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Some Technical Ideas

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Hey guys,

I'm new here, but what do you think about these ideas?

1. When you're in the map and you find a pokemon, you could click on their name (above the "Battle!" button) and your pokedex would open. The same thing as you enter a battle, but you wouldn't need to enter a battle to check if said pokemon evolves or their attacks and etc

2. When you're in a battle, your 1 2 3 4 keys could select attacks. I think it would makes thing a lot faster, instead of just using a mouse

3. While changing the attacks of the pokemon, the list could be sorted by attack type. Something like

Hyper Beam (price) ] 

Quick Attack (price) ] - - Normal Type

Giga Impact (price) ]

Hydro Cannon (price) ]

Bubble (price)             ] - - Water Type

Water Gun (price)       ]


Anyway, just some thoughts for future versions... I also think that most of you might as well thought about the same thing, but I didn't find a topic, so I created one. :) 

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