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Found 171 results

  1. Uniques My dex

    Help me fill up Kanto and Johto Pokedex. I need: 1 Non Legendary Unique Pokemon on this list = 3 Non Legendary Unique Pokemon from my trades 1 Non Legendary Unique Pokemon on this list = 1 Normal Legendary Pokemon from my trades 6 Non Legendary Unique Pokemon on this list = 1 Unique Legendary Pokemon from my trades 1 Unique Legendary Pokemon on this list = 1 Unique Legendary Pokemon and 1 Legendary Pokemon from my trades 1 Unique Legendary Pokemon on this list = 12 Non Legendary Unique Pokemon from my trades IGN: SneezeUniques
  2. Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    The Ultra-Thread brought to u by : Demonstriker AKA " The Huntsman " Current status : Total Jobs done: Previous 4 jobs done : Prev Events Jobs Done: Events I recieved while doing hunting Jobs: Rates : Current Jobs : Event Section: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy fellows
  3. Uniques UNIQUE SHOP !

    Hi All I'm new to the game and I want to get shiny pokemon as much as possible So far I only have unique ones, but let's trade alright? My 1 unique pokemon to 1 of your shinies Here's my list : Metallic : Fennekin, Pansear, Spheal, Stantler, Vulpix Shadow: Aron, Cyndaquil, Luvdisc, Tauros Dark: Chespin, Deino, Ducklett, Magby, Ponyta, Trapinch Mystic: Bronzor, Cyndaquil, Larvitar, Litleo x2, Togepi, Vulpix My IGN is Ryan817 Fire Away!
  4. Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    As some of you know and all of you are now finding out reading this, Vivillon forms in v3 of Pokémon Vortex are based on that of your account so while one of you may be able to evolve your Spewpa into Vivillon (Monsoon), another person can evolve theirs into Vivillon (Ocean). So if you're a person who likes to complete the Pokedex or complete a set of a specific Pokémon - This topic is for you. Come here and post what Vivillon pattern / form you have been assigned to your v3 account and trade with everyone else who has the others. Here are all the different patterns of Vivillon in v3
  5. Uniques All In One Trade Center

    ALL UNIQUES AND NORMAL LEGENDS MY NORMAL AND UNIQUE EVENTS!! MY SIDEQUESTS STUFF! Rules of my trade thread!! 1)All forums and global rules apply! 2)No bad language! 3)Trade for only pokemons with equal value normal=normal,unique=unique. 4)No begging! (Thread Updated!!) 29/8/17
  6. Uniques mrblimack's trade

    Hi all I'll go really quick: For what I have I can do the following: For I can offer : x8x3x2 x2 For I can offer : A mix of one letter Pack and one number Pack: Number 1 : x8 Number 2 : Letter A : Letter B : I really have nothing else for trade Thanks!
  7. Hi this is my first thread All can take part in this thread Here are the pokemons i am trading Legends :- x2 Unique legends:- Events:- normal vader ,normal pikamas ,normal rotomween ,normal togeween ,normal primarina ,shadow torracat Having some normal and unique non legends also check my ign ravneet Added two more unique legends dark latios mega and mystic rotom Now added many pokemons:- Now added fossils also :- My wishlist:- deoxys forms Kyurem forms Zygrade forms Pikachu cosplys Rotom forms Now firstly trading shadow incinroar pm with offers
  8. Uniques (UPDATED) ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center

    Welcome to ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center, Here is the small list of rules you'll have to follow here: 1) No Spamming 2) No Profit, No Deal 3) Remember these are my Pokemon, so I shall decide their value and deem what they're worthy of. Normal Legendary Pokemon I am willing to trade --> Special Legendary Pokemon I am willing to trade --> NOTE: Compromises can be made, so apart from the above mentioned Pokemon, if there's anything that you like from my account (IGN: ThisIsAWolf) drop me a message regarding your offer and I'll see what can be done. My Rates --> What I am currently looking for --> Post a reply or drop me a message either over here or in-game for offers and negotiations.
  9. Uniques Tyheamma's Trades

    Tyheamma's Trades Hello everyone, and welcome to my trading thread! My trades are currently out of control, so I guess it's time to try and have a clear out. I'm looking predominantly for uniques that I don't already have, although I occasionally trade in events and donation pokemon. I won't accept offers containing pokemon I already have, so please check to make sure it's something that I need. Here's what I'm trading: Unique Legends Uniques Level 100's Event Pokemon Rates 4x Uniques for 1 Unique Legend 1 for 1 on all uniques 10x Uniques for 1 Event Pokemon (depending on the event) I am not the best trader in the world, so please feel free to haggle. Uniques that I need:
  10. Uniques Non-Legendary Hunting

