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Not quite sure how the system works with legendary rates and certain algorithms for certain legendaries, nonetheless; have caught two shiny rayquazas within the span of 8 days (both being level 51 also). Not sure if i'm stupid lucky or what ? Happy but very confused because i thought shiny rayquazas were extremely rare. Have saved screenshots of all my unique legendary appears (Don't bother with normal leg) If i could get a simple answer to this, would be helpful, Cheers.


IGN: Jinnx 

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Every Pokémon on the maps including legendaries are randomly generated using RNG (Random Number Generation)

With this, while you may have 1:1000 chance for something specific to spawn, that does not guarantee you said Pokémon in 1000 steps or less since it does not calculate or store how many steps you have taken. Instead, it resets back to 1:1000 every step taken.

This makes it completely luck related to find something you are or aren't looking for.

When the Wiki starts to take more shape, exact numbers of spawns will be able to be found on there.

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