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  1. level 100 for all Pokémon. 100k exp training - 200k pokedollars 200k exp training - 400k pokedollars 300k exp training - 600k pokedollars 400k exp training - 800k pokedollars 500k exp training - 1mil pokedollars Happiness: 300k per heart yeah tell me if u need anything! I’ll be busy, and it’s first come first serve. So I’ll put you on the waiting list if I don’t get to you as soon.
  2. They're all normal variants. I'd appreciate it if you would offer a L100, but even if it isn't that won't be a deal breaker. I'm looking for the following: - Kyogre - Raikou, Entei, Suicune - Articuno, Moltres - Any one of the Tapu Legendaries - Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Keldeo - Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus These are all I can remember at the top of my head.
  3. Offering looking for and
  4. Side Note: If it is not one of the "wanted" things i will not trade for it. ALSO DO NOT OFFER YOUR NORMAL LEGENDARY FOR SHADOW, SHINY VARIANT ONES. IT IS AN INSTANT NO. Selling: Legendary: Starter: 3x5x Others:2x Event: Pokemon With EXP: 448k- 315k- 274k- 515k- 132k- Wanting To Trade For: Event Pokemon, Shadow/Shiny/Dark Legends, Any Ultra Beast, Fossils/Fossil Pokemon, & Promo Codes. Closed Again... Stay Safe And Reach For Your Dreams!!!
  5. if u get back my shiny zerora i will(maybe give u some good pokes)
  6. I’m trading my moltres (Galarian)
  7. The main things i am looking for is: ororor or whatever else, my Vortex account is Fortnite_balls2022, add it(if you want) and message me what you want from my account and i tell you what i want, i sometimes do legendary for rare trades (almost all the time) so i will have good offers.
  8. I will trade lugia, zapdos, and giratina, and hoopa for a missingno i really want one.
  9. Now that i have better trades i will trade hoopa, zamazenta and rayquaza. if you want i can throw in some more like, groudon lugia etc. And as the topic says i am trading for a missingno.
  10. You can post here if you're just looking for or to trade a single Pokémon rather than having to create a new thread of your own.
  11. discord pokes :(lvl100) event pokes :(lvl100) Legendary shiny pokes :(lvl100) Other legendary variant pokes :(lvl100) normal legendary pokes :(lvl100)(lvl100) psuedo legendary pokes :(give it a lot of time so I can buy a mega stone to mega evolve it) (every variant ) starter pokes : mega pokes :(lvl100)(lvl100)(lvl100) shiny pokes :(give it some time so I can buy a mega stone to mega evolve it)(lvl100) exp tier 1(50k-100k exp) : exp tier 2(100k-200k exp) : exp tier 3(more than 200k exp) : none currently want :any event, legendary, etc that I dont have yet feel free to offer
  12. EXP training Prices: 1: 2 rate EXP I can do 25,000-150,000 EXP
  13. So after my sister @Shiny_Sylveon quit playing Pokémon Vortex she gave me her Pokémon and one of the Pokémon being an Emboar named Technoblade after his death. I told her I didn’t want it anymore so she told me to give it away so if u want it pls feel free to ask (first come first serve)
  14. I will have a good offer, I will (might) Offer a shiny tapu Fini or any kind of mewtwo in my account. What ever one suits you the most!
  15. I will trade a shadow arceus (electric) and moltres (Galarian) for a shiny mewtwo (armor) if you don’t want to trade do not comment in here please and thank you Actually i don!t have the shadow arceus (electric) anymore so just lookat my account for whatever you want not my main team Also if you want to trade make sure you don’t claim the promo code first
  16. Looking for two shiny eevees
  17. Landon132


    Hey i’m trading my moltres (Galarian) tell me what you guys will give for it and the winner will get it, lol have fun
  18. hey i am doing some happines training 3 hearts 225 pkd 2 hearts 150 pkd 1 heart 75 pkd my ign is kalipo message and freind me if you want me to happiness train your pokemon it will take 2 to 3 days
  19. HEY GUYS,IM SELLING ALL MY AVATARS FOR A GOOD PRICE AND GOOD STOCKS here’s a list of avatars- ,,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,, ,-,,-,,,,,-,,,,-,,,,,,,,, , -, -, ,, , ,-,-,,-,-,,,,,,-,, ,,,,,, (prices can be changed if ur not suitable with the price I gave)
  20. Dinosaurx


    Hi Guys, I am willing to trade any pokemon you want which is my account but the deal should be fair !!! Every Pokemon is up for trade!!!
  21. Hi there! uhh.. i know u gonna tell i copied the idea from inteleon right [ i didnt mean to lol]. i was just bored training immunes so i started this. and every poke in my account are for trade except . hope i get amazing offers and i accept both money and pokes. srry @inteleon if u think i copied ur idea. hey! anyways a lot of pokes in my acccount are very valuable. i know there are going to be various offers. hope u enjoy this. i accpet experienced pokes and each of the values, i wanted to say tht i dont refer to discord bcuz i am not in it. i cant trust some people who just tell the fake prize tht it is on discord. only if there is majority then k. good luck with offers and enjoy
  22. Hi i am looking for a shiny mewtwo (armor) or/and a Moltres (Galarian) because i love moltres if you have one or both then lets work something out i don’t have that much of good stuff but look at my account and please have a good heart and trade me i will pay anything except for my main team but everything else is allowed ign landon132 thank you for reading this and possibly trading me
  23. Lf moltres (Galarian)
  24. Would anybody be generous enough to trade a for a ?
  25. Hey y'all,hope all you are doin great! so,im lookin for a Shiny cosmog/Shiny Cosmeom/Shiny Solgaleo. If anyone has it(promo's acceptable too),and is willing to trade,Please add me/msg me. We can have a deal,and here are the pokes i'm offering : Metallic Amaura with some exp,Dark Greninja(Ash) with some exp,Shiny Pichu (Halloween),etc Thank you! Have a wonderful day ahead!!!
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