) on trade and events(40) on trade next day when i logged in it was not there can some 1 help me out can u tell patrick to solve my problem can some 1 help me with events and legends there is a guy with user name katrick he tell he is patrick and a admin he is asking for my password he has many accounts like katrick bloodrider, etc so what should i do and some 1 help me with events and legends pls help me my account user name is hellokittty
  13. Report this is true

    on one day i recived a message from 4162 that my vortex account has some problems and if i tell my my password he would repair it if i don't my account will be banned and like this he sent me more than 20 messages
  14. Ayer complete mi sidequest al 64% y pueden comprobarlo en mi id: israelxd12 , y no me dieron las orb's , quiza se bugeo o algo , porfavo quiero que este mensaje llege a los ADM y porfavor me puedan dar mis orb's :C please
  15. Report donjeferhc

    This user (IGN: donjeferhc) just sent me this message:
  16. Report How it can possible?

    How can these accounts find so many legendary pokémons? goyoce, realbot25 And how do these people manage in a short time to get several exp points? This member Msrocha, look at this Mega Charizard with 54,702,658 in 1 month how is it possible? This member that I also found punpizza33, with a Mega Aggron with 34,777,309 exp how it possible? @Patrick
  17. Well this guy is an imposter of Patrick. He made me laugh so hard tho. Information: IGN: Patttrick He also uses same email and Skype as Patrick's (Real one) Screen Shot:
  19. Report JNYJ210

    Just got that message from that dude.
  20. Report SunshineDay

    IGN: SunshineDay is pretty clearly cheating to me, to the point where about every other map notification is of them catching a Legendary from the grass map (often unique), whenever I refresh their profile they`re fighting a different grass-map Legend, most of the Pokemon on the account constitute legends from the grass map, and I suspect they`re using an auto-catcher of some sort that filters for legends only. If there`s a way to check map notification history that should be enough to confirm they`re cheating, SunshineDay is at this point getting more catches than everyone else combined at a ridiculous rate and they`re all Legends from the grass map.
  21. Someone actually tried it
  22. Report This guy

    kelvin7. Subject: ghost11 login in ghost11 accountde messege is there kelvin7. Subject: RE: RE: ghost11 ??????? my friends account u hacked it kelvin7. Subject: RE: RE: RE: RE: ghost11 ??????? my friends account u hacked it lol wat lol u ***** u know how much he cried after accomplishing that legends in that account.................oh i forgot u dont have feelings for anyone even for ur mom if she dies how will u react if i say LOL kelvin7. Subject: SUCK U HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING...........MY FOOT U ONLY HACKED HIS ACCOUNT BANTER This guy is actually ghost11 I'm sure.
  23. Report Leander484

    Person is trying to hack into my account. I can send a picture, but I don't know how to on here. He sent me saying: "Hi,i am giving my shiny and shadow arceus Electric's for free if you want reply." (copy pasted) Me: "Yes, please" Leander484: "ok just pm me your pass word and i will put it in till now i have givin atleast 5 people events" I then left a message remarking he'll get banned for trying to steal my account. Leander484: "okay if you dont want i've giving so many people events okay bye dont message again"
  24. Report Um this guy =_=

    Well this guy just suggested a so called "cheat" which is obviously a scam. Just doing my part in cleaning the community. IGN:070886 Other users have been hidden as they have no part in this? dont want their names to get falsely involved.
  25. Report Seriously...

    IGN: mewtonite Traded my Mystic Water + Dark Electric for his Metallic Complete then he sent me this....