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  1. Sorry if this is not the right topic but when you battle gym leader Whitney she has a Male Milktank while there only exsists Female Milktanks https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/battle-gym/Whitney
  2. When accessing the evolution panel of a Koffing level 13 it says that "Your Koffing will evolve into Weezing.", when it should say instead "Your Koffing must be level 35 or higher to evolve." If I try to evolve it it displays the correct error message, but it shouldn't let me click on the evolve option regardless, or at least that's what happens for other Pokémon. EDIT: It happens with Nincada too. EDIT 2: And the same happens again with Cubone and many Pokémon with more than one possible evolution. EDIT 3: It also happens with Kirlia.
  3. In the sidequests page in wiki it says after completing sevii island sidequests u would complete 20% but when I completed it, it showed 17% completed Is it a mistake orrrrrr.....
  4. So guys we got new commands of our VortexBot (On Discord). All things are same the new added thing that we can now see the Happiness of a poke too. So while looking at some top pokes I just found this poke: #0001796020 Dark Zorua Original Trainer Marllon Current Owner philippalbert Exp 5,078,540 100 Exp 5,078,540 Happiness No Heart You can have a look by doing !id or !top Dark Zorua in Bot Commands (Sorry I won't be able to provide a ss of the situation to make it more clear). But my only question can a poke have 5 M exp with no heart? That means that the trainer did less then 180 battles on that poke. Mods Please have a look at that poke once.
  5. I don't know but just now I found a Wild Shadow Magmar but when I clicked battle it directed to a page where I had caught a wild Zubat. I thought of reporting it...Hope you guys fix it.
  6. It said that Binacle Avatar could only be obtained through sidequests (kalos) and mystery boxes but today I got it by daily rewards...
  7. I finally grinded my way into alola a few weeks ago , though I saw this today only . I will upload the screenshot in here as soon as possible , here are they https://ibb.co/drPWcfL So if this is a bug please fix it
  8. Ok so firstly My are not able to transform in any poke I battle with it shows "Your Ditto used transformation and could not attack" But my ditto remains the same !! Pls fix this asap :/
  9. file:///C:/Users/AYUSH/Pictures/Screenshot 2021-03-23 134835.jpgk is not working on any pokemon
  10. When a Pokemon is put to sleep, the turn activity of the target is not shown in the box. All it says is that the user Pokemon used a sleep move and the target Pokemon is asleep. This should be fixed to show both the target Pokemon being put to sleep and the move the target Pokemon used.
  11. All salazzles in alolan region sidequests are male but salazzles are supposed to be 100% female. Screenshot:
  12. I recently made a training account for Sneasel with Exeggutor (Alolan) with all Psychic moves (PotatoSneasel). Sneasel is Dark type and is immune to psychic moves, BUT is somehow getting the confusion status. Exeggutor (Alolan) attacks are: Confusion, Psychic, Hidden Power (Psychic), and Psyshock Looking at what attacks give the confusion status. I believe the bug is in the Confusion move. I definitely think it is a bug on the defense that if Ghost Pokemon are immune to Normal/Fighting moves. Ghost wouldnt recieve paralysis from Body Slam or confusion from dynamic punch because the move wouldn't touch them/they are immune to it.
  13. Greetings, Whenever I try to access the clan forum page, it says that the page was not found. Is it a bug, or is it undergoing some process?
  14. if i battle or catch a pokemon and don't press return to the map, for example i go to change my team, when i go back to the map and choose to battle a new pokemon, appears me the information that i catched the appeared before pokemon. today i ost a shyni duskull level 7, please correct that bug
  15. im trying to link my clan to the clan forums but when i go to the clan forums page it tells me my account doesnt have access to that page can some one help me?
  16. so in quiz a guy named rogxbull typed 28 for a question >>this was the question https://prnt.sc/w8d9x0-screenshot link so as you all can see he typed 28 for the question but the bot did not count it as a correct answer
  17. I won the match even though I died and couldn't switch Pokemon
  18. If you have an active chat, after a certain number of unread messages the "new message" number in the corner will start to display wildly innaccurate numbers. See below - I'm not THAT popular https://imgur.com/nteqplH This happens in chrome, but not edge. Haven't tried in explorer or firefox though. So maybe a browser specific issue? It's not a huge deal, just something you might want to be aware of. Edit: Ooh this is the best I've gotten yet https://imgur.com/1Ti9WaD
  19. Hello! Whenever I encounter a pokemon that I already own the pokeball icon near the pokemon name is not showing (at least on legacy maps). And not for all the pokes. For some I still see the pokeball icon. Due to that I have caught quite some pokemons I already have. I have this problem for a while now.. just didn't post because i thought that the problem is global, but I guess it's not because the people I asked if they have the same problem don't have this problem. Cheers!
  20. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid this is my yt channel, i have added UCCUrq2wGROMWmSqIf2fBkMw this part of the link in the edit social profile in yt section. whenever I click on the yt button on my profile, it says the page not found. Pls help
  21. I've been training my Shiny Porygon (Sword) on one of the immunity training accounts - TypeNormal. Obviously shinies that have not taken damage should have 500hp. The majority of the time this is the case, however sometimes it only has 450hp. I've been battling the same account repeatedly and this seems to happen sporadically. Once I reach the next battle it will go back to 500hp for several battles before the occasional 450hp battle again. This is the case on both the screen below, and whilst in the battle screen. https://gyazo.com/17137c78521dd0eaf3ae78d48bf5d748
  22. There is a bug in chats it sometimes shows1000 messages when 1 is received and 1090 online members when I don't have more than 40 friends
  23. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but there are several male Salazzles in the Alola sidequests.
  24. I want to tell you that there is a difference between a male Pikachu and a female Pikachu that can be determined by its tail shape. For exampleand a But I have a female Pichu and when I evolved it into Pikachu it's tail is like male one so I request you to please fix it.
  25. I was searching for pokemon but then I saw a user in a tree! Its impossible to walk over trees right? PROOF
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