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Found 4 results

  1. Reputation is put in place so the community can deem a thread as a good contribution to the community and so the top contributors can be recognized for their efforts. Reputation is not a competition, you do not need to strive to be at the "top". If you are actively contributing good quality content to the forums, it will be noticed and you will receive reputation for it. Please follow these rules regarding reputation: Do not ask for reputation. Do not use alternate accounts to give yourself reputation. Do not use reputation to "harass" other members of the community (This includes giving the negative rep to all posts of someone just because you dislike them) Do not "upvote" all of someone's posts just because they are your friend or clanmate. Ignoring any of these rules will result in you (and anyone else involved) having their reputation reset (and maybe their account suspended/banned depending on the case)
  2. Before posting a new trade topic, be aware of the following rules and guidelines to posting a good quality trade thread: All global rules apply Topic bumping is allowed in these topics (avoiding the multi-post rule) only and can only be done every three days. You cannot create a new trade thread until your previous one is at least two weeks old or deleted. You must have at least six Pokémon listed/posted for trade (Do not post "check my IGN" or "Msg me") Do not ask for free things. You cannot trade/sell/buy accounts. Do not post about "Trust trades" (this is a trade where you promise to give something after receiving something) Good Trade Thread Example: This is what I have for Trade: Normal Pokemon Unique Pokemon Normal Legendaries Unique Legendaries Bad Trade Thread Example: Trading Tips Try to keep your thread organized and make your rules and rates clear to all users. Don't go crazy with fonts - it's messy and painful to read If you have a lot of spare Pokémon you would like to trade, DO NOT post all 80 pk tags (Lags up the forum). Instead of embedding images of each Pokémon, try just using text of the Pokémon you're trading. If you have a text list of Pokémon, but it is extremely long, try including in the list somewhere "Use Control + F to find what you're looking for". You can link your IGN in your thread, but you still have to have at least 6 Pokémon posted. Reply coherently. Coherently meaning no emoticons every single reply and no crazy font or colored text. Experience Trading is determined by the user. Make sure you set rates on what kind of Pokémon is worth what to you. ("Normal Pokémon are equal to x exp. Unique Pokemon are equal to x exp." etc) Rates can be trivial and are determined by the user, but keep in mind that all Normal Pokémon have the same encounter rate, Normal Legendaries have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Pokémon have the same encounter rate, and all Unique Legendaries have the same encounter rate. If you feel as if you are being cheated or the rates are unfair, do not propose the trade. Trading Lingo There are a lot of terms that get thrown around in trading threads. Here are a few: IGN - In game name, meaning the one posting's account. UFT - Up for trade, meaning whatever the poster is offering. Unique(s) - Unique is any Pokémon that isn't a normal, so in this case Metallic, Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Shadow. Leggy/Leggies - Crude abbreviation of "Legendary Pokémon". EXP - You know, Experience. UB - Ultra Beast
  3. Before you post, be sure to read through the rules and follow them accordingly. Failure to follow the rules of forums will be met with various action taken on your account depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken. If you see someone else breaking forum rules, please report them using the forum post report option in the drop down menu on the top right of each post: The following rules apply to all sections of the forums, their sub-forums, posts, profile status' and private messages: Spamming When Posting, please make sure to stay on topic and don't just post single words or a smiley. Do not multi-post. If you are the last person to post in a topic and you have more to add - edit your last post. Do not post or reply to things with the intention to raise your post count. Do not post in topics that have long died, this is called "necro-posting" and is considered spamming. Multiple Accounts You are only allowed one forum account for posting. (You may have more to browse or access the store) If you have another account, you cannot give reputation to posts from it. Post Contents Do not post adult content. Do not post personal information of other people. Do not post illegal content, including but not limited to drug use, piracy or violence. Do not quote your own posts. Do not swear - If you are unsure if a word is a swear, it probably is so don't use it anyway. Do not argue or insult other users or staff. Languages Outside of the dedicated language-specific sub-forums, please only post in English unless you are unable to do-so. Warning System Warnings generally work in a three-time strike system although sometimes under certain circumstances, accounts may be terminated without warning. Warning points may be given out more than one at a time based on the severity of the issue that has caused the warning. Warning points may be removed from your account one month after it was issued. If you amass 3 consecutive warning points, your account will be permanently banned from the forums.
  4. New Contest and Giveaway Forum Rule Effective November 22nd 2016 Experience is no longer allowed to be the focus on a prize for any form of giveaway or contest (Unless it is run by a Moderator or someone of higher power - In which case the The Pokemon will be checked for legitimacy before it is posted) This rule is being set in place to stop the spread of botted experience to unknowing players or people that want plausible deniability of owning botted experience. If anyone posts experience as a prize for a contest or giveaway, they will receive a no questions asked ban from the forums. You have been warned and we don't need it here. Hopefully this will make a much cleaner and safer giveaway section for the Vortex community.
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