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  1. So I remember Having an Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and Idk where It has gone by now but I checked my (Recent Trades) It Shows Nothing but my Trades I done, I'm thinking someone went on my account without my permission that Is not my Friend that I know fosure bc none of them Play this game or Either Someone hacked my account and Just stole some of my Rare pokemon Like all the ones were good but yeah Im also Missing a few Other pokemons that were also good but not best as my Shiny Kyogre (Primal) I'm not asking for all of them back I'm Just asking for my Shiny Kyogre (Primal) and also If you want Proof or want to Help me Plz do Shoot me a DM On my Discord My User Is called (logiiek#9005) I have no other way or Detail to prove you guys wrong but Please do If you could Help Plz do It will be the Greatest thing Ive ever asked for on this Game. Hasn't Been sold or Purchased I fused my Blue orb I bought that Is clearly shown on my Purchases and I got my Shiny Kyogre from trading or somehow and also doesn't show my Pokemon that were offered or anyway of proof that It has been traded to another person or sold or anything like that I Just remember Having Shiny Kyogre (primal) when I played and Ik for a fact I didn't do nothing with It all Im asking for Is what happened to It and How I ended Up In this Situation I'll also say the Missing Pokemon I last rememebered that was In my Inventory so the Ones I know are missing are Shiny Kyogre (primal) Shiny latios or latias Mega and had a few normal base Necrozmas and some few more Pokemons I may have forgotten about but yeah Im not asking for my Pokemon back Just wondering what Happened to It and wondering If I could try and get my Shiny Kyogre (primal) back Because It was my Favourite I'll tell you and My Best also Have a wonderful day and Make sure not to Read the Details. Goodbye
  2. I was trying to get on a players account and the page would keep saying error pick a page above what is happening?
  3. my old account from a few years back got banned username owen122122 it didn't give me a reason why either i just want to know if its possible to get my account back
  4. I got a auction that ends on about12:00 am on 11 feb this year, I woke up at 7:00am just to find it already ended, I did not read it wrong, right before I gone to bed I even checked, and after it ended I checked my date and it is the same, I think the pokebay timezone is broken
  5. can you help me? does anyone know how or if you can un-report yourself or if somone els can? thanks i really want my old account back!!!
  6. Hey this is mostly for the Devs but I tried buying something from the shop but it kept denying is there something wrong or is there certain cards that you have to use?
  7. I got a greninja from trade, but the attacks are already changed by the owner, and when I try to see the greninja's attacks, I found bubble beam in one of his attacks, but when I check his purchasable attacks, bubble beam is not available, and bubble beam is not one of it's basic attacks when it first evolved, and I don't know what he did to the greninja, but bubble beam should not be purchasable, the closest thing to it is bubble, mods if you are reading this, please help me check for problems in my greninja, cause bubble beam is one of the worst moves ever.
  8. I want to change my timezone because it's automatically changed i that i don't. Today I can't bid any auction 😭 cause of Timezone .
  9. hi. I got 12 mystery boxes from the vortex store but it is not in my inventory im wondering where it is and i spent ten bucks on it so i kinda need it
  10. so, @Terashi has been experiencing some bugs in Pokémon catches and poke balls is he/she/they the only one experiencing this? idk if it’s a bug or something so I just report it. pls help this fellow pv player.
  11. Before I was in UK, I lived in Dubai and it is where I started this account but when I changed countries, the auction ending time remained the same as it was in Dubai so what should I do ??
  12. https://ibb.co/Xy6gPQj I've tried to battle tower and catching pokemon but none of them give any points
  13. Alot of times when i check the “chat” tab theres noone online but when I check the members tab, it shows that some of my friends are online. [url=https://ibb.co/KyCKr68][img]https://i.ibb.co/Svqf3NZ/7764738-A-1-B89-4-FC7-AD4-A-A07-F580613-E7.jpg[/img][/url]
  14. hello i tried to rename my shiny arceus (fairy) today- it shows that the pokemon has a pending nickname in one page and doesnt display the name on the pending page. i dont know if the request has not gone or if its not being shown as pending for some reason i am unable to upload any sort of image so cant give the screenshots the insert image isnt working for me edit- name got approved
  15. Browser & device information: Google Chrome Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (x86_64) Is the issue recurring or has it only happened once? Happened to me on 30th June, 2022. Can you recreate the issue? Yes, I just need to bid $0 on any auction. I haven't tried testing it again because I don't want to lose any more in-game money. Have you checked the bug report forum to see if your issue has already been reported? Yes, I have. ISSUE IN DETAIL: I bid $0 on any random deal but instead the system fully bid the Recommended Amount($1 Million) on its own despite the price I actually bid($0). I request this issue to be fixed as soon as possible and my in-game money to be refunded. Thank you Yours truly @Ice-Ninja#6699 (Discord)
  16. I bought some boxes and the payment went through but it is still saying pay now and is pending...
  17. Every time i use Thunder Wave on my Pichu it always has "No Effect" I know this was fixed quite awhile ago but now every time I use thunder wave on my Pichu it says No Effect and nothing gets paralyzed. I've tried it on multiple types of Pokémon but every time it says "No Effect" I hope this gets fixed!
  18. Sometimes I go to fight a Pokemon but before I can attack it says I “already”killed it.
  19. So I have beaten ALL of the Kanto Gym Leaders, and the legendary medal when I click on it in my account, says I have not obtained it. The Galar medal shows up ok though. I do not know what happened or how to recreate the scenario. If someone could fix this, that would be great!
  20. so i was bidding on two auctions, one was at 400k ish( #0005250511) and the other at 5m (#0005236693) both pages were opened in separate tabs however after trying to post a bid for 6m on the auction it then changed to the lower auction and had placed the 6m offer. im not sure why it happened and it hasent happened in the past. was just curious if its fixable, the auction hasent ended yet.
  21. For some reason I logged in today,And I checked my Accoutn on forums…..My reputation points are all gone is there any reason why it’s all gone pls let me know
  22. Hi. I just picked this game up last night, playing it with my boyfriend. We're on two different laptops, but the same internet connection; when we logged in for the first time, he got the chinchou icon, and I was rewarded one too, but it said I had earned it already on my other account? Is it registering us both as the same user? We aren't even on the same laptop, just using the same internet. Any help would be appreciated.
  23. When I evolve a pokemon, and refresh the page where it says "your XXXXXX has evolved into XXXXX", the pokemon will evolve again (if the requirements are met). Browser: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/b/ODNBU I've been searching for a while and I think nobody created a report for this yet.
  24. Hello, I am participating in the Meloetta's Last Serenade event and I have been catching the band pokemon. I recently traded for a Jigglypuff (Normal version, because I'm trying to get the normal Meloetta), and it isn't showing on the event center where you can see all your pokemon onstage. Does it not count if it's traded? I'm confused. Any feedback appreciated.
  25. On my way to route 24 I was about to exit 23 but then I directly teleported to the quays instead. It showed the route 24 and shores end title and a blank screen and then reach quays https://www.veed.io/view/904c4964-db4b-4334-84d6-4b9231648550?sharingWidget=true(similar)
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