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Found 152 results

  1. Hi Welcome let me know your offer for any starter TRADE RATES 1 Unique =1 Starter 1 Rare = 1 Fully evolved Starter 1 Shiny = 2 Starters ENJOY!
  2. Hi if anyone wants to trade Common or Rare Pokemon,your in the right place!
  3. I am looking for the following Vivillons: Archipelago: shiny/dark/shadow Continental: dark/metallic Elegant: shiny/mystic Fancy: shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow Garden: dark/mystic/metallic/shadow High Plains: shiny/dark/mystic Icy Snow: shiny Jungle: shiny/shadow Marine: shiny/dark/metallic/shadow Meadow: COMPLETE Modern: dark/mystic/metallic Monsoon: dark/metallic Ocean: mystic/metallic/shadow Pokeball: shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow Polar: COMPLETE River: shiny/mystic/shadow Sandstorm: shiny/mystic Savanna: dark/mystic/metallic Sun: COMPLETE Tundra: mystic In return I have: Sun: shiny/dark/mystic/metallic/shadow Savanna: shiny These Pokemon are all up in my trades. I will only trade shinies for other shinies. If you don't want Vivillons, message me in game (IGN: Fred111) as I have a handful of unique legends which you may be interested in instead. Ultra Beasts I need: Nihilego shiny/dark Buzzwole mystic Pheromosa shiny Xurkitree shiny/dark/metallic Celesteela shiny/dark Kartana COMPLETE Guzzlord metallic/shadow Necrozma shiny/dark/metallic/shadow Poipole shiny/dark/mystic/shadow Naganadel shiny/dark/mystic Stakataka metallic Blacephalon shiny/mystic/metallic Ultra Beasts I have: Shadow Celesteela Dark Kartana Mystic Guzzlord Celesteela Kartana These are not currently listed in my trades, however if you are interested in a deal, please message me in game as I probably won't view this often. Legends I need: Articuno: Mystic Zapdos: Shiny Mewtwo: Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic Mewtwo Mega X: Dark/Mystic/Metallic Mewtwo Mega Y: Shiny/Dark/Metallic Raikou: Shiny/Shadow Entei: Dark Suicune: Dark Lugia: Shiny Regice: Dark Latias: Shiny/Dark/Shadow Latios: Shiny/Shadow Latios Mega: Shiny Kyogre: Shiny Kyogre Primal: Normal/Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Groudon: Shiny/Dark Groudon Primal: Normal/Shiny/Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Rayquaza: Shiny/Dark/Metallic Rayquaza Mega: Metallic Jirachi: Shadow Deoxys: Shadow Dialga: Shiny/Mystic/Metallic Palkia: Shiny Cresselia: Shiny/Dark Phione: Shiny Arceus: Shiny/Dark/Mystic/Metallic/Shadow Victini: Shiny Cobalion: Metallic Terrakion: Shiny Thundurus: Mystic/Metallic Landorus: Shiny/Dark/Shadow Genesect: Mystic Diancie: Mystic Type Null: Dark/Shadow Silvally: Shadow Tapu Koko: Dark Tapu Fini: Metallic Also looking for many unique event Pokemon. Message me if you have any and are willing to trade for anything I have spare such as those listed above or other rares/legends.
  4. As some of you know and all of you are now finding out reading this, Vivillon forms in v3 of Pokémon Vortex are based on that of your account so while one of you may be able to evolve your Spewpa into Vivillon (Monsoon), another person can evolve theirs into Vivillon (Ocean). So if you're a person who likes to complete the Pokedex or complete a set of a specific Pokémon - This topic is for you. Come here and post what Vivillon pattern / form you have been assigned to your v3 account and trade with everyone else who has the others. Here are all the different patterns of Vivillon in v3
  5. The Ultra-Thread brought to u by : Demonstriker AKA " The Huntsman " Current status : Total Jobs done: Previous 4 jobs done : Prev Events Jobs Done: Events I recieved while doing hunting Jobs: Rates : Current Jobs : Event Section: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy fellows
  6. Looking to eventually complete a Shiny Dex use form or ill ignore you @akikaze I want: (pkmn) (pkmn) Offering: (pkmn) example of filled out form: Currently Offering: Deoxys (Attack) - x10 Deoxys (Defense) - x10 Deoxys (Speed) - x10 Arceus (Dark) - x10 Most non-shiny pokemon on my account, esp if there are doubles. If you own one or more of these pokemon, I am interested. Will also prioritize legends over regular pokes. Shiny Legends Shiny Pokemon (Including Legends/etc.)
