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  1. Chris_


    R.I.P https://www.tradeb.in/ Email @ suggestions@tradeb.in Discord @ https://discord.gg/dQJFE94Zyr or reply here 🙂 How to use it https://streamable.com/8nna8f Hello there everyone! I've had this idea for quite some time and, I'm glad I finally put some time in to get it started. I say getting started because I believe this tool is far from finished and can be improved. The idea of this website is to easier manage and share lists of Pokemon for trade. With that said, I would love to hear some feedback from the Pokemon Vortex community on what you like to see in this tool and what you think is missing. Please feel free to leave a post here explaining your suggestion and why you think it would be a beneficial addition to the website so I can understand your point of view. If you don't want to post publicly, I've set up an email address you can message. suggestions@tradeb.in Updates: 2/20/2021 - Added the ability to log out & delete Tradebins. 2/17/2021 - Added the ability to Sync your Vortex account along with some selections perks. 2/13/2021 - Added search functionality for Pokemon.
  2. As Pokémon Vortex gets older, it's visibly clear by Pokémon IDs and the infuriating "That username is not available" notice that the database grows and grows at a rapid rate. What does this mean? Nothing special really but some of you, like myself, love seeing random little statistics that are calculated and achieved over time so that's what we're here for - Here's some number crunching and milestones reached by Pokémon Vortex in the last 10 years and here's to 10 more beautiful years of Pokémon Vortex! 2009 - 2014 (v1 - v2) 2,817,404 accounts were registered 83,901,600 Pokémon were caught 12,408,733 trades were completed 16,001 players joined the last event 120,000+ Facebook likes accumulated 6,000 Twitter followers accumulated 2014 - 2019 (v3 - v4) 1,113,782 accounts were registered 24,637,964 Pokémon were caught/claimed 198,786 Pokémon were released 526,582,392,322 experience was trained on Pokémon 5,137,089 happiness hearts were obtained on Pokémon 208,101,934 battles were won 6,397,405 battles were lost 4,130,926,739.6 points were accumulated $109,944,664,607 is currently unspent 1,684,032 Wonder Trades were completed 8,069,399 regular trades were completed Pokémon Vortex's Discord server got partnered 2,037,288 daily login rewards were claimed 171,389 eggs were hatched in the Christmas Hatchathon event The Spin2Win event slot machine was spun 8,326,240 times 2,768 players managed to score 1 or more point in the Magikarp Splash April Fool's event $28,367,705,734 was taken in PokéBay tax $283,534,381,082 was spent on PokéBay auctions 1,517,803 PokéBay auctions were created 1,893,699 bids were placed 63,359 auctions were added to players watch lists 974,833 PokéBay auctions went unsold (Lower your prices, people!) 653,579 avatars were unlocked 1,194,837 promo codes were distributed 739,193 promo codes were claimed 216,226 friends were made 498,660 followers were accumulated 29,581 friend requests went unanswered : ( 19,957 players were blocked 2,307 Players linked their Pokémon Vortex account to their Discord account 8,379 Clans were founded 34,252 players joined forces as a clan 7,477 players were kicked from clans 974,899 clan battles were victorious 15,982 clan battles were lost 1,347,641 messages were sent 17,499 Pokémon were nicknamed A fun little hypothetical one I worked out: If every Pokémon's experience was combined to one Pokémon and there was no maximum level cap, That Pokémon would be a whopping Level 1,053,164,784 Sorry there aren't more statistics pre-v3
  3. As many of you may already know by now, Mewtwo has had it's armor redesigned for the upcoming movie; "Mewtwo Strikes Back: EVOLUTION" (Japanese movie name). As a promotional point to this movie, Pokémon GO has released Mewtwo as a raid Pokémon sporting this new armor and we thought - Well, we've had the original Mewtwo (Armor) in Pokémon Vortex for the past 9 years so why not bring in the new one as I personally think it looks great. The problem is, we do not want to replace the original which will make this "New gen Mewtwo (Armor)" a completely new Pokémon/form in Pokémon Vortex which poses another problem of naming it Of course, this decision cannot be taken lightly as it will be what it will be called here on Pokémon Vortex for the remainder of time so we'd love your input as a community to help us name it. Simply reply to this topic telling us what you think this new Mewtwo (Armor) should be called. It is currently uploaded as Mewtwo (Armor v2) but it can be changed before it's officially added to the Vortex Pokédex and obtained by players so let us know your thoughts! To help you with your decision, here is the complete set of front, back and mini sprites made for this upcoming addition to Pokémon Vortex:
  4. I have taken Pat's permission,and some of the old shadow sprites will be redone by me due to one of the following reasons: 1.bad coloring 2.inconsistent with the proper color scheme accordingly,a list has been prepared as follows: the current list is as follows: if you have any to add to the list which you think might need a rework,please provide your suggestion please note that only those pokemon which match the criteria will be selected,so do not post pokemon which should be redone according to you use the following format while giving your entry: pokemon:(link the sprite) fault in sprite: for those of you who dont know,the shadow pokemon must have a full dark blue body with certain parts colored grey(if necessary) and only the eyes should be red.This does not apply to some specific cases like arceus forms,flabebe forms etc looking forward to your help example 1: old shadow reshiram : (coloring not dark enough) new shadow reshiram: example 2: old shadow alakazam :(wrong spoons color) new shadow alakazam: pokemon added to list:
  5. An indicator in pokebay which displays whether we possess an avatar or not. Something like the pokeball symbol next to pokemon we've already caught on maps
  6. I think we should have a 'next battle' button in clan battles, like the one we have after a sidequest battle is completed. It'd save more time and would come in handy.
  7. I was just thinking it'd be cool to be able to see what seasonal month the shield/hammer/sword porygons were obtained on their profile. Sort of like the "first edition" badge that event pokes have.
  8. Just put a Seasonal link in the pokedex box that will show ur caught pokes with date of caught > beginning of this month should be easy
  9. A downloadable CSV file or something similar with a list of all pokemon, with data like OT and experience
  10. I think.. there should be an event related with I don't know WHEN?! ... don't know WHY?! ... don't know HOW?! ... don't know WHAT I'm saying this??!! May be a 'Bidoof Dig' (very similar of the 'Magikarp Splash') event or just a 'Bidoof Jump' in a forest... or may b just a claim event of Bidoof related with 'Star Wars'.... or something like a 'Scavenger Hunt', in which only u need to catch Bidoofs.... and the Trainers who have captured the highest amount/quantity of Bidoofs (Normal and Uniques) in a week.... They will receive an Arceus Form such as
  11. I thought the accounts could have levels related to xp, the more xp you have, the higher your level and at each level you would receive rewards, like pokemons, money, item, avatars...
  12. i think pokemon vortex can include the skip pokemon option in battles and it probably help many of them who are battling and people who want to train their pokemon to a lot of experience
  13. There should be live battle zone in the game which should include live battle between two online playervs in real time
  14. Guest

