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How to join a clan.

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We heard from Patrick that a feature will be added in the near future where you can search clans or send in invitations to join your clan. Till that is not up, and the admins already suffered a good blow because of the rollback, I believe it will be a while before that is updated. So here, I'll be telling you how to find or join clans the old way, that is, using INSPECT ELEMENT.

First, what you need to do is talk to someone with a good knowledge about the clan, or the leader of the clan, and ask them the "Clan Id". This is very important, as a slight mistake in one digit will change the clan.

Next, you need to go the "join a clan" page, and right click on the "join" option on any one of the clans. Lets say you choose the first one, for convenience.

If you are on Firefox, you should see an option named, "Inspect Element" on a dropdown menu from the cursor. And if you are on Chrome, you should see an option "Inspect" on the menu. Nobody uses Internet Explorer so I'm not even going to say anything about it. (And if you do happen to be an internet explorer, brother, you have a sad life. xD  ). People with knowledge in computers will know this, and most probably they will know where I am getting at.

Moving on, when you click on the option I just mentioned, you should see a small screen on the bottom of your page, and one line will be highlighted amongst them. It is here where you need to make the change.

Read the highlighted line. You will come across a part which says, "clanid=xxxxx" , where xxxxx= some numbers. Here, you need to click on this part, change this number to the number you got from the clan owner or someone from the clan. This number is the ID of the clan you want to join, and not the clan which you see on the screen.

After you have put in and replaced the number with the id you had got from the clan owner/any member, click anywhere on the screen, and then click on "join" of the clan whose id you just altered, meaning the first one in this case.

And that's it fellas, you have sent in a request! Now you need to sit back and wait for the owner to take actions, whether they want you in the clan or not.

I'll be updating screenshots of the process when the game is back on, so you all can get a better view of it.


(Originally taken from D_LCU_G's video of how to join a clan from the forums before the wipeout)

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