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  1. I have a catching service that catches any legendary you want. Limits: one shiny leagendary per order, limit 5 legendaries per order. Total: 6 legendaries. Eahc normal legendary is 50,000 and shinies are 500,000
  2. Does anyone else share my opinion? My reason is somewhat niche but I really hate Wobbuffet. So, I used to kinda like Wobbuffet because he's kinda funny in the TV show but now, after what it's done to me, I hate it! One time a long time ago, I had a 208 win streak in the battle tower in Pokemon Sapphire. I was using my Wobbuffet holding Leftovers when another Wobbuffet (also holding Leftovers) was sent out by the opponent. Even after they started using Struggle they couldn't outdamage leftovers and it ended up an infinite battle! I was left with no recourse but to turn off the game and see my 208-win-streak out the window... after trying to solve the battle for six hours! That is why I hate Wobbuffet so much. It has failed me if it's on my side but if I am fighting it it's a nightmare! Have you ever encountered a Wobbuffet (or a Wynaut) in a Nuzlocke or on Pokemon Showdown when you're not expecting it? It can really screw things up for me, losing my ladder or that one infamous incident where a Wobbuffet caused me to lose a Nuzlocke because it beat out my Metang! Also, Wobbuffet's gender difference is stupid. The female is wearing lipstick! Eew! That is SO gross! Where does it get the lipstick anyway?!
  3. I see a lot of common and worthless pokes on trade forums, and people actually ask for them, are they actually worth anything or are they just completing the vortex Pokédex
  4. When was aerodactyl (fossil) a thing found it on seasonal battle tower today Not only that This guy in the tower had level 130 Pokemon What the heck man
  5. If anyone wants to friend me on the 3Ds to battle and trade with me, feel free to register my friend code and post yours in this thread. I have very few people if any to play with. My friend code is located on my profile page for this website.
  6. I don't mean any offence but why does people love eevees so much, some don't even evolve them, plus they are pretty useless without their evolutions, they don't have any big use except being really cute a have a lot of evolutions, plz tell me if you have info on this.
  7. Hi many of you probably don’t know me but I’m Landon I just wanted to say goodbye. Even though most of you might not care i’m leaving this world behind thanks to cancer and I just wanted to say this game gave me so many memories thank you Patrick keep up the good work. I wish I could be here to see this game evolve into something great. I also want to say thanks to all the people that brought me great memories.
  8. This... is a odd turn of events. SO. Im grinding for Kubfu in Route 10, and i get a sudden urge to get a shiny basculegion(It was day when this happened). So i go to route 25 to grind for a shiny white stripe basculin. WANNA KNOW WHAT I FOUND? Around 15th encounter, Mystic Kyogre.....uh......wot.....how.... OBVIOUSLY I CAUGHT it. Im not sure if i should keep it or not. Im willing to trade it but Im still in a state of confusion. but a bit lighter
  9. Hello, My name is Manish and I am looking for someone who needs exp training. I can train 1m in a day easily can be 1.5m, I train for pds, promo codes, max I can train is 5m exp. let me know if anyone here needs training. Have a nice day. My ign:- Rayquaza2003, alt:- Giratina001
  10. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  11. Hi Patrick, so I just lost a lot of Pokemon I got from Australian but all of them were his OT, I was wondering if I could please get them back. That would be appreciated. pokemon: dark necrozma (ultra) 300k exp normal necrozma (ultra) Normal necrozma (dusk mane) 1.5m exp mystic necromza (dusk mane) Shadow necrozma 1m exp Normal necromza mystic necromza metallic necrozma shiny necromza 18m exp Shadow necrozma (dawn wings) 1m exp Mystic necrozma (dawn wings) 1.5m exp Metallic necrozma (Dawn wings) dark necromza (dawn wings) 3.6m exp normal necrozma (dawn wings) shiny necrozma (dawn wings) shiny Pikachu (rock star) 1.5m exp shiny rayquaza (mega) level 66 Shiny furfrou (heart) shiny Rotom (pokedex) shiny Rotom (wash) shiny Rotom (frost) shiny genesect (blaze) shadow missingno.
