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Found 154 results

  1. Dear GMs or administrators or people who can help me, this morning I logged into my account and played normally in the morning, when I tried to log in in the afternoon there was a mistake saying my account was banned, I would like to know what I did wrong to ban my account? Note: I have never used any means or method that may violate the rules, only if it is wrong to continue battling in the same gym to raise my level pokemon.
  2. I was grinding xp for 3 hours straight. I use a touch laptop. I don't know what happened but in the 3rd hour, the game started lagging. I assumed it's because of my network connectivity issues. Then suddenly the "attack" button moved half the screen downwards. This, I thought was to prevent botting or scripts. However, after a few battles, in which the attack button is obviously not where it should be, another weird thing happened. The attack button completely vanished. Screenshot attached of the bug. The issue was resolved after reloading the page several times. Please look into the cause of the bug so that it may not happen with others. Thanks in advance.
  3. Wiki.pokemon-vortex.com is not working since past few days. Its down due to HTML ERROR 500.
  4. Landorus (Therian) should be edition 2 but here its edition 1. Please correct it.
  5. Doesn't work (typical empty() issue) i have to put a parentheses after the 0 which makes me move my right hand from the mouse to the keyboard
  6. Quisiera que me devolvieran mi cuenta de pokemon vortex, yo no he hecho nada malo para que me lo quiten así,por favor respondan lo mas pronto posible quisiera comunicarme con los administradores de pokemon votex, pueden revisar mi cuenta de pokemon vortex dinero pokemones absolutamente todo esta en orden estoy muy segura por favor respondan lo mas pronto posible a mi correo star_nikol10@hotmail.com ID: niko413
  7. A dude traded his shiny Necrozma to me for my 3 exp promos. I had the poke in my box, I saw it. Then.. It glitched back to his trade offer like I did not even offer, and someone else got it now, and I lost my 3 codes. Is there something to be done? I have proof on my account and my trading history that I did not give the Necrozma away again. It just went poof and to the owner again, and after that another person offered 3 arc forms, but the owner did not know it was my Necrozma, so he accepted it. Poke ID: #0021825250 Person I traded the codes with: ARSLAN on discord.
  8. Many Times When I Visit My Inventory And Click On Promo Code Tab..It Just Keeps on loading and doesnt open....I Have To Reopen Inventory And Click On Promo Code Tab To Open It...I Found In It Very Annoying as to for collecting my daily reward
  9. So it said i won the auction and i looked to see if i could put in the pokemon i got into my team and when i try the pokemon doesnt show, but when i look at all of my pokemon they show up
  10. I catch shiny rayquaza 10 minutes ago but this pokemon not in my pokemon list. I have this moment photography. Please give me back my shiny rayquaza!
  11. I Have Been Searching A Lot On The Maps Several Times In The Past Few Days For The Arceus Type,Done It 10-20 In These Days And In The Search I Got Only 1 Legendary Zygarde And Every Other Long Searched Pokemon I Got Were Just Normal High Level Pokemons Like Zwellious Lv38..I Wanna Know Is It A Bug Or Somethings Wrong With My IP?
  12. I purchased mystic eevee on pokebay (510.000) two days ago. And today ım opened my account my mystic eevee has gone. my team have 5 poke. ı dont sell or trade. I want my mystic eevee again
  13. I used a paralyze heal in a wild battle in a shiny groudon encounter. Picture of the frozen fight: https://imgur.com/a/tygiV4s I still caught him after reloading the page though, but it was scary because I thought I was going to lose him. ~Cornay
  14. http://imgur.com/gallery/flfEzbY Essentially this, I don't know whether having the auction end at 7:16 AM server-time makes a difference. I also noticed the money had been deducted from my account.
  15. I encountered a level 78 Necrozma on map 24. However, when I clicked Battle I got a screen saying I have captured an Yveltal. There was no battle or throwing pokeballs, the game just gave me the successful capture screen. Any idea what happened here?
  16. trapinch evolving into vibrava
  17. o/ all, I've logged in after 3 months absence or so, and return to: 1) No general chat 2) No trade chat There is no option to amend this in the pop-up settings available to me, when will we get a fix? Kindest regards, TS
  18. Hello patrick, I'm from Brazil, my English is bad, there are many items that I did not win in the Kanto sidequest as a fossil that starts at 2% until the mega evolutions that go up to 8%, I wonder if this is a mistake, how can you help me please thank you sorry for the confusion
  19. I bid on a Lvl 100 tornadus but didn't get it. Please help me get it back thank you
  20. On may 18th our clan was in 61st position with 300,000 something points. Then on 19th our clan was in 70th position with 266,879 points. My clan is vortex JNN and plase fix this
  21. Placed some bids on PokeBay and they still have not ended? They are all past their times but show no progress, I have checked that the time region is right on my laptop and browser.
  22. Hello! The clock at the top of the screen disappeared when I last logged in. I don't know why it happened; I didn't change anything in my settings as far as I can remember. -ManggaGraham
  23. I believe there is an error in the list of purchasable moves for Metagross (Mega), upon mega evolving Metagross loses a large amount of it's purchasable moves. Upon comparison no other Mega evolving Pokemon changes it's purchasable moves when mega evolving bar Lopunny and Lucario who have 1 attack swapped for another (so potentially bugged there as well but to a lesser degree). Moves Metagross (Mega) loses from the purchasable moves list: Aerial Ace Brick Break Facade Flash Cannon Gyro Ball Ice Punch Icy Wind Psyshock Round Secret Power Sludge Wave Snore
  24. I stumbled upon this just now while editing the wiki and was told I was uploading a duplicate image when uploading the shiny minior (meteor) image. Double checked on the website annnnd they are the same
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