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Found 276 results

  1. coldfusuin

    Universal Looking for Events and Rares

    currently looking for NORMAL forms of: want to pay with Pokedollars (PD). Feel free to offer
  2. Yet2.0

    Universal Just looking for a pokemon

    Im looking for a or a (i wasn't apart of the event) Im will to give to lv. 100 and
  3. Forev

    Universal Reject's Trading Shop

    As mentioned in the title, I'm trading all my dupe uniques/leggies in hopes to get closer to completing my Shiny Dex. IGN: Reject- WHAT I HAVE FOR TRADES: Uniques: Legendaries: My Wishlist: Rates: 1 of wishlist shiny = 2-3 non-shiny uniques from my list 1 of wishlist shiny = 1 shiny unique from my list 4 of wishlist shiny = 1 normal Legendary from my list 1 wishlist shiny starter/ = 3 shiny uniques from my list / 9 non-shiny uniques from my list Thank you very much ~ Updates will be made daily
  4. My pokemons for trade NORMAL : , , , , , ,, , , , , , DARK : , , , , , , , METALLIC : , , , MYSTIC : , SHADOW : , , , , , , SHINY : , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,,,, , , , , , , , IM LOOKING FOR : , , , , , , , Mystic Eevee most important . Im online all day . Nice hunt!
  5. Alys

    Universal Alys' Shiny Shop

    [Offline] (Not a lot of free time at the moment, shop might be down a few days, can still accept offers) IGN: Alys Discord: Alys#3733 Feel free to send offers or private message me on here too! = anything in the shop! Mainly looking for Shinies or Shadows, Legendaries for legendaries. However, all offers welcome including Poké-dollars! (Please do not offer me non-unique Pokés, I just release them!) Any Pokémon listed or unlisted can be trained to level 100 or evolved before trade. Click here for my trades Sorted A - Z Unique: Normal: All currently listed for trade, Sorted A - Z With some persuasion Stuff I don't have, but want! If you have any of these for trade please let me know! * Also any other Shiny Starter *
  6. Post your Wonder Trades
  7. Bandeide

    Universal Bandeide Trade Shop

    I'm tranding many unique pokes! Some legendaries too! IGN: Bandeide What I want: Shadows and Shinys pokes (preferably that I don't have). Example of What I want: (MALE or FEMALE) (or Uniques Eeveelutions) ANY SHINY/SHADOW STARTER POKES WHAT I HAVE ON TRADE LIST (SOME EXAMPLES): (and others legendaries, normal and uniques) A lot of Dark/Shadow/Metallic/Mystic pokes (legendaries and not) (M/F)And a bunch of other shiny pokes (Offered = What I Want) Legendary = 4 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Pokes Dark/Shadow Poke = 1 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Poke Dark/Shadow Starters = 3 Dark or Shadow Pokes or 1 Dark/Shadow/Shiny Starter Dark/Shadow Legendary = 1 Dark/Shadow Legendary Shiny Poke = 1 Shiny Poke or 3 Dark/Shadow Poke Shiny Starters = 3 Shiny Pokes or 1 Shiny Starter Shiny Legendary = 1 Shiny Legendary or 3 Dark/Shadow Legendary Updates in the trade list very often! IGN: Bandeide
  8. Yet2.0

    Universal Just looking for a pokemon

    Im looking for a im willing to give a Lv.100 Metagross or Golurk
  9. Welcome to my SHINY SHOP!! [UPDATED, Weekly updating] Here are some rules: - ALL these pokemons are UP FOR TRADE - My IGN : JLM - I accept ANY SHINIES Here are my rates: 1 LISTED POKEMON = ANY 2 COMMON SHINY 1 LISTED POKEMON = 1 SHINY I DON'T HAVE So far, I have these for you: ( UFT already ) You can also directly offer me in game. (Trade Pokemon > Trade Home > Search Trades : Username > Type " JLM " > SEARCH) I ALSO HAVE THIS FOR ANY 3 SHINIES: Keep posted. I will update this frequently Thank you very much!!
  10. badman99

    Universal Experience selling

    Hi guys. I am selling all the Pokemons of my account. Which are of total 9 million experience. But they are in pieces (means experience is over different pokemon). Want money in return if 9 million exp. If interested state your offer. Message me here or in the game. Ign-badman99. (Reasonable offers only)
  11. Hello Pokemon fans I am looking for shadow and shiny rayquaza so if any has one and is willing to trade or sell then contact me here on in game my IGN is VEER1234 ALSO if you want I can give exp training to your pokemon in return
  12. Azizay

    Universal BIG Trade -

    Selling Many Pokemon Shinies Shadow Mystic Dark. IGN Azizay, message me with offer and for what, looking mainly for XP or other shiny legendary/shiny rares/Shiny Starters Shinies for sale are these only though as they are dupes -
  13. priyamtron

    Universal MY POKEMON SHOP

    I will be trading the following Pokemon . They are not up for trade but ill put them on trade if I like your offer . im looking for Pikachu cosplay forms and pokemon I don't have. volcanian genesect blaze celestella. Giratina dark Arceusdark Xurkitree guzzlord. lunala Nihilego mystic deoxys Pheromosa shadow regigigas shiny kyurem zygarde buzzwole rare pokemon : riolu shiny eevee raichupichu Pikachu and a lot of megas just check all my pokemon ty for reading
  14. Yet2.0

    Universal Just looking for a pokemon

    Im looking for a or a if you have any of these you will get 4 shiny pokemon (don't lie i will check your pokemon)
  15. Berke1705

    Universal "berke1705" !!! SHOP !!!

  16. Azizay

    Universal BIG Unique Trade

    Selling Many Pokemon Shinies Shadow Mystic Dark. IGN Azizay, message me with offer and for what, looking mainly for XP or other shiny legendary/shiny rares/Shiny Starters Shinies for sale are these only though as they are dupes -
  17. Yet2.0

    Universal Just looking for a pokemon

    i'm just looking for this ---> this is a Golurk if you do have one i shall give you 3 shiny pokemon
  18. okt08


    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , all of these pokemons will be given mystic espeon nick : okt08 messages and friend request enabled :)
  19. abc511

    Universal Trade

    Trading all these Pokemons also mail me your browser offer in game for faster trade  METTALIC SHADOW   SHINY SHINY  SHADOW X4 SHADOW METTALIC DARK . Shadow Many more see profile list abc511trading everything see my trade list also
  20. Chris_

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  21. killer1224

    Universal TRADE

    HI GUYS ANYONE WANT OT TRADE IGN: killer1224 killer122436 TradeMeFreePokePLZ12 And can you guys plz tell me what u want and want u offer thx for ur the time
  22. N1koLaTeSla

    Universal Looking Amaura

    Hi, my trade thread Pokemon i have to trade: Normal Pokemon : Metallic Pokemon: Mystic Pokemon : Shiny Pokemon: Looking for IGN: N1koLaTeSla
  23. digenty

    Universal shiny+legendary shop

    I'm looking for some trades for these shiny and legendary pokemon. I'm looking for some decent offers for the pokemon. legendary pokemon shiny pokemon others I think i was drunk when i masterballed porygon and evolved it into porygon-Z.
  24. killer1224

    Universal no name

    I really like this game and I know that many of you guys like this game to but there are lots of people who have just stop this playing this game. some of the accounts have really good Pokemon like shiny rayquaza (mega) with 2965034 exp but he or she haven't played this for game for 2 years or more and I think that they might not play forever. I think we should do some thing about this. well this what I think wright down what do u think about this.
  25. GodsWithin

    Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.