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Pokémon Vortex

Newbie Guide - For New Players

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Pokemon Vortex Newbie Guide

If you are new to Pokemon Vortex, then this is the guide for you! Here I will briefly explain all the basics of the game such as catching and training pokemon (including legendries), gym battles, battling against other members, sidequests and events. If, after reading this guide, you still need some help feel free to join our chatroom or send me a personal message on the forums.

Pokemon Types

Pokemon Vortex is home to some special kinds of pokemon. These include dark, mystic, shiny, metallic and shadow. Each type has a special feature.

Shiny CharmanderShiny has 25% more HP.

Metallic CharmanderMetallic has 25% more defense.

Dark CharmanderDark has 25% more attack power.

Mystic CharmanderMystic has a chance to ‘scare’ the opponent and cause it to miss.

Shadow CharmanderShadow will be immune to status effects once this is added.

Catching Pokemon

  As with all pokemon games, only wild pokemon can be caught. In order to catch pokemon you need to explore one of the five in game maps, each map has different pokemon and you can see which ones are where here: Pokemon Location Guide

  Once you have found a pokemon on the maps, you may need to battle it before you can catch it. If you are using a pokeball, great ball or ultra ball you may need to weaken the pokemon first. However, a masterball has a 100% catch rate, so choose wisely! When battling a pokemon to catch it, it’s best to use a lower levelled pokemon with a weak move so that you don’t accidentally make it faint.

Catching Legendary Pokemon

   Legendary pokemon will appear on the maps after you have defeated all the gyms, elite fours, battle mansion and battle frontier. There is now a feature that tells you if you are eligible to catch legendries. You can find this by checking your in game profile. If you do not receive the notification telling you that you can catch legendary pokemon, check to see which badges you are missing.

  Legendary pokemon are a little more difficult to find and catch than ordinary pokemon! Unless you are using a masterball, you will need to battle them first to weaken them. Be careful you don’t make them faint. Legendary pokemon may also take a while to find, this can range from a few minutes to a couple of hours, but do not be disheartened, they will show up sooner or later. Just don’t give up. ;) If it’s been quite a while, such as a few days, consult the previous tip and make sure you are actually able to catch them!

Training Pokemon

  Pokemon can be trained by battling wild pokemon and trainers. Every time a battle is complete you will earn experience points (EXP). Up until level 100, EXP will increase your pokemons level. After level 100, you can continue to gain EXP but your level will not increase.

  Depending on the level of the pokemon you are battling, you will receive different amounts of EXP. Wild pokemon generally give out small amounts, whilst pokemon owned by trainers/gym leaders give out slightly more depending on level. Some players choose to battle ‘training accounts’ in order to gain exp. Training accounts are designed to be used by certain pokemon types (fire, water, dark ect) and as each pokemon is level 100 on these accounts, they give out the most possible exp. You can find out more here: Training Accounts

Battling (Gyms, Elite Four ect)

 Pokemon Vortex has a range of gyms, elite fours a battle mansion and battle frontier for you to challenge. As with other Pokemon games, each gym generally has a ‘type’ so keep this in mind when creating your team. They also range in difficulty, starting from easier gyms at the beginning of regions to gyms with higher levelled pokemon. It would be a good idea to train up several teams before taking on the challenge of beating all the gyms!

Battling (Other Members)

   Pokemon Vortex does not have a live battle system, but you can still challenge other members if you want to. In order to do this you can search for the player you would like to battle. However, the opponent will be computer controlled.


  Every so often events will be held on Pokemon Vortex. The events can range from finding a special pokemon on the maps, to fulfilling a set of tasks. Event information will be put on facebook and on the Vortex forums so check there for more information. If you ever need additional help, consult the chatroom and someone will assist you.


(Gonna add buying & using items, evolving soon)


I hope you have found this guide useful. :D

Here are some cute stuffs:

LinooneEspeonDeerling (Summer)

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