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Found 156 results

  1. Universal My auction

    Hi guys,I am doing few cool auction.Check them out: IGN-Cheatster119 Archen 1:05pm on 11-Dec 3 Days 2,000,000Errors 1 4x Vortex Balls 1:22pm on 11-Dec 3 Days 5,500,000Start Price 0 Mew Avatar 4:15am on 13-Dec 3 Days 30,000SilverRose 2 Blastoise (Mega) Avatar 4:16am on 13-Dec 3 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Shiny Lileep 1:06pm on 13-Dec 5 Days 150,000fodn 1 Metallic Rotom (Frost) 1:12pm on 13-Dec 5 Days 5,500,000Start Price 0 Shadow Dewpider 4:08pm on 13-Dec 3 Days 25,000Start Price 0 1x Vortex Ball 4:32pm on 13-Dec 3 Days 25,000Start Price
  2. I am trading these: x2, , , , , , ,, , , , Plus other unique legendary Pokémon. I am mainly looking for events but I am open to other offers. If you want to pm me on discord feel free, disc. @espoor, ign. espoor.
  3. Universal Vivillon's Exchanges

    Here is the list of vivillons I have for exchange: And here the Vivillon's that i want: if you have any of these and want to trade, Dont worry about showing me your need.
  4. Universal ProjectOne's Alolan Shop!

    Time to hunt some Alolan Forms just for you! List of the Alolan's i currently have for trade: Rattata (Alolan): Meowth (Alolan): Grimer (Alolan): Marowak (Alolan): Exeggutor (Alolan): Digglet (Alolan): Geodude (Alolan): Sandshrew (Alolan): Vulpix (Alolan): Jobs: What i'm looking for: - Shiny Legendary's - Shiny Dps Pokemon - Shiny Cosplays - Shiny Event Pokemon - Unique Scatterbugs (preferably shiny) If you want me to hunt some Alolan Pokemon for you that i don't have listed here: Just Pm me which Alolan Pokemon you want and we can negotiate a price. If you want me to train a desired Alolan Pokemon to a specific number of exp: Just Pm me which Alolan Pokemon you want trained and the amount of exp and we can negotiate a price.
  5. Universal Thedosomepoop's -Trade

    Please Note: My only current IGN's are "thedosomepoop" + "plutia"(inactive atm). RULES I do not trade for EXP. (Most people I have traded with for exp in the past have been banned. Go figure) All trades I do are 1 for 1 (1:1). This excludes exceptional circumstances such as events or donation mons. 1 Normal for 1 Normal 1 Shiny/Dark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow for 1 Shiny/Dark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow 1 Normal Legend for 1 Normal Legend 1 Shiny/Dark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow legend for 1 Shiny/Dark/Metallic/Mystic/Shadow legend. Please do not beg for mons that are not for trade. If I say no to a trade please accept this. If you spam PM me or anything I will block you. Simple as. MY FOR TRADE POKEMON NORMAL SHINY DARK METALLIC MYSTIC SHADOW NORMAL LEGENDS D/M/M/S/S LEGENDS What I'm looking for.
  6. Universal Dharug's Dex quest

    Hi All, I am looking to start trading to work on my dex. Currently I am trading any Legendary on my account for Normal or Unique pokemon I do not have - The rate of how many for each of my pokemon will vary. I will also do exp deals for large amounts of pokemon on the list, PM me to discuss this further. The list of what I dont have is huge. I have literally just started - now is a great time to take advantage of what still available. The pokemon I am trading include (14 currently in game)(5 currently in game) and many others. a full list of what I have is available here; or at my IGN Dharug The list of what I am looking for is below. My rates will be negotiable depending on what you are offering and which of my pokemon you are after. For example - I may say no to one person offering 8 unique pokemon I do not have for my but accept someone offering the same for a pokemon I have dupes of. If you wish to negotiate away from the public space feel free to PM me also. I will update this list from time to time including what I have for trade and what I still need. I am working on my normal dex outside of this thread but am willing to take pokemon from it to start with.
  7. Universal [LF] Trainer

    I'm looking for someone to help me train my pokemon to level 100. Payment is in the form of legendaries, both unique and normal. If you'd like to see the rest of the legendaries I have available for payment, there are 52 pages worth of them under my IGN: Loki Rates: Train 3 pokemon for a normal legendary Train 6 pokemon for a unique legendary Examples of what I have up for trade:
  8. Universal Pokebay Auction Thread

