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Grinding Happiness

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Hello all, welcome to my guide.

I plan to show you two different ways I grind happiness.

For both these strategies, the pokemon you want to grind happiness for should be at the top of your team. This eliminates pesky selecting.

The first one, and my personal go-to, is through map battles. Think of type advantages. If you have an Eevee, you will want to avoid the cave maps because most fighting types hang out around there. If you have Pichu, try searching the electric or grass maps for flying types. If you have a level 100 pokemon, it is very easy to do this. Just go battle! This is especially useful for people who are either new or able to catch legendaries. If you can catch legends, be sure to bring some higher-level pokemon.

The other way is to battle a mini training account. They will have two pokemon that are the same on them, and they will both be starter pokemon. I will work on these when the game is back up and post their names here.

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