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  1. CURRENTLY DOING MAINTENANCE ON THE SHOP, IF PARTS ARE UNFINISHED, I'M WORKING ON THEM You can trade with pds or just Pokemon Common (Normal Variant): Legends and Mythicals: Shinies: UBs: Starters: Rares: LIMITED TIME POKEMON Named Inferno-Wheel For the celebration of Pokemon Unite coming to Nintendo Switch, ( only available on July 21st, the release date ) What I want: / [u don't have to give me these but these are just NANI (what) i want the most]
  2. As some of you know and all of you are now finding out reading this, Vivillon forms in v3 of Pokémon Vortex are based on that of your account so while one of you may be able to evolve your Spewpa into Vivillon (Monsoon), another person can evolve theirs into Vivillon (Ocean). So if you're a person who likes to complete the Pokedex or complete a set of a specific Pokémon - This topic is for you. Come here and post what Vivillon pattern / form you have been assigned to your v3 account and trade with everyone else who has the others. Here are all the different patterns of Vivillon in v3
  3. Hey guys I have purchased a Morpeko Hangry Promo Code for a trading deal but then it turns out that the guy don't want it anymore so I already have a Morpeko Hangry too. I am trading my Morpeko Hangry Promo Code for any of the following pokes or promo codes: Shiny Zacian Shiny Zamazenta Zygarde (Partial) Promo Code Zygarde (Complete) Promo Code Volcanion Promo Code I am also willing to trade it for any Galarian or Alolan or Kalos items. Regards Tazzer
  4. HI! Looking for Shiny Eevee , Shiny Espeon, and/or Shiny . Ready to trade with a Dark , Shiny , Mystic . Feel free to check my pokes too so we can deal! ign: jldp1996
  5. Terani

    Uniques Shiny Shop

    Basic shinies: 25,000 each x2x2 Fully evolved shinies: 30,000 each x2 Basic shiny hunt price: 25,000 Evolved shiny hunt price: 35,000 Legendary shiny hunt: 100,000 (Prices can change depending on the mon) Once you have purchased a shiny I will put a pokeball up for auction which you will bid on after you bid on it i will trade you the shiny If you purchased a shiny hunt please remember that the hunt may take up to a month so please be patient especially for legendaries the purchasing method is the same for normal but i will catch the shiny before putting the pokeball up for auction My IGN is terani
  6. Looking for or evolution and want you to evolve it to after i give back training it to 4 heart. pls dm me you prices ign : 4567ash
  7. sarath-2003

    Uniques Trade

    Lf: unique treecko Trading negotiable
  8. hi guys. The pokemons are all in the trade, my IGN:Pikachu090306 if i haven't answer you on forum, im sorry because i'm sometime busy, just send the offer if that happens Rare: Normal: unique: Legendary: A-Z Normal: (700k exp) uniques: Events: UBs: (1million exp) thats all. Thanks for trading
  9. Hello Pokémon vortex masters Here is 6xSnorlax normal (more soon) for sale U can message me I will trade trade u directly and place Ur bid on my poke ball. Also looking for unique munchlax, eevee and riolu Thanks
  10. Am accepting trade and 1 for 2.5k Normal Forms: Uniques: Please Follow! *First 5 people to enter can have a extra pokemon in my other post*
  11. Rare~ With Hearts~ Sry if i don't have many with hearts Legendaries~
  12. Lv.100 pokemon are trading now if you want, use 3 pokemon to trade 1 pokemon, if you are my followers, use 2 pokemon to trade 1 pokemon X2 X1shadowX1and MetallicX1 if you want, reply here or send gmail to daphneyung0705@gmail.com don’t forget, they are lv.100
  13. Hi all, I have some starters, rare, legendary and unique Pokemon up for trade. 99% of them are Lvl 100. Check them out ping me if something interests you @Juddapajji123 - I'm looking for like-for-like trade (if possible). That means I'd like to get at least a Mega evolution Pokemon in return for a Mega evolution, legendary for legendary and so on. - Only the Pokemon that I have listed are available for trade right now. - Please send serious offers only. Don't offer Pichu (Notched) for my Kyogre (yes, this happened for real once!) Here is a list of Pokemon I have put up for trade: Azelfx 4, Blastoise (Mega), Blaziken (Mega)x 2, Chesnaught, Electivirex 2 Genesectx 3, Greninja, Groudon, Incineroar, Kyogrex 3 Latias (Mega) , Latios (Mega) , Lugia , Lycanroc (Midnight) x 3 Mespritx 2, Moltres , Rayquaza (Mega) , Rotomx 2 Sawsbuck (Autumn), Sawsbuck (Spring) , Sawsbuck (Winter) x 2, Sawsbuck (Summer) Shaymin (Sky)x 2, Tapu Bulu x 3, Tornadus , Virizion x 3 Vivillon (Jungle)x 2, Vivillon (Marine) x 3, Vivillon (Monsoon) Yveltal (Shadow) , Yveltal (Mystic) , Yveltal (Normal)x 6 Zekrom
  14. Selling a looking for pds only
  15. I want I can give immunes or orplease I can also give if u have
  16. uniques for trade: dark: metallic: mystic: shadow: shiny: for more, pls visit my other post "trading rare and legendaries"
  17. 94maltesers

    Uniques Trade?

    I am looking specifically for shadow absol, shiny impidimp, metallic deerling winter and shiny smoochum. I will trade FIVE level 6 easy to train Pokémon for each one I listed. Some available pokemon I'm willing to trade:
  18. you may have i want a legendary Pokémon that is a good level
  19. I have some pokes for trade this is list Freind me to to trade
  20. i am currently selling some pokemon
  21. Mori_Jin

    Uniques Trade

    trading for legends
  22. looking for trade look in my acc all shiny are up for trade
  23. 94maltesers

    Uniques Trade

    Looking for 2 X Shadow Diglett Alolan Will trade zubat halloween for one Or metallic zubat halloweenfor two Also looking for shiny regigigaswill trade shadow regigigas Can be found on my trades
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