    PokéBay Auction Thread Pokebay is a really cool feature introduced in V4 that allows you to put up Pokemon, Items, Pokeballs, Fossils and Avatars which people can bid on. This thread serves the function of letting forum members know that you have auctions that they can bid on. It's quite simple. You can now search for an auction using it's unique "Auction ID" or the creator's username. If you've posted an auction in game, just click on the item and copy the following information so that people can look it up There is also a form that you can alternatively hand fill with the same information if for some odd reason you don't want to copy paste. Enjoy. Here is the information that you need to copy paste: Started By: Patrick Total Bids: 10 Start Price: 25,000 Started: 2:25am on 15-Nov Ends: 2:25am on 16-Nov Auction ID: #0000003055 A screenshot of abovementioned information works as well: And here's the blank form if you're that person: Started By: Total Bids: Start Price: Started: Ends: Auction ID: Please try to use one of the above three methods so it's easier for us poor souls to find your auction that we want to win.
  9. Universal Mystic Emolga for trade

    I am Trading and I am looking for or or or or My IGN - MrColon
  10. hey, i am trading unique leggies for unique non-leggies, my rates are 5 to 7 unique non-leggies for 1 unique legend. we will talk better i have thesse for trade. Metallic Shadow Shiny Dark Mystic here's the list of all the pokes i dont have, choose from there my ign:luisgo2
  11. I'll keep it simple. Trading every single happiness eeveelution of every single type. My IGN - tryvl. They will be put uft after a trade has been agreed upon. WHAT I'M OFFERING WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR - THESE LEGENDS ONLY RATES (UPDATED)
  12. Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    Alola guys, I have started with training Your Pokemon to Level 100 The rules are quite simple RULES:- 1. All global forum rules apply. 2. Accepting ALL pokemon Non-leggies ,uniques, legendaries, events and fossils 3. Training will not cost you much although it takes more time then level 100 4.If you are giving me 2 Pokemons for training than I'll train 1 more Pokemon for you for FREE! NOTE:- As I am training Pokemon for others for the first time I'l require some time but this is costing you less too you can PM me on discord AlolanAdarsh#3821 regarding your offers and offer poks on ign-adarsh2146
  13. Rules: 1. Just be appropriate is all I asked, and don't flake out on me with your offers. Or I will report you. 2. Enjoy my thread. Training Rates: (I will max train 2 million per user for a pokemon) Normal legend: 250k Metallic, Mystic, Dark, Shadow legend: 350k Shiny legend: 500k Normal events and DP: 1mil Metallic, Mystic, Dark events and DP: 1.25mil Shiny Events and DP: 1.5mil Leveling up: So for a pokemon I train of yours to 100 I want either a level 100 of my choice from you in the same category like (Mystic and Mystic) if you want to offer non 100's then I would like three. In the same category though.
  14. Hey Everyone, I have had a lengthy absence from Pokémon vortex but I've recently re-joined and whilst I'm filling up my unique pokedex I decided to re-open my old EXP training service. I won't pretend that I am going to be the fastest training out there but what I can promise you is that the EXP I train for you will be legit NOT BOTTED. RULES: All Global Forum rules apply. Follow the Rates. I try to be as far as I can with rates but obviously this has to be worthwhile to both parties involve I usually can only train 250k per day, anymore and vortex takes over my time too much However on weekends and days off I can boost this to 500k Be patient. Some days I will be able to train more than others so understand this I do Have a preference for Shiny Pokémon RATES: 1 Unique Non Rare Non Legendary Pokémon that we need will get you 50K EXP 1 Unique Rare Non Legendary Pokémon will get you 75 EXP (this includes Starters/Scatterbugs/Ralts/Eevee) Willing to train for unique legends if we can agree prices Pokémon Hunting So this is something a little different but I have always found hunting for pokemon one of the more enjoyable aspects of this game so I wanted to open this up to allow me to hunt your pokemon for you! either you could be too busy, cant find the pokemon or simple cant be bothered to hunt for it I am here for you! 1 non legendary uniques = 1 Unique Pokémon I need 1 rare unique non legendary (i.e. Scatterbugs/Ralts/Eevee etc.) = 2 Unique Pokémon I need 1 set of Non legendary uniques= 5 Unique Pokémon I need 1 set of Rare Non legendary uniques= 10 unique pokemon I need Willing to hunt legendary pokemon but offer would have to be a good one For Example, you offer me a ill hunt 1 non legendary unique for you you offer me a unique or another rare unique then I will hunt EITHER 1 rare unique for you or 2 unique non legends Levelling to 100 New Promo Rates 1 pokemon to level 100 = 1 unique non-legend I need 3 pokemon to level 100 = 2 unique non-legends I need (Basically 1 free) 10 pokemon to level 100= 6 unique non legends I need (Basically 4 free) 6-8 pokemon to level 100= 1 unique legend I need Completed Jobs to 300k For VITOL to 360k For VITOL to 640k For KYNO then again to 1.067 mil to 577k For KYNO
  15. Universal tryvl's uniques trading