    Let me help you finish your Pokedexes! Compile a list of the Pokemon you'd like me to collect and I'll gather them for you (you can use !missing on Discord to do this!). Rates: Currently Hunting For: Past Employments:
  11. Uniques Quest for Kanto Unique Dex

    Introduction Heeeey boys and girls, I'm starting this topic to see if some of you can help me reach my goal and to see if i can help some of you reach yours! My goal right now it's to catch every unique from the Kanto (Generation 1) Region, including Megas but excluding Legends and Fossils. I started this goal a couple of weeks ago so I only caught a few pokes. Missing Pokes Right Now (List not finished because it's very time cosuming) Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny UFT (Ign: Ferradorandre) How Does This Work I'll be hunting for the uniques I'm missing but i'm also gonna caught every Shiny Pokemon I run in to and every Unique Legendary! If I already have that Shiny or Unique Legend I'll put it up for trade! There are no Rates you can offer whatever and maybe I just might accept it! The Only Rule is that the OT of the pokes you offer has to be your own! Hunting at the Moment (Fire Maps) If you want some pokes from the map where I'm hunting tell me and maybe i'll run into it and i'll catch so we can trade for a fair offer!!! Hunted Down Today
  12. POKEMON HUNTING SERVICE Hey Everybody, so I have started this as I'm getting a bit bored of just training EXP and I love searching for Pokémon so thought id try and give this a go. The idea is simple you tell me any Pokémon or set of Pokémon you would like and I will go out and find them for you. All Forums rules apply. RATES: ALL RATES ARE NEGOTIATABLE AND WILL DEPEND ON THE RARITY OF THE POKEMON For example a shiny Ralts is harder to find than a normal Geodude so will cost more and a Shiny Giratina is harder to find than a metallic virizon 1 unique non legend will cost 2 unique non legends or 1 legend 1 unique legend will cost between 8-12 unique non legends or 2/3 unique legends dependant on rarity/value of Pokémon e.g rayquazas/Mewtwos/arceus etc will command the higher price Rates for Pokemon such as Ralts/Scatterbugs will be greater due to them being harder to find As Previously stated all rates are negotiable so feel free to make me an offer and we will go from there
  13. Uniques Mr.Magnificent's Duplet Trade Thread

    Welcome to My Trade Thread! This trade thread has been divided into two parts. So let's get started without further detailing. Rules: PART-I Well, My aim is to collect 999 Scatterbugs. Also, I am in need of Scatterbugs for a few more reasons than just collecting. I have many Spewpas and Vivillon (Types) with me, So here's a plan - I can make any Vivillon (Type) for you and in return I'd like to have Unique Scatterbug. Also, I might just be willing to trade a few Rare Uniques for your Scatterbugs. Part-II I love Eevees and Most of you might also. People do catch Eevees but when it comes to train them to get them to evolve, people feel lazy. Well I have a Few Eeveelutions that I'd be willing to trade for Unique Eevees. Also, I do have a Few High Level and 100 Lvl Eevees, and I want low level eevees for these. In short, the purpose of this thread is: To Trade Eeveelutions and High Level and Level 100 Eevees of Mine for Low Level Eevees. Also, I have a Few Rare Uniques for trade for the Scatterbugs or Eevees or Pokemons from the Wishlist. Rare Uniques For Trade: Wishlist
  14. Hello guys! Its Seydo here, looking for your shiny uniques and offering my other uniques. I can level up or evolve them for +1 shiny unique of yours, List is small, but i started again. I'll add more when i catch them Thanks. axew,binacle,exeggcute,fletchling,heracross,lunatone,magby,onix,panpour,phanphy,sawk,scraggy,slugma,torchic,trubbish,volbeat,vullaby,wynaut Alomomola,Axew,Charmander,Drowzee,Growlithe(x2),Houndour,Maractus,Mime Jr,,Natu,Numel,Onix,Ponyta,Riolu,Sandshrew,Slugma,Swablu,Tailow,Tyrogue,Volbeat Bronzor,Burmy(Steel),Castform,Girafarig,EspurrFennekin,Heatmor,Larvesta,Metagross,Paras,Porygon,Torkoal,Trapinch,Wailmer Alomomola,Arcanine,Cobalion,Cyndaquil,Dwebble,Foongus,Heliolisk,Larvitar,Natu,Pansear,Porygon,Rhyhorn,Sandile,Spoink,Throh,Zebrstrika
  15. Uniques Marllon Trading Thread

