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Found 127 results

  1. Universal

    mrnxmndrgt Trades [Last Updated: 31st March 0015H GMT +8:00] RULES: - All global forum rules apply. - No double posting. - No rates as for the moment, you offer. - No means no, simple. - All the pokemon(s) here in my thread are spares, so feel free to offer. - As for the legends (i.e. Arceus, Deoxys, etc.), their rates are higher compared to other legendaries and don't ask why bc it's already obvious. - Feel free as well to ask questions, I'll answer as soon as possible. - All offers regarding experience will be ignored. - I won't check your pokemons (if you think there are unique non-legends I might need from your account), I'm too lazy af. So, just state what you have from my provided list. - In the WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR section, what you see is what you must get me. No questions asked. WHAT I'M TRADING: UNIQUE NON-LEGENDS: LEGENDS: FOSSILS/EONS: EVENTS: WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: UNIQUE NON-LEGENDS: Unique non-legends wishlist last updated 06/22/2017. HAPPINESS POKES: FOSSILS/EONS: EVENTS:
  2. IGN: H-Fly Hey Guys! I proudly present my Training Center! As I'm totally free for 1,5 months, I decided to play Vortex again. I catched various legendaries and felt like I've "the training" mood, so I'm here now. I want to train your pokemon and improve my collection. I'll try hard next 6 weeks and I hope that I'll got some cool Pokemon! Since I'm hunting legendaries now, I'll only accept uncatchable Pokemon like fossils, Primals, maybe Eons and mainly events... I only train Exp, not happiness. Sorry... !!!Bonus Exp for First 3 Customers!!! RATES I can train up to 4M Exp in a day. So I am waiting for your Pokemon!!!
  3. Universal

    Prophecy Training Thread hello my vortex friends, Prophecy here with a training thread. I will train exp on your Pokemon for Pokemon I need. RuLeS Have patience. don't be mean. i train 500,000-700,000 experience every day. RaTeS Any NON EVOLVED non legendary from my list = 200,000 experience points Any EVOLVED non legendary from my list = 300,000 experience points Any LEGENDARY from my list = 500,000 experience points Any EVENT from my list = 400,000 - 2,000,000 experience points NON EVOLVED non legendary I NEED EVOLVED non legendary I NEED LEGENDARY I NEED EVENTS I NEED Currently Training experience points on 0/2,000,000 0/400,000 0/400,000 Completed experience points on 650,000/650,000 2,500,000/2,500,000
  4. Universal

    You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  5. EVENTS I HAVE: dark metallic mystic shadow shiny normal EVENTS I'M LOOKING FOR: Donations Volcanions Pikachu Belle/Libre/Ph. D./Pop Star/Rock Star LEGGIES: Normal Leggies i'm looking for: Metallic Leggies I'm looking for: Shiny Leggies I'm Looking for: Dark Leggies I'm looking for: Mystic Leggies I'm looking for: Shadow Leggies I'm looking for: FOSSILS I NEED: Sidequest stuff I have for trade: What I have uft (most of pokemons have at least one evolution). Most of them are in VitolUniques. Trading them for lvl 100 pokemons, some of them required more than 50K due to rarity or high level Metallic: Shiny: Dark: Mystic: Shadow:
  6. Universal

    Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.
  7. So Myself and ferradorandre have decided to combine our EXP/hearts threads in order to give you guys and girls the best possible service. We have both run successful Training services before so you are getting two amazing EXP trainers for the price of one! Rules All forum rules apply. We have the right to say no to an offer Please do not spam Hearts Training 1 heart = 3 unique non legends (or 2 wishlist pokes) 2 hearts = 6 unique non legends (or 4 wishlist pokes) 3 hearts = 9 unique non legends (or 6 wishlist pokes) 4 hearts = 12 unique non legends (or 8 wishlist pokes or 1 wishlist legendary) EXP Service 1 Unique Non Rare Non Legendary Pokémon that we need will get you 50-55K EXP (Wishlist Pokes will get you between 75-200k) 1 Unique Rare Non Legendary Pokémon will get you 100k EXP (this includes Starters/Scatterbugs/Ralts/Eevee) 1 Unique Legendary Pokémon will get you between 300-600kEXP (Mewtwos/Rays/Kyogres/Arceuses will get you the higher price) 1 Unique Fossil Pokémon will get you between 500-800k EXP (dependant on which region it is) Pokémon Hunting So this is something a little different from what we normally do but I have always found hunting for pokemon one of the more enjoyable aspects of this game so we wanted to open this up to allow us to hunt your pokemon for you! either you could be too busy, cant find the pokemon or simple cant be bothered to hunt for it we are here for you! We are only trialling this for now but here are the rates 1 non legendary uniques = 2 Unique Pokémon 5 non legendary uniques = 8 Unique Pokémon/ 6 Wishlist Pokémon/ 1 Legendary Wishlist Pokémon 1 rare unique non legendary (i.e. Scatterbugs/Ralts/Eevee etc.) = 4 Unique Pokémon 5 rare non legendary Uniques= 15 Unique Pokémon/ 12 wishlist Pokémon/ 3 legendary Wishlist Pokémon Wishlist Pokémon Legendary Wishlist Completed Training to 450k for VITOL 650k
  8. Prophecy's Heart and Hunting Thread Hi, am Prophecy, traded a bit to get some legends and now am on to bigger things! I will train hearts on our Pokemon and also hunt specific Pokemon for you HEARTS Rates (If you pay in Normal Legends) 1 Heart = 1 Normal Legend. 2 Heart = 3 Normal Legends. 3 Heart = 5 Normal Legends. (If you pay in Unique Legends) 2 Heart = 1 Unique Legend. 3 Heart = 2 Unique Legends. If you choose to pay in Unique non legendaries or Events, we can negotiate Current Job: HUNTING Rates (If you pay in Normal Legends) 1 Unique Non-legend = 1 Normal Legendary 3 Unique Non-legend = 2 Normal Legendary 6 Unique Non-legend = 5 Normal Legendary (If you pay in Unique Legends) 3 Unique Non-legend = 1 Unique Legendary 6 Unique Non-legend = 2 Unique Legendary If you want me to hunt a rare pokemon (determined by me) the price doubles. If you choose to pay in Unique non legendaries or Events, we can negotiate. Current Job: Promotions First 2 Customers get 50% OFF ENTIRE ORDER! Instead of paying with a Normal Legend, you can pay with Random Evolved Non-legendaries! Conversion rate: 1 Normal Leggie = 2 Random Evolved Non-legendaries! A is worth 5 Unique Legendaries.
  9. Universal

    Universal Trade Thread By Xism Duo Hello and Welcome to our trade thread. This trade thread shall be run by me or sometimes by @CaptainX. We'd be looking forward to trade with all of you guys! Let's negotiate and trade. Rules Pokemons FT Unique Non-Legends: Legends: Sidequest Stuff: Events: Wishlist
  10. Universal

    Marketplace: Trades Trying to get some stuff accomplished, check out what I have and trade with me please. I don't have any rates, offer whatever YOU think is fair for stuff I need and we can work from there. For Trade: Starters Rare Unique Non-Legends and Happiness Uniques Legends Pokemon I Need: I will also check IGNs for stuff I need, please let me know below.
  11. Hi guys , i m looking for pokemon which i am missing on my ign : naruto1129 I m missing a few Events/Dps only as i have completed the unique non leggies dex and legends dex. But i m looking for stuff that u will find in "Looking for list" I just love this game and i always will ! The thread is updated daily so please check often for new pokes and rates Rules for trading : Rates for trading : Pokemon which are for trade : Pokemon which i am looking for : Vivillons :
  12. Universal

    Hi guys,welcome to my Trade thread.My rules are simple 1)All global and Forums rules apply. 2) No abusive languages . 3)Dont beg for my pokes they are not for free. 4) I trade for only equal value rarity . My unique non-leg trading all of them for 4 unique leg My normal non leg ...... and more are there see IGN all of them for 3 unique leg..... My unique leg.., trading them for other unique leg i dont have MY NORMAL+UNIQUE EVENT COMBO ... trading them for other event and unique one My DP (only for other dp i want)
  13. Universal

