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        Shiny Aggron (Mega)Welcome To EagerRhino’s Trade Cabin
The Rhino Is Eager To See What Leaves And Comes With Harmony Into His Cabin.So Put Your Best Offer For What He Is Agreeing To Trade.


  • All forum rules to be followed!

Pokemons That Rhino Has In The Cabin:

Unique Pokemons: (Only Valued Ones On Display)

Dark BagonDark BulbasaurDark BunnelbyDark DittoDark LarvitarDark MunchlaxDark OnixDark PhanpyDark PhantumpDark WobbuffetMetallic CharizardMetallic AltariaMetallic GolettMetallic GorebyssMetallic HaunterMetallic OnixMetallic SceptileMetallic SquirtleMetallic Vivillon (Polar)Dark Vivillon (Monsoon)Mystic PikachuMystic RaichuShadow BagonShadow DrilburShiny BunearyShiny ScatterbugVivillon (Elegant)Vivillon (High Plains)Vivillon (Icy Snow)Vivillon (Meadow)Vivillon (Polar)All Pokemons On Level 100 Except For 6.......Many More Are For Trade!! Around 200 More.


Sidequest Pokemon:

KabutoOmanyteAerodactylAerodactyl (Mega)Dark KabutoShiny Groudon (Primal)Shiny Kyogre (Primal)Two Or Three More.

Legendary Pokemon: (Special Ones On Display)

Mystic LugiaLugiaMetallic LugiaShiny LugiaDark LugiaDarkrownDarkraiGiratinaMetallic Rayquaza (Mega)Shiny Mewtwo (Mega Y)Shiny Rayquaza (Mega)....50 More Still!!  

Event Pokemons:

Metallic Pikachu (Libre)Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.)Dark Pikachu (Belle)Kyurem (Black)2.35m hand-trained Exp Metallic Rotom (Halloween)Shiny Rotom (Halloween)Rotom (Halloween)xMany  Vivillon (Pokeball)xAll Types Vivillon (Fancy)xAll Types 

Experience On (Pokemons):

DarkraiShadow SpiritombHaunterGengar Gardevoir (Mega)Dark GenesectGengar (Mega)Metallic HaunterSableye (Mega)Shiny Audino (Mega)Shiny GolurkLucario (Mega)Having even more exp on different pokemons!!!! All Exp Above 1.5M. Mine Ones-Hand Trained!


  • I do not Intend to put my pokemons UFT until there is a deal!
  • These are just some of the pokemons for trade.There are many more!
  • I like buying and selling of events!
  • No deal or chat with anyone who abuses or uses rude language!
  • First deal and then you get to know my In-game Name!
  • Some Trades Might Be Carried On In Private Messages!

                                 Thank You!!!!    latest?cb=20140328211204









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Just now, ThunderTwister said:

I can offer unique legends. It depends what your rates are tho. Depending on that ill offer as many unique legends as you want me to :)

Well I basically require events for events or exp for events...You state how many can you give...I dont want to be rude by stating wrong rates ::3:

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5 minutes ago, EagerRhino said:
Just now, EagerRhino said:

For Fossils I Need Vivillon.....Could you offer shiny vivillon fancy for dark kabuto??


Well I basically require events for events or exp for events...You state how many can you give...I dont want to be rude by stating wrong rates ::3:

That is crazy over the top. Sorry but fossils are nothing close to vivillon fancies :)

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10 minutes ago, clockwork said:

I'm willing to give 12m for Pikachu cosplays and 8m unique rotoms. Willing to negotiate. It's all hand-trained, non-botted, as well. Feel free to check out our forum thread.

Well Sorry to keep you waiting..I don't think I would be trading cosplays as the offers are still coming.Though for rotoms:

-Shiny Mewtwo(Non Mega)=3.5m and Shiny vivillon fancy=4m so it would make 7.5m + shadow mighteyana and any 1 unique non legend makes it 8m for mettalic......If you are non-botter these are primary rates on threads

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5 hours ago, greatbunny said:

My  Shadow Pikachu (Belle)  for your Metallic Pikachu (Ph. D.)?

My Shadow Pikachu (Libre)Shadow Pikachu2.9 mil  for your Dark Pikachu (Belle)?

Also I can offer 80-100 unique legends (no duplicates) for each of your pika cosplays (metallic libre, metallic phd, dark belle) if you want.

Well thats a good offer better than legends.....Lets talk about the swap in private messages....If you still want to...

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