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Found 181 results

  1. bale2001

    Uniques Shadow grass

    I hv a shadow arceus grass for trade... If u hv doubt check ign:bale2001.... Looking for good offers for it... Hv a nice day
  2. kalipo

    Uniques Trading thread

    i am currently selling or trading these pokemon
  3. kalipo

    Uniques selling pokes

    i am currently selling some pokemon
  4. 9876ash

    Uniques trade 5

    looking for or i will trade or buy them if you want to trade then check my Pokemons and trade my ign:-3333ash,4567ash
  5. Hi All, I am currently looking for the below: Shiny Scorbunny Shiny Grookey Shiny Sobble I can offer 2 mystery boxes for each/ 2 PDs of your choice if you are lucky to have all 3! IGN and Discord: GoonerCy
  6. kalipo

    Uniques starter shop

    hello this is the pokemon starter shop i have all starters for sale at 50 000 pd all starters are lvl 18 it will take 4 to 2 days for your order maximum starters for one person is 4 the fully evolved unique starters i have mettalic starters mettalic starters cost 200 000 mystic starters mystic starters cost 150 000
  7. I have a , and Also i have other mythical and legendary Pokemon Which I'm willing to trade. Check out my profile - R3HAB Make your best offers
  8. R3HAB

    Uniques Mystic Meltan

    MYSTIC MELTAN Give your best offers
  9. 9876ash

    Uniques trade

    Looking for mega Pokemon's if you have and wanted to trade then message me ign:-4567ash have a great day or night
  10. I hv a metallic necrozma extra.... I especially want mystic necrozma in return... If u don't hv I can listen to ur offers
  11. I have some pokes for trade this is list Freind me to to trade
  12. kalipo

    Uniques trade

    hi i have some pokemon for trade this is list freind me to trade
  13. 5k I will hunt any Pokemon (Including Legends) For 10k the price change does not affect offers you have already given me All prices are negotiable Thank You and have a nice Day/Night
  14. I have this pokemon For Trade Floette (Eternal) and Scrafty (Ackbar) Add me and Chat me For Offers IGN:bagaoglips Thank you Godbless
  15. hi all i'm looking and i will be offering you rare starters ,and also , pls dm me and friend request me if you have them my ing:aditya.s13
  16. I'm looking to trade one of my pokemon for a Shiny Deoxys(Attack). Let me know if I have anything you're willing to accept for it.
  17. Looking for Shiny Espeon and Shiny Umbreon or Two Shiny Eeevees . My name in the game is jldp1996, feel free to check out my pokemons and message me for trade, willing to pay pokedollars for them too. Thank you very very much!
  18. Hello I have one shadow mewtwo armor but I prefer one normal form. I want make one simple trade, one by other. If your armor have more exp, I can buy for it... Thanks
  19. I would like a shiny lucario pls I have lots of good pokemon. Check out my pokemon on my account and let me know which one you want and I will see if I can trade you.
  20. LF: [(2x Dark), (2x Metallic), (Mystic) y (Shiny)] Aerodactyl. Selling Dark, Mystic and Shadow Scrafty (Ackbar) codes. Pm me in Pokemon or Vortex
  21. Intercambio rayquaza por bolas bestias Interesados Aqui
  22. Hi all, I have some starters, rare, legendary and unique Pokemon up for trade. 99% of them are Lvl 100. Check them out ping me if something interests you @Juddapajji123 - I'm looking for like-for-like trade (if possible). That means I'd like to get at least a Mega evolution Pokemon in return for a Mega evolution, legendary for legendary and so on. - Only the Pokemon that I have listed are available for trade right now. - Please send serious offers only. Don't offer Pichu (Notched) for my Kyogre (yes, this happened for real once!) Here is a list of Pokemon I have put up for trade: Azelfx 4, Blastoise (Mega), Blaziken (Mega)x 2, Chesnaught, Electivirex 2 Genesectx 3, Greninja, Groudon, Incineroar, Kyogrex 3 Latias (Mega) , Latios (Mega) , Lugia , Lycanroc (Midnight) x 3 Mespritx 2, Moltres , Rayquaza (Mega) , Rotomx 2 Sawsbuck (Autumn), Sawsbuck (Spring) , Sawsbuck (Winter) x 2, Sawsbuck (Summer) Shaymin (Sky)x 2, Tapu Bulu x 3, Tornadus , Virizion x 3 Vivillon (Jungle)x 2, Vivillon (Marine) x 3, Vivillon (Monsoon) Yveltal (Shadow) , Yveltal (Mystic) , Yveltal (Normal)x 6 Zekrom
  23. As some of you know and all of you are now finding out reading this, Vivillon forms in v3 of Pokémon Vortex are based on that of your account so while one of you may be able to evolve your Spewpa into Vivillon (Monsoon), another person can evolve theirs into Vivillon (Ocean). So if you're a person who likes to complete the Pokedex or complete a set of a specific Pokémon - This topic is for you. Come here and post what Vivillon pattern / form you have been assigned to your v3 account and trade with everyone else who has the others. Here are all the different patterns of Vivillon in v3
  24. I am Looking for Shiny and Shadow Pokemon Offering PD and Pokemon you want and jobs
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