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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I came back to Vortex after sometime to find the game really changed. I really liked all the changes, but I can't seem to find fire and electric type pokemon. (And also some other types I can't think of as well) I did go to Lava Ridge which had an extremely limited list of pokemon. For electric type, I couldn't find any at all, other than some random encounters. Could you point me in the right direction please? I've been going around the map in circles to no avail
  2. How can I purchase with redeem code or paytm or rupay card because I want to purchase mystery box and I have only this things please help me somebody
  3. Hello Patrick. I just attached the previous conversation and here I try to answer you, sorry if I copy the same title, it is not to cause you annoyance but I did not know how to respond to your previous message. I would like you to check my account and you will see that I have not automated anything, take that time at least. In 2020 I entered the game and I banned and there I told you that I did not do anything, and you told me that you detected something unusual in another account and how it was linked to the same e-mail of that account, that is why it also affected me. I let it go, because of my studies, I was away for a while. Now that I am better organized, I return to the game and see that the van is still going. In any case, delete the other accounts that are linked to that e-mail and activate my diego28xx account. Take that time to review it Patrick, for you it will be a matter of minutes. I always like the game and today that my friends tell me that the game is more active I would like to return with my account that I had a long time ago. I just read the rules and haven't really violated any of them, at least I haven't done it consciously. In that sense, I kindly ask you to review it, if you see something unusual, let me know, but if you see that it is not, just let me know. _________________________ Previously _________________________ Patrick: You already started an exact topic like this in 2020. Your account was banned in 2018 for violating the terms of service in the way of automating gameplay. Your account is gone forever and it is not a mistake - you or someone you allowed into your account was automating gameplay. ________________________________ diego28xx: Hello friends, I am the user ID: diego28xx, I return to the game after a while and I am surprised that my account is banned. I'm trying to access it and I get this message: "Your account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex", could you please review it. Check the account, in the time that I played I never did anything that affected my account, I always tried to get my pokemon by capturing them on the map. Check it out please. I await your prompt reply.
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