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adding a new feature to learn attacks as pokemon level up

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pokemon at level 1 to 10 can have only 2 or 3 attacks .. and can learn 2 attacks may be as it levels up. like 25 wud mean learning a new attack where few choices are given 

based on the type of pokemon. 

like for charmannder - choices - flame thrower , fire spin

where flame thrower is generic move.. but can miss against fire or more agile pokemon.

but fire spin is pin point for some type of attacks..


same goes to charizard .. - either seismic toss or a flying attack like wing attack or a fire type attack with more damage.. seismic toss  affects fighting.. 

but wing attack is more towards both grass as well fighting. And fire clast has more hp i guess. So you have an option to begin to learn it at level 50

and by level 60 the attacks is present in the list of attacks..


So this means..even though we dont play realistic rpg..where more animation not there.., some reality is available.



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