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Exp and Level Up Training.

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Hey Guys This is Anvesh64Greninja

I have started my new level up Service in the Game :D
The Service will be extremely cheap.

Lets Talk About Price now;


1 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Shiny Which i Dont Have 

2 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Rare Shiny.

3 Pokemon to 100 :- 1 Shiny Starter or Legendary Pokemon

4 Pokemon to 100 :- Goes for Normal Legendary Pokemon + shiny starter

5 Pokemon to 100 :- 2 Legendary + Shiny which i dont have or 150k+ exp

6 Pokemon or Above :- Mega Evolution stone except which are available in Pokemart or Shiny Legend.

10 Pokemon To 100 :- 1 Event 


Also Doing Exp training But per day around 150k to 200k exp so if u need any things pm me   






Also I do Training for cash so just remember i pokemon to hundred will cost arround 50000$ !!!!!!!!!


Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

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