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How will you make the most of the rollback?

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When everyone thinks of the Great Server Crisis of 2016, the only things that come to mind are "When will the game be back up" and "Oh man I lost so much".

However, the staff has taken actions to alleviate losses and will be providing us with a lot of benefits when the game comes back up. So, rather than focus on the downsides, let's look at the opportunities the rollback has provided.

  • What Pokemon are you happy to be getting back? (From trading it away, giving it away, etc.)
  • Do you plan on taking more / less advantage of the Christmas Pikachu event this time around?
  • How will you use the double happiness from the rerun of the Christmas Pikachu event?
  • How will you use the double experience we get for a week?
  • What Pokemon do you hope to get from the freebie you get upon logging in?

If you don't know what the rollback is, or want more information on it, visit http://www.pokemon-vortex.com/rollback.php.

Don't forget to express your gratitude to the staff for all of their hard work to fix this and make it right!

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I'm super happy that Pat, Chris and Rob are working so hard to fix the game. <3

I am particularly excited about the double EXP week, and whilst I was sad that I have lost a lot of exp training and level 100 progress I'm looking forward to earning this back plus a whole lot more. :D

I did manage to get a full pikachu set last time, but I will definitely be taking advantage of double happiness. ;) You guys know how much I love dat happiness.

I am prayin' for mystic volca when the game is back. :P A girl can dream haha.

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This is way better. I went from Missingno. to 1,000,000,000 exp in a week, so now that I'll have nothing unless Will gives me access to the account I can earn 1,000,000,000 exp from scratch. Although, I'd prefer if it just rolled back to the beginning (I know it'd be stupid to do.) I'd only want this to happen so I could claim both Danroximus and Kommander. Danroximus was banned and these dudes stole Kommander.

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