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  1. IM looking for a shiny guzzlord so if anyone wanna trade add me in game DOPEY.xx and ill add back and we will trade.
  2. Hi guys I am looking for some fossil pokemon willing to trade If you don't have then check if you have these
  3. LF: I will give any of these: or 1.8 mil pds
  4. Hi there! uhh.. i know u gonna tell i copied the idea from inteleon right [ i didnt mean to lol]. i was just bored training immunes so i started this. and every poke in my account are for trade except . hope i get amazing offers and i accept both money and pokes. srry @inteleon if u think i copied ur idea. hey! anyways a lot of pokes in my acccount are very valuable. i know there are going to be various offers. hope u enjoy this. i accpet experienced pokes and each of the values, i wanted to say tht i dont refer to discord bcuz i am not in it. i cant trust some people who just tell the fake prize tht it is on discord. only if there is majority then k. good luck with offers and enjoy
  5. can anybody give me a inteleon/lucario i can give-shadow absol lv 100/cinderace/mega blastoise
  6. hi everyone, this topic is for immune hunting, you can ask upto 1000 pokes also i will do it. I will 1st start with the person who 1st told and then others. The rate is 25k per poke.
  7. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  8. Hello players, It's me POKECHAN I am looking for the following event pokemons: Willing to offer pds or exp training. pds for the ones I can afford and exp training for the ones I can't afford. Please comment below if you have any. Then we can talk in game. If you have any other unique event pokemons, then please comment below. I will tell you if I am interested.
  9. looking for the following mega stones(claimed/promo): 4x beedrillite,6x pidgeototite,6x arbokite,6x absolite,5x alakazite,5x slowbronite, 5x gengarite, 6x kangakhanite, 6x pinsirite, 6x gyaradosite, 5x aerodactylite, 6x snorlaxite, 5x metwonite x, 5x metwonite y, 6x apharosite, 3x steelixite, 4x scizorite, 5x heracronite, 5x houndoominite,5 x tyranitarite, 5x gardevoirite, 5x sablenite, 6x mawilite, 5x aggronite, 4x manectite, 6x sharepdonite, 4x camerputite, 5x altarianite, 5x bannetite, 4x glailitite, 5x salamencite, 5x metagrossite, 6x latiosite, 6x latiasite, 5x lopunnite, 6x garchompite, 5x lucarionite, 5x abomasite, 3x galladeite, 5x audinite, 6x diancite Paying in pds/pokemon. I might take only some mega stones as claimed if i have them available. Thank you
  10. im gust looking for someone who has either a mawilite or a gardevorite mega stone.
  11. Hello all, Doing a quick megastone giveaway. I have multiple promo codes for mega stones. To enter is easy, simply post your ign, the mega stone you would like to get (mid prices only) and *optional post* if you have any legendary pokemon from my legendary hunting post. Thank you all. Not everyone will get one. It will be just random people. Will post **** Closed **** once this has finished
  12. I cant find banettite anywhere and i just want the mega version of Banette. im willing to trade a Shadow Regigas or MewTwo.
  13. Hello players, I can find any legendary for you (maybe). the prices are below (right below). shiny: 1 million ( i know that demand for this one is more) shadow: 1 million dark: 300k mystic: 200k metallic: 150k normal: 100k The price of a shiny rayquaza ( because its too hard to catch) = 2,000,000 Please be patient because i may take time to catch. The person who asks for the most shiny or shadow pokemon will get a free legendary (and please don't waste my time by asking for UBs, events and unreleased pokemon. And don't joke around asking, ''can u catch 100 shiny arceuses)
  14. I want to trade my ultra beast (Mystic Pheromosa) for Aerodactyls. I will accept the trade of the person who offers the most aerodactyls different versions or the mega versions. I know Aerodactyles are rare so I'm offering an ultra beast in return.
  15. Hey everyone... LF - Metallic necrozma Offering 1 thing - 6m pds. Arceus rock of 1 m experience+1m pds My ign marri10 check and tell what u want....
  16. hi everyone.... i am looking fr a metallic yveltal. i am willing to trade a dark yveltal and a mudkip . i know i am giving a lot to the trade. but still i have dups so i am giving a special offer. = . but since ur giving me i am giving u a extra as a starter. https://ibb.co/KFpkPnX the image will make u understand y i need it, it will be the first legendary poke to have all the variants. pls i'll tell u this is a special offer
  17. Me and my 2 friends are doing legendary catching can try to catch all variants. No fixed cost for variants, because some pokes cost 1m and more sometimes so it depends on its variants and rarity. We will accept the 1st 10 people's request and completing only we will do other's
  18. I dont care what level the charmander is at all it can be lvl 1 for all i care. and until i get an offer i will continue to level up these pokemon especially the lvl 9 Shiny Honchkrow. Please trade.
  20. Im Looking For a Shiny Charmander but a Charmander is already rare let alone a Shiny Charmander. I am willing to offer a lvl100 Xerneas (Active),and/or lvl100 Ditto. The and/or depends on the lvl of the Shiny Charmander.
  21. is for trade or for sell. If buy for pdr have to be above 22 mill or we can negotiate something
  22. Hi guys, I requested to hire for a person who can supply me 20 immunes per day. To mention @akshatsupercool, @Punz, @Auke1993 who agreed to help. And @akshatsupercool who gave me 40 immunes, @Punz who also gave 20. Thanks to them. But, i realised that, training takes a lot of time. and sometimes they give 25k only. Many people close their immune service if they cannot provide enough immunes but i hope i would be able to supply enough immunes you ask for. So I thought instead of buying immunes, I will sell them. For 25k per immunes. I will give flying immunes because they do 24-40 hp damage. i think i have 2 inkays with me. I will charge extra 6k if its a shadow or shiny variant Your orders will be put in the following box. Username Number of immunes
  23. Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Trade Thread! Iam looking for completing mine kanto pokedex! I'm offering money for your pokemons! I need a lot of pokemons but my money is not endless. So what i need is this(i'm gonna change it once a week): Mine in game name is Plompie. If you have one of thes pm me in game! For now is the Galarians the one that i really want.
  24. Hello, I am looking for all the common pokemon I do not have! Willing to pay the following- Normal- 10k Mystic- 15k Dark- 15k Metallic- 15k Shadow- 20k Shiny- 25k In case of trades, I offer whatever I have duplicates of- legends, events etc. I am only looking for COMMON pokes I don't have for now, so sadly I cant accept other offers Have a great day ahead!
  25. jeffpig

    Universal trades

    i have a lot of pokemon so look at them i accept pokemon and cash so dm me in game and ill put it in action for cash or in trades for pokes if your looking for a sertiain pokemon tell me ill see if i have it and what varient i have it in if it is a commen or a rare i will get it willd for you but i dont know the varient it will probaly be normal but you might be luckky and get a diifferent varient varients normal x 208 shiny x 23 dark x 36 metallic x 17 mystic x 24 shadow x 16
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