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Found 5 results

  1. Eeveelutions8

    Writing My new book!

    Hello guys! I've written a book on pokemon (Fan fiction) Pokemon Journeys Please read and rate it! also please put a comment here or on the website about it! Second part will be out soon! Thanks!
  2. Sorry @Tyheamma, but I'm competing with your Vortex Tales. I'll update this as often as possible. Current Protagonists(s): @Uncle_Psychic @RigbyTheHeroKing @Chris_ @Blackbeardt @Patrick Antagonist(s): ??? Chris_ and the Search for Patrick (The story takes place in 2020. Most of the players have stuck around since then, especially since Vortex is now playable with the new kind of Oculus Rift that links to your mind. Also, it's still in v3, heh heh heh. Some details about players, mods, administrators, and the origins of Pokémon Vortex have been fictionalized just because it's a fanfiction, and for the purpose of the story. Chapter 1 Chris_ sat down at his computer, quickly opened up his Discord App, and immediately checked his private messages. No, he hasn’t said anything here either. God, he better be OK. he thinks as he sees nothing from Patrick. He logged on to the Forums and updated his Forum status, as a message to everyone on Vortex. ******** RigbyTheHeroKing logged on to Vortex via his now obsolete Windows 7 (but hacked to avoid Microsoft’s shutting down all Windows 7s.) He would’ve done it through Virtual Reality, but he didn’t own the Cerebral Rift. He checked his messages with a sense of urgency. No, he thinks as he realizes his last message from Patrick was to “Please change your profile comment to something other than ‘Hey Patrick, wanna play some Patty Cake?’ or the only thing you’ll be catching is my ban hammer.” The rumors are true. ******** Blackbeardt logged on via the Rift and gasped. “Someone’s going to pay, that’s for sure, but it’s not like I can do anything to him…” he mutters to himself as he realizes he’s not on the Top Trainers Wall anymore. Patrick is number one. Blackbeard blinks (the Rift version for clicking) at Pat’s name and nearly faints as he looks at the profile comment. ******** Rigby plopped down in his chair. He hadn’t changed the profile comment in over a week! There’s no way Pat hadn’t noticed. Unless he can’t do anything about it. ******* Chris checked the Forums. Nothing here either! ********** Uncle_Psychic looked once more at the Top Trainers Wall. The Wall of Kings, as it has also been called, is a stone wall about the length and height of an 18-wheeler, and can only be seen as a wall in Rift mode. On it, the list of all 100 Top Trainers can be seen By blinking at a name on the wall, detailed information about the player will take up the wall space, including but not limited to all the Unique Pokémon they have and which ones are for trade. Uncle P. groaned. Blackbeard’s going to have a fit, he thought. Unless the rumors are true, that is. He blinked on Pat’s name, and logged off in a rage after he sees the profile comment: This account has been banned by Pokémon Vortex. Chapter 2 Patrick groaned as the light shined down on him. The last thing he remembered was darkness. But the light felt… fake, perhaps. He tasted the air, and realized he wasn’t breathing, though the air tasted stale. But he didn’t feel the lack of oxygen, either. But I never logged in, so this can’t be virtual. “Enjoying your stay here?” The voice spoke from the dark beyond the light. The voice had a reverb that didn’t exist in the real world. Ha, real world. What a joke. My life has been nothing but this game for the past eleven years. “I asked you a question.” But I’ve brought entertainment to so many people. It’s been worth it. “Answer me.” The voice was quivering, almost on the verge of anger. Patrick said nothing. “ANSWER ME!” A slap to the face. Patrick said nothing. “You’ll talk eventually. You have no choice. I’ve got you cornered.” Pat said nothing. “I’ve got you cornered like a rat, now how does it feel, huh, being bullied by the bigger guy for what feels like no-“ “-thing more than a cliché villain monologue? You realize slaps don’t even hurt when the pain meter is below level 4, right?” Pat remarked cooly. “Godda-“ the man (or at least, it sounded masculine) cut himself off as he realized the profanity filter was like Herobrine- always watching. “I knew I was forgetting something.” “Well, you can’t do anything about it anyways. That’s a Rift setting, and Rift accounts are more difficult to hack into than Vortex accounts- which is where I’m assuming I am, by the way, and you probably got me here by hacking my Vortex account. I was logged in after all, when everything went dark for me.” The light that was shining on him went out, and the world slowly grew light around him. Patrick knew where he was before the lights came on anyways, but this only confirmed it. But I never released virtualized version of this map, and the only one who ever knew I was doing this was Chris! It was the Abandoned Electrical Environment. Chapter 3 Rigby checked to see if CabanaBoy was online- which he wasn’t. Rigby texted CabanaBoy immediately. “Hey little boy, check your Vortex. The TT list.” The reply came quickly. Dude, I was sleeping. God, what’s so urgent anyways. And we haven’t said ‘Hey Little Boy’ as a greeting since like, 