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  1. 2) IGN of the players that answered the survey. 3) Out of all unreleased events in the game, which one would you want the most to be released on maps? According to the survey : The most popular event pokemon that players want to see is Marshadow followed by Zarude and Zacian/Zamazenta crowned forms. 5) Do you think that the walking character feature in the game is slow? If yes then type a solution you think should be adopted in the future. According to the survey : Half of the people think that the speed is fine. While others have a suggestion: -A item from mystery box / store which can be used to speed up, a running boots like the Pokemon gba games, to make it more accessible should be cheap and easily available, or make it a in gane store item for 10-20 million pds -Bicycle -Yes,it's slow they should be add a running button so that we may can walk fast - Yes. A mini map with the ability to teleport user to their desired location Majority want Scyther (halloween) followed by a totally new halloween pokemon. 7)If there is a Halloween pokemon making appearance in the coin shop this halloween, what Halloween pokemon would you want to purchase? According to the survey : Scyther (halloween) followed by Rotom (Halloween) and Pikachu (Halloween) in the coin shop. Majority want a totally new Christmas pokemon followed by Pichu (Christmas) and Eevee (Christmas) 9)If there is a Christmas pokemon making appearance in the coin shop this Christmas, what Christmas pokemon would you want to purchase? According to the survey : Pichu (Christmas) followed by Pikachu (Christmas) and Raichu (Christmas) 11) Do you have any complaints against the game so far? If yes then specify. According to survey : -The economy is collapsing atm since the big players have quit or don't spend the pds the best way to keep it working is to keep the players playing so events every 3 months or so will be great, also store discounts to help students purchase mystery boxes or Pokemons from store, small but thoughtful additions will make huge difference. -many scammers are still in pv patrick should ban them soon. -The vortex page should have a filter option such as being able to turn the page black without the use of additional programs or extensions. With this you could take better care of your eyes. -- Timer for battles - Auctions extended by 1m after a bid to prevent sniping - Random variants on login reward pokemon and increased value on consecutive logins - Ability to directly release pokemon from listed trades. -Yes, Premium cash shop / loot boxes are promoting gambling / undisclosed encounter rates / scammers in trade / lack of search options in seeing your own listed trade pokemon / trade and auction should mention if you own something and if so how many so you dont buy that item by mistake. -The game LAG and the slow refreshing of bids on auction is the major problem. 13) What are the most necessary updates the game needs in your opinion? According to Survey : Most people feel there is no update needed currently, but some feel Gigantamax , Clan Depository and Updation of season and quiz shop is necessary. THIS IS A SURVEY CONDUCTED FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME IN THE FUTURE. Thanks to all the people that answered the survey : Emperor365 Inevitable ABHIRAMV Luiss-Angel Kare98 0LegendaryHunter0 Strawx leaflion123 OrigineleTrainer Idk1335 Yourmomsatonmyface VortexBot Dark_Arceus Quintonboy1 Sievers14 Sharktank ShadowFoxhound 9000Tyrants AdorkableAsian BhalluXYZ LicketySplit Boyz_Berlin RudranshLOL321 Sainikunal_ Power_redd ObsessionX AllanLynix Godofdestrution crick_and_bunny Marri10
  2. i think there should be gifts for certain amout of battles
  3. Hey everyone, just wanted to start off by saying I love this game. I was really into Pokemon Crater back in the day and just discovered this site. Awesome work! One quality of life change I'd like to see is a fixed position for the Attack button on the battle UI. While I'm grinding side-quests I often find myself chasing the Attack button as it moves up and down depending on how long the "Attack Results" text is. It would be nice if it stayed in one spot throughout the battle. One solution for this could be to move the Attack Results text underneath the Attack button. I made a quick mock-up of this (please excuse the poor cropping 😆) Please let me know what you think !