    Marllon Trading Thread Rules: All Global forum rules applied in this topic. Offer only Pokémon's that are on my wish list. Not is not, be polite and respectful to everyone present here. Offers may be accepted, so they are not timid in making offerings, listen to everyone carefully For now, I'm not interested in exp. Don't send me message of offers in the inbox of the forum, if you want to negotiate send message in this topic or in-game Some of my Pokémon's are in the negotiation process, so I'll have to update this topic a few times, so be patient. I will answer as soon as possible between at most 72 hours.(Unfortunately now, I can not stay long in the game, especially after my computer has been given a problem and it will have to use it more for my studies. Many of my friends left the game because of the incident and I am still trying to find someone to help me in the game. So have understanding, for there will be 24 during one week in the game.) Observation: I have all the accounts to evolve pattern vivillon, I want one unique legend to evolve your one set vivillon(Dark,Metallic,Mystic,Normal,Shadow and Shiny) VivillonBR17, VivillonBR06, VivillonBR04, VivillonBR05, VivillonBR20; VivillonBR69, VivillonBR11, VivillonBR33, VivillonBR10, VivillonBR16; VivillonBR03, VivillonBR14, VivillonBR12, VivillonBR51, VivillonBR13; VivillonBR01, VivillonBR25, VivillonBR02 . --------------------------//-------------------------------- // --------------------------//-------------------------------- // --------------------------//---------------------------- My ING is: Z-Alchemist Trading 3 normal legend for 1 Unique Legend or 1 normal Legend for 3 Uniques Pokémon. Trading for Tradingfor Trading and for other Uniques Legends. Trading and for Uniques Legends. Trading for Donations Tradinglvl 100 for other Shiny Pokémon lvl 100. Message me Topic under construction, please wait. --------------------------//-------------------------------- My Wishlists: My Wishlist for Lengends: My Wishlist for Sidequest Pokémon's: My Wishlist for Events: My Wishlist for Vivillon: My Wishlist for Uniques: ---------------------------------//---------------------------------------//---------------------------------------------//------------------------------------------//------------------------------------ My Trade Lists: My Trade List for Legend: My Trade List for Sidequest Pokémon's: My Trade List for Events: My Trade List for Vivillon: My Trade List for Uniques: My Item Sidequests List for trade: ---------------------------------//---------------------------------------//---------------------------------------------//------------------------------------------//------------------------------------
  16. Uniques Lancing Trade Thread

    Welcome, you'll find everything you need here. Just look around and see what catches your eye. Legends Events Others
  17. Sup Guys today I'm joint trading with DEWOTT my sister, Looking for ALL TYPES
  18. Uniques trade

  19. Uniques eurstin's Trades

    Welcome to my revived trade thread It's pretty simple, but I didn't feel like putting effort into this I also haven't updated this in a month, so you should also check my trades. Legendaries Christmas Events Halloween Events
  21. Uniques My Wish List

    Hi....It's a pleasure to meet you..My name is Eva. My discord name is HotFudgeSundae. Below is my wish list on Pokemon Vortex. TRADES LIST
  22. Uniques Some trading

    guys i cant info much , because im in fever ah i am gonna sleep , so im gonna make a thread trading one so here are listed pokes
  23. Uniques Chingki's trading thread

    Legendaries section Primals: Legendaries I have: Legendaries I want: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EVENTS SECTION I am mainly looking for donations But other events are also fine. Events I have for trade: Thanks
  24. Introduction Rates : Current jobs: Jobs done : Event Section: i hope we hunt perfectly
  25. welcome to twixeros trade thread like always all forum rules apply no trading on my thread with other people if i say no its most likely no but we can continue to negotiate no arguing in this thread i want positive vibes only for events i want events only and it has to be a reasonable offer no noob offers!!... no exp is needed here unless u can verify its not botted exp and i only accept exp for legends no events or your offer will be declined have fun My Rates!!!... i repeat MY RATES!!... event for event shiny legend i rate them as the highest rate especially these ---> (Arceus, RAYQUAZA, Latias, Latios, GROUDON ) those are the most liked by me!. around 600k exp! for all shiny legends except the mentioned above i expect more!. shadow are around 550k exp the rest around 400k normal 300k I WILL ONLY BE TRADING DONATION FOR DONATION UNLESS U OFFER A REALLY GOOD DEAL!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN I REPEAT THOSE ARE THE RATES I DECIDED BUT NO EXP WILL BE ACCEPTED UNLESS UR THE ORIGINAL TRAINER OF THE POKEMON AND IT HAS TO BE A UNIQUE POKEMON AND IN ONLY ONE POKEMON NO SPLIT EXP!!. events!!.. x2 x2 <----the whole set Donations!!... FOSSILS!!.. Legends: Dark: x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 Mystic: x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x3 x2 Metallic: x2 x2 SHADOW: x3 x2 x3 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x3 x2 x3 x2 SHINY: X3 x2 x2 x4 x4 x2 x3 x2 x4 x3 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 x2 x2 x2 x2x2 x6 x2