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  1. This is your one stop shop from normals to legends- events to EXP I'm looking for EXP and SEVERAL unique pokemon, which means this is your chance to trade your spare pokemon cluttering your box for wonderful events! The only thing I'm not accepting is pokedollars, but I will be able to buy pokemon fro you if that's what you want! Rules: Don't be rude Try not to quote the main thread. Makes things messy I'm not on all of the time, please be patient Don't advertise your own trades on here I DO NOT COUNT LOPUNNY, RAICHU, OR MARIL/AZUMARILL AS HAPPINESS POKEMON AS THEY CAN BE FOUND IN THE MAPS! Basic Rates: 500k EXP= 1MIL Pokedollars 1 unique= 30,000 Pokedollars 5 uniques= 180,000 Pokedollars 10 uniques= 360,,000 Pokedollars 20 uniques= 750,000 pokedollars 1 unique omanyte/kabuto/ aerodactyl= 1.5mil pokedollars 3 unique omanyte/kabuto/aerodactyl= 4.7 pokedollars For Trade: Wanted:
  2. Im looking for Hisui starters Im trading
  3. TRADING- EVENT - ARCEUS(DARK) ARCEUS(ICE) ARCEUS(DRAGON) GENESECT(BLAZE)X3 GENESECT(ICE) DEOXYS(DEFENSE) GRENINJA ASH MAGEARNA MEWTWO(EVOLUTION)X2 zygarde complete . the rest of the event on my account are not for trade Legendary - GIRATINAX6 SHAMIAN(SKY) SOLGALEO TORNADUS NOTE* there are other pokemon on trade which you can offer (i might have missed on some events)there are also many pseudo-legendery's on trade feel free to msg me in game as well
  4. I will catch any pokemon (except ultra beasts) for Some money. Common Pokémon 25,000, rare and starter Pokémon are 50,000, and legendary Pokémon are 100,000. If you ask for a specific varient the price is doubled. Please ask for a Pokémon I need the money and I am bored. 1.masterplay45 asked forand . 2.mmmmj asked for . 3.itzzbuoyy09 asked for and shiny Ho oh, 4. candykauser786 asked for . 5.thylocoelo asked for .
  5. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  6. Hello Everyone I'm looking for a cheap Exp trainer i can pay like 50k to 65k for every 100k exp if anyone is interested pls contact me.
  7. I'll train any pokemon. for every 1 level it will be 500 pds, but for every heart it will be 2.5k pds
  8. I'm willing to catch any pokemon (besides ultra beasts) for money. For common pokemon it'll be 25,000 pds, for rare/starters pokemon it'll be 50,000 pds, and for legendaries it'll be 100,000 pds. For specific variants it'll double.
  9. I'll be able to catch Pokemon and/or train other peoples Pokemon. I will not be able to catch ultra beasts. The costs go as follows: Catching Pokemon 500 Pokedollars for a common Pokemon 25k for a rare Pokemon 100k for a legendary Pokemon Shiny/Shadow Pokemon will cost twice as much Training Pokemon 250 Pokedollars per level 50k for 100k experience 2.5k per friendship heart (The fourth heart will cost half as much because it takes half as long) I'm not online too often, but I'll try and respond when I can!
  10. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  11. Looking for I have x2 x2x2 x2x2 x2 and more Look on my acc boxes
  13. New to the game, and have spent a bit too much time exploring the maps. Hoping to trade these pokemons for something new! Will update as my hoard expands Normal: Others: Lvl 100: Special:
  14. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  15. Hi! Im Kinskyle. I provide good cheap services such as exp training fir 1 pokedollar for 1 exp point, and targeted legendary catching. Limit is 5. Price is 25K for one legendary. Message me in game for any of these.
  16. I do hearts, training, and catching services Training costs: 1k pds per level 100k for 100k exp Heart costs: 25k pds for each heart (the last heart is half as much) Catching costs: 1k pds for common pokemon 25k pds for rare pokemon 100k pds for legendaries catching variants will cost double no ub for now IGN: Void-Star some of the requests will be pushed back due to me being quite busy in real life
  17. IGNs: Alys / Syla Discord: Alys#9717 Thank you all for over 4k views and nearly 200 replies, It's been a blast 🧡 THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER! However.. All Pokemon in my trades are free! Offer anything you like! www.pokemon-vortex.com/trade/search/Alys/ www.pokemon-vortex.com/trade/search/Syla/ Listed below are the prizes that were given out during the giveaway Special thanks to Yousy for making this possible. Take Care!
  18. I Need These : I Know Its So many To Complete Its For MY Little Brother So please Tell If You Are Selling One or Any My IGN Is TuneFist So PM Me If Your Are Gonna Trade With Me So Give Me Message If Your Gonna Trade Or Sell !!!
  19. Hi I have some Pokémon up for trade and here’s what I have: Normal: Rare: Variants: I will add legendaries later.
  20. Yo all, i have some crap uft. Legends Normal: Dark: Metallic: Mystic: Shadow: Shiny: Low levels: Will update this page when I get more. Mostly looking for shiny Pokemon as I wanna do the shiny dex.
  21. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
  22. You can now trade with not only pokemon but also with money. The prices will be considered based off of the pokemon and its variant. Normal:x 3 ($100,000) x 4 ($100,000)x 3 ($100,000)x 2 ($200,000 for event)x 2 ($100,000)x 1 ($100,000) x 4 ($100,000)x 2 ($100,000) x 1 ($100,000) x 4 ($100,000) x 7 ($100,000)x 1 ($100,000)x 3 ($100,000)x 1 ($100,000)x 2 ($100,000) x 3 ($100,000)x 2 ($200,000 for event)x 1 ($100,000) Mystic:x 1 ($150,000)x 1 ($150,000) Metallic:x 1 ($500,000 for event) Dark:x 1 ($500,000 for event)x 1 ($150,000)x 1 ($150,000) Shadow:x 1 ($3,000,000 for event)x 1 ($700,000) Shiny: Rare:x 1 ($50,000)x 1 ($100,000)x 2 ($50,000) x 8 ($50,000) x 1 ($50,000) x 1 ($50,000)x 1 ($70,000)x 1 ($100,000)x 1 ($50,000)x 1 ($50,000) Event:x 1 ($1,000,000) Mega:x 1 ($500,000) Pokémon I would like: (any variant, any amount) Discounts: At least 1 trade: 5% discount, At least 2 trades: 10% discount, At least 3 trades: 30% discount, At least 4 trades: 50% discount
  23. I need houndoomite garydosite garchompite and 300 meltan candies im down to trade any shadow and/or shiny pokemon I have plus greninja
  24. Alright, people who know me, i do legendary hunts but i didnt specify on it due to many requests for shinys, i will do it special to forums legendary hunts and not bio to my account, so if you need a NORMAL legendary please add my account; Fortnite_balls2022 and tell me the legendary on there or on here! starting Christmas season, i will try to send as many gifts as possible to people who add me in Pokémon go And starting Season 9 Goodbye for now!
  25. <content removed> Please read the trade rules before creating a trade thread.
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