  4. The new system will definitely feel less repetitive than the "immune training" as mentioned in the update post. But I wouldn't go as far as to say it's "fun". To me it looks like it will be basically just like clan battles or sidequests (but randomized), which at least for me, are kinda boring to do. But fun is subjective, so let's talk about objective stuff about it. First, I hope that some measures were taken into consideration regarding how points are attributed to each aspect of the seasonal leaderboard. What I mean by that is that the average player's average experience by the end of a season will very likely become lower than it used to be, requiring it's value to be revised, otherwise I feel like it's just gonna switch "the meta" towards the unique pokemon stat drastically (unless you put a lot more time into battles than you used to...). Those are predictions, of course, but if how the score is calculated wasn't revised, in a season or two we'll be able to see if I was right. Now as mentioned, the new battle tower will definitely feel less repetitive than exp training does now, but to me it will feel a lot less attractive too. The thing is, when I dedicate time to place in the seasonal leaderboard, if I go the immune training route, alongside with the prize by the end of the season I get a lot of money, a decent increase in my account's total experience and perhaps a little increase in average experience. Thus, I have extra incentives to grind due to those permanent "earnings". Unless the prize money is calculated differently for battles in the tower, it will be less attractive to spend time on (even tho it might be more fun for some. Also, as mentioned in the update... It's all good when it's new, but even though it's completely random, might start feeling repetitive again after a while.) My suggestion to mitigate this is to include sidequests as viable ways to earn exp/wins for the season. Considering a lot of teams in the sidequests do not have 6 pokemon, it would be a way faster way of achieving wins, so I would understand if battle wins wasn't part of the equation. But in essence the fighting is near the same, so I think the exp earned this way could and should be considered. And I suggest that because it will feel like you're earning something else as you play other than investing time just to collect the prize by the end of the month (and a small portion of the previous exp you used to earn in previous months). Immune training grants you so much money that I, playing to get in the leaderboard this month, was able to buy a few event pokemon in the auctions + mega stones + new hisuian evolution items and I'm still richer than I was by the beginning of the month. This kinda feels like the reward for playing this month had all of those things in addition to the seasonal shop point that I get. Another problem that I have with how the exp/battle wins will be calculated is that facing a team of 6 level 100 pokemon, you very likely will not be able to gain level on most of the puny level 14's you get on the maps. So you'll grab them to increase the unique pokemon count, and let them sit there unused, because your time for battling is spent where only the big boys can play, it's the only place it will count towards the leaderboard afterall, decreasing your account's average exp unless you opt to simply capture and release around 300+ pokemon each month. (Not to mention hopefuly it won't increase the pointless pokebay auctions selling standard pokemon that no one wants for the minimum price, clogging up the front page of auctions and wasting everyone's time) I get the intention behind the changes, but I feel they're much more impactful than they seem at first glance. Thanks for reading this long rant.
  5. In Pokemon, Rotom's concept is based on possessing the home appliances to gain a new form. Currently in PV, we have 8 forms of rotom (Including the yet to be released rotom (phone)) Currently those forms of rotom are of 2 types, for example Rotom (Wash) is water and electric whereas Rotom (Frost) is ice and electric. So why not introduce rotom hackamons with other types such as psychic, bug or ground? Here are few examples of them. You can keep a certain day in the year where you release these forms of rotoms, just like halloween or christmas! Thanks for reading!
  6. Enable the option to open the "battle-tower" page in a new tab while pressing the mouse wheel click on the "Battle!" button. For some reason this feature wasn't included on the update. I just wanted to report this so you developers can "fix" it.
