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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way to unlock Blue from FireRed/LeafGreen as a playable trainer in this game? I believe I've seen a few people with Blue as their sprite trainer in the open world of this game. If he is obtainable, how to you get him? Only Brendan and May seem to be the only gen 3 protagonists that are playable.
  2. when I saw the vortex shop I saw gift cards, what does a pokemon vortex forums gift card do, is it like Roblox gift cards?
  3. How are pokedollars calculated at the end of the battle? is it random?
  4. How to save someone's thread
  5. Is it possible to delete a Vortex and/or Forums account, or at least remove an email? My little brother stopped playing on one account and made a new one because he grew out of his old username. However, he wants to participate in the Forums community, but he can't make an account because his email is being used by his previous account.
  6. My little brother stopped playing on his old account called EntityBro, and he started playing on a new account called suuacki, because he liked the name better... Anyways, the real problem is that they both have the same Email, and when he logs on to Pokemon Vortex Forums with his new username, suuacki, and his password, he logs on as EntityBro. This is why it caused a lot of confusion when he made a previous post, titled 'Zacian (Crowned)s on Pokebay!' Many people couldn't find the Pokemon on Pokebay because they were titled under 'suuacki' and everyone was searching on 'EntityBro'. Can someone please help me out with this problem, because my little brother cant cope with the complexity.
  7. Hello I was looking at SpehX´s profile and saw that he was a sprite creator How can I become one, and if so, what are the benefits if my sprites are put into vortex Here is one of my creations, Electrode (Master Ball) Electrode (Master Ball)
  8. how do i create trade threads
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