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Found 106 results

  1. I want to know why pokemon vortex banned my other account!!!!!! Damn!!! Why????? 18 Hours and nobody responds...what kind of page is this? Where is the admin...
  2. since last two days whenever i try to buy any item from pokemart, there is no option available for checkout. kindly solve this. i have 0 pokeballs currently.
  3. Hello guys. https://screenshots.firefox.com/fihak6zd2js5zUoP/zeta.pokemon-vortex.com This shows a bug. And there is one more bug other than going over those things. It shows a red arrow key which goes down, and when clicked, will teleport us to the ice maps.
  4. Beast_Fighter

    Resolved Fighting Type Color

    I noticed that some pure fighting type pokemon like Machamp, Conkeldurr, Primeape, Hitmons, etc. and other mixed fighting types have the color green indicator of their type which is supposed to be for Grass type pokemon. There are some like Blaziken, Breloom, that have the correct color coding. Please fix this ASAP as it really doesn't look good for my collection. Thanks.
  5. Tritre

    Resolved Discord

    Hello guys, I am new to discord. In the bot commands, i learnt many commands. This is regarding the !poke. According to the bot (!help), !poke <name> shows information about a Pokémon . I went on using this. And, a person used the command "!poke flamescape". And the bot gave the reply as https://screenshots.firefox.com/3zcb3hF7cYsEnpr7/discordapp.com From that time, I checked it everyday but the problem (bug) wasn't fixed. I think that it is surely a bug.
  6. Hello, I was just browsing through the members list when I saw certain users and their activity was - ???. There were question marks in that column. Was it a bug, really? If not, was does it mean?
  7. I'm missing the option to evolve an eevee into an espeon. I have it at a correct happiness level and I've ensured that its day time in the overworld. The option itself is missing and the problem persists across different eevees. Any fixes or idea as to the cause of this issue would be appreciated. Edit - just had to wait a few hours after the overworld changed to dayrime
  8. HI, Over the past month, I have logged in where it shows that I have received pokeballs or potions. But when I check my inventory I cannot find those balls . Can you please check into this ? Thanks, Nayan
  9. uchihaarcher

    Resolved Master Ball Failed?

    I was fighting a wild buzzwole and tried to weaken it first (took out my first 5 pokemon in this process) and used my master ball with my 6th. The master ball failed, my pokemon was knocked out, and I lost the battle (money/loss record). Would it be possible to reverse this or recompensate me for my loss due to this bug? I have screenshots showing the Master Ball failing if anyone is interested in helping me out. Kinda upset about this since I have been playing since 2011 but never signed up on the forum to make any formal complaints until this one. Thanks!
  10. Now it's level 7 with 2 happiness also evolved, how? ID:0020916951
  11. Hi, This is not a game breaking issue but, I did notice that the 'Edit Your Social Profile' under Options tab only allows you to save a limited characters. For instance, when I tried to add my YouTube channel link (https://www.youtube.com/EternalSeito), it only save upto https://www.youtube.com/Eterna when you hit update. Thus breaking the link. Can this be looked at? Thanks!
  12. Hi All, Recently bought the $10 mystery boxes and received them immediately. After opening them all I looked into my inventory etc and realised I had received nothing. Please can this be sorted out!
  13. shotarcherZ

    Resolved Time errors

    Some PokéBay auctions seem to end sooner than the end date listed???
  14. ShinyChamp123

    Resolved Loss of Exp

    I had traded a zoruark with CaptainA it had 1 mil on it after some days the exp has vanished nd the thing left is only400k is left
  15. wesleytownsend1994

    Resolved cheated out beaten gyms

    ive beaten all the prerequisites to obtain legendaries in the wild and it still says I haven't done this on my account page, also on the gym achievement log it doesn't function properly it says ive beaten everything as far as being colored in and no longer gray, but still no legendaries
  16. boxman

    Resolved legendarys

    I have beat all gyms all elite 4 people all frontiers all mansion and all champions I have beat every thing and I still cant get a legendarys.
  17. Nobody gonna say to Pat that some colors in the pokedex are broken? Only in chrome.
  18. Gustavo0987

    Resolved loss of xp

    alguns dos meus pokemons que já estavam no nível 100, apareceram com o nível baixado, como o meu Shiny (Mega) que é agora o nível 15, alguém me explica como isso aconteceu ?
  19. Metallic-Wolf

    Resolved Pichu Error/Bug.

    I just climed a pichu today from the daily login and i wanted to check how many pichu i have but when i entered the name it showed a in normal section but there was no number that showed how many pichu i had i dont knw this i a bug or glitch just resolve it please thnks
  20. Haris327

    Resolved GOT BANNED

    So, I got banned on the pokemon vortex general chat and the MOD who blocked me his name was pokemonsteel. He told me if I behaved my self he would unblock me since that issue it has been a month. He still hasn't unblocked me no matter how many times I pleaded to him and said sorry. I never cursed in the chat again. I asked him to maybe discuss and unblock me but all he did was unblock me from his account. I have been trying to get my friends to contact him but he does not respond or simply denies to help me. Please can someone get me unblocked my username is haris327. I was permanently blocked on general chat and I would really appreciate if someone can get me unblocked. Thank you.
  21. eurstin

    Resolved Account Help

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I didn't know where else to do so. A while ago (early February), I decided to change my password to a more secure one. I might have gone a bit overkill, as I got a randomly generated one with 128 characters (I made sure to save it ofc). I then logged out of my account and tried logging back in. This didn't work, so I tried entering my old password, which, again, didn't work. I then tried to send a recovery email numerous times (over the span of a week), but wasn't able to find the message. I have a few emails, all of which I checked. If all possible, I'd appreciate it if a staff member could PM me the first letter of the email associated with my account (ign: eurstin), and the length of my password. I hope this can be resolved properly. Thanks for taking your time to read this And no, nobody has access to the account, as it hasn't been active since I changed the password.
  22. Hi, guys my IGN KILLERTRAINZ, I offered my arceus ice to Eienryuu's Kyurem forms...... Maybe he/she declined...... But when i was gonna offer it on other pokémon with exp. At that time I saw that it's missing...... Guys please help me I will also give proof to you...........You may ask to Demonlordstrike,power_redd n csaipraneeth or anirban52134 for proof....as I've cleared the trade history.......... GUYS PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
  23. plznohak3

    Resolved no legendaries

    I was just finished beating all the gyms, elite 4, champions, and the battle masions, and brains and decided to go catch some legendaries, but once i got to the place where mew is supposed to spawn, mew didnt spawn, i checked all other areas but no legends would spawn anywhere else! please fix this i really want some legends.
  24. when trying to evolve Rockruff it just shows the Lycanroc (Midnight) evolution. Similarly, Burmy just shows an evolution to Mothim. Logged out and logged back in with same issue.
  25. Horoprins55

    Resolved Legendary glitch

    So I just beat all there is to beat in order to encounter legendary pokémon (except the admins who are not present in V4), but on my profile, I´m still not allowed to find any legendaries. I started a couple of days ago, and I hope this bug can be fixed any other new users gonna have the same problem