  7. I think to add these Pokémon so that the players can get them (maybe in an event) and make them can level up to 130 like the special battles npc yeah and BTW pls change the name of cause there already have a shadow mewtwo and people might scam with it considering that it worths more
  8. As much as I love this game, It gets kinda boring and just grinding and walking around in-world. It needs something to give it life, like music while traveling around. Also, it wouldn't hurt to add some sound effects when clicking buttons while in the Pokebay, Pokemart, Sidequests, Etc. (And of course,, for those who don't want the sounds, don't forget to add an option to toggle it off. It would seriously make this game pop. - thanks, from the original
  9. I see that there are currently too few activities in a clan, there should be a place where members can compete with each other, associated with small gifts arranged in individual order and rank of that clan compared to other clans Only then will the members become more active We can also add a chat in the clan, where all members will be able to communicate with each other
  10. This post is an upgrade to a previous post regarding variant sprites, so here we go. Feedback: Metallic sprites are ugly, and they look too much like Normal and Mystic. In fact, if you put these three variants side by side for most pokemons, it just looks like a lazy edit. Ideas: 1. This idea does not address the feedback above directly, but its a spicy idea that I think would add an interesting dimension to sprites in vortex. The mystic variant is ment to scare opponents, as if they were "apparitions". With this in mind, add a slight opacity to the mystic variant. As simple as that. Automating this process for all sprites in Vortex should be straightforward with a bash script using ImageMagick on a Linux VM. In fact, this type of solution is what I used to address Idea 2 below. 2. I would guess the main obstacle to address the feedback above (regarding the Metallic variant) is that changing all 2000+ sprites by hand would be a tremendous task. I believe if the work of changing them by hand is "eliminated", most of the burden is taken care of. So I've been experimenting with a solution for this using a bash script using ImageMagick. To test this out I tried to convert the "Normal" sprites into an interesting and cohesive variant - codenamed "Radioactive". I grabbed a pack with 1500 pokemon sprites from the internet, including front/back, in the same format as Vortex (94x94, png) and ran the script. This script applied a random hue change + a yellowish tint + a subtle blur effect. I've uploaded to postimages a set of 1000 sprites (front and back), altered by this script: Part1: https://postimg.cc/gallery/4hwNsJw Part2: https://postimg.cc/gallery/q2yjwQk Note that the hue change is semi-random and in some cases it might not be noticeable and the sprites may look similar to the normal or even shiny variants. Some sprites also may look downright ugly due to poor RNG. This is easily configurable though. Here are some examples of "fortunate" sprite changes: Idea 2. has been mentioned in a previous post, but the POC was not as complete. The script has also been updated to come up with more interesting colors. The fundamental reason for this POC is just to to show how quick an interesting variant to substituted the Metallic variant can be created with a bash script using ImageMagick, and without the need for manual intervention besides substitution of the sprites in the backend. Of course I'm assuming Vortex is built in a way that allows that last step to be swiftly done. I'll be posting some other interesting variation concepts I find while experimenting. I'll post them directly as answers to this post. Till then, cheers!
  11. It doesn't make sense that 5th place gets the same reward as the 100th place in the seasonal competition. I also realize it's hard to change or buff the reward with the way it works right now. This is because the amount of VC is so low and it limits what you can and how you can distribute the rewards over the placements. I have seen this happen in other games and also how they fixed this problem. I'm suggesting adding an extra 0 to VC in general. So first place would get 50 points but things in the shop that currently cost 1 point should then cost 10 points. What this does is that it removes the limitations and gives you more freedom with awarding points across placements. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place could stay the same but 4th could start decreasing more slowly. One example below. Right now there's no point in even going for seasonal ranks because the first 4 guys seem to have 36 hours a day to play the game and it doesn't matter if you get 5th or 100th... there's absolutely no reason to go for any rank higher than 90 basically, or 80 if you want to make sure you dont get kicked below 100 last second. I think this would fix that. You could even increase it more to maybe 1 -> 100. For fairness obviously all points currently held should also be increased by 10 or 100. 1st. 50 VC 2nd. 40 VC 3rd. 30 VC 4th. 20 VC 5th-10th. 18 VC 11th-20th 15 VC 21st-30th 12 VC 31st-100th 10 VC
  12. I'd like to make a suggestion around the discord coin system. If I'm correct the only current way to gain coins efficiently is through the quiz, and this is something I would like to see changed. I might be the only one, but i find the quiz far too difficult and am unable to keep up, yet I would still like to access the items in the discord store with the coins. My idea would be something like a daily claim, which would give players a reasonable amount of coins every 24 hours, making it so that most players in the discord will be able to eventually access some of the shop, but still giving those who actively partake in the quiz an extra edge. Thanks for reading and Patrick if you see this great work on the game these past events have been great!