    RULES 1 - DO NOT POST THINGS LIKE 'WHAT U WILL GIVE FOR _____' 2 - MAKE YOUR OFFER AND I WILL ACCEPT OR DECLINE Check the end for what I'm looking for. No specific rates, will depend on offers, just let me know how many uniques you want. DARK MYSTIC METALLIC SHADOW SHINY LOOKING FOR: Unique Legends, Unique Eevees
  16. Universal Uniques for Trade!

    Hi and welcome! I am looking for certain uniques to complete my dex and have allot of uniques to trade in return Pokemon i need: Metallic Dark Mystic Shiny Shadow My pokemon to offer:
  17. Universal Trading

    Hello And Welcome To My Trading Page Rules- 1.Dont spam. 2.Just say what you want and what will you offer. Ign-LuvstoryofRupNUsha Discord Username-Luv P.S-I know Rates. I Am Trading The Following Pokes I Am Looking For Following Pokes
  18. Universal Trading leggies by: fodn

    So guys I thought of making a trade thread as I have so many extra legends now.hope you join my IGN fodn. Normals: ×5×2×4×2×5×3×2×7×2×2×7×2×3×7×2×3×5×2×2×2×4×3×2×2×2×2×3×5×3×9×2 Dark: cobalion, darkrai, Lugia, rayquaza mega, regirock, reshiram, rotom, suicune, torundus, uxie, virizion, zygarde. Metallic: Cobalion, ho-oh, jirachi, kyurem, landorus, latios, mesprit, terrakion, virizion, yveltal. Mystic: azelf, cresselia, dialga, entei×2, latios, mesprit×2, phione, terrakion, xerneas Active, zygarde. Shadow: Cobalion, heatren, ho-oh, mesprit, Raikou, rotom, shaymin, uxie, xerneas Active,manaphy,Darkrai, regirock, ho-oh Shiny: Azelf,dialga, keldeo, lugia, shaymin Sky, terrakion. So guys these are the legends I'm trading. Thanks. LF mystic, shiny and shadow rayquaza and shiny yveltal.
  19. Universal Indian trade thread

    Here is my second trade thread now i am having new pokemons Here is the list of pokemons i have Fossils shadow Normal legends x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2 x3 Unique legend. Dark mewtwo mega x , dark regirock , metallic tornadus , mystic regice , mystic thunderus , shadow genesect , shiny keldeo , shiny shaymin sky , shiny virizion , Events cubone vader , lunala , pikachu christmas , rotom halloween Unique event shadow incineroar My wishlist events Hope you like this thread Please keep this active dont let it die
  20. Universal Events Trading

    Hey im opening up a new thread just for my events EVENTS: DONATIONS: FOSSILS: If your interested in legendaries make sure to pm me IGN: Pigniteboy
  21. Universal trade center

    normal pokemons: normal legends: events pokemon: fossils pokemons:
  22. Universal MY events trading thread

  23. Universal godlybob's trading Thread

    Hello, so i'm going to start a trading thread. I'M trading unique non leggies for unique legends This is what i have Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny (Extended) Trading 9 unique non leggies for 1 unique legend im missing Trading 4 unique non legends for 1 normal legend im missing. This is the list of legendary pokemon i need
  24. HELLO Guys Its me hhh123 and im Back for vortex , I just wanna say i was gone for 6 to 13 months (dunno exactly) And i was getting bored so i wanted to make a whole new Topic Lets start Trading ! And thats all , i know my events have lowered so much i cant believe myself , but reason was i did giveaway my fancies unique and pokeballs on pm discord long time ago , so thanks for visiting and do come again , as for me ill be trying my best to keep up with vortex!
  25. Universal Threads Of Trades (NEW UPDATED)

    My old thread was getting nowhere so i decided to make a new one IGN: Pigniteboy Unique Pokemon Unique Legends Normal Legends Fossils Unique Fossils Unique Events Events