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Found 189 results

  1. Welcome to my Trade Shop! I often collect Legends that I know will be neglected, so maybe you guys can better give them a good home! My General Rates (I prefer Unique over Normal): 1 Non-starter Pokemon = 1 Normal Pokemon of the same type (A unique for a unique, a normal for normal, etc. ) 1 Unique Starter Pokemon = 1 Starter or 2-3 Unique non-starter Pokemon 1 Trained/Evolved Starter Pokemon = 2 Starters or 3 Unique non-starter Pokemon 1 Legend = 2 Starters or 3 Normal Pokemon of the same type (A shiny for a Shiny, etc) 1 Special Legend (Mew, Jirachi, Diancie, etc.) = 2 Legends or 3 Starters or 5 non-starters These rates are (technically) open to negotiation, but on a case-by-case basis PLEASE READ: - What you see up here is WHAT I HAVE. Don't ask me for things I don't have listed up here; if they're not up here, I don't have them. - Be sure not to confuse what I am OFFERING with what I am LOOKING FOR; they mean totally opposite things. - Thank you! ^^ OFFERING: Legends Non-Legends ALWAYS MORE BEING ADDED! LOOKING FOR (NOT OFFERING): (I'll consider most offers, however, if you have one of THESE, you are more likely to get a negotiable deal from me.) Male or Female Female Female or Male Female or or Female or Male or or or Female or Male or Female Female or Male Female or Female Unique or evolutions FEMALE If you're interested, make an offer here, and I will message you if I'm interested! Happy hunting! ^^ -- Ribonuke
  2. Chris_

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  3. Trading *NEW* Looking for one unique legendary pokemon I dont have for each, List always will be updated You can message me in game too
  4. KYNO

    Universal Legends For Exp

    Hi so I got a couple of legends which I am looking to trade for your experience So my stuff : Dark Legends - Metallic Legends - Mystic Legends - Shadow Legends - Shiny Legends - Rates - Dark , metallic , mystic and shadow legends - 500 k exp Shiny legends - 750 k exp IGN - SuperKool
  5. ShinyChamp123

    Universal UniqueS

    Currently trading- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- Normal and unique Leggies IN EXP 1-with 15.8 mil exp 2- with 5 mil LF 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- Perhaps some Genesects If any one has or is interested pls let me know Ign- ShinyChamp
  6. aristotales

    Universal you are free for choose

    ----------LF---------- uniqe scatterbug shiny // mimikyu Tapu koko (shiny-dark-metallic-mystic) Tapu Lele (shiny-dark) Tapu fini (dark-shadow) mystic// metallic pikamas popillo (unique) litten (unique) rowlet (unique)
  7. k0r4y

    Universal k0r4y trade dex

    Trading Looking IGN: k0r4y
  8. CrimsonDeath

    Universal Training Pokemon.

    So i can train youre pokes for you if you want. they can be of any type and under lvl 20. if i have to train more than 4 poke i expect a ledgendary or eevee-lution in exchange. but if its under 4 make an offer. pm me in-game or reply to this if you want some pokes trained. (i dont train pokes to more than 1mil exp) :3
  9. Post your Wonder Trades
  10. ziptye

    Universal Dark Pokemon

    Hi, I am looking to complete the dark type pokemon Pokemon I need Pokemon I am offering, there will be more later thanks and good trading
  11. GodsWithin

    Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.
  12. Hi to all i am at special magnetic field if any one is having nosepass , grubbin , magnemite , and want to evolve them then you can give me those 3 pokemons for evolving i will evolve them and give back to you those who intrested let me know
  13. Biscuitman