  13. I have been playing Vortex on and off for years, only returning this year to play it properly. One thing that has bothered me, is the lack of a mini-map or an openable map in-game. I get that there are sign-posts that can be read and guide you to locations, but I get lost when looking for a specific route. Having a map that includes certain locations could improve this. An add-on to this would be the ability to unlock more detailed maps based on how many Pokémon you have caught from that route. It would make it easier to track and could possibly include a way to see which Pokémon come from which route and track how complete your collection of Pokémon from that route is. Keeping track of all the variants becomes incredibly difficult after a while. The current Pokédex is confusing and difficult to navigate. You can't see which route a Pokémon of your own is from, making it hard to track which region it comes from. It becomes quite tedious having to search for a Pokémon directly instead of simply clicking on it in the region Dex and seeing all the info there is to know about that specific Pokémon. The Pokédex is divided into two strange versions that don't intertwine very well and makes it unattractive and hard to use. Other than that, I really enjoy the game so far and how involved and kind the community is. Well done to the developers and my fellow fanatics. Take care
  14. Hello Pokemon Vortex folks, My name is Rosseti, I'm from Brazil, I've been playing the game for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it. Excellent work from all of you, I know it's a lot of work, but as I like the game I came with some suggestions to improve the game and attract more players, I hope you read it, thank you! *Create a tool to customize the Character, so you could create clothes, accessories to buy at pokemart and move the players and the game more, because each character could be as they wanted. *Legendaries and ultra beasts, stronger and unique blows, as the legendary ones are decaying! *Pokebay: Why take 10% off the trade value? this is unnecessary and makes it less attractive for the game *It would be cool if you put a bike or mount that increases the speed, it would be more attractive for the game and fun too. * On the ''world'' screen, there could be an interaction system between players, where you could write something, and it would appear at the exact moment above the character * Sidequests: It could give a better prize for completing 100%, and also give a mini trophy for finishing, and so every time you complete it, you get another one, to have more competition among players and ostentation too. Thanks for reading and if you need a volunteer I'm willing to help.
  15. Here I am yet again with what will probably be another long post, but I only feel compelled to make them when I feel as if I have something fun, useful, or unique to share! Todays subject matter will be in regards to the "hopefully" upcoming clan depository. In this post I will display some ideas while trying my best to present them in a matter that makes as much sense as possible. I also encourage other people to toss in their own ideas as the only bad ideas are ones not presented. Here we go! (Keep in mind that not every idea is great here and I will not respond to defend my ideas if you say they're "a bad idea") IDEAS: I will proceed to explain what these mean systematically below. Depository Tax Requests, Deposits, Direct Trades Availability Setting Audit Log Role Responsibility Ease of Use Anti-Scam Measures Depository Tax: Refers to an optional 10% tax that individual members can opt into it if they want to contribute to potential clan held events in the future. If a member decides to opt into this tax 10% of any pokedollars the player would receive via battles only will be deposited directly into a clan "wallet". The money will only be accessible to leaders/co-leaders for redistribution purposes for any givin case scenario i.e. Rewarding a particular player, funding clan events, and other similar use situations. Pros: -Gives the members a valid means to contribute to the clan.- -Takes pressure off of individual members in terms of hosting events out of pocket.- -Members who contribute regularly can be recognized.- -Feature is optional for individual players to avoid risk.- Cons: -Leaders & Co-leaders have access to the funds so there is a technical risk.- -Taxes.- Personal thoughts: I believe this would be a useful tool in terms of allowing a clan to accrue a resource to promote activity with its members. The more active the clan obviously the better the potential for rewards. I feel like members who decide to opt in should have at least a in clan way of being recognized as contributors. It is true there is some potential risk for someone stealing money; however I hope to touch up on this further along in the post. Requests, Deposits, Direct Trades: Of course this is the bread and butter feature of the whole system! I think this is partially self explanatory; however I feel like there are a couple of points where one can be a bit more obvious and specific here. Deposits are the easiest to explain, any player of the clan is allowed to deposit items into the depository. It will be their choice to place it in there up for grabs, to restrict an item to be for a request, or to designate a specific member to be allowed to accept the deposited item. A Request item is essentially something that would need to be accepted by an Elitest or higher after a member puts in a request for an particular restricted item. A Direct Trade would be an item that can only be claimed by a designated member chosen upon depositing the item. Pros: -Gives the Elitists a role to play in terms of managing the clan.