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Quoted from FAQ

How do I catch legendary Pokémon?
Legendary Pokémon will appear randomly on the maps, only after you have defeated all gym leaders, elite 4's, champions, Hoenn/Sinnoh battle frontier's and the Battle Maison. (This does not include Events or Sidequests).

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On 08/06/2016 at 5:04 PM, blazefiend said:

I have completed all gyms, frontiers, battle maisons and events but i rarely find legendaries. what do i do?


Huh. Well they are supposed to be rare in first place but it depends on your luck and have some patience or you might end up skipping many of them unintentionally.

I remember how rare legendaries were in V0.5 where finding even a normal legendary would make your day let alone unique legendaries. The rate of appearance is much higher now.


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