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Found 164 results

  1. KYNO

    Universal Legends For Exp

    Hi so I got a couple of legends which I am looking to trade for your experience So my stuff : Dark Legends - Metallic Legends - Mystic Legends - Shadow Legends - Shiny Legends - Rates - Dark , metallic , mystic and shadow legends - 500 k exp Shiny legends - 750 k exp IGN - SuperKool
  2. IKmaster100

    Universal Xp training jobs

    I will be doing a training for events/dps/rare or unique legends. I could probably get 500k xp on a good day. pokes I’m especially looking for and how much do I’m willing to give for them: arceus ice= 2.8-3.3mil xp unique arceus ice= 9-12mil xp ultra beast= 2-3mil xp unique ultra beast= 4-5mil xp donation pokes= 17-19mil xp unique dps= 19-22mil xp rotomween= 1.8- 2.5 unique rotomween=3.5-4.3mil xp kyurem black/white= 3.8- 4.5mil xp unique kyurem black/white= 5.5- 6.8mil xp Other arceus forms= 10-15mil xp (depending on which one) other arceus forms unique= 19-22mil xp Zygarde complete= 5- 6mil xp Zygarde Partial= 1.5- 2mil xp (as its a second addition poke) unique zygarde partial= 3- 3.8mil xp Cosmog= 750k- 1mil xp for negotiations or requests post in this thread or message me on ign: IKmaster100 ENJOY
  3. lrichards92

    Universal Pokemon Hunting service

    Current jobs: for Kousheyo2004 Previous jobs: On previous thread over 20 jobs done 12x Unique eevees/starters for YOGESH_FEDERER Rates: All rates are negotiable but I am mainly looking for unique non legendaries to complete my pokedex Just send me a message with what you would like me to find and what you want to offer I will gladly hunt for the following: Unique legends Unique non legends legendaries Sets of the above mentioned and pretty much anything if the offers right!
  4. TRADING Exclusive EVENTS :-. SHINY/METALLIC/DARK/MYSTIC AND NORMAL FURFROU (STAR). ,Furfrou heart set EVENTS :- mystic jar jar , normal jar jars ,metallic/normal pikachu Christmas, normal pikachu Jedi , metallic dugmas , mystic and dark rotom heat , metallic /mystic rotom wash , metallic rotom frost, metallic /shadow rotom spin, mystic rotom cut ,normal rotom Halloween, unique cosmogs Legendary Pokémon -- Normal - ALMOST ALL NORMAL LEGENDS Dark -- Azelf, darkrai , kyurem ,manaphy ,palkia , phione , raikou ,reshiram Metallic -- Darkrai , genesert ,jirachi , kyurem ,Lugia ,phione ,suicune , tapu lele , virizon , Xerneas (Active),yvetal ,heatran Mystic -- Articuno,celebi , kyurem,manaphy,suicune,yvealtal Shadow -- Azelf , celebi ,Cresselia,darkrai,giratina , groudon,latias, Lugia,suicune ,virizon ,Xerneas (Active), yvetal SHINY -- darkrown, giratina , landrous ,mesprit,mew, reshiram, rotom ,Xerneas (Active) RATES FOR ROTOM FORM 1 . UNIQUE ROTOM FORMS - 3-6 MIL 2. NORMAL ROTOM HALLOWEEN - 3 mil 3. NORMAL ROTOM FORMS - 1 mil each Rates for legends are :- NORMAL- 250K EXP DARK - 450K EXP METALLIC- 350K EXP MYSTIC-400 K EXP SHADOW- 500K EXP SHINY- 800K EXP NOTE -- the legends at trade are only for trade message me for more information Ign errors Thanks
  5. Chris_

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  6. Powerr_redd

    Universal Trading

    Trading 2× 2× 1× 1× For Dps Exp Events
  7. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I have events amongst other things which I am willing to part with for decent offers. I am primarily looking for Unique Pikachu Cosplays (Preferably Shiny), a Mystic Arceus (Water) and all fossils. Events Donations Unique Legends Misc (Not events, legends or donations, available any time) Rare Mons
  8. Kyrone

    Universal Hunting Pokemon Jobs!