7th grade. Actually, 10th if you want to be technical. But that was so many years ago it’s not even worth talking about. Blackbeardt’s been knocked off the list. Off or down? Down, technically. By one place. It took a little longer for this one to come back. Yeah, Pat took his place. So? I’m surprised Pat let him keep it this long anyways, being admin and all, and I’ll be surprised if Chris and Rob don’t take spots 2 and 3. Not that Rob’s ever online much, and he hasn’t been on the Forums since 2018- the Discord since 6 months ago. Click, blink, whatever you do, on Pat’s name. Rigby’s phone then rang. “He’s banned!” yelled CB in a half-asleep voice. “Yeah, I know, that’s about hour-old news now.” “Why? Who?” “Don’t know. Chris put a status on the Forums saying ‘Don’t freak out over Patrick’s being banned. We are working to find out why this has happened.” “Yeah, but it’s Patrick! How did HE get banned?!” “Because Wynaut?” Dead silence as CabanaBoy silently fumed. He finally spoke again. “That was funny back in like January 2019 when you still had your Wynaut avatar on the Forums. And the Discord.” “Well-“ “Dude, this is serious. Not real-life serious. Just in-game serious (though, if it’s a hacking issue, it could be real-life serious) I think someone’s trying to take it over.” “Take what over? This is getting weird.” “The game, man! Jesus.” “Well, you don’t have to be so rude. Jesus yourself.” Rigby was beginning to get a little pissed. He may have woken up CB in the middle of the night, but that was no excuse for rudeness. “Let’s think about it. Pat gets banned, and I’m pretty sure Chris is bluffing about working on it just to keep people from leaving the game in fear of getting hacked.” “Hacked. You keep saying hacked.” “And you’re dang straight. How else did Pat get banned?” “…” “Exactly. And does Chris know what’s going on? Doubtful.” “…” “I say we do something abou-“ “What, exactly? Do something about what?” “Someone’s hacking the game. And people's accounts are at risk, and possibly their computers, and possibly their data. If someone got into Pat’s account, then they can get into other’s accounts. Which could possibly then lead to getting into their computers, obtaining personal data. And what happens then, Rigby? Chris needs to do something now, preferably shut down the game until further notice if necessary. All kinds of things are at risk here.” “It’s just a game.” “It was just a game.” Vote: In Chapter 4, I will allow readers to vote on a new protagonist, as well as an antagonist! Choices for Protagonist: @iZeus @sportsandmusic69 @GodsWithin Other (Please specify.) Choices for Antagonist: @xShadowz_ @Sneezeball @GodsWithin @CaptainX @iZeus Other (Please specify.)
  3. Vortex Tales Hello and welcome to the home of my little fictional creations: Vortex Tales. For ages I joked about the idea of writing a story based on the users of Pokemon Vortex, but finally decided to go through with it and I've enjoyed the process so far a lot. Here you can find some sneak previews, the entire story so far and have the opportunity to leave feedback or make requests. I hope you enjoy my writing. Why? I am writing this epic piece of literature not only because I enjoy wasting time, but I suffer from writers block too. Writing something less serious like this helps me with other writing ventures. Characters My stories feature characters based on members of Pokemon Vortex, particularly those who frequent/frequented the chatroom. There depictions are not meant to offend, but amuse. I often exaggerate characteristics, or change personalities completely. I may also add quotes or interesting pieces of conversation in my story. If you find yourself, or something you have said in the story and do not want to be involved (unless you are Pheen and got no choice mate) please message me and I will alter it (if I can be bothered.) Story titles and description 1. Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut. Previews Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut Extract from Chapter 1 Vortex Tales: The Tower of Bot and the Quest for the Left Nut Extract from Chapter 4 Completed story to date. Last updated 27/03/17 Chapters 1-3: Chapter 4: Latest Chapter (6): NEW Full story in book format. Enjoy. Please feel free to leave your feedback. Fanart and praise is most welcomed.
  4. Well. Hello ! I was thinking to write a story based on J.K Rowling's Harry Potter series so I did. It's massively based on Harry Potter Story. I added our Vortex community members who usually show up in chat. There will be three volumes. I'll paste the link to pastebin. If you have enough time you might check it out. Also this thought was inspired by Vortex Tales by @Tyheamma. Good comments are appreciated Bad comments? I don't give a flying bird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Volume - 1: Volume 1 Audio Book:- VWL Audiobook - Volume 1 Also am not a great writer this might seem boring to you as volume 1 is just beginning Volume - 2 Volume 2 Audiobook :- Volume 3:- I will add audio book soon Who ever are missing on volume 3 will be in volume 4.
  5. StarPonyta20

    Writing Warriors - A New Clan

    Foreword Book 1-??? (I have no set name yet.) I must stop here. I am having writer's block on the names. Please, post your ideas! I would love to hear them.