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High Quality Spriters Needed

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With v4 coming up, a lot is changing with the interface of Pokémon Vortex so with this we need quite a lot of image work doing. One of the main being spriting.

Outsourcing things like this to the community knocks one thing off my to-do list for v4 and brings it that much closer, sooner SO, here's what needs doing (Feel free to do as many as you like or none at all, it's perfectly fine)

You're probably thinking "What's in it for me?" Well, if you actually do one and I like and use it for v4, you will get yourself a nifty Arceus (Unknown) promo code for each sprite done and used. Meaning if some generous soul decided to do all 10, they'd get 10 Arceus (Unknown)'s :><:

(I have to like and use it or sadly it will just be cast off so if you have no experience in spriting, it's best not to waste your time)

What mainly needs doing are small menu sprites for v4's Pokédex and Wiki:

For example: 147MS.png200MS.png720MS.png (They must fit into 40x40 pixels)

Ones that need doing are:

If more sprite work comes up over the course of v4's development, it will probably be posted here and again, rewards will be given to the nice people who help.

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