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Found 77 results

  1. Jakkuboy5298

    Resolved Discord Will not work

    Look It said "This instant invite is invalid or expired" Someone get me an actual invite!!! HELP!!!
  2. Failmelvin

    Resolved Masterball bug?

    Today i found my first Legandary , Xurkitree lvl 78.. Damaged till 8% threw 12 Ultra ball's and as last A Masterbal! He went out and lost the battle.. Was this a bug or is the Masterbal different in the game?!? If someone can give me some information about this , i whould appreciate that!
  3. knightmare0915

    Resolved daily log in

    why there are some daily log in prize that cant be claim, its always says this log in prize was given to different account something like that. but there is no other account logged in to pc.
  4. screenshot, this url will take you to the screenshot of my problem,i am not able to change my pokemons from slot 5 & 6 to the rest of the slots. ,Paws.
  5. It looks like the electric map has another exit at this point. When accessed from the right, those blocks can be entered. Not sure whether this was something of an easter egg or a bug.
  6. LiliTest

    Resolved False Swipe Move

    So I bought the move False Swipe for my to use to hunt low level Pokemon without killing them like in the Pokemon Games, which is supposed to leave the opposing Pokemon with only 1 HP, but when I started a battle to test it out, It did 67 damage and killed the Pokemon. I suppose this is an error? I would appreciate it if this got fixed. Thank you for your time. (Screenshot of it)

    Resolved Messages

    Ahhh Pat has updated v4 to v4.1 and in that Pat has even mentioned that now u can see message has been delivered or not , yes nice option Pat but but , wait The pokedex option comes before the message delivered option and I hence I can't see the message has been delivered or not . Thanks hope u see this pat .
  8. Hi, As per my knowledge Master ball is able to catch any pokemon at any time, So my question is does Dark Necrozma has any special case. I brought down its hp 42 and use multiple ultra balls and great ball until my last pokemon. Then I used master ball and still it missed. It also happened to my friend. Can any one explain what is this issue
  9. I caught a female Frillishand i noticed it has the male sprite instead of female one... Is this an error or there are no female Frillish/Jellicent sprites in the game? (escuse my ugly english c:)
  10. Indone

    Resolved Team Glitch

    I only have a team of 5. When I try switching pokemon in it doesn't go up to 6. I've tried catching wild pokemon but they don't go into my team. I don't know what happened to my 6th slot, it's just blank. Fixed: I didn't have a metallic budew, but a regular one did the trick! Thanks.
  11. I had 3 offers in a poke, i rejected one (the one of the bottom), now it says i have 0 offers but if i click in "0 offers" i see the other two. And now i cant decline the others It is an Aerodactyl Mega uft in Vitol id 3185960, for if u need it for check
  12. So I'm trying to manage my team and move Pokemon in and out of my line up to train but the 6 slot is blank and there's nothing there. When I go to the "Change Team" settings, there's only 5 Pokemon on the right hand side. And then, when I open the Members tab to view my own profile, there's a random Diglett in the 3rd slot. Any way around this glitch? I've signed in and out three times and have tried moving multiple Pokemon but nothing is working. Any help? IGN: Foaming Thanks. Fixed.
  13. Vedantisthebest

    Resolved Pokebay glitch

    In pokebay I bid on a latias mega avatar. I lost in that auction but still I didn't get my money back. I lost my 210k money :'(. I want it back, I was willing to bid on another auction of a legend but I was shocked when I saw my money gone. I wasn't also able to get the Legendary. Q - I'm missing money, where is it?A - When you bid on an auction and you are currently the highest bidder, your money is held by PokéBay until someone either outbids you or you win. This is in place so people cannot bid on and win auctions they cannot afford.
  14. unknown_citizen

    Resolved Bugs in Forums ?!

    No only are bugs in game... There r a few bugs in Forums, too!! 1) I can not edit old posts, however I can edit recent/ new posts 2) I can not "react" (give likes, upvotes, sad reacts,...) when I'm using my phone. Idk if it's an issue of my phone or bcuz it's the "mobile version" of Forums. 3) 2 or 3 days ago I was watching my GiVeAwAy topic. I was on the page 2, then I went to page 1... immediately after that a message appears on the bottom of the page, saying that someone is replying me, so I clicked the message... it redirects me to the page 2, but nobody replied any of my posts. (In addition that Topic was already closed!!! )
  15. Hace dos meses hice una compra en la PokéBay (Auction ID: #0000028660) de un Cosmog (ID: #0017648655)a 520001 unidades de monedas del juego, que evolucioné a Cosmoeny luego a Lunala , lo he buscado por todas partes y resulta que este no figura ni en la pokédex ni en mi inventario... y que por alguna razón ha vuelto de nuevo a su Entrenador Original sin Explicación, quedando en el registro de mis compras como el ganador de la venta y en las características del pokémon como propietario a PRIGIL... no cambié al pokémon (sería ilógico que yo le intercambiara al entrenador original un pokémon que el mismo vendió), ni tampoco me deshice de él... necesito una explicación o una solución a mi problema ya que ni el dinero que invertí fue devuelto a mi cuenta...
  16. Emre.

    Resolved Virus

    Hello, I bought a new computer for 14 days ago. A old model, it was slow to start up, But worked fine after. But then I played Pokemon Vortex and it worked Good. But today While playing my computer broke Down. It wont work again. I dont know if the dealer cheated me or the game has a virus.
  17. It doesn´t work, it just redirect u to dashboard
  18. Title speaks for itself.
  19. I had just encountered a Shiny Nihilego in Map 10 and the Zeta server crashed right when I was about to capture it! I understand this is probably unrecoverable, but man, it really sucks. My one Vortex ball would've finally been able to shine. When the server finally came back up (I saved the page) it had changed my encounter from Shiny Nihilego to a Mienfoo. So depressing that I had such good luck and horrible luck at the same time. D:
  20. Hi community and admins, I won a bid for arceus (ice) for 3m pokedollars. I was the only bidder, I checked multiple times. The transaction shows in the 'purchases' section that I've bought it. I did not receive the pokemon, it is not in my 'view all pokemon' section. I clicked the pokemon to see the owner, only shows the original owner, no other names. I hope this can be resolved soon!
  21. jumpdafukupp

    Resolved Clan img

    It is impossible to put an image in the clan, when I post the forum code and saved, nothing happens.
  22. Eeveelutions8

    Resolved Battle pokemon changed

    Hey. so today I was searching for a pokemon on the grass maps. I first got a pidgey but I couldn't catch it because my clamperl used a too strong attack so it fainted. Then I got a Tapu bulu but I fainted it too by using a too strong attack. then after some searching, I got a herdierlevel 40 but when I clicked battle, it just showed the screen which said that my team beat wild pidgey. this was the same screen as before after the battle with pidgey and clamperl gaining exp and pokemoney. please help.
  23. my level 53 torchic, starter pokemon has not evolved yet,not evolving
  24. He olvidado mi contraseña y no me se mi correo electronico que hago ahora y mi usuario es johnni024
  25. I recently noticed a few of my Pokemon are missing genders. When I click their name, it just shows the loading screen. It appears that all of them are from V3. I am still able to battle with them, however I am not able to give them a nickname as it says that only the original trainer is able to change the name. Back in V3, I would only catch my own Pokemon and train them myself so they never belonged to anyone else nor were they glitched in.