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Some ideas for the game

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I would comment on the topic created by our friend @Destory  , however it is not possible, then leave my opinion here.
@Destory Idea:

 '' add x2 reward for weekend or End of the month on sidequest: ^ _ ^ :, or maybe other similar event is stimulate the sidequest progress, the thing is to try to make people have more interest in sidequest, Currently que are abandoned ... '' I liked his idea, had the same thought, but I think they should put the events as a surprise (last minute), for a limited time, after an 'x' number of battles to draw attention of the players.

  • 1st idea - I had thought of an idea that perhaps the Chris_ like, that is: Mirage Event (like view with the Mirage Island Hooen) A new random map (1 or 2) will be visible (or having a secret passage added for example the map of grass and give access to this Mirage Map)for a short period of time in the game in order we may collect Pokémon's special as : Giratina (Origin). Not only he, as this could be a cue to reuse the old Pokémon's v2 in tribute to old players such as: Celebi (Eternal) , Giratina (Sky)and Lugia (XD001)(Probably does not, as we have Shadow Lugia)(Stantler (Christmas), would not be for Christmas, but you always surprise us with wonderful ideas, then anything can happen xD) It would be very attractive special type Pokémon can be found on this map, for example: Crystal Type, Pink Type, Clone Type, Gold Type
  • 2nd idea would be nice also a kind of reward for the clans in the future to update the V3 (The final version 3). Where the clan with a value 'x' points may participate exclusively on something, it could be used so that only those clans with 'x' points can enter the Mirage Map, having a triggering event button triggered for example! ?? (you could recycle better this idea, of course lol) or a special release in sidequest (releasing a single pokémon in sidequest) that would cause more members throw sidequest and participate clan.
  • 3rd As the official plays a Wonder Trade to the game would be very intriguing. I think I've thought about this idea.
  • 4th Limit exp Maximum for any Pokémon, standing up to 10mil exp or less. This would cause any illegal method is less attractiv
  • 5th Live battles for a possible update of the definitive V3.
  • 6th I would also double exp fixed throughout the weekend are the days that the game is more number of players (Night Friday night until Sunday).

Sorry no misspelling, I understand very little English. :T_T:

Anyway, thanks for the attention and kindness.:^_^: Keep doing this wondrous work for us to enjoy the best possible way :><:

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