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Pokémon Vortex

Should a premium currency be added to vortex?

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Disclaimer : This is just a debate, which includes some of my suggestions and thoughts and also other's. This will in no way change the way Pokemon vortex works. unless pat somehow decides to add it 

Iv'e always asked for pat to add a premium currency to vortex, he was always hesitant about it for some reason.

Do you think a premium currency should be added to vortex?

What are the premium advantages that should be added

Here is what i think from my perspective :

The game developers don't generate any revenue on the game, Which makes in a certain way less caring about it, but in case they add premium currency, they'll be a hole lot more interested in it and will further more invest their time in it, making the gaming experience better for us 

For the advantages, I think they should be simple, and wouldn't ruin the gaming experience for non-Premium users, Like:

  • Removing Advertisements .
  • Higher chance of getting unique pokemons, (2.5% - 10% ) .
  • A special icon next to their name, something like a gold badge or something.
  • 250,000 Pokedollars evry week.
  • And more stuff

Please share your thoughts about this idea.

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With "Pokemon Go!" coming out sometime this year (Or so Nintendo has lead us to believe, even though we STILL have no release date.) I would think putting a price on an unofficial, online game (No matter how good the site is) would be a huge shot in the foot. If given the choice between perks on an unofficial online fan-run game, or goodies on an official Pokemon AR app, most people are going to choose the latter. And a lot of people don't make a living out of gaming (I'm not slandering it), and some people don't even see gaming as a hobby, but a pass-time to escape the crappy real world (me), and those vast majority of people will NOT spend much on games.

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Companies tend to be fine with little fan projects that do make money as long as they're not raking in enough cash to retire. That's how merch vendors and fan artists can get away with it. I can't imagine Vortex makes enough in donations that Patrick can buy a beachfront house in Hawaii which is why Nintendo hasn't cared.

If Vortex makes enough serious money to get Nintendo's attention, they will put down a legal foot. They've done it before to fan creators. Premium currency opens up a door to legal hot water if it makes too much money.

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3 hours ago, DanroximusJr said:

Bad idea.

This would make Vortex a "pay to win" sort of game.

This game is basically just for us to have fun, it seems they could care less about earning money from the game.

I agree with this one. This would make Vortex more of 'paying game' like Clash of Clans. A lot of the top players just bought their way there (*cough cough* Donation pokemon *Cough Cough* Blood_Crypt *cough cough*)

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