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Found 21 results

  1. Nincada has "Mud-slap" with lowercase 's' instead with uppercase and happens the same as here Please note that these are the actual attacks of Nincada (check pokedex) because it seems that they were different before
  2. The latias and latiosite mega stones aren't in the pokemart
  3. "What can Shadow type Pokémon do? They are immune to status effects." Well... They aren't...
  4. Resolved COSMOEM

    Hey I don't know if we can change attacks of ultra rare pokemons or not but my cosmoem can't change his attacks set from the change attacks bar whenever I get in it never shows even a single attack sry if I am writing something wrong as I was offline for so many days I have forgotten everything
  5. 1/30 times when i wondertrade my poke it appears glitched when I'm passing the poke to the other. Before wondertrading it, it looks OK, in the wondertrading waiting room its OK too, but when its traded looks like u can see and when clicking in the name shows the glitched image. And it never happened to me when i received it which maybe means my account has a virus For if it helps due to tracking stuff, this glitched poke has id 13661685
  6. Resolved Can't log in

    Hey for some reason on both of my accounts whenever I try to log in it just refreshes the screen
  7. "An error occured." In a red bubble when changing any attack from my Dark Anorith to "Ancient power". I could change it for hidden power rock instead
  8. Resolved Missing

    Hey! Our Shiny pikachu belle is missing from our box in ign Event_lords we havent traded it aswell so where has it gone.Kindly fix this problem @Patrick
  9. Resolved Help pls

    Hello, Mr. Admin, I have a problem, I just finished all the battles of gym and masion but I do not get a legendary niun I've been playing 2 hours and nothing please help me, gentlemen admins...
  10. Resolved Missing Mons?

    Hey all. I caught a metallic Dedenne. I threw the ball it said "This pokemon has been caught!" and I went to put it UFT and it wasn't in with the other Mons not in my party. I shrugged, figuring it was my shoddy connection due to weather making the site load wrong/slow and put it out of mind. But, just now, after I got the connection up and running again, I checked my dex and it doesn't show the pokeball saying I caught it. This bugs me because I technically wasted 10K worth of balls to catch it. Anybody else have this happen?
  11. Resolved Trade Glitch

    Hello! I was trading to this guy called Kyle for a . NOTE: He had only one Mystic diancie in his trades! I offered him a . Later,I came back,to check whether it is accepted. Of course it was.I checked recent trade notifications.It said recieved 2x Diancie from Kyle,Although i offered for one. As a Honest ( ) Player I'm supposed to report this.I dunno how to post Pics. NOTE: The OTs of the pokes were same.Same balls. RECENT TRADE NOTIFICATIONS: MY POKEMON: 2 Mystic Diancie there TRADE PAGE: -Rekt.Inc.
  12. Resolved error

  13. Resolved Sidequests

    I'm not sure if the staff is aware of this, but it seems like the Sevii Islands sidqeuests ends early. I just finished them, and my battle count was at 307 instead of 311. Then when I moved onto TCG Islands, the missing trainers from Sevii were added to the beginning of it.
  14. i noticed that many banned accounts have some points and exp also feel that this should be reported please remove banned acc's pokemon fro trade also
  15. Hello, this morning I logged in normally, but in the afternoon Dashboard would appear but I would go back to the loggin screen. Can someone help me? In all my accounts it is this way. I split my account with my 2 brothers, would I have a problem with that? My sign is luhnew.
  16. quisiera saber porque no puedo registrarme en el juego
  17. Resolved Can't login

    Username: Canol When I enter my information and submit the form, I'm still on the login page and no error is displayed Also, when I was joining the forum it asked what Charmander evolves into but said "Charmeleon" (without quotes) was wrong
  18. Resolved Event bug

    My shadow zygrade complete is getting poisoned
  19. Resolved No Pokemon

    I'm going through maps and nothings appearing I don't know why this is happening.
  20. I got an error message saying "This pokemon does not exist." after putting it up for trade. And then it was no longer in my possession. As you can see, it has no owner - I should be the owner. Something buggy happened and that's a valuable Pokemon to have just disappear for no reason. :\