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  1. For some reason I got banned and I don't know what might be the probable reason. For a quick background, I usually have high uptime since I have my kid play during the day and I play during my work-from-home night shift and I switch from PC and mobile from time to time. Usually I train/farm by battling the TypeNormal account and also tries to complete the pokedex. If you have any findings that I might not be aware of and merits this ban, please let me know.
  2. ColdJj3's clan name is inappropriate; you might want to check on this.
  3. froggy12345 hacked my pokipro account and put inappropriate bio
  4. Is it not suspicious that a New Player is suddenly the richest player in the whole game? Like before, Ciel- was the richest and Zakum now is the richest somehow!
  5. Dippitydog messaged me with a threat saying "if you don't want to become an orphan I suggest you shut the **** up". I think the message was auto-censored. I would recommend checking in with this user.
  6. Today when I was browsing auctions I saw someone whose username is "Testical'. Based on the spelling I think they were evading a word filter.
  7. Hi, just today I received a highly abusive message essentially telling me to kill myself. I am not sure if this is a generic message or one that is being sent to any people, but this kind of "trolling" is I would say very dangerous suggestion/comment to be throwing around. I am unaware if this is a bannable offence but I suspect it must be. https://postimg.cc/w3WYfKmn
  8. I passed by two players with potentially inappropriate clan tags. One of such players is "dippitydog" and the other one is "epiclegos16". Their clan names specifically have inappropriate tags on their usernames. I do have a screenshot but I do not know how to attach screenshots. Today I passed by the same user (dippitydog) and he still had this clan name. Additionally, I messaged him earlier on and asked him to remove it since it was inappropriate, he cussed me off in his reply.
  9. SaySykesRN accepted an exp job and took "shadow giratina origin promo" in advance. After that, he quit the deal before he starts. However, he did not pay for the origin promo. When we ask for the payment, he claimed that he already paid and send us screenshot which shows he paid 40 mill pds on rv230's pokeball. We have checked the auction ID by asking Patrick. It did not belong to rv230 and It was not for 40 mill pds, but 3.5 mill pds. It means he edited the picture, changed the nickname, and the amount in order to defend himself. Proofs: https://prnt.sc/709kC3aRqEj4 (the SS saysykes sent) https://prnt.sc/ShfVfhF69Vcp (the moment he claimed that he paid 40 mill) https://prnt.sc/MqYLksUrRV54 (the SS Patrick showed) https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/pokebay/auction/6070181 ---------------------------------------------------- If those are not enough. He also took 26 mill pds loan and told he is going to pay back in 6-7 hours. Although he had enough PDs, he did not pay after 18 days. Proofs: https://prnt.sc/beTxQeANtX8j https://prnt.sc/R30ieEe381AL. Thanks for your time!
  10. What do I do in this situation. I am getting harassed for no reason, getting called a dirty dog, an orphan and the person is gaslighting in order to get pokémon off of me using bribery and blackmail with no evidence to prove anything towards me except biased accusations. The person is Arsene_Lupin, and I am wondering what measures I can do to stop the person from continuing to contact me. I have turned off my in game messages and blocked them both in game and on discord and they continue to make new accounts to harass me. What do I do?
  11. I was looking at the auction to see if there was any pokemon to buy and I saw this transaction of 2 newly created accounts of more than 1,000,000,000, it seemed suspicious to me, I hope that I know of the corresponding investigation of how they obtained so many pds, I do not think that another user have sold them https://ibb.co/c1LLGFv https://ibb.co/C68cWcK https://ibb.co/1zY25Nm
  12. Just saw this person run past, made their account today. IGN: "proudleaderofkluklux"
  13. how long do you have to wait to get your account back? please let me know!
  14. Came back after years just to find out i was scammed/somewone stolle my account. I dont have chats or anything but you can see by my trades all the pokemons gone away, they went true diferent accounts so nowne finds out and after many trades they all end up in one named: Prominence https://imgur.com/a/FoxjN2c Dont know if anywone can help me or they just gone?
