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Found 48 results

  1. He olvidado mi contraseña y no me se mi correo electronico que hago ahora y mi usuario es johnni024
  2. I think this might be more of an issue then a bug, because I don't know if anyone is having similar problems. Every time I catch a new pokemon, the pokemon automatically go to my party as I don't have a full team. However if I win a pokemon from the Auction I can't withdraw the pokemon into my party. Same goes with depositing, I was trying to remove pokemon from my party and nothing happens. When I click Switch it refreshes the page however nothing happens. Whenever I search for a pokemon that I know I have and comes up in the search results and enter, my pokemon don't show up. Showing up in results: How it's coming up after entering: Also as I previously said, I'm not not able to remove pokemon from my party either.
  3. A couple weeks back I caught a Mystic Pheromosa with a Beast ball; I was just checking my pokemon and it appears she has gone missing but I didn't auction/trade her. I know I caught her because I had 5 beast balls from a mystery box I purchased and now I have 4; it also doesn't come up often so the event was pretty memorable. Is there any way to tell what happened? I believe she was one of the last few pokemon I caught. I wish I had doubled checked sooner but I had no reason to suspect she wouldn't be there. Thanks for any help!
  4. Resolved Ultra Ball

    It seems that have something wrong with ultra balls. My last battle catching pokémons I used it when the pokémon had just 15 HP and it wasn't catched. In v.4 the pokeballs got weak? Because before, when we used ultra balls to catch pokémons with 100 HP or below, it aways was catched.
  5. While doing Clan Battles, I encountered a trainer with a Level 20 Gardevoir. This doesn't seem normal, as Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir starting Level 30. As it's a regular level-up evolution, this should be the same in Pokémon Vortex. Most likely the way it went wrong was to allow for an evolution into Gallade before Level 30. This then accidentaly allowed Kirlia to become Gardevoir before Level 30 as well. Unfortunately, I don't have a Ralts or Kirlia of that level that I'd want to evolve to test this theory for myself.
  6. The option to evolve only brings me to Glalie. And even so, it says I can't even evolve it.
  7. So ever since the recent update that fixed a few bugs, it broke battles a little bit. Currently, while fighting the first pokemon in a team it will restart the battle in a bugged out page and return to normal once you begin fighting again. Bugged out page: This happens randomly during the first battle and resets the progress you make on the entire fight. There is also a bug that has been in the game since V4's release which seems to have gotten worse with this update. That bug is that the attack selection will sometimes revert to your previous selection. For example, on my first turn, if I select my 3rd move, it will revert to and use the first move (the previously selected move). While is is not as major of a bug it can lose battles in some situations. I have tested this is the clan battles, AI controlled trainer battles, sidequests, gyms and special battles. These bugs both occur in all of those places. For reference also, I am in chrome, Ad blocker off and was only able to test on the 'theta' server; I was not able to link to zeta or any of the other servers. i have also just encountered this issue here: I was simply trying to catch a pokemon when this came up, i pressed it and it said I had lost the battle and returned me to the map. Cheers
  8. Resolved log in reward

    I am not getting my daily log in rewards and this has been happening for a couple of days now
  9. i was playing on my second account subzero890 and i purchased a siny cresselia in auction but the pokemon is not there with me now
  10. Hey guys, I was walking on a map when a wild Kartana lv. 76 appeared. I had some master balls so I threw one in. All that was displayed was 'You used a Master ball and could not attack.' That's it. Pokemon was not caught and i think I wasted 8 Master balls and 3 Ultra balls before I blasted the jack out of the pokemon. Anyone else faced this issue? It is a kind of bummer as it was my first Ultra beast. Regards Trail92
  11. Resolved Weather problem

    In the previous version change the weather from day to night, and now after the update, I can not find the option of how to change it back to day, I would like to know if there is any way to do it with any option or what I need to do. Thanks
  12. Unsold pokemon from your auction remains in the unsold section even after you have relisted it/them.
  13. Resolved Bad Impression

    Well if that word is "Modern" then it gives a bad impression on the home screen Hope it gets fixed though its not a big issue
  14. Resolved Daily Gift

    I got an avatar on daily check, but it was not sent to my inventory or profile. Jumpdafukup
  15. Resolved "Back To Gyms"

    Hello, so when i finish battling someone from the "Battle Facilities", at the end it shows "Back to Gyms", which i'm assuming is a mistake??? Screenshot: (after battling someone from the "Battle Facilities") thanks for your time
  16. Not sure if it's my computer, but the button to leave a clan doesn't work for me. Thanks for the attention to this
  17. When i receive a daily promo code, i have the option of selling it packing it right? Well, when i click in Package and then in Sell it says this: Invalid promo code selected to auction or the promo code selected has a due expiry date. It happened me with all promo codes i tried (3 or 4)
  18. Resolved Pokemon Team

    When I go to the page to view my pokemon team, the last three pokemon are off the page to the right and I can't slide over to view them. Is anyone else having this problem?
  19. Resolved Problem

    I have problems with the map, I go out in night mode and I have tried to find a way to change it, but I can not do it, I hope you can help me. Thank you
  20. Resolved Master ball missed

    I was battling a buzzwole but I couldn't catch it even with a master ball it wasn't caught
  21. I was battling a Katana earlier - the Master ball I used did not catch the pokemon. then when I ran out of ultra balls and killed the pokemon it said I lost the battle and $4000
  22. Resolved steelix (MEGA) stolen

    i've added my steelix(mega) to trade and now i can't find it
  23. Resolved Help me

    I cant log into my account, It tells me an error every time I log into my account, please help me,
  24. Resolved Sidequest Crashed

    Sidequest Crashed PS: It's back to work