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Welcome20022004 Trading Thread

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Hi I am Posting My First Thread  . Follow The Rules Remember "Rule Is A Rule Even For A Fool"

                  Rules Are Stated Below


1)       I Don't Want Or Need Botted Exp So Don't Offer We Will Block You :ExpBoost:

2)      Send Message About Your Offers Then I Will Think I Can Or Not Trade

                    Looking For These Event Pokemons

Note:I Am Not Looking For Only Normal Type I Post The Picture Of The Pokemon I am Looking For As Normal So Dont Think I Am Only Looking For Normal Event Pokemon         

1)  Caterpie (Christmas)Looking For Rest Other Types Also

2) Pikachu (Belle) Looking For Rest Other Types Also

         Looking For All Other Pikachu Cosplay Also Not Only Belle!

3) Shiny Rotom (Halloween)Only Looking For Shiny Rotom Halloween

4)Shiny Zygarde (Complete) Only Looking For Shiny Zygarde (Complete)

5)Kyurem (Black) And Kyurem (White)             I Set Of Kyurem Black And White


                                                                       Thanks For Reading:D   IGN: welcome20022004

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