    Status At The Moment: Total Jobs done: 6 Previous Job Done: Unique Mew Previous Events Jobs Done: Shadow Arceus (Ice) Events I Received While Doing Hunting Jobs: None at the moment. Rates : The rates depend upon the rarity of the Pokemon. I WILL HUNT ANY POKEMON FOR YOU! Rates: Legends rates depend upon rarity of Pokemon which I will hunt. And for Events rate will depend upon their total count in PokeDex Unique Kyurem Forms (Black) / (White) = 40 - 50 Unique Togepi (Halloween) = 100 - 110 Unique Arceus (Electric) = 80 Zygarde (Complete)= 80 Unique Zygarde (Complete) = 250 - 270 Unique Arceus (Water) = 150 Unique Pikachu (Christmas) = 35 - 40 Unique Pikachu (Jedi) = 35 -40 NOTE: ALL RATES ARE NEGOTIABLE! Current Jobs : Legendaries. Event Section: Only run during events.
  9. ashgamechanger123

    Universal exp tariner

    Normal : 2 mil Unique: 14 mil (Shiny: 16 mil) Normal : 10 mil Unique: 18 mil (Shiny: 20 mil) Normal : 16 mil Unique: 30 mil (Shiny: 40 mil) Normal : 15 mil Unique : 65 -70 mil Normal : 3 mil Unique : 17-19 mil Normal : 3 mil Unique : 5 - 7 mil Normal : 6 mil Unique: 45-50 mil (Only unique Jar jar) Normal: 2 mil ( Rotom : 1 mil ) Unique : 4-6 mil ( Shiny : 6-8 mil ) Normal : 2 mil Unique : 6 - 8 mil Normal : 1.5 mil Unique : 4 - 7 mil Normal : 55 mil Unique : As much as u want Normal : 3 mil Unique: 6-8 mil Cosplay : 30-45 mil Unique: 2-4 mil or its Evos Unique : 5 mil (Shiny : 7 mil ) Normal : 3 mil Unique : 6 mil (Shiny : 9 mil ) Ubs: Normal : 1.5 mil ( 2 mil for Necro ) Unique : 5-7 mil for Necro and 3-4 mil for the rest Dps : 14-15 mil my ign ashgamechanger darl vulpix (alolan)to 30 million exp for blink183
  10. Dillmetsingh

    Universal LF rare events and experience

    Trading/selling these Trading/selling DPs :- Metallic /normal fairy Metallic aria 1.7 mil exp on it Exclusive Pokemon - Shadow furfrou heart, metallic furfrou heart and normal furfrou heart Events :- metallic porygon sword ,,mystic /shiny caterpie xmas ,, metallic /shadow pikachu xams ,, metallic /normal jedi and many events in ign errors LF EXPERIENCE ,DPs , money , volcanion , zygarde complete , deoxys forms furfrou heart and star ,cosplay , Arceus unknown,water , electric ,ice ,, rotom pokedex ,, pikachu xams set , pikachu jedi set , caterpie xmas set , digmas set ,dugmas set Badly need SHADOW FURFROU STAR offering very good **Trading experience for pokemoney also **
  11. Pokemon will be added and removed from this content when something changes Please feel free to send an offer Rules: Rates: MY LOOKING FOR LIST MY OFFER LIST
  12. aristotales

    Universal you are free for choose

    ----------LF---------- uniqe scatterbug shiny // mimikyu Tapu koko (shiny-dark-metallic-mystic) Tapu Lele (shiny-dark) Tapu fini (dark-shadow) mystic// metallic pikamas popillo (unique) litten (unique) rowlet (unique)
  13. adrsh2146

