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Found 137 results

  1. My account has been hacked by darkdaru and he stolen my highest 4 pokemons. i just changed the password but the guy is still viewing my profile.
  2. Hello, I'd like to report the user ThatDerpyGuy for racist content: 1) Leader of the "KKK everyday" clan 2) Racist content in "Bio" section 3) Also has an account named ThatDerpyGuy_NL, which is in the same clan and also has racist content in Bio
  3. magn5949 Scammer!!! He told me to bid his pokeball for 8m and he will send me a shiny zygarde complete code.
  4. I got scammed by Lmtsy. He stole many pokemon of my. Can I pls get all my pokemon back? https://imgur.com/a/550dKvf Here are screenshots of the account and of a few pokemon's of my. They are not the best. But they are from me. And i want them pls back.
  5. Hey guys, I traded my Unknown for exp training. I should have done it with only trustworthy people, I know... Scammer IGN: Charizard97 Scammer Discord: it was Kévìn but now it's Quit and not in the server anymore. My Pokémon ID of the Pokémon is: 0026324075 It's still in his account, in his party, first slot. Next URL has got 3 images, 2 of which are the messages I had with the scammed, and the last image is my stolen Unknown in bot commands. https://imgur.com/a/qI0DOLe I hope there is something to be done here! I hate this situation so much... Dragony
  6. So yesterday I gave my alt porymonz to IGN Peelzy Discord : @Peelzy#6018 https://imgur.com/a/kwHl7hB @Patrick @sportsandmusic69 I dont care about the leggies but I want that mystic origin back. D:
  7. http://prntscr.com/pg87zq http://prntscr.com/pg87v2 http://prntscr.com/pg8880
  8. a guy named KingFossil in discord IGN: RjBones is a scammer he said, he was selling jaw fossil promo code, but he sended me a FALSE PROMO CODE : JL69-BDKU-DQ89
  9. Hello sirs Well I recieved a message in the chats asking me for password and claiming he would trade his for mine (I obviously didn't give) Ppl who are not experienced with the game shall fall for the trap I request u to take some legitimate action coz this kinda behaviour will lead to loss of acc of ignorant ppl https://imgur.com/a/fL750kR His Ign is- aashish_hero2 Ik it's in Hindi basically he is asking me for trading my acc password for his
  10. I was asked by someone (maiban) if I would sell my account (against the rules) I think this person is also known as a previous scammer/buyer (Schwull) as they both started their messages this same way. https://sta.sh/02b16ucnmeck
  11. Maiban offers 200$ for your account, and says you can trust him, you cant, and he have haced my account magn5959 so do not trust ''me'' aswell xD
  12. Schwulll tried to offer me $500 via paypal for my account. I knew it was obviously a scam from the start but i just want to inform every on this thread to not trust him at all. I see previous posts about him and he is still not banned so i felt compelled to make a post now. I do not have chat records available at the moment, i should of taken screenshots but when i get access to those i will post them. Stay safe, keep your account, be smart. I even negotiated with him for my own entertainment and said if he gave me $10 i would give him my password...and he wouldn't even do that lol, he supposedly would not give me any money until i gave him my password. Scammers are stupid at negotiating so challenge them that way if you feel something is wrong and trust your gut.
  13. Guy wanted to buy my account. I agreed to a price with him and gave him my password under the constraint that I will be changing my password if I did not receive my money in 30 seconds. I didn't receive it. So I changed my password, but not before I lost my most valuable pokemon. I know that I must take some responsibility for this. But is there something that can be done about this account so nobody else can go through what I did? And is there something that can be done about getting my Shiny Groudon with over 14 mil exp back?
  14. I was scammed by this person, who has two accounts kvasuvasu. / 898902. We had a deal, that he will evolve my dark lopunny to mega[Since he had loppunite]. And i will give him my lopunny (mega). But when i gave him my dark lopunny, he was nt ready to give it back after evolving and was asking for my shiny celebi. To which I refused, after constant harassment he agreed to give my pokemon back. But when i saw the first two attacks, they were changed to lowest grade purposely. Check the screenshots below. https://imgur.com/a/oq1jcsw
  15. Hi team admins guy's pls help me Oliver Skype said that 40mil for my deoxys but he cheated me I have given him deoxys but he is not giving me the pokedollars I need my deoxys attack back pls help me He is deleting the chats also pls help Me to get my pokemon back sorry I am unable to upload the screen shot
  16. I was in active then suddenly when I check my acct all my pokemon is gone. I checked my trade history all of my pokemon went to Shaze08 could u guys help me.
  17. I have screenshots. we deal with shadow deoxys attack and he didnt give me. he changed your discord pp and nick. http://prntscr.com/olouxo http://prntscr.com/olovf4 http://prntscr.com/olovkg http://prntscr.com/olv6ue http://prntscr.com/olow4u http://prntscr.com/olv02q now he dont answer me and turned messages in game. his ign is : ezgame . plz help me .
  18. Sujin123 messaged me at first regarding a trade and then later on he went asking for password saying he would give me 20m and tried to scam me.. but later I made him a fool Here is the proof.. https://ibb.co/tzxzy8y Please take at look at this admins (Patrick)
  19. He tried to get me to bid on his poke ball for 12 million for a shadow arceus (grass). Said he would trade me poke after i bid , after i refused he then had his best friend ( who he mentions on his profile ) bid on the ball for only 5 mil to try get me to bid. He has now blocked and unfriended me after i called him out.
  20. SUJIN123 Is asking for passwords and I've heard from other users in the discord chat that he did the same to them. Here is a screenshot of the conversation I had with him. https://imgur.com/a/Onrbc8V
  21. Account should be Permanently Banned for User Schwull
  22. This user wanted to trade an Armaldo for a promo code, so I traded Armaldo for his Dark Makuhita and he never messaged me the promo code like he said he would. I'll insert the user's IGN again, it's Schwulll.
  23. I bought a burn drive during the 'genesect genesis v1' event. Pokémon vortex never mentioned in the description of the event how to put the burn drive on a genesect, or that you could only turn a genesect into a genesect (blaze) during whilst the event was still active. I demand a refund from Pokémon vortex, as the burn drive cost me 147192 pokedollars.
  24. This guy named schwull hacked me, idk how, however, he said he will give me an electric shiny arceus promo code for my shadow arceus, I traded but he just left/offline without a promo code. Patrick, if your reading this, plz go band him and get my arceus back, plz, I worked so hard for it. Unfortunately, I wont be able to have proof yet, however hopefully I will soon.
  25. Over the last month, I have frequently noticed Pokémon being sold for under 25000 pokedollars, despite that being the lowest start price. The list of people who scammed me and the Pokémon are as follows: rishiknightwolf : simisear ChaosBeast : braixen ArcaneKnight : mystic vivillion (meadow) Carterflong11 : magikarp rotoms5 : golurk okahinoburak : metallic magby arceuspalkia : absol, metagross 90961: kadabra cochmister123 : weavile, typhlosion JeanKiLLah : mystic farfetchd, shadow wishiwashi (school) Battlebuda : rockruff
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