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Found 13 results

  1. Unanswered A Free Gift

    Hi Guys , its darkrai- from pokemon vortex and Darkrai from discord , i wanted to discuss that i was banned from discord all because of @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX he was saying bad words about me even my family , and when i replied back , a mod banned me , now that's not fair guys , please mods unban me , its not my fault , and the guy who was fighting me didn't got banned , wow , i dunno i want my discord back at all cost , i am innocent , no mistake no nothing and a free surprise of a ban for me , thanks i really hate it , anyways , Why don't you understand! its not my fault ! its @PRIMEZORDON_VORTEX fault , i am the guy who did nothing but was dragged in ! I NEED IT BACK AT ALL COST!
  2. Unanswered Can't talk in the Discord server

    Recently, the Discord server has enabled the highest verification level on Discord. Any other verification level would be fine. The thing is, I don't have a usable phone much less phone number to verify myself with. As such, I can't talk in the server. Is there any way I can talk in the server without buying a phone?
  3. Unanswered Seasonal Formula

    Could u pls provide the formula for the seasonal points pls
  4. I've been grinding pretty hard since I've started yesterday but now I want to blow through the sidequests as fast as possible. So my question is what are the ideal pokemon/attacks to do this? Thanks,
  5. Unanswered Different Forms of Vivillon

    I have 2 scatterbugs and they both are getting evolved to Vivillon(Icy form). how can i get them evolved to other forms?
  6. ok so i bought an for 52k its in my all pokemon but its saying i do not own the pokemon
  7. Unanswered Payment Methods

    Hello everyone. I'm a player from Turkey. I want to buy some mystery boxes but Paypal is forbidden in Turkey due to tax issues. That's why I can't buy anything from the store, I've tried everything I can. Like registering to Paypal from VPN addons, buying a card from Entropay and some more things. Yet, none of them worked. But I still want to buy those boxes, is there any other ways to make payment? Can you help me figure this out. If there isn't any other methods(in my opinion it should be) how am i supposed to buy things from the shop if im Turkish? There's lots of Turkish players playing the game, i think this must be considdered.
  8. Unanswered Critical-hit Ratio ???

    Introduction: so, I just read this: () But, I don't fully understand yet... so my question is... What's the critical-hit ratio in Vortex? Is it similar that in the main/original games??
  9. Unanswered Wonder Trade ???

    We all know that Wonder trade currently is down for maintenance... so my question is= When Wonder trade will come back ?? ...Do we need to wait for v5 for Wonder trade ???
  10. Unanswered Quiero Cosmog!

    Aun puedo reclamar un Cosmog Y si se puede como lo hace ?? ayudenme porfavor:, (
  11. Unanswered Forgot Username

    I used to play Pokemon Vortex a while ago, and took a break for a short while. I thought I knew my existing username but it turns out I dont, the only thing I remember is the email address: it could be one of them Any help is appreciated!
  12. Unanswered Username status

    Is it possible to change your username after you have made your account or would you have to make a new account completely?
  13. Unanswered Edit profile

    Hey just wondering will there be a section in the Edit profile in the forums to add nintendo switch friend codes at any point in the future only asking as couldn't find anything about it