    Universal Pokemon Level 100 Training

    Alola guys, I have started with training Your Pokemon to Level 100 The rules are quite simple RULES:- 1. All global forum rules apply. 2. Accepting ALL pokemon Non-leggies ,uniques, legendaries, events and fossils 3. Training will not cost you much although it takes more time then level 100 4.If you are giving me 2 Pokemons for training than I'll train 1 more Pokemon for you for FREE! NOTE:- As I am training Pokemon for others for the first time I'l require some time but this is costing you less too you can PM me on discord AlolanAdarsh#3821 regarding your offers and offer poks on ign-adarsh2146
  14. eespoor

    Universal Donation Pokemon For Trade

    Hey this is going to be a short term shop so get them quick I am trading these premium Pokemon And I am Looking For Good events! Please feel free to make an offer
  15. OpticYolo

    Universal Optic Trading

    Right so it's been awhile since I have traded and therefore my rates might be a bit off, so let me state that I'm pretty much open to offers, and almost exclusively interested in Deoxys (Defense)/Donation Pokes/EXP for my events, Legends/uniques I'm fine with parting ways for pokedollars. Also if you get here early enough, you'll notice that this thread looks like trash because it's been awhile since I have posted, just give me time to organize it. Feel free to message me in game as well, or look through my account for specific uniques as I won't be listing them. IGN: Optic Yolo Events Legends I probably have more stuff to add, which I will do slowly. I will also be randomly auctioning various legends because the cool new auctions.
  16. aristotales

    Universal Change or sale

    IGN: aristotales LF: Kyogre (primal): shiny, mystic, shadow Groudon (primal): normal, shiny, dark, metallic, shadow Giratina (origin): normal, dark, mystic, metallic Trading: **Normal zygarde (partial)** Dark Vulpix (Alolan) Dark Sandshrew (Alolan) Dark Pikipek Metallic Diglett (alolan) Metallic Meowth (alolan) Metallic Pikipek Metallic Rattata (alolan) Metallic Sandshrew (alolan) Metallic Vulpix (alolan) **Mystic Eevee** Mystic (alolans) Mystic Landorus Mystic Latios **Mystic Squirtle** **Mystic Tapu Lele** Mystic Tornadus Mystic Virizion Mystic Yveltal Shadow Cobalion Shadow Cresselina Shadow Dratini Shadow (alolans) **Shadow Groudon** Shadow Jirachi **Shadow Rayquaza** **Shadow Squirtle** **Shadow Wimpod** Shadow Tyrogue Shadow Zygarde **Shiny Cyndaquil** Shiny Vulpix (alolan) ******SHINY MAGIKARP*******
  17. Eeveelutions8

    Universal Wonder Trade!

    As you all know, wonder trade is currently down for maintenance, so here, you can do it! You can put 1 or more pokemon for wonder trade here. to do that, you have to post ur ign, the pokemon you want to trade, and the next number of the person behind you. To ensure that you get a good pokemon in return, here is what you have to do. if its a dp/ub, then put D before ur number, like D1 If it's a legendary, then you have to put L before your number. Eg- L1 if its a rare pokemon, then put R before it. like- R1 if it's a normal one, put N before it. like N1 If you have submitted, you have to send ur pokemon directly to the other user. If you want, you can send it to me, and then I'll send it to the other user. thanks I'll start- N1
  18. OpticYolo

    Universal Trading donations

    Looking for various events, Volcanions, Deoxys Def/Att/Spe, Various Arceus', EXP, and Pokemoney Donation Events I'm very very bad at remembering to check forums, so messaging me in game is best. IGN: OpticYolo
  19. Welcome to Espoor's Rare Pokemon Shop! Here I will be trading some rarer Pokemon of mine! If you have an offer for any of them please reply! All Forum Rules Apply ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of the Pokemon I have available to trade are: For the avatars I am looking for PokeMoney. Each Avatar is negotiable. If you buy an avatar for a price I agree with it will be posted on PokeBay for that price and anyone may bid on it. I am ONLY looking for events and donations! (No Leggies and Unique Leggies ) (I am also willing to trade a Armor set (Besides the normal) for a good offer!) Thanks! THIS TRADE SHOP IS NOW CLOSED

