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My Shinys For Trade

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My Pokemon For Trade Please Reply And I Will Get Back To You As Soon  Possible! (From Left To Right Shiny Feebas, Shiny Meowth, Shiny Sandile, Shiny Sunkern, Shiny Zubat, Shiny Smoochum, Shiny Alomomola, Shiny Chimchar, Shiny Cleffa, Shiny Corsola, Shiny Cyndaquil, Shiny Darumaka, Shiny Durant, Shiny Espurr, Shiny Ferroseed, Shiny Fletchinder, Shiny Frillish, Shiny Gible, Shiny Goomy, Shiny Heatmor, Shiny Heliolisk, Shiny Joltik, Shiny Karrablast, Shiny Larvesta, Shiny Lillipup, Shiny Lumineon, Shiny Lunatone, Shiny Magby, 

Shiny Misdreavus, Shiny Monferno, Shiny Munna, Shiny Nidoran (F), Shiny Numel, Shiny Pansear, Shiny Ponyta, Shiny Rattata, Shiny Sammurot, Shiny Scraggy, Shiny Sentret , Shiny Skarmory Shiny Sneasel, Shiny Starmie, Shiny Swirlix, Shiny Tepig, Shiny Tropius, Shiny Unown (B) , Shiny Victreebel , Shiny Vigoroth, Shiny Exeggcute, Shiny Elegyem, Shiny Blitzle, Shiny Houndour, Shiny Fletchling, Shiny Natu, Shiny Unown, Shiny Zorua, Shiny Cottonee, Shiny Girafaig, Shiny Litleo, Shiny Nincada

Shiny FeebasShiny MeowthShiny SandileShiny SunkernShiny ZubatShiny AlomomolaShiny ChimcharShiny CleffaShiny CyndaquilShiny DarumakaShiny DurantShiny EspurrShiny FerroseedShiny FletchinderShiny FrillishShiny GibleShiny GoomyShiny HeatmorShiny HelioliskShiny JoltikShiny KarrablastShiny LarvestaShiny LillipupShiny LumineonShiny LunatoneShiny MagbyShiny MisdreavusShiny MonfernoShiny MunnaShiny Nidoran (F)Shiny NumelShiny PansearShiny GrimerShiny PonytaShiny RattataShiny SamurottShiny ScraggyShiny SentretShiny SkarmoryShiny SneaselShiny StarmieShiny SwirlixShiny TepigShiny TropiusShiny Unown (B)Shiny VictreebelShiny VigorothShiny ExeggcuteShiny ElgyemShiny BlitzleShiny HoundourShiny FletchlingShiny NatuShiny Unown (Qm)Shiny ZoruaShiny CottoneeShiny GirafarigShiny LitleoShiny Nincada

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What are your rates for each of your shinies? Do you want a one-for-one shiny deal? A reply would be much appreciated, thanks! I'd be interested in the Shiny Feebas and Shiny Smoochum.

Please PM me ingame (username: starphoenix) to discuss further if you're interested, thanks.

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