  15. report of a training scam, while i know its not supported by the system, keeping ppl like these off the hook allows the scammer culture to prosper, he stole my shiny greninja ash he had taken for training he did like 10 million exp took a shiny cosmog and refuses the return the mon luying about the account being sold to some new owner called "tom" anyway that is against tos anyway so i request he be banned for purchase of account (like he claims he did) or stealing a pokemon find attached proofs of the scam just so its known the pokemon had 42 million exp, so yeah its a massive scam, it could very well happen to u, unless u think u are immune to this and no i didnt trust any random guy, he did train another mon of mine and gained my trust before i entrusted this job, so yeah IT CAN AND WILL happen to u, if u allow blackmailers and scammers to get away and laugh at the system here, just like the dude in the screenshots, he thinks a report is joke, if it needs to be taken seriously someone needs to be shown scams are not tolerated https://imgur.com/a/fSSUKrj https://imgur.com/a/ktDXJ2x https://imgur.com/w4Pw0J5 https://imgur.com/a/j0Ssz9E
  16. Hi, during the event I've noticed a number of accounts that seem to be suspicious and I suspect are botting to farm eevee tokens (and other events) The accounts in question are There are a few indicators that make me suspect these are one person botting They always appear together in groups of 4/5 on either Route 3 or Route 9 These groups always appear at the same time and log out at the same time When the time is correct to find eevee, the accounts begin to move together (With a consistent delay) Many of their non-ot pokemon come from another account within the group Most of them have been registered during last years christmas event Despite this barely any of them actually redeemed an eevee (Christmas) They seem to have been active during the star wars and halloween event as well but all unique event mon have been transferred with many ending up on kiki82 When I first witnessed them they also made the mistake of using Garold76 and Garold86 together on the same map, its unlikely these are two people This may need to be looked into further if possible to see where the promo codes are being redeemed or where large transfers of pokemon have occurred incase their are other accounts but I'm confident these ones are at least being used to farm events using a bot or some other method of automation
  17. Well he asked if I wanted his shiny mew 500k exp for 200k pds I said sure, then I paid him and told him to accept, and I said to please hurry, and he said 1 second and I waited until I realized he blocked me, so please ban him or do something. Thank you. I will send proof to Patrick on discord. This scammer's ign is Sammy2tuff
  18. Thebruhboy_69. - scam i traded him 4UBS ang metallic pichu Halloween he gave me wrong promo code i have chat proofs see link below https://ibb.co/S3gygwR https://ibb.co/mt92yBB https://ibb.co/mBBMZGj https://ibb.co/09wRN6n https://ibb.co/Cw9h5NL https://ibb.co/zVWjL2y https://ibb.co/8gQr7px https://ibb.co/N3Dwvvf https://ibb.co/TY2bbRw https://ibb.co/7gZLvjK https://ibb.co/dG618MS https://ibb.co/JdQVGsS https://ibb.co/Hqd62Ws (yea i am post this at 18 jan after a month of the issue yea he gave me my pokes after all the issues he got scared of losing his account(actually Thebruhboy_69 belonges to da_sour_pancakes_69 but Nakz scammed him and changed the password ) but he still has my MetallicPichu(Halloween) still beware of him he is a scammer
  19. hello dev team @Patrick @flamescape, recently there's been a huge influx of bans rolled out for botters , very important task since this community runs on weeding out these people who ruin the game for others, it ensures smooth trades in terms of exp training and so on One of my trainers was banned too goes by the name "dr,black2.o" , i did not know of his acts at the time, someone else i know lost some mons to him too,this guy then went off grid and made another account , the account is empty other than the times he uses it for training and from what i hear he trades with people who are unknown to his previous atrocity his new account dr.blue2.ol remains empty other than the times he trains on it. all pds and poke gets shifted elsewhere, a very shady account with over 20k wins and extreme training speeds, i suspect he is using automative gameplay again and using the said account as burner to make his main richer over time i request you to take a look into the account and weed him out in case hes still using automative gameplay (which i and a few others strongly suspect he is) just making sure nobody in the community gets scammed by botters thank you very much if i am wrong and my report has wasted your time i apologise to you and the person in question for some reason screenshots arent being uploaded in the insert column for me so heres a ss of the account - https://imgur.com/a/GvDUWBx
