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Found 16 results

  1. Great Job Cha_Fey_S you got a and great job SamuelD.S you got a . Entei Oshawott P.S winners must message me to tell me that they are online and they are ready to get their reward.
  2. Changes to Seasons Starting April 2021 Throughout April 2021, we will be rolling out a few changes to how seasons work and can be tracked. The first change that will be noticed and can be expected to be available in the next couple of days is the ability to see your own rank on the seasonal leaderboard, even if you do not yet qualify for a place in the top 100 The next change, and the biggest of them, is the removal of randomised rewards and the introduction of a new currency only obtainable through placing in the top 100 of any given season. This
  3. It would be great to cancel bids so when you changed your mind about one bid you would cancel like in the trade i changed my mind about getting audinites for mybut i changed my mind about the bid and wanted to bid in for a so please add that
  4. I completed alola gym and next was galar but it says u have to fight gym in their world when i click it map shows. How to find galar gyms.
  5. hey Patrick could you please tell me what route is the closest to blackstocks toll?
  6. Hey everyone! So yesterday, we had a major update! Galar Pokemon were added! Galar gyms were added! A brand new overworld, and so many sections of it and you can see everyone move! The overworld icon selection was greatly expanded! And more to discover! I know that just like me, you all have something you all really like about this update! My favorite part was the whole new live map system, but yeah! Discuss anything part of this update here! Whether it be the live map system, galar Pokemon added, whatever!
  7. HeyGuys, this is ****ty, paint made, map of V5, hope its of any use yo you! https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=503189906611
  8. hi guys so my for just 300,000 go get it now. and even for 250,000. and for 1,000,000. get them now .
  9. The Galar starters have been added to the Pokedex, and Meltan is now on Patrick's page. He also has a Magearna Original, which "technically" isn't "available"
  10. As many of you may already know by now, Mewtwo has had it's armor redesigned for the upcoming movie; "Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION" (Japanese movie name). As a promotional point to this movie, Pokémon GO has released Mewtwo as a raid Pokémon sporting this new armor and we thought - Well, we've had the original Mewtwo (Armor) in Pokémon Vortex for the past 9 years so why not bring in the new one as I personally think it looks great. The problem is, we do not want to replace the original which will make this "New gen Mewtwo (Armor)" a completely new Pokémon/form in Pokémon Vortex which po
  11. Pokémon Vortex v4.2.x is on the way!! Along with some long-awaited features such as localised time (Yay! No more time converting) This version comes with some much needed bug fixes, new Pokémon and feature improvements. This update is expected on May 13th 2019 What's New? You can now reset a Pokémon's nickname (for free) if you are the OT PokéBay bids now have a cooldown to tackle spam bidding (The cooldown is 10 seconds) The following Pokémon have been added to the Pokédex: Poipole Naganadel Blacephalon Zeraora
  12. Starting November 1st 2018, the Pokémon contents of Mystery Boxes will be changed monthly to resolve two issues within Pokémon Vortex's trade and auction economy. The first issue being that some old event Pokémon are impossible to obtain due to very low numbers of them existing. The second issue is that the current Mystery Box Pokémon drop of Rotom forms are too high and rapidly lose value as more boxes are obtained and opened. SO, the change, effective immediately will be that old event Pokémon (but not seasonal event Pokémon such as Halloween or Christmas) will be rotated through
  13. As promised, as of Pokémon Vortex v4, we will be getting smaller but more frequent updates rather than storing everything for one large update. SO, here is the first update notes for v4.1.x - This update is expected to launch on December 7th 2017 What's new? You can now "watch" auctions with a new watch list so you know how an auction went even after it ended You can now refresh an auction you're actively viewing from the PokéBay navigation for ease of access People who place in the top 100 of a season will have their best rank (over all time) displayed on their pu
  14. Pokemon Vortex V4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Welcome to the official Pokemon Vortex V4 FAQs! With the introduction of V4 we have been treated to some fantastic new features such as a clan update, avatars and nicknaming Pokemon. As everyone is eager to experience these features, we have put together this helpful document. This FAQs has been split into categories for easy browsing. Press Ctrl + F to find something specific. Avatars What is an avatar? An avatar is an image, in this case of a Pokemon, that you can use to represent yourself. How
  15. The time is drawing near! v4 has been under the testing phase for roughly 2 weeks now and so it's about time you all got to see what's new, what's changed, what's gone and what's fixed. Below is a list of all the most notable changes that come with v4 (And yes, you get to keep your accounts and Pokémon) When the time comes for you all to play it, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the time spent developing it. What's new? The entire site's user interface has been redesigned to give a much smoother gameplay experience Clans are back! And have been r
  16. Some adjustments have been made to attacks that were throwing battling way off balance Here are the attacks and adjustments made: Attack Old Base Power New Base Power Explosion 250 120 Punishment 200 120 Self-Destruct 200 120 Trump Card 200 120 Reversal 200 120 Accuracy has not been affected by these attacks, they still have their original accuracy s
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