  12. I am a pro legend hunter but I am having trouble finding some legendaries I want in this game. I had a good bid on a Giratina on Pokebay but someone outbid me! Here are some of my favorite legendaries: Suicune Latias Kyogre Rayquaza Heatran Regigigas Giratina Thundurus Zekrom Necrozma Please help me get them. I'll make it worth your time. You can join my clan Team MCPE13 to make things easier.
  13. What is your fav legendary and mythical? Post it here, along with memes about it to if you like, this is a offense free zone, so be nice too!
  14. Here is the map for V5 live maps. Please tell me if there's anything that needs to be added. The cities in red are the ones where the gyms are located. Have fun everyone😃😃 https://ibb.co/q7TxXVD Unown cave to the left of route 21 yet to be added...
  15. ( this is the second one after the last one couldn’t work) anyone got a shiny zacian or shiny zamezenta?if so, please name it crowned sword for zacian and crowned shield for zamezenta and I will be willing to give you a ultra beast. my ign is justindude
  16. I have just realized many people don’t follow trade rules and do too much trust trades and exp train blah blahs so they got scam so much, I am lucky I did not get scam the first time I did trade, and I at least check before accepting trades, guess the rest are not smart and lucky enough cause they don’t check or are too lazy to train themselves!
  17. I saw a Gmax Toxtrixity in Season battle tower, which I tough was cool at first, but when I went to go fight it, it had 1,000 health what the heck man.
  18. I need a good team that is non legendary wat team should i have? My team is I feel like they are kinda weak.. Also what moves do you think these guys should have Im not good at choosing
  19. Mystic pokemon make the experience of playing the season Battle tower miserable. I can usually get past most of the battles using at most 3 pokemon. When mystics show up, this number goes up to 4-5. Which means it doesn't really increase the difficulty, doesn't make it a challenge, it's merely an inconvenience. I don't have to carefully strategize which pokemon should fight each opposing pokemon, I don't have to modify my team to cover for a certain type. I don't even need to use my entire team. The problem is that facing such inconveniences too often is simply frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I abuse the 25% extra damage that Dark pokemon provide to be able to OHKO anything in my way (main reason why the battles are not that difficult), and for that reason I think it's OK that Mystic pokemon are an option out there. But I can't help but feel like having the chance of something happening is kind of a cheap strategy when compared to taking the 25% bonus guaranteed. Games that rely on %s are in a tricky spot. Even if it's a feature of the game itself available to the player to use if he so desires, it can easily make the player feel cheated. Example: The frequency of instances in which my pokemon miss 4 turns in a row is not compatible to what the 25% chance to miss would suggest. I remember Patrick mentioning when the battle tower was introduced that the future plan was for each battle to have a chance of giving certain rewards and that it eventually replace the sidequests. This current event is interesting and I hope is a step in that direction (as it seems) cause I feel like some extra incentives would do wonders to my willingness to keep battling in the tower after a few battles being BS'd by pesky Mystic pokemon.
  20. How many battles did it take for you to get the rusted shield, please reply, I need to know
  21. Hi everyone, some of you should remember me (MilesB123), and anyway Im back on vortex! Its been a couple years, but the main reason I came back was for the zamazenta event
  22. Anyone got a shiny zacian or shiny zamazenta? Willing to give ultra beast if you also name any of them crowned sword & crowned shield. my ign is justindude, look for a ultra beast and I will probably accept.
  23. I’m doing happiness training. 350,000 for four hearts 300,000 for three hearts 250,000 for two hearts 100,000 for one heart my ign is justindude (sorry about the weird name)
  24. if people's IGN is the exact same with forum account, than why say IGN at all unless you want something in a different vortex account?(I am asking this in a giveaway participate guy's perspective)
  25. I found a very good ultra beast, someone plz give me a beast ball, or beast ball promo, it is my first one plz help.
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