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Ripple's Trading Thread

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In addition to the pokemon on my trade (IGN: Ripple)*:
Fire Uniques:
Metallic: Heatmor, Litwick x2, Ponyta x2, Solrock x2, Torkoal
Shadow: Darumaka, Growlithe x2, Heatmor, Lunatone, Numel, Solrock, Torchic x2, Torkoal x5
Shiny: Growlithe, Heatmor, Torkoal x2, Vulpix
Dark: Litwick x2, Lunatone, Numel, Solrock x2, Trapinch, Volbeat, Vulpix
Mystic: Castform (Fire), Growlithe, Heatmor, Houndour, Larvesta x2, Litwick, Lunatone, Pansear, Solrock, Torkoal

* Pokemon on trades are Ghost legendaries/uniques.

Offer two uniques for each unique of mine. Whoever offers more uniques gets the pokemon of course.
Offer one normal legendary I do not have for a normal legendary.
Ex: Dark Tepig level 100 x3 counts as three uniques, if I do not have any Dark Tepig/evo that are level 100.

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