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Found 177 results

  1. I had two Event tickets and chose to use one on the april 1st event. When that was over, I had no tickets left. Is there any solution to this?
  2. Hey so i was fighting a legendary pokemon today and i tried to reduce it's hp slowly and then spam him with ultra balls but he didn't get caught so when i was on my last pkmn i used the one master ball they give us like last resort wut happend was... the pokemon wasn't caught. I took a screenshot but can't rly put it in this post if a mod or admin sees this and knows how i can send the print i'd be more tha happy to send. P.S. - the legendary in question is Kartana lvl79, not that big a deal but still it's a legendary pkmn. Edit: yeah nvm did some research apparently i needed smnt called beast ball sucks man.
  3. Hi, Getting this message when I try to log in to Pokemon Vortex. It was working fine till a few minutes ago. Error 522 Ray ID: 57c8f1dd6d24dd8f • 2020-03-31 09:12:16 UTC Connection timed out You Browser Working Singapore Cloudflare Working www.pokemon-vortex.com Host Error
  4. You have either gone back in your browser, gone back to a previous battle in your history, or clicked the submit button multiple times. To continue to your point in your current battle, please press Continue. Such message appears each time i try to do wild battle which keeps me from catching pokemon. please help
  5. Whenever I search for a Pokemon it takes 30+ seconds for the search to complete and lags everything else I do with the game on other tabs (Map searching, Auctions, etc.) I am wondering if this is a bug affecting others OR if I just have too many Pokemon now and the game isnt keeping up (700 pgs. RN)
  6. Hi! I Beat All The gym leaders, elite 4 members, champions, battle frontiers, And the battle mason, However, when I go onto my profile, It says That I Can't Find legendary pokemon. Is This A glitch? What Am I supposed to do?
  7. I've just completed Alola sidequests but I cannot claim the prize. I'm clicking the claim button but after loading scene nothing happens. Then i click again and again but nothing happens. Pls help.
  8. i didnt recive my eevee on pokebay although i won the aution + auction time is over?
  9. So I bought 25 mystery boxes and in one of them I got myself an armor fossil which contained a shadow shieldon. It shows up in my list of Pokemon but I cannot move it into my team and it also won't let me sell it in the Pokebay. Not too sure what happened, I'm guessing it's because my party wasn't full to begin with, as I currently only have 4 pokemon in my team. Hoping I can get it manually moved into my team, thanks. https://gyazo.com/35ef2df289e9fa1f16a2bba464588355 https://gyazo.com/7723ec65b25233533075d5383f7cf9a0 Proof that I own it but cannot add it to my team
  10. Recently a friend has brought to me the attention that I've been earning half points from claiming codes and training lvl 6 and 7 immunes? Claiming a cosmog code = 100 pts lvl 6-7 immune battles = 35-50 pts Battling using a lvl 100 poke gives only 3pts/battle while the value should be around 10pts/battle This morning we tested the code claiming further by claiming 2 codes with pokes not present in my box -Claiming a pikachu (belle) gave about 1.5K pts increase -claiming a keldeo (resolute) gave 200K pts -claiming a litleo gave near 1K pts May I know the amount of points earn't regularly for claiming codes and doing immune battles for lvl 6 and 7 pokes? Is this an error or bug to my account and when would it be fixed? Thanks. @Patrick
  11. Hi, I used to be much more active but still log in occasionally. I logged in today for the first time in a while and the only Pokemon I have are some Unown, even though I used to have many Pokemon, including some level 100 that I had trained up or traded for. I don't know if this is a bug or if my account got hacked, but I don't share my account or password with anyone. Is it possible to get help and get my pokemon back, since I'd like to keep playing? Thank you!
  12. I'm new to this site, and have been going straight to team-building, hunting my favorite Pokemon, Absol- every single one I catch has the moves Scratch, Quick Attack, Pursuit, and Bite. According to the wiki, this is entirely an error, he's meant to have Bite, Feint Attack, Slash, and Swords Dance. Would this be a bug, or is the wiki simply outdated?
  13. Just purchase 12 mystery boxes..and..dont get it..where they?=_=
  14. full heals do not work. I had my mega metagross in battle at 33 hp. When I used a full heal, it made my metagross unable to battle.
  15. Just as the title says. I won 2 auctions, one for a Dark Suicune and one for a Mystic Magikarp. They both show up when i go to view "All my pokemon" but when I go to put them in my team, they disappear. Screenshots: https://gyazo.com/3eb898331c4679c86ed5298b7491ec8c https://gyazo.com/f25e63ef79a18a48338d6370d96b7c48
  16. U need help to get back into my account... It might be a maintaince break i dont know. I've played the game for 1 day now and i got a few lvl 100 Pokemons and i dont want to loose 'em.
  17. Hi I recently bid on a latios (mega) and I didn’t win. But my losing bid money has not been returned to my account ($70k). Can you please tell me how long it takes for funds to be returned and help me get my money back please? thanks
  18. I don't know why, but today, it says that when i login, that my session 'expired' and logged me out automatically......I WAS LITERALLY LOGGING IN TO PLAY! What's going on? I logged in on both chrome and firefox, i get the same result. Please help!
  19. I bought a mystery box , never received, I don’t recommend buying from them .
  20. I just bought bunch of Pokemon from Pokebay auctions but they aren't appearing in my Pokedex. What's the deal with that? Is it a bug or is it supposed to be that way? Please help.
  21. I apologize for my basic level of English. I attached 5 images to corroborate my topic. - I won the "Highest bidder" in the auction fights for this pokemon * Shiny Aerodactyl (mega) *, but I haven't received it in my box - I have verified that the current owner of the pokemon * is "panchoxd" I ask for speed on this matter, and I ask for a solution as soon as possible my IGN: llSentinell, waiting for a quick response
  22. i am searching for cutielfy i have set my time zone its 3:40 pm here but autimatically it is showing night time in map right now ?
  23. i play without stop 12 hs in fire maps and i never see 1 shiny pansear , its bug or what?
  24. Dear GMs or administrators or people who can help me, this morning I logged into my account and played normally in the morning, when I tried to log in in the afternoon there was a mistake saying my account was banned, I would like to know what I did wrong to ban my account? Note: I have never used any means or method that may violate the rules, only if it is wrong to continue battling in the same gym to raise my level pokemon.
  25. I was grinding xp for 3 hours straight. I use a touch laptop. I don't know what happened but in the 3rd hour, the game started lagging. I assumed it's because of my network connectivity issues. Then suddenly the "attack" button moved half the screen downwards. This, I thought was to prevent botting or scripts. However, after a few battles, in which the attack button is obviously not where it should be, another weird thing happened. The attack button completely vanished. Screenshot attached of the bug. The issue was resolved after reloading the page several times. Please look into the cause of the bug so that it may not happen with others. Thanks in advance.
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