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Found 120 results

  1. I have dreamt a lot of times with the quiz having lot of weird long fakemons like "Kangaskhan Mega Fused Basculin Blue Stripe" or "Jangmo-o Ultra Beast Elephant" and the time is getting over bcos i have to search through internet the new pokemons to see if i can identify them and when im writting the name i get a lot of typos and i got stressed bcos someone else can write it and then i would have no time and at the end timeout and next round. Today i dreamt with a real pokemon but in new sprite with the shape of a tapu fini but bigger and we dont know what it was. I am the only one that dreams with the quiz?
  2. Nutella Navigator

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Any kind of memory you had with the game from the beginning itself are welcome here. Good and bad, whatever they may be. They're all memories now. So, what do you remember? I'll start with my own. - There was a time back then in the forums and a forum user named 'Kunny' having raffles and prizes were exp'ed pokemon. Botting was still allowed back then. His IGN I believe if I clearly remember was OrangeCat and his favorite poke was a with billions of EXP. - There was also this forum user named Sharktibolt who did giveaways with prizes of pools of pokemon. A pool of random legendary pokemon as the major prize. - Unobtainables back then can be purchased in the pokemart for pokedollars. - The one thing you can't do now, botting. Else, get banned. - If I clearly remember, the max exp of a pokemon you can train on is 7 billion back then. I don't know now if that limit still exists. - I remember when I was new to the game, was 11 years old back then, 20 now. I saw from a user's profile to click the link to get free rare pokemon. Clicked it and the next day, all my pokemon we're gone. T'was a phishing site I don't know nothing about yet, and my account was inaccessible, luckily @Patrick gave me a hand in my account recovery. Since the e-mail I used was from an account I have no idea. So, how about you? What good memories do you have? Share some!
  3. As the title says, what was the last Pokémon you caught? I don't really get time to catch stuffs But my last was a Zygarde (Cell)
  4. DragonflyGirl1313

    General Yanma Chat Hub

    This is not a Trade place, just a place to post GOOD/POSITIVE comments about Bug types (Especially Yanma.)

    General Account

    @Patrick I want to know that can you tell me the usernames of all existing accounts associated with my email if yes then my email is muhammadsumbal@hotmail.com... would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  6. What are people looking forward to the most in v4? Personally, I'm really excited for the return of clans and new pokemon.

    General points

    can anyone tell how the point system works? what is the fastest way to increase points?
  8. jetrayrox5

    Answered Help

    How do I know if I'm eligible to find legendary pokemon on the map? I joined again after a gap of 2 years yesterday,beat the Alola gyms, but haven't found a single legendary pokemon.

    General Max pokemons i Can have

    Exist a number max of pokemons i cold have???
  10. YeetusSkeeus

    General 5 Mewtwonite X for sale!

    I have 5 Mewtwonite X for sale of PokEbay. Search PokEbay for Or my PokEbay Auction Tags. (EVERY TAG IS ONE MEWTWONITE X) Hopefully you guys check them out and have fun playing Pokemon Vortex. Started By: YeetusSkeeus Total Bids: 0Start Price: 150,000Started: 1:13pm on 07-FebEnds: 1:13pm on 08-FebAuction ID: #0001187822 Started By: YeetusSkeeus Total Bids: 0Start Price: 150,000Started: 1:13pm on 07-FebEnds: 1:13pm on 08-FebAuction ID: #0001187821 Started By: YeetusSkeeus Total Bids: 0Start Price: 200,000Started: 1:14pm on 07-FebEnds: 1:14pm on 08-FebAuction ID: #0001187823 Started By: YeetusSkeeus Total Bids: 0Start Price: 100,000Started: 1:14pm on 07-FebEnds: 1:14pm on 08-FebAuction ID: #0001187824 Started By: YeetusSkeeus Total Bids: 0Start Price: 150,000Started: 1:15pm on 07-FebEnds: 1:15pm on 08-FebAuction ID: #0001187826
  11. Who was the first legendary you caught on vortex? Mine was
  12. Post the Pokemon you would never want to trade. And why ?
  13. I remember this used to be a topic back on the old forums, and I quite enjoyed it. It's pretty self explanatory. Just post what pokemon you are training and what your goal is. Here is who I am training at the moment EXP 5,000/1,000,000 10,000/2,000,000 200,000/1,000,000 300,000/1,000,000
  14. Maxie-Magma

    General Trading Events for EXP

    Kittykats EXP To Events I am currently trading my events and pokedollars for EXP. I've decided to collect a few EXP pokemon, and I am trading events and poke dollars for them! All pokemon are subject to review, meaning I'd like to look at the original trainer and the current trainer to see if the pokemon is botted or not (at least to feel comfortable) Feel free to negotiate any price, barter, have fun with it Rates: 500K= 700K Poke Dollars Core- 400K Partial- 700K Complete- 2M Pichu (Christmas)- 300K Pikachu (Christmas)- 500K Pikachu Cosplay- 700K Cosmog- 300K Floette (Eternal)- 300K Rotom Forms- 500K For trade: <--X3<--X3<--X3<--X7<--X2<--X2
  15. Tritre

    General V3 lovers

    Do you still miss V3? If yes, what is the main thing you miss about it?
  16. DrySponge

    General EXP trainer

    I am an exp trainer. Any one wants pokemon trained to lvl 100, contact me IGN:DrySponge Will take payments in items,money or pokemon Will give the pokemon back in 24 hours or 48 hours
  17. WarpRogue

    General Teams

    Does someone know when the saved teams feature is going to role out as it's a really tiring and boring process to change team for wild battles and then for sidequests and all. I think this feature should be rolled out soon so as to avoid all the troubles and a more user friendly experience for us all. Hope this feature gets roled out soon
  18. Curious to hear the opinions on how to rack up a large sum of cash..
  19. As the topic says,All You Have To Do Is Suggest Some Events You Want To Have For Vortex For Special Days Like Halloween.So Express Your Imagination And Suggest Events Or Other Pokemons For The Following Days : (The Best Events Or Other Pokemons Will Be Displayed Here,An Example Is Given Of Mine.) Special Days: My Suggestions: Other You Can Guys Can Suggest. The Pokemons Can Not Only Be Events But Existing And Imaginary Pokemons! @iZeus and @Maxie-Magma If You Can Please Help Us Carry Out Our Plans And Creativity By Making Sketches,Artworks Of Imaginary Pokemons!
  20. Which legendary pokemon do you think are the best? Or the worst? (power, looks, etc.) Best Worst (my opinion. tell me what you guys like/hate)
  21. The Only Human

    General Name a Pokémon that....

    Name a Pokémon that you released recently Mine is a
  22. Jace Christian

    General Best non legendary pokemon

    Newbie here.. I dont know which pokemons should I catch for my team.. I currently have gyrados mega and charizard X What do you guys thinks are the best non legendary pokemons to use?
  23. What Jedi Pikachu did you get? I got
  24. Do you have a certain tactic? Do you just move around until you find one? I'm interested to know how you guys find Legendaries
  25. FadesTrades

    General Strongest Vortex Squad?

    What do you think is the Strongest Squad on Vortex? Can only consist of 6 pokemon (obviously)