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A little problem about my id in forum


Guys I have one acc from my in game username which I just tried to login with today and it worked. In game username is london456 .

 Bad thing is that I had registered a day before that with an acc in forums called londonisback as I could not login here with london456 and it's password on the forums.

So that's the problem as I just read rules and frankly I don't know what to do now. Can u guys help me with this or delete acc in forums londonisback?

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11 hours ago, london456 said:

I entered ur secret giveaway with the other acc so if I win, then I will have to use that acc to claim prize right

It would be ideal if you claimed the prize using the account you entered with, but I'm sure they can make exceptions if they know you're the owner of the account you can't access.

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