- -Allows members within the same clan to quick trade.- -Requests can prevent a single player from hoarding items and reselling for personal gain.- -Deposits allow members flexibility and options when it comes to what they wish to donate to the Depository.- -In clan moderation over items distributed via the depository.- Cons: -Any item put into the depository can be taken out especially if its listed as up for grabs.- Personal Thoughts: I believe having both the option to direct trade members as well as the request system will make the depository more "Fair Use" it certainly would feel bad if you were attempting to work out a trade only for another member to be struck with a case of greed causing preventable arguments to ensue in my opinion. Direct trade will allow members to conduct business without the need for waiting on things to go through, while request trading allows elitist's and higher to monitor who gets what and allows a form of moderation in the system. Many players dont mind where their items go however if they are feeling generous so the "Free Trade" or "Up For Grabs" option is also a nice option to have in place in my opinion. Availability Setting: This is just a touch up of the previous "Requests, Deposits, Direct Trades" section. When a member sends something to the depository they should be allowed to determine what level of availability said item has. You can either list is as a free to grab item, a restricted item, or a direct trade item. I also believe that when it comes to pokedollars they can be deposited in bulk as desired in varying amounts; however if the Clan tax system gets implemented that money should be easily separated from amounts obtainable via players deposits. I recommend a clan wallet that can have funds withdrawn from it to be stored into the depository as either a direct trade or a restricted item. Another thing to point out, when it comes to restricted trades an elitest probably shouldn't be allowed to accept their own requests when putting them in for items. Audit Logs: I think a Log should be available as a resource for leaders and co leaders to use to keep track of various deposits/withdrawals as a deterrent for malicious behavior. Pretty self explanatory. Role Responsibility: If you have been reading carefully and paying attention then I'm sure you will already have a grasp of who is allowed to do what in regards to this. Leader: Access to Logs, Access to "Wallet", Access to Requests Acceptation/Declination, Access to Deposits/Requests Co-Leaders: Access to Logs, Access to "Wallet", Access to Requests Acceptation/Declination, Access to Deposits/Requests Elitists: Access to Requests Acceptation/Declination, Access to Deposits/Requests Members: Access to Deposits/Requests Ease Of Use: The only idea here is please allow us to deposit more than one of the same avatar at a time, I know many players who are sitting on literal hoards of avatars(Myself Included) It would just be a nice slice of life thing ❤️ Anti-Scam Measures: With any new system that allows players to essentially transfer objects from one player to another, there is always a good chance someone somewhere will find a way to abuse it, that's sadly just a fact of life. I'm sure y'all have read some ways I plan on mitigating this however there are a few more options I have in mind so I will recap some of the methods that can assist us here and explains some others as well. In Clan Moderation: Using a combination of the Audit Log, and the request system described earlier. This can dissuade the people in charge from abusing any systems by making actions taken publicly available. Depository Unlock Fee: I think there should be an investment to allow the use of the depository. Something the players can work together to achieve. This will prevent players from making clans for the sole purpose of using the depository exclusively for malicious gains. It can be anything from a minimum amount of clan battles to unlock up to being a viable money sink added into the game. This would be one of those things Patrick can use creatively. 24 Hour Accept/ Decline Period: I also think a player should receive any requested item automatically if their request for a restricted item hasn't been declined within 24 hours of their initial request time. This ensures that no items will be stuck in the depository in the case members go inactive and keeps items out of limbo. Sorry again for the long post, I hope y'all enjoyed my brains struggle and concepts for what I would consider to be a possible god tier function into the game. I personally want the depository to be more of a useful tool than something that is just there and nobody wants to use because it causes more issues than it solves. These are just one Shuckles ideas here for you to contribute or judge. Be kind and lets continue to work together to make this game even better as the years pass us by!!