  7. IGN: Alys Discord: Alys#3733 Click here for my trades ALSO TRADING ANY POKEMON ON THE ACCOUNT "SYLA" Thank you all for 5,000 views and over 150 Replies, It's been a blast. The shop will no longer receive updates but I still play! - Looking For - and Pokédollars! The Vivillon evolution for my account is (Elegant), Let me know if you want me to evolve a Spewpa for you!
  8. Hello! I am looking for trades. If you want any of my pokemon then simply offer. I can also evolve my pokemon. You can Also look at my account for more info. Mostly looking for UBs, and shiny starters. IGN: Alainscharzard13
  9. Hello Pokemon fans I am looking for different forms of Pikachu and a shadow/shiny rayquaza too If any have any and are willing to trade or sell pm me IGN VEER1234
  10. Hey guys. At the moment this thread is CLOSED. I'm hunting more Pokemons so I can upload the list better. Will be back as soon as possible. Will keep updated. MODS don't close the threas please.
  11. Hi just looking for both and. Willing to give a special legendary for both, or a normal legendary for an individual. Check IGN: Nova
  12. I'm tranding many unique pokes! Some legendaries too! IGN: Bandeide What I want: Darks, Shadows and Shinys pokes (preferably that I don't have). Example of What I want: or Uniques Eeveelutions ANY SHINY/SHADOW STARTER POKES ANY SHINY/SHADOW STARTER (Offered = What I Want) Legendary = 4 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Pokes Dark/Shadow Poke = 1 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Poke Dark/Shadow Starters = 3 Dark or Shadow Pokes or 1 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Starter Dark/Shadow Legendary = 1 Dark/Shadow Legendary Shiny Poke = 1 Shiny Poke or 3 Dark/Shadow Poke Shiny Starters = 3 Shiny Pokes or 1 Shiny Starter Shiny Legendary = 1 Shiny Legendary or 3 Dark/Shadow Legendary Updates in the trade list very often! IGN: Bandeide
  13. Trading the following for uniques that I don't already have. IGN: rockygratt84 Looking to trade for same type ex. Dark for Dark, Shiny for Shiny etc. x2 x5 x3 x2 x2x2 x4 x2 x3 x2 x4 x2 x2 x3 x3 x2x2 x2 x2 x2 x4 x2 x2 x4 x2 x2 Also have: x3 Trading for Legendaries I don't have.
  14. Howdy, I am looking for these pokemon The Pokemon I am offering BTW I can also buy them instead of trading You can message me on here or in game, my IGN is dishpart Just offer on here and I will either accept or deny it
  15. Introduction: Hey everyone, hope you are having a great day! Thanks for taking the time to vist my trade thread hope you like what you see. Just trading some uniques here for legendaries, dps, events and all. If you like anything or would like to make an offer message me here on thread/ forums or in game at "Just_Uniques" Rules : All global and forums rules apply A no is a no. Please don't embarrass yourselves by asking again and again. Counter offers are always welcome No fights / vulgarities First come first serve basis - priority given to extra payments Rates : Trading Uniques in bulk Rates - 6 for any legendary - 8 for unique legendary -10 for my choice legendary -25 for uncommon events -100 + for rare events - 150 + donations pokes Trading uniques for cash / exp as well message me for rates Note that for all cash transactions you will offer money first Pokemon Up For Trade : Dark: Binacle elgyem gastly paras passimian pumpkaboo (average) unown F unown H Metallic: darumaka deino drifloon dwebble foongus girafarig gligar inkay machop spiritbomb Mystic: Bunnelby honehedge (*2) minior (meteor) phantump pichu (notched) purrlion rufflet sandshrew solosis woobat Shadow: espurr foongus (*2) gastly hippopotas illumise natu pawniard poochyena pumpkaboo (super) seel stufful unown B unown E wynaut Shiny: skorpi strufful trubbish unown J Note that these are not the only uniques I have I will regulary keep updating the list for the complete picture please browse my pokemon at "Just_Uniques" Thanks For Visiting ! ❤️
  16. IGN: misty_lax Please note I will not be accepting any Pokemon in Ultra Ball and Great Balls. Starters and Rares: Trading rare for rare (Shiny Starters for Shiny Starters only) Normal Legendaries in my Trade list (except Cosmog): Trading them for 5 Level 6 Flying, Dark, Ground, or Fairy Type Pokemons Unique Legendaries: Trading them for other unique Legendaries. UBs: Trading them for other UBs Events: PM me
  17. Okay, so due to lack of information, we are NOT giving away Unowns. higuyswhatsup123, Pokemongay, YeetusSkeeus, and jackelope12(that's me!) are having a VALENTINE'S DAY SALE!!!!!!! We will be selling all sorts of Pokemon and items! Enjoy the sale!!!
