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Found 554 results

  1. Pokemons I Have : Events : Special Legendary : Legendary : Rare : Common : Name it i will tell if i have or not!! Looking for : (Unique) (Variants) EVENT POKEMONS Plzzz tell abt your will to trade any of my pkmn.
  2. Hello, Trying to trade away some of my legends/dupe legends What I have: Rare: Normal Legends: Legends Variant: Event: Event Variant: Only looking for Multi Legends I do not have. Please offer fairly. All of these are in my trade. So send your offer there. Please do not message here as I am not always in this site. Will try and update these regularly. IGN: zhon Thanks all.
  3. So i wanna sell or trade my pokemons so that i can complete my dex and gain some better pokemons. No ones buying it on pokebay so i request here. My pokemons are : . 
  4. Hello is have some cool Pokemon for trade go to my profile on Pokemon vortex jojojobany then look at my Pokemon and comment here which one you want -professor Pikachu Kanto Starters Really want Johto starters Really want Hoenn starters Really want Sinnoh starters Really want Unova starters really want Kalos starters Really want Alola starters Really want Galar starters Really want professor pikachu look at my Jedi costume well make sure to follow jojojobany
  5. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  6. ronakcena512

    Universal Mew

    I am searching for and . Please contact me in case you have one of them. Will offer pkd or pokemons
  7. Anyone got a they're willing to trade? I've got pkd, and a bunch of legendaries/events to trade. ign is Venomburner5 so lemme know!
  8. i am looking for shadow pokemon i will trade legendaries and rares
  9. See here till now I got 14 and I will get more this are the which I am willing to tradex5(traded x3)totally x8 X2(tradedx1)totally x3 X1 X1 x1 wanted uniques X1 Here is the interesting point after I get the Pokémon what I want (ether from trade or by catch them by myself) I will say the secret behind catching 14and a giveaway of one will be chosen after I get the Pokémon that I want hope u enjoy this Giveaway + trade (I did not buy them I caught them by my hard work and also all are caught not traded seeing to trade one to get the Pokémon which I want)
  10. this is the avatar shop pls post the avatars you will be selling common-25,000 rare-250,000 unique-500,000 megas- up to you legendary-up to you you are all welcome
  11. Hi I am currently collecting shadow,mystic,metallic and shiny pokemon Bcs I want to complete the DeX so pls PM me and say what you got
  12. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy Guyz.............. I am looking for shiny/normal/shadow MUCHLAX I am gonna offer......500k pds its nickname is Mr.Devil i will offer this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for reply.......................MY IGN- SSK123
  13. Hello guys I have listed over 90 Pokemon on my trade list! Some of them include ultra beats like and .Hurry up and offer for them now. You can either PM me if u wish to buy them or offer straight away from my trade list. There is no need for any negotiation here PM me in-game. Thank you
  14. Hi . I am trading some pokes listed below. If you need any , feel free to ask. Normal- ,, Shadows- , , , , Dark- Mystic- , Metallic- , Event - (blaze) Ultra beast- ,
  15. I need an metallic or an shiny etenurus I will give (A unique Galar legendary for a unique galar legendary its a fair trade ) if u don’t want it I will give any two unique pokes which I have for shiny eternus and one unique legendary or two legendary for a metallic eternus (sounds like a fair trade) check my ign babby246 for pokes (expect any Pokémon’s in my team)
  16. Hello, I am trading my (shiny , normal ) (normal - electric and steel type ) Mostly looking for legendaries. Please offer. Mainly looking for: - Let me know, thanks
  17. ı want to find a unique archen. If you have one and want to trade please add me back.
  18. Hello if anybody got some spare pokes for trade that they definitely do not need please post them here I will only offer for them if I do not have them.
  19. I need a unique for a deal with redteddybear If interested, contact PokemonZayden
  20. ı have jaw fossil promo code for trade. Searching good offers for it.
  21. If you want anything for trade.. check my IGN: SkyEye. Willing to pay pd also ( 500k- 1mil) Thanks!
  22. Hey everyone. I am trading my with 1.2 M EXP. WILL accept the best offers.
  23. I want event pokemons But I myself have less good Pokemons to offer my ign is tazzer go there if you find something interested PM me *Event Pokemons I want Only normal required Only Polite and Soft Heart Players will know my condition
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