    Universal Trading for Gen. 1 Pokemon

    Hello and welcome to my trade thread. I am only looking for Gen. 1 Pokemon as I'm aiming to complete that segment of the Pokedex first. Please see below what I have up for trade and feel free to make an offer! Up For Trade Special Legendaries Normal Legendaries Other Looking For
  14. So over my time playing Vortex I've somehow managed to acquire a rather large collection of spare legendaries that have just been sitting around for far too long so I'm looking to trade them. What I'm looking for: Anything from this list: This List - Ctrl f to search (Last updated 3/9/18) EXP Pokedollars Things to note: Clearly state your offer. Your _ for my _. Any offers just asking to look on an ign will be skipped If I have any events or DPs here, I am only looking to trade those for other events DPs. Feel free to message in-game with questions or offers. This will be the fastest way to get a response! All pokemon are already in my trades asides Event/DPs. My IGN is Azelas My Current Legendary Stock: (Last updated 3/9/18) DP/Event: Normal: Ultra Beasts: Dark: Metallic: Mystic: Shadow: Shiny:
  15. I trade starter Pokemon which are always above lvl 50. All you have to do to get one of these high level Pokemon is trade two low level flying Pokemon or low level shiny Pokemon; preferably lower than lvl 10. I will also update the list of Pokemon that i have every 3-4 days. List of Pokemon for trade: - Lvl 100 Farfechd Lvl 100 shinx X2 Lvl 100 Shiny Aron And more to come! You can also message me if you want me to train your low level Pokemon in return for a low level flying type Pokemon!
  16. pokemonfansclub

    Universal Experience Shop

    Order us to make for you exp quick. The rates are Perfect so be quick. Rates 100k = 150k pokedollar's 200k= 300k pokedollar's 500k = 750k pokedollar's 1M = 1.5M pokedollar's ////////////////////////////////// Open to other Offers My ign's: sfdf , cat159753 , agha23 and kadi9211 Discord id's: !!!!!!Ghost Rider!!!!!!!!!#2059 and Nightwolf#4287 Pls mention your ign and discord id and we will train exp on our pokes if you want to train exp on your pokes then tell me.
  17. doctorclump

    Universal I need unique torchics.

    Hello, I need unique (Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Shiny) torchics. I will also trade for combuskens, blazikens, and mega blazikens. I will trade you legendaries if you are willing to trade a torchic, combusken, or blaziken. The legendaries I currently have are I also have a if you would like to trade for that. Message me if you are interested (ign is doctorclump) in any of those legendaries and I will put it up for trade.
  18. ashgamechanger123

    Universal THE TRADING SHOP

  19. Hello Everyone! Trying for some time to complete my Pokédex, but seems like i need a little help Here are my dupes (as soons as you make an good offer i will put the pokemon uft) : Uniques Normal Legendaries Unique Legendaries Also, I Have 6x , and i'm looking for other Vivillon Forms. Rates: Unique for Unique 1 Legendary for 2 Unique 1 Unique Legendary for 3 Uniques If I'm missing more rate, just make an offer and I'll consider There's a lot of pokemon that i don't have, so i'll just put the list here and check what you can offer https://paste.ee/p/fD01i (God Bless Bot Commands!!!)
  20. I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. I have events amongst other things which I am willing to part with for decent offers. I am primarily looking for Unique Pikachu Cosplays (Preferably Shiny), a Mystic Arceus (Water) and all fossils. Events Donations Unique Legends Misc (Not events, legends or donations, available any time) Rare Mons
  21. lrichards92

    Universal Pokemon Hunting service

    Current jobs: Spaces open Previous jobs: Type: null for samual Necrozma for Samual On previous thread over 20 jobs done Shadow Onix/Shiny Kangaskhan/shiny sableye/shiny growlithe and minccino for TheRisingStar Shiny Mudkip for Nostalgicschit 12x Unique eevees/starters for YOGESH_FEDERER Rates: All rates are negotiable but I am mainly looking for unique non legendaries to complete my pokedex Just send me a message with what you would like me to find and what you want to offer I will gladly hunt for the following: Unique legends Unique non legends legendaries Sets of the above mentioned and pretty much anything if the offers right!
  22. I will Train your pokemons exp (amount negotiable for each pokemon) I want most legandary In any form Pm me acc name ZachKing10 or comment
  23. Hey all, here we’ve listed all our events, donations and things worth value which we’d like to trade. We are mostly looking for other events, but we are open to negotiations (except Legends, we don't need them) Events - Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny Donations Misc If you wish to trade and want a fast response please DM me or Echo on discord - @Yousy#0209 and @Echo#615. We will respond to all messages here and on discord.
  24. What I need: My dupes in my Trade list: 2x3x The idea is a simple exchanging 1x1
  25. Johnscz12

    Universal Mech-E-mon ( Training Hut )

    I CAN TRAIN POKES ON THE CONDITION WHICH I MENTION : Ultra beast - 3,000,000 to 4,500,000 Furfrou types - 6,000,000 to 8,500,000 event Pokemons - 10,000,000 to 16,000,000 and so on............... ANY DOUBTS ? - YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.