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Hello all, this is my thread for gathering all your wacky recipes.

If you have tasted something, attach your review of the dish. If not, mention it needs to be tested.

Be sure to put your recipe in a spoiler box.

I will acknowledge winners of titles such as "Most Adventurous", "Most Unique Taste Buds", or "Most Hungry" at the end of February, April, June, August, October, and December. I will also announce yearly titles sometime before January 7th, and at around the same time I will post a cookbook with the past year's recipes.

Feel free to taste and rate other people's recipes through a comment.

My recipes:

The 5-Layer Dessert (Makes 12 servings) (Needs testing- please, if you test this, say what exactly you used.)



12 doughnuts, your choice

1 large pan brownies, nuts optional

1 cake (your choice of flavor), frosted top, sides, and bottom (your choice of flavor)

Melty ice cream, your choice

1 16-ounce tub Cool Whip

1 8-ounce jar maraschino cherries

12 ounces strawberry syrup

1 cup powdered/confectioner's sugar (optional)

To make:

Lay the doughnuts flat on a table against each other in a rectangle shape. Then, lay the brownies on top so they cover the doughnuts. Trim off any excess. Lay the fully frosted cake on top of the brownies. You may have to frost the top and sides before you place it upside down on the brownies, then frost the remaining part. Let the frosting set some. Next, spread anywhere from a half inch to an inch of melty ice cream on the cake. Place in freezer until soft-set.

In a separate container, combine remaining ingredients. Mix well, spread Cool Whip mixture on the soft-set ice cream, and place in the freezer until set. Serve and enjoy.


Peanut Butter & Bologna Sandwich (Single serve)



2 pieces wheat or white bread

Peanut butter, to taste

1 slice bologna, any size

To make:

Place one piece of bread on a plate. Spread desired amount of peanut butter on top, then apply bologna. Place other piece of bread on top. Serve and enjoy.

This sandwich tastes slightly off the first time, but you will love the second one. Trust me. Use wheat if you use more bologna; use white if you use more peanut butter.

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Butterscotch and peanut butter blend quite interestingly; it's a favourite of my younger sisters, I just think it's a bit too sweet/rich to have more than once a blue moon. However, I swear by the harmony of black coffee and rainbow sherbet. Leave out the lime, though, the raspberry and orange sherbet are where it's at.

I really like your profile pic/sprite, btw. It made me oddly very happy for some reason... It brings joy to people, perhaps? (Magic)

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There is a new recipe I found in a book I read when I was a kid. It is called...

Lunch, Liesel's Masterpeice (One or so servings.) (Needs testing, BTW.)



Bread (unspecified type)

Strawberry jam

Grape jelly

Marshmallow Creme

To make:

Place one slice of bread on a plate. Spread, in order, the remaining ingredients, then top with more bread. Repeat as many times as you wish.


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