    Real time battles

    We can challenge other players in real time if 1. Their your friend 2. Accept your challenge This way, AI will not control your pokemon to use crappy moves like astonish instead of earth power
  15. Like how there is a place in forums where the event will be announced,there should be a place to announce exclusive auctions. The previous Christmas(2017) was not announced on forums its better you announce the event in forums as well as discord. Thankyou.
  16. Guest

    auction cancelation

    i started an auction this morning but i found a mistake in the starting price i set, basically im selling something ten times lesser than the value i wanted to sell it at. it would be nice to change that ,i dont want to sell it, if someone who can fix this is reading this please fix this , my guzzlord is at 350,000 right now my ign: maki
  17. When are the maps gonna be changed? I hope it will change. I have a idea in maps.When you guys create new maps there should be something in the background with motion. Example in ice maps you can make snow falling all time or in fire map small volcano erupting. Or in grass maps some trees moving due to wind. when the pokemon appears it should also show whether its a legend or not.
  18. Like in v3 please, or its removed for a reason?
  19. Hey so my idea was that we could make a new feature in the clans so that the leader/co leaders could message all the clan members at once. This would help a lot when giving some info related to the clan to all the members, like if we are changing some posts of people, or we are encouraging members to do clan battles etc. I faced this problem when we were making a discord server for our clan and I would have to message everyone one by one, sending them the invite. This feature would help a lot, and it would be a lot easier too. thanks.
  20. Hi I'm Milan and I play this game I guess. Whenever I play vortex I strangely enough like collecting Avatars the most, but I feel like they're pretty useless the way they are now. An idea I had for them was to "show them off" on your profile, in a similar way the badges work in here. Like a list/grid showing the ones you own. Another small thing I had with them is that there's not really a way to "give" the avatars to your friends. I wanted to give one to my friend because I had one of his favourite pokemon, but there isn't really a way besides putting them on the pokebay auctions. (or you know, I'm just really blind, that's a possibility too lol) Anyways I hope I've given you guys some idea's/feedback for some uses with the avatars. thanks for reading this, here are some mawiles for you:
  21. A button for change of pokemon to battle during battle could be like the best implementation ever seen in any browser game
  22. On the evo screen,there is a check box to replace attacks,sometimes we forget to check this. Then evo has same weak attacks.Please make this checked by default
  23. So i was thinking of different event pokemon that could be created! i was thing perhaps this easter could be Bunnelby as the easter bunny, perhaps holding a basket? And for Christmas, sawsbuck as Rudolph
  24. is not very natural to have to go to item inventory then pokeballs and then pokemart in order to go to pokemart :V Also I think the tab 'Your Account' has a lot of sections and it could be prettier to have one new tab apart of MAPS BATTLE YOUR ACCOUNT, something like 'Community' like we had in v3? I dont remember, and there we can put pokebay trades clans messages... just an idea to not to overheat the Your account tab. but yeh i think is better to put pokemart over there somewhere more reachable ó.ò even if is into the rave of Your Account
  25. So the new day and night cycle is on uk time. People like me only have like and hour to catch during certain times, and the rest on the day or on night. Which means, certain Pokemon we want will be extremely harder to get. MY suggestion is have an option to set your own timezone (hour-hour) so that you can choose what you want more of day/night. And maybe something u can get from either store, sqs, events, etc... that lets u switch the hour-hour again. What I mean by hour-hour is, 7pm-7am is the day and night cycle, Uk time of course. Instead, you let the player decide (when first joining the game/ buying items that lets you switch hour-hour again) what hour, Uk time still (so it doesn't confuse people) to what hour, but they can only have that 12 hours of day/night. So you make the game auto force the 2nd time be a 12 hour difference away from the time the player picks, this seems confusing, I don't know how to explain in full detail but this is what I've got. If you don't like the idea, it's perfectly fine (it is confusing after all) But if any game creator/s think it's a good idea, and want to ask me about it more in depth, my discord tag is- @suizaray#0528, I probably won't check this for a pretty long time, so discord will be the best option. If anyone randomly dms me I will ignore, so don't bother trying. Good Luck to all Pokemon Vortexers
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