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  1. Hi, I was looking at the wiki page for and noticed it said "Eevee can be found in the wild at Route 201 and Route 180." Those routes don't exist. Idk if this is just happening to me or anyone else if so let me know
  2. I made the foolish error of trying to get all the vivillons before I realized they can only evolve into 1 based on your account. So now I have 18 meadow vivillons and I have begun offering them as trades for other forms. This was going fine for a while, but now for some reason I have vivillons that are not appearing in the offer menu. When I click offer and it opens up the list of all my pokemon, the vivillons are missing. But if I look at the "view all your pokemon" list I still have 4 I have not offered for anything.
  3. Hello! I had encountered a Mystic Meltan during my play, and I had lowered its HP enough to catch. When I went to use a Moon ball, my Pokemon had instead attacked it and killed it I had definitely pressed the correct button, so it was quite disappointing. Thanks
  4. Only half of the map will display while on the explore tab.
  5. Hi guys. Just noticed in the clan panel the word "elitist" is misspelled as "elitest" but on profiles it shows up correctly as "elitist." Here is a screenshot illustrating: Should be a quick fix. Thanks!
  6. I have played this game around 2 years ago and came back on to see that all the pokemon I have bought off auctions were gone. It says I have won the bid but doesn't show up in my pokemon list.
  7. hello everybody, see, today i finished my alola sidequests, and i was in last battle, when i checked what i can get from there, they are, avatar of an alola pokemon (guaranteed), money (obviously), and ice stone, or beast balls i got 1 ice stone, and 1.2m money after i claimed, so i moved on, but i just noticed that i didnt get an alolan pokemon avatar, even if it says its guaranteed to get 1 @Patrick and @flamescape, pls fix this, idk if anybody ever report this, so if anybody have fix theirs to
  8. Today I bought a and Didn't receive my promo code. Can the admins please fix this and give me my
  9. I mean it doesnt bother me but it can throw u off i was just logging back in to check how the homies was doing and like the calendar said i logged in for monday while today is saturday ya know so i was like i should report this so that way people know or sum i mean i dont mind i just dont wanna c anyone b complaining ya know
  10. hello @Patrick@flamescape and the admin team There is a bug which didn't allowed player to add their youtube channels in their profile. "The 30 character limit" as Google generate a random encode for every youtube channel's and my encode is 32 character, it does not generate fixed character's and famous youtuber's only have their name However Pokemon Vortex has set 30 character limit only in the box. These are the screen-shots for the proof and easier recognition for the same: https://i.postimg.cc/tg2DgwFf/2021-01-26-3-LI.jpg htt
  11. Hello all I was doing a sidequest battle and noticed a Use a move called Shell side armor instead of its normal move shell side arm (this was in sidequest battle 2064 if that helps) @Patrick and @flamescape can you please fix this? Here is a screen shot of what it looked like chrome-extension://haiidfhfnmfmicpakjjkibpcdoolnbbo/editor.html?img=filesystem:chrome-extension://haiidfhfnmfmicpakjjkibpcdoolnbbo/temporary/screenshot-www-pokemon-vortex-com-battle-sidequest-2064-1611629780932.png It also did nothing in battle.
  12. Yesterday at morning when i tried logging in the Pokemon vortex It took time to load, I thought my internet is slow or the browser has a problem! But after that it showed ERROR 522! This happened before too at Nov 10 but when I checked the status of the game it showed heavy packet loss! But many people were online and were playing, Is it only me who incurred the problem Or not, If yes then Pls fix this problem in my acc or game asap!
  13. even if all requirements are meeting and the time is also night time
  14. i roam around of every route possible in the map for half a year and still didnt got to encounter a single legendary. I have completed all gyms but still. I need help from the admin team. IGN= BIVANBLAZE13
  15. I have purchased shadow Zeraora how do I clam it as did not get promo code in the email or invoice can someone help me
  16. all i did was change the button size of continue and attack (so it is easier to click) the and game banned me
  17. I am banned form pokemon vortex, My ign was Onyxcollector. Not anymore . I had aetc. I also had a with 14mil exp which i was trying to get to the top pokemon. I recently joined the game but i spent way too much time in this game. or PLS HELP MEH,
  18. Hiya, I've been having issues recovering my account, I haven't played in a little while and now I can't login due to forgetting my password, I've attempted to reset it via the forgotten password option on the website but after trying for 2 days I'm close to giving up, I've raised a support ticket regarding this issue and messaged both @flamescape and @Patrick separately but no luck there either (yet) I can provide any and all information needed to prove I am the owner of my account along with emails and receipts, please give me a hand getting back in the game if possible
  19. Hello, I'm a new player and when I try to access the Live map, it doesn't work. https://imgur.com/WiRQiO6 In the pokemart, I can only use the poke ball section: https://imgur.com/b49WKnb And I can't change my trainer: https://imgur.com/rTv2bDX I am using the Opera Browser with Windows 10 Home, I already tried with Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge and in all of them is the same. Already updated the java and the flash player.
  20. I'm having a problem using WASD on the live map. Let's say I press the left arrow key once. The avatar keeps walking left and down even though I'm not holding it. Once I press another direction again it would temporarily go in that direction before reverting to left and down again. Afterwards, the arrow keys stop working together and I have to refresh the page. This has been happening consistently for the past week or so since I started playin again.
  21. This is Captaincam1, Today I tried to log into my Pokemon Vortex account but it said my password was incorrect?! Is there any possible way you can check and see if it was updated or changed of if you can see the "new password? I worked really hard to become better so it would be miserable if all the work was for nothing. If you need any possible proof I can provide you with some of my friends or proof that im Captaincam1 Thank you. @Patrick @flamescape
  22. Hallo Everyone https://prnt.sc/w9be02 As you can see in this screenshot my shadow toxtricity has 1.4 million exp but now it has only https://prnt.sc/w9bf8f 200k exp idk it is a bug or a error any help would be great @Patrick @flamescape Hope You Have A Nice Day/Night And Merry Christmas Everyone Regards Ash
  23. Ok first of all the event is awesome Secondly, I didn't even played it yet because if play on mobile it doesn't even show anything and my mobile held at a screen and nothing. The mobile I use is Huawei Mate 10 lite you can search about its specs on google and if I play on laptop the map keeps restarting itself again and again and I haven't played this event constantly for three to four days because of this problem. For extra info both of my devices have updated version of Chrome and if we talk about previous event it was brilliantly working on my laptop and on mobile I was able to pl
  24. Glad to see new V5 version of Pokémon Vortex, we might got a new server and also many new Pokémon. But found a lill problem in our dex or I guess while viewing our Pokémon. As u can see here all my Groudon/Kyogre and Groudon (Primal)/Kyogre (Primal) are mixed. This was not a problem in V4. And this happens to pokes that have got the same number like in Mega pokes and their per forms, Arceus and its events forms, Furfrou and its froms. I request mods to please look into the problem at once. (Ign: Alolan_Store) Thank You.
  25. Hey, my girlfriend wants to reset her password, but she never gets an email, any help with that? regards
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