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Glitched Primals

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Hi Admin, 

I know you are a very busy man. 

And I don't know whether this idea has struck you. 

I would like to request you to put some indicator on the glitched primals like some icon near the pokeball or gender area which will make it easier to identify them. 

Its a bit confusing for some players to identify the glitched ones with the help of pokemon codes. 

"Up for trades" primals are even more difficult to locate. 

Hope this suggestion won't trouble you much. 


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Patrick has already provided a list of all the primals with the glitched ones highlighted. So if anyone is going to trade for a primal then they could check that list in order to determine whether the primal is legit or glitched. Eventually when V4 does come around the glitched primals will be removed from the game. However your suggestion would make it quicker to identify a glitched primal rather than having to go through a list which requires a little more time. Although that may bring issues with it as well, as Patrick might be able to highlight the glitched primals through potentially adding something that when the person clicks on the primals name and the pokedex entry opens up there is like you said some sort of an icon that notifies you that it is glitched. The issue could be that if people continue to abuse the glitch, would the newly glitched primals automatically display that icon or would Patrick have to manually do it. That can be time consuming and we all know how busy he already is.


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Hello SAS!

I'm fairly sure that the admins have thought of everything possible in Vortex, after all they were players of the game at one point or another. For now, they are severely held up with the creation of V4, and a lot of players want that to be released. An easy way that I've found to locate glitched Primals is that they have a gender on them, and that's generally a really good indicator that it's a glitched primal. I hope this helped!

~ Pheonix_Lancing

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