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Found 308 results

  1. Here's a list of everything I'm offering Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny What I'm looking for: Will be generally looking to do 1:1 trade, but will vary depending on what's being offered. Feel free to message me if you want to trade! Cheers!
  2. CURRENT GOAL : Finish the Ghost, Cave, and Fire map Commons Wanted Commons My Trades Trade Rate (Your Pokemon = My Pokemon) 1 Wishlist Pokemon = 1 Normal Legendary/Rare or 2 Common Shinies (Shinies start at Pg 7 of my trades) 3 Wishlist Pokemon = 1 Unique Legendary/Rare * Message me in Discord if you want to barter IshYahBoi Potato#5075 IGN: TheBedPotato
  3. I'm primarily looking for shiny rares/legendaries/event pokemon. There's more than I want in the wanted section below, but I'm aiming for these at the moment. I'm mostly going for a 1:1 trade, however, depending on what's being offered/asked for that could change. Look below for what I want and what i'll trade. I'll pay 25,000 for most common shiny pokemon. WISHLIST: OFFERING: TRADE RATE: (YOUR POKEMON = MY POKEMON) 1 common shiny = 25,000pokedollars OR 2 unique pokemon (common) 4 kanto/gen1 shiny = 150,000pokedollars OR 1 normal legendary 5 common shiny = 150,000pokedollars OR 1 normal legendary 1 shiny vivillon = 1 unique rare/legendary + 1 normal legendary 1 shiny rare/legendary = 1 unique rare/legendary, or 2-3 normal legendary 1 shiny wishlist/starter = 1 unique rare/legendary + 1-3 rare/legendary pokemon (depending) For event rare's, I'm looking for shiny starters/events mainly I'm willing to negotiate, just offer!! :~)
  4. Hi to all i am at special magnetic field if any one is having nosepass , grubbin , magnemite , and want to evolve them then you can give me those 3 pokemons for evolving i will evolve them and give back to you those who intrested let me know
  5. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  6. Guys i've been looking for ages for shiny Popplio, but his shiny for never appears. Message samim4579 if you want to trade or sell.
  7. killer1224

