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  1. if someone with a jedi pikachu is interested in trading tell me what you want for him
  2. Hi everyone, if you have a pokemon that you no longer need (Common or Rare or even Legendary I'll accept) please tell me. Lvl 20 below or not, I'll still accept it. Must be more than 4 pokemon! NOTE: If you really don't need those pokemon, you will offer it to me in my other account NekoLegendC even the pokemon I put on trade is only lvl30 or 40 or not legendary.. THANKS!!!
  3. Offering to hunt any Legendary pokemon for you. Payments to be made on pokeballs i put on auction (i will never use a different account) after i catch you order. (no fees up front) I will provide you with the auction ID when the time arrives Prizes: - Normal 300k - Shiny 1M - Dark 500k - Mystic 500k - Metallic 500k - Shadow 1M Current open order: None Last 10 Completed Orders: TheBakedPotato: Normal Dratinilic (July 24th) approx. 3 hours DM me IGN: Marty_V2.0 IMPORTANT: i reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and for any reason i see fit
  4. CONTACT ME ON TheHyperCollector BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE ALL THE POKÉMON IS. Normal: x2 Dark: (3.5 EXP) Metallic: Mystic: Shadow: STOCKING UP LATER ON... Shiny: (you can bargain with me) How to pay: Me selling an item for the same amount of pds you bought this Pokémon (on my HyperPanther acc) then you bid on it, after I will trade with you (on my TheHyperCollector acc) to secure it. This is not a scam. I’m trusted. The trades are just simply you trading Pokémon for another Pokémon. If you want to discuss further about the Pokémon you want, then friend request me in-game. Have a good day
  5. So many cheap things are in pokebay! items: both 250 start price! avater: both 25000 start price! maybe more things will sell later! search Dora38 and buy now!!!!!!!! ty & gl
  6. look at my trades tell me what u want i acsept monny and pokes
  7. Hi need a Exp trainer to do 784,626 EXP on a lvl 6 rookidee of mine will pay 1:3 ratio of pokes or Pokedollars lemme know if u can do ill be happy to hear
  8. Rares: ×2(dqrk) ×2(shoomania & dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk) (level 50 shoomania) shoomania (level 50 shoomania) (shoomania) (shoomania) (shoomania) (shoomania) (shoomania) (shoomania) (dqrk) (dqrk) (shoomania) (shoomania ) (dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk) Legends:×2(shoomania)(shoomania) (dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk) (dqrk)(dqrk) Special:(dqrk) Events:(dqrk) (shoomania) (These pokes are also there for money)
  9. jeffpig

    Universal trades

    i have a lot of pokemon so look at them i accept pokemon and cash so dm me in game and ill put it in action for cash or in trades for pokes if your looking for a sertiain pokemon tell me ill see if i have it and what varient i have it in if it is a commen or a rare i will get it willd for you but i dont know the varient it will probaly be normal but you might be luckky and get a diifferent varient varients normal x 208 shiny x 23 dark x 36 metallic x 17 mystic x 24 shadow x 16
  10. Hi All, Looking for a Shiny Sobble and Shiny Scorbunny. I am willing to pay top $$$. Also take a look at my pokemon and if you are interested in any we could trade for them! ign: GoonerCy discord: GoonerCy Please feel free to pm me
  11. I WANT YOU TO TRAIN MY TO 3 HEARTS AND MAKE IT EVOLVE IN RETURN I'LL GIVE YOU Blastoisinite1 Blazikenite1 Charizardite X 1 Charizardite Y 1 Sceptilite 1 Swampertite 1 Venusaurite 1
  12. i have some pokemon i wanna trade look at these and pick lvl 83 dustclops lvl 100 dusknoir lvl 100 dusknoir lvl 100 dusknoir lvl 100 gardevoir lvl 100 gardevoir lvl 100 gardevoir lvl 63 duskskull lvl 59 duskull lvl 57 hawlucha lvl 100 mudsdale lvl 100 golbat lvl 100 mismagius lvl 100 sigilyph lvl 100 Corviknight lvl 100 corviknight lvl 100 mystic golbat lvl 100 Gengar legendary or mithical of the week lvl 55 phione and thats it for now i don't have much that i want so i'll just see what you guys wanna offer and then say yes or not. if you wanna trade say what you will offer and pur your ign so i can trade with you
  13. Shiny and legendary shop the shiny comment by one Pokémon and The legendary by rare Pokémon or legendary Any Pokémon plz x2 Rares Pokémon legendries
  14. Trading Pokemons here (ign: Cha_Fey_S) (be sure to also check my other posts) (Common)Normal: (lvl 100-common)(and more, search my ign, most of the pokes here found as rares, and if its not rare, then its high level)-->(common section) Rares/starter pokemons: Eevee + Evolutions:(will be updated rlly soon) Megas: Legendaries: Unique Legendaries: Events, Special, and Premiums: Ultra Beasts: Fossils: Promo Codes: ( right now nothing bc expired date) shiny rares I want: Selling: Diancite 2x, Mewtwonite Y 1x, Dusk Stone 1x, Fire stone 3x, Dusk stone 1x, Oval stone 1x, Shiny Stone 2x, Thunder stone 1x, Water stone 1x, Whipped Dream 1x Please everyone forgive me if I have done any mistakes Some stuff you can also pay with pds Some of these pokemons I have multiple, so feel free if someone already ask for the pokemon you want. you can check my pokemons, because this is not a complete list.(you can reply from the forums, message me ,or add friend me, then chat..or any other way you know) once again, my ign is Cha_Fey_S and please don't give me bad reactions, but if you can or if you want, please give a good reaction to my posts.(but if you don't want it's ok)thanks so much.
  15. Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.
  16. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  17. Welcome to Rare pokemon shop . Choose which pokemon you want !! Pokemon: ,,, ,, , ,, ,, , , ,,,, , , mega , mega ,mega , , , , , , Legandary ,, ign: Dinosaurx
  18. Welcome to the Exotic stop! What I have for sale and estimate of how much i want for it pokedollars and pokemon accepted...will haggle and trade!! Normal 500k550k450k550kx2 240k980k 190k 230k 230k250k450k Shiny 630k300k Dark 750k400k280k350k750k1.5M750k250k750k280k Mystic 250k750k270k 950k500k750k270k250k Metallic 200k750k750k600k500k450k750k Shadow 550k750k200k980k980k100k My main wants are -normal -(want shadow and shiny or any versions of them 2) -shinys: , i also want the shadow versions of the above pokemon RESERVED 450K450J
  19. Willing to do Pokemon EXP Training and Pokemon Heart training for you. Quick and fast service (3-4 Days Maximum) Looking for Mega Stones / Pokemon Evolution Items / Event passes / Pokemon evolved to their Mega Stage in return. (Evolution Items available in the PokeMart don't count) You could provide a combination of evolution items (mix and match) 3 Hearts - Min 2 Mega stones / Evolution Items (excluding those found in Pokemart) 1M EXP - Min 2 Evolution Item / Mega Stone or a combination of the 2 (excluding those found in Pokemart) 1M EXP - 1 Event Pass Please DM me in the game for more details Successfully have more than 100+ happy users
  20. Hi Today im about to start trading pokemon.So lets start the topic Common/unique/rares:x2 ×2 Legendaries: Looking for/any variants of:andand looking any form of:(must not be a ) Items i want: Metaggrossite,Banettite,Ice stone×2 I will update if i catch more rare pokes
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