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Found 25 results

  1. hi guys! im confused because somone else has landons account and i don't know why could anyone that is close to him tell me what happend thanks!
  2. I have been trying to catch a alola legendary pokemon for four day but i have not caught it yet enen though i have already fought all of the alola gyms
  3. I am in need of some certain pokemon, if anybody has any, contact me in game, my ign is PastaMan Any Variant Any Variant Any Variant Any Variant Dark Variant White Kyurem Dialga Origin Primal Kyogre Primal Groundon Solgaleo
  4. Can I have the first Xerneas avatar? Since there is none in the game. just thought I would ask.
  5. About how many battles will it take to get the darkest day? Is it just randomly generated or is it just get to a certain battle number to get it?
  6. What are the chances of finding the darkest day. I’ve defeated over 100 battles still not found. Did I miss it somehow?
  7. When are the new dlc pokemon and Gigantamax form releasing?
  8. Today while i was minding my own buisness this guy randomly friends me and asks for my nanaganedal he talks about how he gave his brother a naganedal and wants another one for his own. this guy really wants it should i give it to him ?
  9. Which unown is the best/most powerful.
  10. Is going to be coming into the game in a later update because I like and I wish he was in the game
  11. My team currently contains: Charizard (Mega Y) Lucero (Mega) Snorlax (Mega) Dark Sirfetch'd Victini Umbreon Any suggestions?
  12. So specifically for @SpheX, I would like to know why I was removed/banned from discord. Even more so how come i was removed/banned yet the other individual involved, in what I assume is the reason, was not? Perhaps favoritism and abuse of power? Or was this a mishap/mistake. Genuinely curious as I was attempting to make amends and was threatened by this individual physically. Seems highly unfair and biased for mods to pick sides, but I digress. I would just like to either be able to join the discord or at the very least be told why only I was removed. Thanks in advanced.
  13. Will we ever be able to battle other accounts live or will it always be computer?
  14. I used to play many years ago. But I lost access to my account due to reasons (can DM). This account has been used by someone else since then but I was hoping maybe I can get access again. Name: Porygon Also, I created another account back then named Porygon2 which has been banned, if possible can I know the reason. P.S These accounts are very old, so I can understand if it's not possible. I just want to try. For proof, can share details of Porygon account that only the OG creator of the account knows. P.S: Is it possible to find a pokemon based on OG trainer, it might help find the guy who took my account. I remember having a Shiny Mega Rayquaza before the account was taken over.
  15. hello admin @Patrick @flamescape i am a very old player of this game and well in the past i have made trouble in the discord server ,its been 3 years and i regret my decisions , i apologize for my conduct and ask for a chance to redeem myself, i promise to be respectful and mindful of rules at all times if given the chance, the game doesn't feel the same without having a platform to interact with the community, while my past actions warrant that i may not deserve it all i can do is ask forgiveness and a single chance to prove myself i would appreciate if you consider my request thank you my discord id - Mysticcc#3139 appreciate you taking your time to read this 😄
  16. Is marshadow going to be added to the game because he is one of my favorites and this game has been up for 8 years so I’m wondering if your still working on this game or if you only work on it for events and updates
  17. Hi guys i want to know the price of promo code shiny rotom (cut) in pokebay auction
  18. Hi make this the most commented and liked thing in the game just type random stuff and when someone else is commented upvote their response lol lets see if this can happen by dec. 1
  19. I have a shiny swampert (mega) with around 1.7 million exp. What kind of Pokémon should I trade it with?
  20. If i get 6 followers i will start posting memes because why not
  21. Hey i’m looking for two co-leaders if anyone has fifteen mil exp or more than come talk to me and you could possibly be a co-leader
  22. when will there be new events
  23. When is the next update coming out so i know when the update for clans is coming out
  24. Looking for pokemons to train. ign xam_omg , training either for exp or happiness training
  25. So my pokemon vortex map has been lagging really bad lately ,this problem seems like it's only on my browser which is chrome.I tried it on Microsoft edge and other browsers but it doesn't lag I was wondering if there's anyway to stop this. Thanks
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