    Universal Hottest auctions time to bid

    Hello guys today i am going to show you some rare pokemon on least price that will blow your mind. IGN-Cheatster119 If you want me to inform me something either message me on vortex account or on forums. Dark Rayquaza (Mega) 4:22pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Dark Rotom (Cut) 4:23pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Guzzlord 4:23pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Tylerracero 1 Grimer (Alolan) 4:24pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Diglett (Alolan) 4:24pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Rotom (Frost) 4:25pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Metallic Rotom (Frost) 4:25pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Rotom (Wash) 4:26pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Rotom (Spin) 4:26pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Rotom (Heat) 4:27pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0 Togepi (Halloween) 4:29pm on 15-Feb 7 Days 25,000Start Price 0
  21. silentnige

    Universal High EXP/Unique Legendaries UFT

    I am ONLY collecting Unique Legendaries and some Star Wars Pokemon. Whoever can offer the most Unique legendaries will win. The more legendaries the better. IGN = silentnige High Exp Pokemon UFT Normal Caterpie (Christmas) 7 Million Exp Mystic Arceus (Electric) 3M+ Metallic Charizard (Mega X) 2M Shiny Kyrem 1.5M Metallic Metagross (Mega) 500k Mystic Reshiram with 500k Unique Legendaries UFT Dark Arceus Dark Deoxys Dark Ho-oh Dark Keldeo Dark Kyogre Dark Kyurem Dark Manaphy Dark Palkia Dark Registeel Dark Suicune Dark Terrakion Dark Thundurus Dark Virizion Metallic Celebi Metallic Jirachi Metallic Lugia Metallic Mew Metallic Raikou Metallic Regigigas Metallic Regirock Metallic Reshiram Metallic Rotom (Heat) Metallic Suicune Metallic Yveltal Metallic Zekrom Mystic Banette (Mega) Mystic Cresselia Mystic Diancie Mystic Golisopod Mystic Hawlucha Mystic Mew Mystic Reshiram Mystic Shaymin Shadow Arceus Shadow Deoxys Shadow Groudon Shadow Kyogre Shadow Mew Shadow Regigigas Shadow Regirock Shadow Registeel Shadow Reshiram Shadow Rotom Shadow Shaymin Shadow Shaymin (Sky) Shadow Suicune Shadow Thundurus Shadow Tornadus Shiny Arceus Shiny Celebi Shiny Deoxys Shiny Kyurem Shiny Rotom (Heat) Shiny Suicune Shiny Uxie Training EXP I will train any pokemon 300k per unique legendary that I do not already have. I only take 1 / 2 jobs at a time to make sure I can finish EXP training as fast as possible.
  22. GodsWithin

    Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.
  23. blood_crypt

    Universal trading a full set of arceus (ice)

    X3 X2 looking for 4-5 DPS for the full set. 4 if they are all unique fairies, 5 if its a mixture, some must be fairies, i do not want 5 shiny dps. also interested in rare events, PM blood_crypt in game to get a quicker response.
  24. zurmax

    Universal Rapid Speed Training Job

    Due for to much demand New RATE: 300xp = 5 any unique Legendary or 600k Gold 500xp = 8 any unique Legendary or 1m gold 1m xp = 15 any unique Legendary or 2m Gold Duration : 1 day IGN ZURMAX MESSAGE ME HERE OR ON INGAME IF YOUR INTERESTED
  25. Albonator.

    Universal [Albonator] Services

    Pokemons to Sell : The list is huge, please search for Albonator, all the pokemons are up for trade. Looking for : Mystic Primal Kyogre/Groundon, Mystic Mega Rayquaza, Mystic Mewtwos(Armor,Megas) Designing prices: Signature : 7 Legendaries Avatar : 7 Legendaries Thread Design : 15 Legendaries