  20. Hello sir there is a guy name peelzy He scamed me By he told he has jaw fossil code He will give for 26m pokedollar The code for invalid I have messaged to fly and send him screen shots Thanks You I hope u guyz Will u look after it
  21. Somehow in the Pokebay Auctions some people's Auctions such as 1 for like 6771637 pokedollars has many bids. By seeing this I have also tried myself but somehow only theirs have bids. Plus, they also give these Auctions together with many. I am very jealous of them for that reason. It is nothing that bad but I just wanted to understand this. I can also give you proof but I am unable to insert image from URL. Please Reply Thank You From a fellow Pokemon Vortex Player, Username: Rocketblaste44
  22. Milan11223344 scammed me he sold my It’s true Uhh one guy knows he scammed me but I can’t use his name in the forums
  23. Scammer: @lildrummerboy85 @lildrummerboy85#6539 is his discord victim: me, @The_Original [FN] theoriginal#4144 is my discord I was scrolling around on the PV Discord server. I saw one of his messages asking to trade with anyone, I DMed him asking to trade. He asked if I had shinies, I said " Well I've sold most of my shines I might have like a common shiny. But if it's a shiny legendary it's on my team. I'm currently trying to a get a full shiny Legendary/UB team" He then said "I can help, I have HACKS." This immediately caught my eye, he then said that he could make a lvl1 pidegy LOOK like a lvl100 shiny ash greninja. He said it would last forever as long as it was not evolved. HE then asked for my password, me being my self, I typed then pass word and accidentally send it. I meant to just type the password then take all my stuff out of my account, then send the password. I realized what I had done when I tried to log into my account, and it said i couldn't log in because I "was logged in on another device". After back and forth blaming each other He in directly admitted to stealing. I know its my fault for giving him the password, but to be honest I never read the fine print under the log in screen about password sharing. I probably deserve it, because i gave the pass, but I just don't want him to steal from anyone else. He told him that if he gave my stuff back i'd give him a password to my friends account that was had really good stuff on it. But i just made an alt account with a similar username, by the time he logged in I had already accepting the team and I now had my team back, he also made me pay him the rest of my money (which was 264k) I tried to do the trick again to get the rest of my stuff, I threaten to make this report but it didn't work. I don't really care that much about the rest of my stuff because they were just some starters. but my brother gave me 1m pds and some pokes as donation. if you were wondering what I would do with the "hack", I just wanted to get fake shiny UBs to finish my shiny team. I don't really need to get the rest of my stuff back, but I just want him dealt with. If you need the list of stuff i still didnt get back, just sayying i cant really remember everything that was stolen. I also enclosed some screen shots as proof NEW INFO: He hacked my account again just now and I lost my team again. Please ban him and I just want my team back (Shiny groudon, shiny raquaza mega, necrozma, blacephalon, buzzwole, guzzlord.) Items stolen: Chimchar braviary huision charmander bubasaur 2x and a metallic bublasaur chikorita venusaur mega 2x of zigazoon galarian meowth galarian 2x Popplio Grookey 264K pds Qwilfish (Hisuian) I cant figure out how to put pictures here but i do have a server with all the proof on it https://discord.gg/c5tjct4UQn
  24. Hi Patrick, This guy "SatchelSneakers" scammed and blocked me after I bid on his auction for the shiny meltan, rejecting my offer on trade multiple times despite saying he will accept it. If the link is not assessable, i can provide screenshots through discord dm. https://imgur.com/a/1PphVaR
  25. From: abbs87143 Subject: RE: Trade From: abbs87143 Subject: RE: Trade RE: Trade 1 day ago KEEP YOUR ****ING HOOPA FOR YOUSELF AND **** YOUR MITHER YOU SON OF A **** .. .HOW DARE YOU TO ASK FOR IT
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