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Found 8 results

  1. King_Oby

    Unanswered Banned - Dont Know Why

    So Today i wanted to come on to my account and when i tried to login to my account i was banned. I don't know why and that is what I mainly want to figure out is there a way to do that? Thanks for AnyHelp My Name was King_Oby Sorry For any bad spelling and punctuation in advance.
  2. Nastsu.dragneel

    Unanswered Gyms

    If you haven’t beaten a gym can you get a ultra beast?
  3. mazking

    Unanswered LAG

    Hi My IGN = mazking From Yesterday I Am Facing Huge Lag In Game I Am Unable To Play Normally Everything Keeps Loading for 5 to 10 Seconds Till Now Also I am Facing Problem And Even In Discord Facing Issues Of Lag In Quiz Pic Keeps Loading Can You Solve This Lag . . THANKS IN ADVANCE
  4. ravneet

    Unanswered Hatching event

    Hi friends Plz tell me what is the probability of getting a christmas theme pokemon in hatching event
  5. LewisThe1st

    Unanswered Really PokEbay

    I was bidding on a 12hour egg and it ended at 12:05 when i was waiting for the snipe the auction ended at 12:03 like seriously this game has had some serious issues since this event dropped
  6. soso8588

    Unanswered 30 minute egg

    I got an 30 minuite egg for todays daily prize and i don't know what it is. help?
  7. giinerou

    Unanswered Dark Necrozma

    Hello, I tested Dark Necrozma on Toxicroak to get the maximum offense of 3,000 with a critical hit and for more than 500 fights I did not hit a critical hit or is it possible that the Dark Necrozma can not deal 3,000 offenses?
  8. Deluxemark

    Unanswered Sleep powder

    Do sleep powder attack doesnt work on rock typed pokemon?