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Found 19 results

  1. I encountered a Shiny Zacian in the wild and captured it using a Master Ball, but it did not appear in my inventory, yet it said I had lost a master ball. Why is this?
  2. I hadn't been on this in quite some time, until a few months ago and I noticed that a few of my pokemon disappeared. I can't recall all but I had a level 100 shiny typlosion, level 100 mega beedrill, level 100 vileplume, level 100 mega altaria, level 100 absol and they all seemed to have disappeared. Any insight would be helpful!
  3. Recently, I got a new email address and have been trying to update it on the pokemon vortex forums, but I have not received the email to change it and I have tried five times. I have made sure I've been spelling it correctly and I've checked my spam folder, but I still have not received an email. I really hope this issue is corrected soon.
  4. is it just me or the chat and notification buttons have stopped working??? i have tried relogging already...
  5. so my explore is stuck in a white screen help me i want to find hallowen pichu or pikachu or whatever 😠
  6. Was playing the battle tower and an opposing mystic pokemon got paralized as I attacked it with Thunderbolt, but the attack didn't actually hit due to it being mystic. So no damage, yet the paralysis effect happened.
  7. Don't know if this is a known issue already, because I've noticed this a few times and it's not recent. Critical hit damage being done with no critical hit message being displayed. Nothing major, but I thought I would report. I've only seen this happen to Normal-type moves... I might be wrong though.
  8. Context: I was searching for the Necrozma yesterday late afternoon/early evening IST (5.5 hours ahead of GMT), and I came across a Metallic Necrozma. I battled it, used a beast ball, caught it, then when I went to .com/your-pokemon/, I found that my Necrozmas were still 8 when there should have been 9. Reasons why I believe I didn't make a mistake: 1) I distinctly remember the "Pokemon was caught" and the screen that follows after you click continue, 2) My beast balls had gone from 7 to 6 in number, 3) I checked the whole team I had at that time on discord with !id and none were trained on that day (23rd Aug), so I really don't think I knocked it out somehow. Reasons why what I say is true: 1) The other 8 Necrozmas I have are all OTs, so I have been doing the grinding honestly, for days. 2) I already have 3 Metallic Necrozmas. I have no reason to lie about getting another. I only feel cheated of all the hours I put into getting that Pokemon. 3) I can give proof (if a dev or mod is interested) about the beast ball count through poke-bay purchases, trades, and discord shop screenshots, and all the ultra beasts I have. I waited this long before making a post because I hoped the Pokemon would magically reappear after a server restart (which I assumed happens at 23:59 GMT just like the daily login and lottery but everyday), but no luck so far. Unfortunately, I don't remember doing or seeing anything out of the ordinary through the whole process till I became aware that the poke was missing. Is this glitch/bug known? Why did it happen? What can I do about it?
  9. I don't know if this is an error, but I can't seem to change my email. Please help. https://paste.pics/eafe8e79c73b7ba1da94e89367c00cdd
  10. I just want to report that when the map goes out like connection lost the current pokemon that you were on was lost. I am sure this is once in a long time issue but wanted to report it anyway. Was hunting for this . When the server went down and it when the poke got lost upun reload it was frustating. Was about to battle it and catch it In any case thank you for your time.
  11. Hi, when I click 'Explore', it shows a white screen and the map doesn't load. I am using Goggle Chrome on a Windows 10. My internet and everything is fine, I have evn tried on different webs than Google Chrome like Firefox but it doesn't work. Another thing I find odd is that it works on my ipad (Generation 8 or smth) but it doesn't work on my laptop.
  12. I've noticed that sometimes in a battle a move that is clicked is not performed. For e.g. say my last selected move for a particular pokemon was move 2. If I click move 3 and then click attack, move 2 is performed instead of move 3. I've also noticed this happen when I click the box holding the name of the move instead of the text of the move. Is anyone else facing something similar ? ***EDIT: This also happens with battle items.***
  13. On Route 19, there's this Map Bug. It looks like you're on the water than on the grass.
  14. lately, when i battle, there would be instances where, when i click on the Attack button, instead of the just the game's loading screen, the whole page loads as if i went to another page or refreshed. while loading, i also saw on the lower right that the page loading is www(.)sigma.pokemon-vortex(.)com. not sure if it meant anything, but i thought i'd add it anyways
  15. Hello There. I have noticed this for a while, but only just decided to raise the point. When i am on the 'your pokemon' page, which i am on a lot as I am training up all of my pokes, sometimes the anchors don't respond when clicked and I have to refresh the page for it to work. I don't know if this is an issue on my end or if other people are encountering this, but anyway have a great day Split Leader Of Nameless Legion
  16. Please fix the glitch it shows day during night https://paste.pics/D9DJH
  17. Good morning, The bug is, The confirmation of my pokemon that I have caught does not appear, it is the pokeball icon that appears on the side of the pokemon. This helped me see what pokemon I had repeated. I await your prompt response, thank you.
  18. I just wanted to report that live maps blank out when switching tabs, but it happens every time, so it is okay. But, after blanking out, the pokemon spawn stays there, but when I encountered shadow kubfu after weeks of hunting, it did not remain the same when I clicked 'battle' and switched tabs. The map blanked out and it was gone, but this does not happen for other rare/common spawns. So please fix it.
  19. Many times in sidequests the opponent pokemon use body slam and force palm which may paralyze our pokemon. But those moves have no effect on ghost types but when such moves are used against my Mystic Darkrown it says that it did not have any effect but my pokemon got paralysed. How is this possible since those moves have no effect on my dark/ghost type pokemon then how can it paralyze my pokemon. This is similar to the dragon breath bug on fairy type pokemon. Please fix it. Thank you very much.
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