    Universal TRADE

    I want to trade my
  8. Alright so in this exp shop ive got certain stuff that i will trade xp for certain stuff listed below. The whole point is that i don't wanna train huge amounts roughly in excess of 2mil. so if you wanna trade something that aint on the list for a decent amount of xp, i'll still be happy to comply. mbs: 500k each shieldon: 500k(normal) 1.5-2mil (unique) aerodactyl: 350k(normal) 700k-1mil(unique) cranidos: 500k (normal) 1.5-2mil(unique) lileep: 350k(normal) 700k-1mil(unique) tirtouga: 1mil archen: 1mil amaura: 2mil tyrunt: 2mil arceus grass/rock: 800k keldeo resolute: 800k therians: 1.2mil kyurem white/black: 800k-1mil mewtwo evolution: 1.5mil furfrou forms: 1mil snorlax (mega): 800k poipole: 1mil stakataka: 600k (normal) 1.2mil(unique) necrozma: 1mil cubone vader: 800k (normal) 2mil (unique) pika Xmas: 1mil (normal) 2mil (unique) Pds (only training up to 500k for pds) 50kxp-100kpds 100k xp-200kpds 200kxp-400kpds 300kxp-600kpds 400kxp-800kpds 500kxp-1milpds I may be more expensive than most people, but thats cos im a lot quicker. that's all folks. Watch out for updates to the shop and I hope everyone has a good day.
  10. I am trading a loads of pokemon. I'm trying to complete my Xeraens (Active) set. I am also looking for a few pokemon with high Experience. Please comment here or contact me... my ing name is Amaira the same as the forums name.. i'd like to trade ASAP please. I am open to any offers.. (sorry I don't know how to put in pictures)
  11. i got all lvl 100 and what im looking for or i take money if you dont want to give pokemon
  12. Hey guys. This forum is for those players who started the game late. Don't worry when badman is here. I am gonna give you many shiny legends for the works. But there is a condition-: You should be a very active member Hope you will enjoy this. If you enjoy this msg me in the forum or in the game. Ign:- badman99
  13. As mentioned in the title, I'm trading all my dupe uniques/leggies in hopes to get closer to completing my Shiny Dex. IGN: Reject- WHAT I HAVE FOR TRADES: Uniques: Legendaries: My Wishlist: Rates: 1 of wishlist shiny = 2-3 non-shiny uniques from my list 1 of wishlist shiny = 1 shiny unique from my list 4 of wishlist shiny = 1 normal Legendary from my list 1 wishlist shiny starter/ = 3 shiny uniques from my list / 9 non-shiny uniques from my list Thank you very much ~ Updates will be made daily
  14. Hey guys,starters are pretty rare right.so im giving some away.Mainly thesebut also if you offer something good-good, i will be offering Legendary Pokemon. Also if Rayquaza is offered any Pokemon will be given and giveaway would end...
  15. Hi guys this is a trading shop for the pokes I’m looking for. I mainly want to trade my pokes for the pokes I need but will also accept good pokes that I already have and will be training a bit of exp. If I haven’t listed a poke and you were wondering whether I would be willing to trade for it then leave me a comment about what poke it is. Finally I would like to make you aware that if you offer basic pokes I will ignore you and if you’re offer is very bad I will definitely not accept it. What I need: fossil pokes(all apart from kabuto and omanyte) level 6(ONLY!!!) immune pokes.(these pokes are all of the pokes from the following types-flying, normal, fairy, dark, ghost, steel and ground.) shiny legends unique starters furfrou forms mystery boxes arceus unown unique arceus forms snorlaxite/snorlax mega arbokite/arbok mega unique mewtwo evolution donation pokes primals/ orbs therians unique pichu Xmas cubone vader kyurem white ultra beasts(especially poipole and necrozma) Stuff I’m offering mystic furfrou la reine metallic genesect ice dark omastar exp(depends on the poke) arceus ice poipole floette eternal blacephalon Cosmog any of my unique or normal leggies (check ign:IKmaster100) Missingno Porygon shield + sword rotom spin + cut Normal starters vivillion pokeball Xurkitree zygarde partial im also training small amounts of exp in return for money rates: 100k exp - 100kpds 200k exp - 200kpds 300kexp - 300kpds 400kexp - 400kpds 500kexp - 500kpds have a good day folks
  16. Hello! I would like to trade some pokemon! I want to trade: I want to get: You can give me any of these: Unique Flabebe (Any color) Unique Binacle Unique Honedge Unique Doublade Unique Aegislash (Blade) Unique Aegislash (Shield) Normal or Unique Vivillon (Any color, but NO Archipelago) Shadow Noibat Any Shiny Starter Pokemon Normal or Shadow Charmander Normal, Shadow or Shiny Porygon My In Game Name is Nikirol. All Pokemon that I want to trade are Listed in the Trade list. Message me in game or in this forum.
  17. My pokemons for trade , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , , , , , , , IM LOOKING FOR : , , , , , Im online all day . Nice hunt!
  18. Hi, I like poison types, and am currently collecting a bunch of them! If yall have any specials, id love to trade them! So far, I have: 100 Metallic Sableye 100 Metallic Drifblim 100 Mystic Ferrothorn 100 Shiny Absol I will likely update this thread as I catch more pokemon! If any of these Pokémon interest you and you have poison specials, let me know!
  19. Im looking for a im willing to give a Lv.100 Metagross or Golurk
  20. if u want these pokemon for a shiny buneary (female) shiny pokemon i have shiny aron shiny durant shiny hawlucha shiny patrat shiny ponyta shiny roggenrola shiny tauros shiny zorua
  21. Hello, I'm looking to trade for a shiny Mareep ^^ The shinies I can offer in trade are: //// // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // <- male // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // // Shadow Pokemon I can offer: // // // // // // // // // <- male // // // // // // // // // // // //
  22. looking to see if any one is trading one or selling one
  23. any ice type lvl 100 and grass type lvl 100
  24. I need certain pokemon(all types) and items and i'm ready to offer a lot for them stuff i need: unique starters normal and unique fossils unique leggies(not normal) snorlax and arbok mega unique eevees, pichus, jangmo-os and mimikyus normal and unique ubs(especially necrozma and poipole) tornadus/landorus/thundurus therian keldeo resolute arceus dark kyurem white/black exp boost (VERY IMPOTANT) beast and vortex balls Mystery boxes zygarde partial donation pokes what i'm offering: any pokes on my account apart from charizard poipole and zygarde complete exp(negotiable) pds
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