  18. Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently trying to fill as much of my pokedex as possible, mainly just map pokes at the moment. I'm offering PD / exp / events for unique pokes I'm missing in bulk. I value level 100 pokes higher, but will accept all pokes I'm missing. Drop me message on this post, on discord @King Harris#1775, or in-game (IGN - Harris07) Pokes I'm looking for: https://paste.ee/p/bmZQn
  19. looking to buy uniques in bulk my price are 35k for unique evolved 25k for normal evolved 20k for unique un-evolved Not looking for normal un-evolved looking to buy in bulk like 4000 non- repeating pokes for 100m pokemoney if anyone interested pm me in ign-serapheon already got a deal
  20. Right, so I’ll be trading the following and a variety of Legendary mons, I can also hunt ultra beasts and legendaries for a fee, (yes, I will be supplying the balls).
  21. Hi All I'm new to the game and I want to get shiny pokemon as much as possible So far I only have unique ones, but let's trade alright? My 1 unique pokemon to 1 of your shinies Here's my list : Metallic : Fennekin, Pansear, Spheal, Stantler, Vulpix Shadow: Aron, Cyndaquil, Luvdisc, Tauros Dark: Chespin, Deino, Ducklett, Magby, Ponyta, Trapinch Mystic: Bronzor, Cyndaquil, Larvitar, Litleo x2, Togepi, Vulpix My IGN is Ryan817 Fire Away!
  22. ALL UNIQUES AND NORMAL LEGENDS MY NORMAL AND UNIQUE EVENTS!! MY SIDEQUESTS STUFF! Rules of my trade thread!! 1)All forums and global rules apply! 2)No bad language! 3)Trade for only pokemons with equal value normal=normal,unique=unique. 4)No begging! (Thread Updated!!) 29/8/17
  23. Hi all I'll go really quick: For what I have I can do the following: For I can offer : x8x3x2 x2 For I can offer : A mix of one letter Pack and one number Pack: Number 1 : x8 Number 2 : Letter A : Letter B : I really have nothing else for trade Thanks!
  24. Hi this is my first thread All can take part in this thread Here are the pokemons i am trading Legends :- x2 Unique legends:- Events:- normal vader ,normal pikamas ,normal rotomween ,normal togeween ,normal primarina ,shadow torracat Having some normal and unique non legends also check my ign ravneet Added two more unique legends dark latios mega and mystic rotom Now added many pokemons:- Now added fossils also :- My wishlist:- deoxys forms Kyurem forms Zygrade forms Pikachu cosplys Rotom forms Now firstly trading shadow incinroar pm with offers
  25. Welcome to ThisIsAWolf's Trade Center, Here is the small list of rules you'll have to follow here: 1) No Spamming 2) No Profit, No Deal 3) Remember these are my Pokemon, so I shall decide their value and deem what they're worthy of. Normal Legendary Pokemon I am willing to trade --> Special Legendary Pokemon I am willing to trade --> NOTE: Compromises can be made, so apart from the above mentioned Pokemon, if there's anything that you like from my account (IGN: ThisIsAWolf) drop me a message regarding your offer and I'll see what can be done. My Rates --> What I am currently looking for --> Post a reply or drop me a message either over here or in-game for offers and negotiations.
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