  16. I forget my password and plz send me the email for winter-warrior to sharks1019@gmail.com plz help me!!! i don’t have discord so I must use email! plz help!! It would be nice if it is the password 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭
  17. Hello again, most games that implement seasonal play make that the main focus of their gameplay to keep players and the entire community engaged with goals and rewards. I have some ideas that would really make seasons the focal point of this game and keep players more active and possibly put more $$$ in Patrick's pocket. 1. Make seasons last 3 months. 2. Create a level system for each season (1-30 for example) and each level unlocks a new reward. 3. Give each season it's own identity with new goals and new rewards (Season 1: Extreme Evolutions for example.) 4. Create a table for seasons on the dashboard where players can see how much time is left and what level they currently are using all the empty space HERE. 5. Add a season pass to the store for like $10 where holders receive an additional reward for each level. Doing seasons this way would also get rid of the pressure and need to create random events all year long because each season would be it's own event.
  18. I would like to see more options for map sprites, I suggest adding actual Pokemon sprites so that players can dress up as some of their favourite Pokemon. Additionally some rare/legendary ones added to mystery boxes that can be sold and maybe a few as sidequest rewards also. This is probably not a priority suggestion but it would make it a little more fun!
  19. I came up with a cool event idea that works on 2 levels, and that idea is for a special one off event Pokemon... Ancient Mew. I'm not talking about the old Ancient variant this game used to have, I'm talking about something BRAND NEW and it works on 2 levels because it pays tribute to the old Ancient variant from this game but also pays tribute to the even older Ancient Mew Pokemon card. This was a very unique card and to this day is still my favourite Pokemon card of all time. I would want this one off event variant to reflect the legendary card's distinctiveness while also honouring this game's roots. Perhaps host the event on the same day Ancients were removed from the game as an anniversary event?
  20. Like many players trying to get on the monthly seasonal leaderboard, I catch a ton of Pokemon to ramp up my unique Pokemon count. What happens next is that I have to release these poke one by one (sorted based on Most Recently Caught - Thank Arceus for this filter). This loop of catching and releasing Pokemon (as a means to get onto the leadership without jeopardizing your all-time average experience) is extremely repetitive and time-consuming. I recommend we add a mass release feature for players to release up to X number of Pokemon at a time (maybe 12 because that’s the # of Pokemon listed per page). A potential concern: People might accidentally release some Pokemon they meant to keep. A potential solution: The mass release feature is not available by default. Users have to opt-in to use the mass release feature, with clear warnings / disclaimers that no released Pokemon can be recovered (regardless of whether the release was intentional or unintentional, which is already the case anyway). @Devs, please add this feature so releasing poke caught for seasonals does not become a major chore 😭
  21. hi, there. I'm Legend_gaming so i have made this topic to discuss some featurs which must be added to make game more better 1) Grop chat plz make a feature to make group chats in which we can include some people by ourselfs 2)re trade most people have been cheted in pokemon vortex in trade cause they dont know what they are doing in trades so plz add this feature also 3)big map like real earth I am not saying make it very big, just 4 or 5 more places cause i am kind of bored. and include a feature of train in which we can reach any where very fast and keep ticket cost 250 pds and others please tell more feature which you would like to see in pokemon vortex