  14. Universal

    My Wishlist- My POKES THANK U EVERONE!!! For GodsWithin,Maxie-Magma and Sportsandmusic69 URGENT OFFER: Looking 4 legit primals in bulk offering two of these bad boys! Other events too! EDIT: im not making any offers OK? post ur offer here Also I may not be able to respond so quick to all requests so bear with me!
  15. PORYMON'S ULTIMATE TRADE THREAD Hi guys! I've decide to make my first trading thread. Be sure to check it out! My main IGN is porymon. RULES RATES POKEMON FOR TRADE : LEGENDS- Normal Dark Metallic Mystic Shadow Shiny EVENTS- DONATIONS- FOSSILS- EONS- LOOKING FOR : PACKAGED DEALS (PKGD) PKGD 1 PKGD 2 PKGD 3 First come..First serve. FOR OTHER TRADES CHECK IGNS - porymondex porymon2 (FOR UNIQUES) porymonz (FOR LEGENDS) YOU CAN CONTACT ME HERE OR ON DISCORD (porymon) Credits to @ViralV and @iZeus for making the banners.
  16. Universal

    Hey Everyone, I have had a lengthy absence from Pokémon vortex but I've recently re-joined and whilst I'm filling up my unique pokedex I decided to re-open my old EXP training service. I won't pretend that I am going to be the fastest training out there but what I can promise you is that the EXP I train for you will be legit NOT BOTTED. RULES: All Global Forum rules apply. Follow the Rates. I try to be as far as I can with rates but obviously this has to be worthwhile to both parties involved The maximum EXP I will train per order is 1-2 Million Exp (1,000,000 - 2,000,000 Exp). This is done to keep things moving quickly and so I don't receive 10 orders for 5 mil all at once Although 1-2 million EXP is my limit for an order after its complete we can renegotiate for more Be patient. Some days I will be able to train more than others so understand this I do Have a preference for Shiny Pokémon RATES: Rates are negotiable so feel free to make an offer 1 Unique Non Rare Non Legendary Pokémon that I need will get you 50-55K EXP 1 unique Rare Non Legendary Pokémon will get you 80kEXP (this includes Starters/Scatterbugs/Ralts/Eevee) 1 Unique Legendary Pokémon will get you between 300-600kEXP (Mewtwos/Rays/Kyogres/Arceuses will get you the higher price) 1 Unique Fossil Pokémon will get you between 500-700EXP (dependant on which region it is) EVENT POKEMON WILL BE DEPENDANT ON THE TYPE AND DEPENDANT ON NEGOTIATION Hearts Training 1 heart = 3 unique non legends (1 of my choice) 2 hearts = 6 unique non legends (3 of my choice) 3 hearts = 8 unique non legends (4 of my choice) 4 hearts = 10 unique non legends (5 of my choice) PROMO: So Every week I'm going to offer special prices for certain Pokémon these will be displayed next to the image and will change every 7 days if you trade me the Pokémon in the image then ill train that amount of EXP on a Pokémon of your choosing This weeks Promo Pokémon 23/5/17-30/5/17 For any of thesei will train 100k on any Pokémon For any of these i will train 150K on any pokemon For any of thesei will train 200k on any pokemon For any of these i will train 500k on any pokemon For any of these i will train 1.2mil on any pokemon for Any unique 3.5 mil on any pokemon CURRENTLY TRAINING: Completed to 3 hearts 2 mil 200k 400k 2 Mil andto 3 hearts to 511k to 1.99 mil + 26 more jobs.
  17. Universal

    Rex's Hunting Shoppe I decided to open up a Hunting Section on the forums. People now-a-days are more concerned about Exp - and as a result of this concern Botters get a chance to appear, here. Most of you want pokemons for yourself but can't hunt them yourself because of some important things. So I'll do it for you for some rates. Time will depend on the rarity of pokemon. For example, you can't catch a unique pokemon in the same time interval as a normal one. Let's get started; Rules : Rates : Currently Hunting :
  18. Universal

    Prophecy's Trading Thread Hi am Prophecy and I just started. I want legends cause I like them but I haven't completed the gyms. Till then I have some non legendary pokemon that I can trade for them. please see below Rates: 1-2 of my non-legendary for your normal legendary. 3-5 of my non-legendary for your unique legendary. Once I get legendaries, I will their rates here. Trading: Shiny: Dark: Mystic: Metallic: Shadow: I will be adding more daily
  19. Universal

