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  1. I kinda think i'm over-preparing for Darkest Day pt.2. I already caught a zacian and im grinding for kubfu since its probably gonna come not too soon after zacian crowned. On top of that, im thinking about catching eternatus since it's probably gonna be the focus of part 3 if there is a part 3.
  2. i've made a harrowing guild called the haunting
  3. Hello Everyone A new year has started and so for Vortex. This topic is meant to imagine the future events and each one of us can have their own speculations about what you like to see happen in the near future. Note: this is a big jump into the future of vortex this is about the big stuff so not all events will be in this topic. here are mine.🙂 Big Events 2022: path to gigantamax part 1: Eternatus (Eternamax) / The Dual Brothers Sword & Shield: Zacian & Zamazenta (crowned) Big Events 2023: path to gigantamax part 2: The Release of the Gigantamax Dex / Into the Unown part 2: marshadow Big Events 2024: Necrozma Fusion Big Events 2025: New Version, Gen 9, New additions: Clan depositroy saved teams etc. So this is my imagination for the vortex future (big events) of course there are lots more to be released and there are so many days to come. And again this is not meant to be as an idea to implend, sure it would be funny if even 1 of this comes out for real 😂. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
  4. Future Event 2022 Big Event: Zacian and Zamazenta (Crowned) Event Eternatus (Eternamax) Event - Gigantamax and Dynamax introduced 2023 Big Event: Urshifu (Single Strike and Rapid Strike) Climb the Starfall Tower Event - includes GMAX. Generation 9 introduced - Legendaries not yet released. 2024 Big Event: Part 1: Tundra - Calyrex (Shadow Rider and Ice Rider) Event Part 2: Tundra - Regidrago and Regieleki Explore the Temples Event 2025 Big Event: Part 3: Tundra - Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos in the Wild Event Zarude and Shiny Celebi Event - New Jungle Area to explore Other ideas can go in replies.
  5. Maybe The event is delibird Christmas
  6. Is there any way to catch the Pokemon you want faster?Cause I have been searching for hoopa in route 7,12,22,23 and I found a mystic once but I killed it and then after that I could not find no more.
  7. Hello I Am doing exp and heart Training at good rates. 1heart = 80k pds 1exp =2 pds I also accept good Pokemon. Please reply below with how much exp or hearts you want to train. There are lots of Pokemon on trade so trade your Pokemon(which you want to train) with me and bid on my pokéball. You can also add me as a friend. IGN Ayushsingh6.
  8. Hi, I am very sorry for this inconvenience. I cant train anymore greninjas, This is because I have my exams starting today, aswell as some projects. I wont be having the time to train. I returned all the pokemon back to the trainers I accepted from. I apologize one again.
  9. Hello! I need help finding the new Star Wars day barbacle, any advice?
  10. So far we have the following pokes from the universe of 'Star Wars':& (lately). If you have the option to elect/choose and even create a new poke for the next Star Wars event.... Which one will be?? I recently found this (image^^) on a website and I think that it'll cool for Vortex to consider to add a 'Wobbu-Fett' (fusion of Bobba-Fett and). However, I personally prefer the most a Bidoof (Chewbacca) for the May 4th, 2019 Event!!!!
  11. hmm...... hallo it's me again idk i am allowed to make a topic about this or not well first big clan event prize = 12 million pds clan :- The Infernals join and do clan battles this event will end on last day of december the player with most clan battle on that day wins some nice clan members @Lillyzard @iweimax0524 @Bmth08 jacks_month pliis and many more did i forget anything anyway
  12. Today I will be giving away a 1.Who is the main character in yu-gi-oh. 2.Who is my starter Pokemon. Hint it’s last mega evolution is on my team. 3.Who is the evil team in Unova
  13. For the 3 followers special I will be giving away a zapdos first to say ‘zapdos’ gets it
  14. I think there should be an event where you battle Ash's Greninja with your Greninja(if you have one) - Your Greninja should have max happiness - You have to defeat Ash's normal greninja first then you get all your health back and now you have to face his ash-greninja - if you defeat them both you get a water shuriken(if it is added to the game) -then you can make it ash-greninja with the shuriken but not mega evolve - you will go to the place where you evolve but instead of saying it mega evolved it would say it activated battle bond Thats my idea and please reply with your thoughts on my idea
  15. hi guz i was thinking if the moderators would add this amazing looking pokemon to the halloween collection look below : in game already in game already new form !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me how do you all like it pls moderators @Patrick and @flamescape pls add this pokemon please !!!!
  16. hi all i see that most of the players like buying Pokemons like Ralts and Caterpie, 1) i will have some rules 2) i you want em you can either offer{money,mega's,rare's,legie's,UB's or events} 3) look below !! 1) X10 (500K) ,X15 (2 mega's) ,X20 (3 rare's), X25 (3 or 2 legie's) , X30 (1or 2 UB's )X35 (1 or 2 events) there can be any varients like or 2) X10 (500K) ,X15 (2 mega's) ,X20 (3 rare's), X25 (3 or 2 legie's) , X30 (1or 2 UB's )X35 (1 or 2 events) there can be any varients like or thx a lot you all pls tell if you want.
  17. Hi! So basing from the name itself, what unobtainables do you have in your box? Unobtainables are event pokemons, not ultra beasts and fossils/primals tho. They were ran through a period of time making them hard to get ones. You can also add your DP's so you could show it off if you'd like, since they are part of of 'unobs' as well as they are unobtainable ones unless you have a bank account to donate for the progress of the game. So, what ones do you have? Show it off! Here's mine tho. Have fun looking! Basically looking at my event pokemons, you'll know I'm a veteran at the game. Been into the game since 2010. Lol.
  18. Shadow landorus therian giveaway Enter here following comment 1. Please put your ign Tomorrow the giveaway will end.
  19. Hello people, just want to say this: May the 4th be with you! I know it sounds chezzy every now and then, but I do enjoy the day we celebrate Star Wars and this cool event that has taken place in the game.
  20. Does anyone else agree that this event is confusing? Besides not having any information on the page, there is also lack of support...
  21. Guest

    Next Wanted Event!

    What Event do YOU Want Next? Undoubtedly, the most fun thing about Vortex is desperately scrambling to gather events, so this thread is very simple. What event do you want next? I know for me personally it's the set of . So, what about the rest of you? ~Pheonix_Lancing ***Disclaimer: This in no way will affect the next event, or influence what the admins choose for the next event.***
  23. Guest

    Deoxys Event

    Hi Guys, Is impossible to complete this events, I'm 6 days, all the day, hunting a Mystic Dratini lvl 5 female, but IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.
  24. Hello Everyone! This thread is made for the discussion regarding the currently running event which is the Deoxys (Types) Event. It's pretty hard. Hunting and all that stuff is like a real pain in the fingers. Tapping/Clicking/Pressing the buttons for hours.. Anyways, you can discuss all sorts of things about this event here, on this thread, rather than making multiple status updates. You can discuss all sorts of things about this event including the following: Which task or mission are you on? Are you facing some kind of difficulty or need some opinions? Which Deoxys form will you like to have if you complete the mission? How many will you like to have? How many hours are you playing this event? Any thoughts about how the event should be for the next tasks or...? And all other sorts of talks (about this event). Note : Please, do not ruin the Mystery n' Suspense.
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