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  1. When adjusting moves for Anorith i see 2 options for the move Bug Bite Is this intentional or just a mistake? https://imgur.com/a/gUiK7OM Thanks for your time!
  2. Galarian Yamask's avatar isn't listed under the Unova Avatars section. (The avatar exists, it just doesn't seem to be there nor is it searchable using the discord command. Other galarian forms are listed.) The upper steelmouth plant also doesn't show the title at the top of the screen upon entering the map. Though I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, it's the only map I've found that doesn't do this.
  3. The back sprite of shadow dreepy has a few red pixels on it which seem out of place. As far as most of the shadows seem to go, only the eyes should be red, or a few distinct markings. This part would also be red on the normal dreepy back sprite.
  4. *This is in regard to the "Premium" purchase & post i made at the start of the month*. I have just looked i don't think they're holding the payment anymore. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi! Can someone please help me, I somehow made my sprite stuck and can't move. 😢
  6. I can't send messages bc i need to do the recaptcha im not a robot thing. But when i click it,half of the the im not a robot thing is not visible so i cant send messages
  7. As the title states the Christmas eeveelutions all have floating sprites in battle. This applies to both front and back sprites This may have been reported already in the discord but didn't see it here so figured I'd submit a report here just in case Image below shows what I mean (Compared to the normal eeveelutions)
  8. Today After a battle My Shiny Toucannon, nicknamed Purple Beak, did not show its nickname for some reason. Does this always happen? Why did it not show the nickname?
  9. It may seem that the map is not working for @eeveecuteness and @POKECHAN also everyone one else So @Patrick pls see what has happened to the map immediately
  10. When I press the explore button, it just appear a blank white screen. Even if i refresh the page, it still give the white black screen. Anyone help
  11. What happens when I click Explore- https://ibb.co/Kz99mXS
  12. I see that slowbro (galarian) and slowking (galarian) are supposed to be poison + psychic type. However, their cards (in "View All Your Pokemon") only show the poison typing (purple), but not the psychic typing (pink-ish). I'm attaching 2 screenshots for reference: https://imgur.com/a/cfU6ziz https://imgur.com/a/KY05eYR
  13. Previously, placing in the top 100 of the seasonal rankings would give you a random Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres (Galarian) promo code, and redeeming that code had a small chance of awarding their respective avatars. However with the new seasonal shop system you can of course choose which bird you want to buy, which deposits it straight into your box. We noticed nobody was getting Galarian bird avatars after the system was rolled out in April, and there still hasn't been a single new avatar unlocked since then. It's probably because they were only rewarded after the promo code is claimed, but Galarian bird promo codes no longer exist. If this is unintentional please fix it as it doesn't seem like an intentional decision
  14. why cannot enter pokemon vortex website and it says it says connection timed out and tell me how to insert image
  15. sum1 pls help me i can't open pv whenever i try its showing like this👇 https://ibb.co/7YTNnHX what should i do? this is just an example....i tried through history, link, google, bing etc.
  16. what is this mean? that if someone is switching b/w tabs this error will be shown. please delete this error or reduce the timing. please look into it
  17. sir I have problem when I open explore it is not opening please help me I have just entered in route 25 and it start bugging
  18. I have played Pokémon vortex every single day since I started playing. Never missed a day, but my calendar shows me missing days. Even right now it says I did not log in today. Anyone else have this issue?
  19. I can't access Explore tab due to this error File load error: https://storage.googleapis.com/livemaps-assets/v1622973851415/assets/images/misc/throbber.png http://prntscr.com/14mr48v
  20. Respected sir (s), I wanted to report you something... I encountered a dark charmander and my screen like img given below. I don't know it's a bug on my device or there so better to report.
  21. Hi, I was looking at the wiki page for and noticed it said "Eevee can be found in the wild at Route 201 and Route 180." Those routes don't exist. Idk if this is just happening to me or anyone else if so let me know
  22. I made the foolish error of trying to get all the vivillons before I realized they can only evolve into 1 based on your account. So now I have 18 meadow vivillons and I have begun offering them as trades for other forms. This was going fine for a while, but now for some reason I have vivillons that are not appearing in the offer menu. When I click offer and it opens up the list of all my pokemon, the vivillons are missing. But if I look at the "view all your pokemon" list I still have 4 I have not offered for anything.
  23. Hello! I had encountered a Mystic Meltan during my play, and I had lowered its HP enough to catch. When I went to use a Moon ball, my Pokemon had instead attacked it and killed it I had definitely pressed the correct button, so it was quite disappointing. Thanks
  24. Only half of the map will display while on the explore tab.
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