    Let's Trade : Rates : Pokes For Trade:
  20. Post your Wonder Trades
  21. Hey everyone! Welcome to our trade thread! Rules and rates are mentioned below. For Non- legendaries check ign-dropthat It would be a great help if you subscribe to the channel DropThat Gaming in YouTube. Link below Thread will be updated every week!
  22. Universal

    Since making "Auction Threads" or in some case, "action threads" is the new biggest craze on Forums, I have decided to make a Community Auction Thread. This thread eliminates the need to create a new thread every 5 mins because you get a new normal legend. The Community Auction Thread runs on 7 Basic Rules (plus the Forums rules duh) and you must follow them to participate. Furthermore the 7 Basic Rules also apply to any Auction Threads, old or new, and must be followed by the creator from now on. Mods will be enforcing these rules. The point of the rules is to eliminate useless Auction Threads that would have better luck being posted in here. Also the rules allow Pokemon that are being auctioned to actually be traded instead of sitting around for 2 weeks in a trade thread type "auction". I will be updating this thread everyday. The rules will either make PROPER auctions an instant hit or rid Vortex of any type of auctions- A win-win. Auction 1 by OPEN by @porymon Min Bid- Unique (non-shiny) DP Auction 2 by OPEN by @xShadowz_Min Bid - 2 Unique Donations or a Unique Volcanion. Auction 3 by @VortxBro Min Bid - Auction 4 by @himanshu24092002 Min Bid - 3 Unique Arceus (Water) Auction 5 by OPEN Auction 6 by OPEN Auction 7 by OPEN IGN: Pokemon that you are auctioning: Suggested minimum bid: Time Limit: 36 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours, 5 Days. (Choose one):
  23. The Evolution Shop and Level 100 Factory A shop dedicated to your needs. I evolve Pokemon for your Pokedex and also offer a Level 100 Training Service. Check it out. Rules The Evolution Shop In this part of the thread, I evolve your Pokemon to help you complete the dex. Rates 6 Pokemon that evolve after Level 30 = 1 Unique Legend 10 Pokemon that evolve before Level 30 = 1 Unique Legend 1 Pokemon evolved = 3 Unique Non Legends If you need an evolution of a Pokemon, but you do not have it, I can provide you it's base Pokemon and evolve it. For every 3 bases provided = Add 1 Unique Legend. Currently Evolving @eurstin's 50 Pokemon [1/50] Expected Completion: 5/20/2017 Waiting List Completed The Level 100 Factory In this part of the thread, I level up your Pokemon to Level 100. Rates 4 Pokemon to Level 100 = 1 Unique Legend 1 Pokemon to Level 100 = 4 Unique Non-Legends If you need a Pokemon to be trained to 100,000 EXP, I will train it for 8 Random Non Legends. Currently Leveling Up Waiting List Completed Thanks
  24. Anyone who has a and a male who wants to trade please contact me through in game message. IGN: NekoHins I could trade out some lv100s. I also have some Uniques if you need them, but only few are lv100s.
  25. Hi and welcome to my trade page hope you like what im trading and looking for i will be always updating. Ign:LUKE_SKYWALKER Events im looking for: Shiny Normal LEGENDARIES IM LOOKING FOR: Dark Normal Mystic Shiny Shadow Metallic Fossils im looking for: Normal Shiny Dark Shadow THATS ALL IM LOOKING FOR SO FAR MY IGN IS UP THE TOP LOOK AT MY TRADES SO FAR... ALL MY TRADES: LVL:61/Shadow LVL:50/Shadow LVL:75/Normal LVL:73/Shadow LVL:77/Shadow LVL:71/Normal LVL:54/Normal LVL:60/Normal LVL:100/Mystic LVL:100/Mystic LVL:55/Normal LVL:66/Normal LVL:51/Normal LVL:67/Metallic LVL:58/Normal THANK YOU AND I HOPE YOU LIKE WHAT TRADES I GOT SO FAR My ign is LUKE_SKYWALKER