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Found 246 results

  1. Hey Vortex! I had a error happen today? I'm not sure if it's supposed to happen or not but I think it was unfair. Yesterday I listed a Shadow Primal Groudon for 10 million and someone bid 10 million on it so I was excited! But when the auction ended at 9:32 for me I only got 9 million?!? This may seem arrogant of me? But I think I deserve the money I listed it for? Thank you for reading this and it would be so great if I got the extra million! Stay well everyone and God bless.
  2. So here it is loading: https://prnt.sc/ukdb1b But then it REJECTS me: https://prnt.sc/ukdafa My Mega Mewtwo Y avatar isnt cheering me up So please, help me! I need to message Unnamed_1 as seen above This is frequent in another way, but its not a bug, i just click alot So help! pls
  3. When drop rated of master ball (34%)is the highest ,so why I am not able to get it 25x Dive Balls Common 15% 25x Dusk Balls Common 15% 25x Moon Balls Common 15% 25x Net Balls Common 15% 25x Master Balls Uncommon 34% 50x Master Balls Rare 6%
  4. I want to change my time zone .How can I change it ,when I created my id the time zone was automatically set
  5. When I check my profile the ribbon still has no colour and it says that I have not finish the gyms and I cannot encounter kanto legendary pokemon.
  6. Is this an error or a glitch bcoz whenever i try to log into my forum clan The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C349/2 This error occurs!! What should i do??
  7. I found this bug https://snipboard.io/hpbUL5.jpg
  8. As the title states I can't get to the new maps. It worked fine like yesterday or so but then I went in a gym battle and accidently closed the tab so I opened it up again and it was on the old map screen like with the all the V4 Maps. I tried on a different account but it went fine. I don't know if my account is bugged or not. I also tried using the gym leader link and typing /map-live next to the PokemonVortex.com thing but it doesn't work. I really kinda want to explore the new maps.
  9. New Graphics Options If you've previously had trouble running the new V5 maps on your device - now would be a great time to try again. In addition to several memory optimisations and loading speed improvements, we have now added the ability for you to tweak the graphics quality settings and switch out of fullscreen mode. Just click on the icon below the clock to open the settings menu. i have a windows 7 computer so the live map was not fast but now its better thanks
  10. Dear Administrator I'd like to report to you that 2 days ago all of my lvl 100 pokemons suddenly disappeared and I had over 30 lvl 100 pokemons including all the legendary pokemons that I had caught
  11. A few days ago I had 1,500+ unique pokemon. I logged on today and I have only 638!! I changed my password but I don't think that's the problem as I still have the legendary and limited edition pokemon (Not sure if all of them, haven't checked).
  12. Runerigus has an bogus move called "Night Shadw" and Galarian Slowbro has a bogus move called "Shell Side Armor." in their initial move when you evolve them. Both which are not supposed to exist. Intentional?
  13. Possible they haven't been unlocked for me yet? I've finished Alolan Gym and league battles quite some time ago and most recently I've finished galar region gym and league battles, but i've never come across any Alolan form Pokemon or Galarian form Pokemon. I have a few that evolve into ordinary/alolan form but none that are alolan or galarian from the map
  14. Hi, I hope you can help me with this or atleast inform me but I can't access the Pokemon Vortex site...I can access it this morning (GMT +8) and this afternoon the page just showed an Error 521 message, I mean if only you can explain me what the problem is and if it can be fixed...Have a good day
  15. I don't know if it was on purpose or not but when i click on the names of Pokemon of different type classes(shiny, dark, mystic etc), and try to check their evolved forms by clicking on them, their type class disappears. for example I click on Shiny Kyogre and checked its evolved form it shows the normal Kyogre primal without the Shiny in its name or form. PS: Also thank you for Vortex, it's been my go to game since 2014
  16. I have beat all of the gym leaders of Kanto as well at the elite four and champion but have not earned the ability to encounter the kanto legends
  17. I don't know if this is a mistake, but despite defeating the leaders and master Galar, no new pokemon appear on the old maps. If this is a deliberate procedure, unfortunately, thank you for something like that, because with a weaker computer I have no possibility to catch new creatures, because these maps are cut to me. Ps I've finished sidequests
  18. wanted to evolve clamperl into huntail, so bought an deep sea tooth game told me that i needed a deep sea scale. bought one, then evolved the clamperl into a gorebyss and it used both the evo items. gorebyss uses both items, huntail uses only deep sea scale
  19. When i get linked to the live world, im sent to map select, plz help i wanna access galar gyms
  20. first...sorry about my english I try to log iin my account yesterday and today and nothing... Now i see a notification with 'banned' write on message. How can I recovery my acc... i got a hard week knowing the game, a lot of legendary lost. my acc is dogao555 ty pokefamily
  21. Hello pv mod team Today when I tried to use my forum acc to comment of report threads my content gets coloured as red and it shows "hidden" and content to be approved by moderator i have never posted any content which was offensive so why has my acc become like this? a reply and solution would be appreciated thanks for ur time reading this and possibly solving
  22. Help me! I want to reply to this PM but i cant cuz ReCaptcha isnt working. Help please! Heres the evidence: https://prnt.sc/ttd8wm
  23. Is the Pokemon Vortex logo like this or am I lagging? It's the YouTube logo instead of a Pokeball logo.
  24. If someone sends you a friend request in game, and you're already friends with them, the friend request will appear regardless. If you click 'accept' then a loading screen will appear and nothing else will happen. This will only go away once you refresh the screen, but the request will still be there. Surely if you're already friends with someone, the request should not appear at all?
  25. So i started the game on july 10th and i have been constantly looking for legendaries around 1 week now. I couldnt encounter any legendary. 2 days ago i started my cousin to the game and he couldnt find any too.and around 2 dys ago i got a message from another user saying : i started game 5 or 6 days ago and i couldnt find any legendaries how did you get zekrom(i got it from daily login). Aleo i read some other posts at this forum that goes "i cant find any legendaries" they are all replied you are just unlucky. Legendary pokemon finding chance per encounter is %0,167 and im thinking i at least encountered 3000 pokemon by now and if you do the math i should have encounter about 3 legendaries by now but not once and i am not the only one. So i am thinking there is some bug with newly created accounts because every one i saw said i just started the game but other players kept catching legendaries. (Note: me my cousin and the other guy all compleated gyms and got the bandages)
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