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Found 128 results

  1. Rickert1363

    Resolved move changer

    when I do a move sometimes the game says that I did a different move when im sure I did the good 1 by example I use water canon and then it says I used low kick, and then I sometimes lose or lose my Pokemons health.
  2. mastertall3

    Resolved Got banned...?

    Hey everyone, So I was just about to login to Pokemon Vortex and I got the message that I had been banned. I'm a long time player, number 351 in the world (Last time I checked) and I have never used any types of cheats or Third party programs. I rarely login to Vortex these days, only occasionally when I remind myself. Is there any way this could have been a bug or did something really happen and I possibly got hacked and banned? If so, is there anyway to undo this? Thanks for the response in advance
  3. The first topic I opened in the forum has been deleted for no reason and now my game membership is banned, even though I have never done a trick or exception. I just have 2 things to mind, 1) Why did the topic I opened in the forum be deleted? 2) Why have I been banned from the game, even though I have never done a trick or exception? Thanks for wasting my time on my browser.I hope other players don't fall into such ridiculous situations. I would appreciate it if you give any information. I haven't even got an answer as to why the topic has been deleted. Thank you for everything, including my wasted efforts and times.
  4. i was logging on to my account and it said i am banned i did nothing wrong i followed the rules so can you un ban my account thank you
  5. o/ all, I read that there is a happiness event that started approx 2hrs ago (00:00 GMT/PV Time) and runs through the weekend so trained my Shiny Swadloon. However from observations, despite there saying there's a happy bonus... My happiness increase seems in-line with the numbers on wiki, which indicates there's no bonus being applied. 289k xp / 3000 per battle = 96 battles approx @1 Happy Star Would a dev/mod be able to confirm whether there is (or is not) an event going? It doesn't seem consistent with event numbers. I apologise for the question, I do not use Discord and I'm getting no help from the IG Chat... Kind regards, TS
  6. andrethegianthavesom

    Resolved No link for password reset

    WHENEVER I have tried password reset it doesn shows the link but show the whole email ..... this is getting real irritating I want someone to resolve this thing I amANDRETHEGIANT and was thinking to come out of retirement i struggled to make a new account in forums my account is not banned on either (ingame) and on (forums) PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS MATTER,THANKYOU AND BTW ANDRE IS MAKING A RETURN
  7. So I was going through some maps and looking for legendary Pokemon when the game just logs me out. I was thinking, oh its fine, i'll just log back in, but nope. When I inserted my username and password, there was a phrase that came up stating, "you have been banned from Pokemon Vortex" and I was furious. I wasn't doing anything wrong, I have no reason to be banned. If this happened to anyone else, Is there a fix for this problem? Edit: my username is breakwaterfog btw
  8. so i captured a celebi today and when i went to my invetory he wasn't there, i tried to change my team members and he wasn't there at all, but i'm 100% sure i captured him, i even screenshoted it so i could shout her to my bf http://prntscr.com/mmr814 lol
  9. dashedcar

    Resolved Wild Pokémon

    this is happening a bit too often when i'm searching for pokemon. I click to battle a pokemon i find, then it goes to the link of the congratulations of my previous battle and i lose the pokemon i wanted to battle and sometimes the one I wanted to catch which gets really frustrating. is anyone else experiencing this problem if so is there an existing solution or is it something that may be fixed the next update
  10. My account has been banned but why? I worked hard for that membership. Lost time and my effort. Why banned my account? I want this fixed. Account id : okt55
  11. Tritre

    Resolved Discord Login

    My discord app had been accidentally deleted. So, I installed it again. But, when I tried to login, it said that my email was a new detection. But when I went to register it then, it said that this email was already registered. Please help me and fix it.
  12. AllanAlves

    Resolved Clan icon

    I dont can change my clan icon
  13. OK u can't bid twice in 10 seconds but these 10 seconds countdown resets if u click in bid even if it fails miserably bcos this same restriction so u can click on bid during ur whole life in intervals of 5 seconds and never being able to bid again
  14. tamagoreset

    Resolved lost account

    So I tried to log on today and it said I had been banned. Anyone know how to fix this?
  15. False Swipe not Working it ko poke although it should left the poke to 1 hp
  16. mayank rohilla

    Resolved clan request

    hey! im not able to accept a clan request i want to, is this happening to anyone else too? when i click to accept it just shows the pokeball and it keeps on loading but never finishes my ign: maki
  17. hi. so, I'm with this problem since the egg drop from clan battles started. even with the most powerful moves and using a poke that has advantage, it misses, and even many times in a row. can someone please help me.
  18. jokerjack998

    Resolved Daily Login Bug

    I logged in today, but I didn't get my daily login reward. When I checked it said that I got it on another account. But the problem is that I don't use my other account anymore and I'm the only one who plays this game in my house i.e, This is the only account on my current IP. I don't use VPN or incognito nor I ever told my password to others. So I would like to know why it still shows that I received in another account, when I only logged in using one account, and for the first time of the day? I'm ok with telling the other account's user id too if required.
  19. When I incubate the egg i already have the avatar before the egg hatches :V
  20. omaraamir18

    Resolved Xerneas (Active)

    Hey, So I caught a Xerneas but for some reason it never turned up in all my pokemon. Do I have to wait for a bit? Thanks
  21. The last few days im trying to get an egg. But after i get the login pop-up, the egg wont show in my Event Center page. Im the only one in my house playing this game with 1 account. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! Greetz
  22. I didn't get my login prize today on my account on computer, and it shows that my login prize for today is, and it claim that I have got it on another account.(my brother is getting it) Today's Prize Congratulations! Your prize for logging in today is a Pokémon Zekrom Pokémon won in the daily login are given in the form of a promo code, you can find the promo code in your inventory and can be redeemed here, on the dashboard. You won this daily login prize on another account. To be sure you get something yourself, avoid using public internet connections or mobile networks.
  23. I want to know why pokemon vortex banned my other account!!!!!! Damn!!! Why????? 18 Hours and nobody responds...what kind of page is this? Where is the admin...
  24. since last two days whenever i try to buy any item from pokemart, there is no option available for checkout. kindly solve this. i have 0 pokeballs currently.
  25. Hello guys. https://screenshots.firefox.com/fihak6zd2js5zUoP/zeta.pokemon-vortex.com This shows a bug. And there is one more bug other than going over those things. It shows a red arrow key which goes down, and when clicked, will teleport us to the grass maps.