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Found 10 results

  1. Which is the scariest movie you've seen , so scary that you , nearly , passed out or pissed in your pants or slept in your parents room for a week or refused to stay in a room alone or go out in the dark ???? Mine's Conjuring 2. I refused to look at the mirror for a week
  2. Whether you re-watched your favourite movie or couldn't make it all the way through the most boring movie you've ever had to endure, what was the last movie you watched? At the cinema or the comfort of your own home, anywhere applies. I recently just watched Godzilla (2014) again.
  3. list your favourite animated shows which you watch/used to watch on tv here's mine: tom and jerry kick buttowski kid v kat samurai jack the powerpuff girls kipper oswald justice league dragonball z kochikame beyblade digimon pokemon jackie chan(not sure if this was the name of the show) courage the cowardly dog ed,edd and eddy popeye dexter's labratory ben 10 transformers detective conan yu-gi-oh! super robot monkey team hyperforce go spiderman road runner looney tunes baby looney tunes scooby-doo mr.bean-the animated series batman the pink panther teletubbies teen titans kids next door the grim adventures of billy and mandy foster's home for imaginary friends camp lazlo dragon tales richie rich ratman superman(the first animated series) the jetsons Hagemaru Tensai Bakabon strawberry shortcake (wtf)
  4. So I was planning to watch Jason Bourne, so I checked out some reviews... Rotten Tomatoes rated the movie a 56% and Metacritic rated it 59%. Has anyone seen it and would recommend watching it?
  5. Hello all, this is where you can come to share your favorite movie line. It doesn't have to be famous, or even from a well-known-ish movie. It can just be one you liked. Feel free to make multiple posts with multiple different quotes. Note what movie your quote came from. All global rules apply. My favorite movie line is in the spoiler below.
  6. Answer the questions above and say your favourite WWE wrestler.
  7. TV / Movies

    WWE Who is your favorite WWE Superstar(Current) and Legend(Retired or past)? Post it here.
  8. TV / Movies

    What's Your Favorite Movie? What's your type of movie? Horror? Adventure? Maybe both? Who knows? Answer below with your favorite movie, and favorite genre! (Credits to for helping with the different types of genres)
  9. TV / Movies

    Who is your favorite diva?? My Favorite Diva is Paige ...............
  10. IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP WITH THE SHOW, DONT READ THIS THREAD BECAUSE IT CONTAINS SPOILERS. What are your thoughts on new episode? It was pretty good imo