  22. Hello guys! I want to start by saying what is the "moto" of Pokemon, "Gona Catch'Em All!" right? How you can do that if some of pokemons are 'blocked' and you will never get acces again to get them. Most of events pokemons are added on Mystery Boxes and somehow you can get them + auctions, but what we can do about Vader, Jar Jar, Grievous, Christmas, Halloween sets and so on? I know what will say most of you, they are events pokemonds and thats it. I'm new here, start playing 4 months ago, how can i get those events pokemons now? They were released years ago and still very hard to find a seller. Ok...i can make 1 billion exp, 1 billion pds, but NO ONE is selling. So what we can do about that? How can i catch'em all if it's impossible game? Ok..look at fossils, they are very rare but somehow you can get, look at premium pokemons, you dont have $$$ or dont want to invest in game? No problem, somehow you can get (exclusive auctions). I think this kind of situation it's blocking many of us, and i think it's a reason why many of players left the game (most of them have Vader, Jar Jar..but THEY LEFT) There are a few solutions: - introduce all event pokemons in Mystery Boxes - make a system with missions (collect tokens like last christmas event and exchange tokens for that kind of pokemons). I missed 1-2 days event? No problem, play hard 1-2 months to get what i missed. This will make the players more active. Thanks and sorry for my english! Later edit: @Patrick you said something about missions in my Daily, Weekly missions topic, when it will happen? Last major update were last year in January, the game it's stuck and will remain stuck with the same players who play this game for years, for new players it is attractive only up to a point. I'm not surprised that many players left the game.
  23. Hello vortex developers and players, I am LoneWalker19 and I wanted to create this topic to tell you about the ideas I had for V6. Hope you all like them 1. New variant- I am aware of the fact that 3 new variants are already coming (Pink, Ancient and Crystal), but I wanted to suggest this new class I call.. Mirage. Here are some mirage pokemon: And here is how mirage pokemon will work: The ability of Mirage pokemon changes depending on the opponent pokemon's class. 20% more attack against Dark. Gains 20% HP against Shiny. Copies the ability of Mystic and Metallic pokemon when fighting against them. On facing Shadow pokemon, it transfers all its ailments to the opponent (if your pokemon is poisoned, it heals itself and poisons the opponent). Mirage pokemon lose 10% health against normal pokemon. 2. Zacian and Zamazenta new forms: Zacian and Zamazenta , in this game, have 2 forms, but there are really 3. Here are some images showing there third form. Zacian Zacian (Crowned) Zacian (Behemoth) Zamazenta Zamazenta (Crowned) Zamazenta (Behemoth) Ps- Pease try to add these in the game. 3. Silvally forms: Anyone who watches pokemon anime must know that Gladion's Silvally can change its type and I really wish these silvally also added to the game because most of the other pokemon games already have silvally forms. Normal Bug Dark Dragon Electric Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Ground Ice Poison Psychic Steel Water Rock Grass 4. Gigatamax urshifu: Please add both Rapid and Single Gigantamax ushifus- Urshifu (Single Strike): and Urshifu (Rapid Strike): Gigantamax Urshifu (Single Strike): and Gigantamax Urshifu (Rapid Strike): Please add these 2 pokemon in game because this are the most important Gigantamax pokemon of all. 5. Group chat: We all know about the quick chat and messages but I want to suggest group chat as it is a good way of chatting with your clan or your group of friends. It can be like a WhatApp in game. Please check out my ideas and thanks for giving your time into reading this topic. I hope the developers respond soon.
  24. Hello players of vortex and the wiki editors, I bring up this topic to ask you, why is gigantamax urshifu not on the pokedex? I searched wiki, pokedex and so much more but I still have not seen any gigantamax urishifu enter and for the people who don't know what gigantamax urshifu is or looks like, here are some images: Urshifu (Single Strike): and Urshifu (Rapid Strike): Gigantamax Urshifu (Single Strike): and Gigantamax Urshifu (Rapid Strike): Please add these 2 pokemon in game because this are the most important Gigantamax pokemon of all. By- LoneWalker19
  25. I think that it would be a good idea if you could trade items
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