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Found 38 results

  1. pls help i wana trade my pumpkaboo but i cant figure out how to remove it
  2. is there a way to get an avatar besides getting one from the daily calendar???
  3. Hey guys! What's the purpose of following another user in the Pokemon vortex GAME? I mean, I never received any notifications though a user, who I follow, changed and configured his profile settings.
  4. As many missed out on the auction in game i thought this would be fun for all to see and get a chance to bid....... I am selling my dark floette eternal.... the max bidder gets it..... Bid starts from 1250000 pds...... time 2 days till expiry after first 2 bids
  5. will we every get a dark mode as i get migranes alot and bright white dosent help
  6. Hello guys. I saw the Active Clans table in the forums home page. My questions are - 1. By which activity does the clan become active? 2. And, is there any benefit of having a clan on the forums other than changing the clan icon? 3. Is there any benefit of having an active clan in the forums. [ PS : I rose this question after checking whether this question was already asked ]
  7. I had an old account I created way back 2015 and the last time i used the account was in 2017 in my office. I still use the email but every time i tried to select forgot password no emails are sent to me. Is there any other way for me to recover account ? I can still see my account with my newly created account but cant access it.
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to analyse pokemon based on types and attack sets. I'm looking for entire pokedex with details (pokemon name, types, base attacks at least) in a downloadable format (or something that can be extracted on excel). Please let me know where to find it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hey family, I play another online game and what they are doing to implement more participation is allowing players to earn bitcoin for every match they win. Of course there is date when member will have the option to cash out their earnings. My question is will that ever be implemented into our platform? I guess this is a question for the staff, but any member feel free to chime in.
  10. Hi there, so I'm trying to get back on my old account. I know that the username of that account is "noir__". I tried to request a password reset email but its not working, like at all. I did get one email with a password reset but the link didn't work cause I noticed the email several days after. That account has a yahoo.com email. The email address contains is something like this: bar____skid_____@yahoo.com. Obviously I'm not gonna type in the actual email address here. The name "Damian" is inside of the email address. Can anyone help me out with this?
  11. is it possible to check how many ids are active on your eamil account?
  12. So I recently got in contact with a friend who I used to play pokemon-vortex with and he reminded me of the game and we wanted to start playing again. I remembered my username and I believe I know the email associated with the account but I was unable to login because I forgot my password. This is understandable seeing as though the account was made probably around 5 years ago. The problem is the email I believe is on it I don't have access to anymore and I can't recover my account. Please help
  13. 2 years ago I had an account with all my pokemons on it. And I recently started playing PV again. But I no longer know what password I had and I no longer know my email address. Can someone help me with this.
  14. I want to know e mail adress in " umyy " account .
  15. Hi, My account is GodOfDonuts and I just wanna know my email, to send a new password for login.      ∧_∧_    (´・ω・`)  ̄"⌒ヽ   / ) ヽ' /    、 `、  γ  --‐ '      λ. ;  f   、   ヾ    /   )  !  ノヽ、._, '`"/  _,. '"  |   ̄`ー-`ヽ 〈  < _ ヽ.   !、__,,,  l ,\_,ソ ノ       〈'_,/ /   /
  16. So my browser hasn't been loading the maps after i log in to the dashboard page , and so does the sidebar which brings out info about the pokemon and members etc. and yeah I'm able to click on the arrows and it shows the avatar is moving because the arrows get highlighted/faded when i keep tapping an arrow..but no pokemon shows up and I'm left to just endless refreshing of the page which has been futile. I've been trying to find a fix for this and i'm not able to find a solution 1)Logged out of the phone 2)Cleared browser cache on the phone along with the cookies 3)Logged out of computer 4)Cleared cache and cookies from the computer thanks for taking your time Help me vortex gods. P.S I use Chrome on the comp and the phone Update 1 day later - it worked perfectly for the first half of the day and now its back to the same issue.
  17. So i have this acc from 2016 ign ekkospotlight1 i went on my main pc to see if i am still able to log on and i was so i wanted to change the password the think is i didnt know the password so when u click to change password and click the current password igns pop up and i clicked on ekkospotlight1 ign and i changed the password so when i went to log out and try the new password i couldnt log on anymore so now i cant log on anymore on my old acc i was helping if u can help me in this case
  18. my sahil8 id password chage by other user pleas help me it was my first id
  19. I can change my two ( Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and Shiny Mewtwo ) pokemon name. But ı want orginal names again is it possible?
  20. So today I bought a level 50 from the pokeblock, and I am trying to add him to my team and seem to be un-able to do so. Please tell me how I could resolve this. I brought another pokemon this time level 66 I thought it was cause I used to be a low level now I know thats not the case, I have two level 100's and it seems to not be there. -Thanks Lettace
  21. I return after a while (8 years) and I see that there is no list of `` that pokemon finds on each map'', on the other hand, I am already playing 90 games in sidequests and does not throw me a gift pokeball, 0 megastones, and I would have the event center locked, I would like information about it thanks.
  22. Do events like the current triple UB spawn rate event end on 23:59:59 BST or the local time of the account?
  23. Forgot my username for my account can anyone help. My email is jakeninja07@gmail.com
  24. Hello guys, does anybody know why the clan chat feature was removed without even being released?
  25. i got a fist plate but i can't claim Arceus fighting as it showing me a blank screen were i should pick own any help
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