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Found 16 results

  1. How do I change my timezone in game, Some people say in the options tab but I think that was in the older versions. Can anyone help me
  2. Hi. Today is my first day in V5...Can somebody tell me where on the live maps can I find Galar region gyms?
  3. I really dont know what do do as he is like I didn't give him anything so he complained to patrick. I really dont know what to do.....
  4. Can anyone tell me the benefits of PREMIUM ACCOUNTS? How much we have to invest per month for it?
  5. 1. Were the Spawn Rates for Basic, Rare, Legendary, and Ultra Beast changed from V4? - Even if the Rates weren't changed, I think it would be helpful to change the current Wiki article as the "Every Step" and "Encounter Step" mechanic of the game has changed to "cooldown" mechanic. Wiki Article: https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_Encounter_Rates 2. Were the Spawn Rates for the 6 Unique Variants (Normal, Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Shiny) changed? - This is something unclarified when comparing the "Map Encounter Rate" to the "Map Help" wiki article. The "Map Help"
  6. why can't i use the clubs page i'm a clan leader
  7. Hello everyone I have a question when is the battle aigainst team yell coming out? I hope this gets added so I can have all the badges for my collection.
  8. jeffV

    Unanswered exp

    what do i do to up my average experience
  9. I have a Mewtwonite Y stone then and I'm kinda new but im not sure about prices for all the pokemon, but I do know mewtwo's are valuable . I want to know about the prices or what I could trade for with a or
  10. I traded with my other account and when i traded my Tyranitar Mega i didnt get it and when i checked on the other account it dissapeared, why
  11. we before events be hosted again(like Kyurem black & Kyurem white Event) because people who join after (like me) the events would like the Pokémon so can u host events again
  12. So I was wondering, since the balls on the pokedex only fill in when have you at least 1 of that pokemon, does that pokemon still count towards dex completion if I trade or sell it? For example if I have a mightyena and trade it away, does it still count towards the Hoenn dex or do I need to keep 1 of everything?
  13. hi patrick, i lost access to my old email and i can't recover my old account (marllonflaxdxd). I sent you a message via discord, but I believe you closed the status to not receive private messages (or just not to notify, I still don't understand the minimum about discord). I know that you are busy with a possible update of the map for the new legends (I'm not sure, I just believe), Christmas event or other internal change in the game, but it would be of great importance to me, to recover that account. @Patrick
  14. How do i delete any contenet from forums ?
  15. So during 2015 i had made an account which i currently do not remember the password for account: ” RL-101843 ” I have tried forget password but the email (at least i think was the email) is no longer linked to it due to it having been deleted so the account currently isn’t linked to any emails so the “forget password” doesn’t work. So i’m wondering if there is any way to recover it (latest the email i remember was:”lir7897@mhp.school.nz” (I don’t remember if this is the correct email that was originally on it) (also old school email because i didn’t have a home emai
  16. If a person buyed a Pokemon from anyone (ot) and ot of player got banned after some weeks. My question is that pokemon we buyed (before banned) from that person also removed or owner having banned ot ?? Anyone please don't reply if you don't know exactly I don't want any spam replies below thanks!!
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