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  1. How Is it possible to obtain a level 5 legendary I've got a level 5 jirachi from an auction
  2. I won a shiny shroomish from an auction, when i went to change team, it didn't show up. I tried to search it up manually and tried to log out and in again, but its still not showing up.
  3. Every time I keep making a trade it just keeps getting removed I’m doing what the rules say what am I doing wrong?
  4. So recently I've started to notice that for the past few weeks, even months... the lottery in the pokemart is either you win or you lose. There has been quite a number of weeks with no winners, and for last weeks one, two winners. A few years back when I started playing (2020), the lottery system was such that almost every week, there would literally be around 15-20 winners of any kind. About 1-3 are those who win the grand prize, which was the big tens of millions and whatever pokemon was there then, and the remaining 17 winners would win small shares, maybe about 300k. Recalling then, I had won one lottery by obtaining this "small share" of 377k. Since December last year when I had made my comeback, these small shares seemed to have vanished. Was there a particular reason as to why they were removed? Or were they unknowingly removed from the game? Extra: Some of us feel that these "small shares" should return to the lottery, to at least give a chance to those who can't win the grand prize. At least a bit helps
  5. I am confused about whether I would need a Dark Solgaleo to transform a Dark Necrozma into Dark Necrozma (Dusk Mane) or a normal Solgaleo will work too ???
  6. There's people with 500 - 700 battle wins in seasonal already, waddup with that? That seems impossible.
  7. I caught a lot of pokemon for the season. Now that the new season has started, is it useful to get rid of most of them so that it is easier to catch again?
  8. Why is Arceus (Unknown) unable to learn Frenzy Plant? It learns Hydro Cannon & Blast Burn.
  9. Hi, Will the darkest day opponent be encountered multiple times ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Will I still be able to evolve my zamazenta after the event?
  11. I have done over a hundred tower battles and got discouraged I went to the wiki to see if the event was still going it says "The event ended on March 3rd 2023." has the event ended never mind it still works it still works until march 3rd
  12. I fought zamazenta in the season battle tower and won but I didn't get the item.
  13. How can get a Gmax pokemon?
  14. Hey, I've been soft-banned on the discord (My phone number is banned) and I had a question, is there a ban appeal form? And if not, is it even possible to remove a phone number from the ban list on discord?
  15. hello guys i am just wondering what are the chances of geting a rusted sheild .
  16. I have this question about if there is going to be a Pokemon Vortex App you can download through Google Play or Apple Store?
  17. I have 2 questions. Can you use the rusted shield to evolve Zamazenta after the event ends? Can you “encounter” the Darkest Day battle more than once to evolve more than 1 variant of Zamazenta?
  18. Hey, I was really excited when I saw the new update and i've been battling basically the whole time to get the "darkest day" battle for a rusted shield. I have not been able to get that battle the ENTIRE time. I know it's supposed to be hard, but what exactly are the odds? Thanks😀, greatEclipse
  19. is there more than one region we can explore if so how do we get there??
  20. Are auto clickers banned? I just want to know before I use them so I know if they are or not so I don’t get banned for using them
  21. Hi , Im trying to gain access to my old 2016 account but i cant remember the email. I joined the discord but there is no ticket option so i thought this is the easiest way of contacting the mods. Username-2noo
  22. How to delete a topic that I made.
  23. When on vortex, I went to store button and saw a discount thing, Will this Ever Be used? If so, how often does this happen? Coin Cat
  24. Without getting it from auctions and trades cuz trades take long time and auctions just makes my wallet from thicc to skinny. Is the event coming back or is it just poof* gone?
  25. Does anyone know how to increase the total /avg experience on the seasonal leaderboard. Somehow I have higher battle counts and uniques but was unable to surpass other players in points. Thanks.
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